Outrageous… Woman Who Works With Disabled Adults Flips Off Arlington National Cemetery

A Massachusetts woman who works with disabled adults posted a picture of herself flipping off Arlington National Cemetery.

A photo of a Massachusetts woman, Lindsey Stone, flashing her middle finger at Arlington National Cemetery in October has ignited fury and prompted an online petition to get her fired. An unidentified Facebook user created a page called ‘Fire Lindsey Stone’ on Monday, alerting her employer to the outrageous behavior and garnering support to get the woman sacked for her disrespect. (Daily Mail)

Now there is a movement to get Lindsey Stone fired.
The Daily Mail reported:

A photo of a Massachusetts woman flashing her middle finger at Arlington National Cemetery has sparked widespread disgust across the web and prompted an online petition to get the woman fired from her job.

Lindsey Stone posted the picture of herself making the obscene gesture at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, next to a sign at the military cemetery that asks for ‘Silence and Respect,’ in October and the snapshot quickly went viral.

Stone issued an apology for the picture on Wednesday, calling her gesture a ‘visual pun’ and saying she now realizes the picture ‘was in incredibly poor taste’ but an unidentified Facebook user has launched an effort to alert her employer to the outrageous behavior and has been gathering support to get the woman ousted from her job for her disrespect…

An unknown Facebook user, who is believed to be a veteran suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, created a page on the social networking site, ‘Fire Lindsey Stone.’

The page, with the stated intent to ‘only accept termination,’ was started on Monday and has quickly garnered over 14,000 Likes by Wednesday morning.

After the massive response, Stone’s employer said in a statement on Tuesday that they were only made aware of the shocking post on November 19.

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  • Mad Hatter

    What a hate filled, ungrateful piece of trash.

  • mark1973

    Just so everyone knows, this woman’s parents ( Who seemed like awfully nice people ) were all over tv news here in the Boston area, decrying and registering their disapproval of what their daughter did. It seemed like in this case at least, “The apple did fall far from the tree”.

  • Sasja

    She works with the disabled? What does she do, empty bed pans? She needs to be fired. The disabled have enough problems without having to deal with this b**tch. Wonder just how she treats those in her care?

  • stuart

    What goes through the mind of people like Lindsey Stone? What do they think they accomplish with their disrespect? Inquiring minds want to know.

  • Sasja


    A truce has been reached? Hamas and the MB supposedly agreed to a truce 24 hours ago but were waiting for Billiary to show up? Israel, this truce means nothing. The only reason Hamas wants a truce is because they were losing. Now, with this so-called truce, they will be free to re-arm and more than likely our government will supply the funds if not the armaments.

    Well, it does give Barry another great photo-op and a chance to spew more BS.

  • Bob

    The reality is if you are a liberal, liar and loon in Massachusetts you more than likely can use this as a enhancement for your career.
    Case in point Ted Kennedy is a killer and Elizabeth Warren is a serial liar, yet both got elected to the US Senate from that state.
    This woman needs to do this in the presence of some families that lost loved ones. What a pathetic excuse for a person she is.

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  • FurryGuy

    Yet again it takes the foreign media to highlight what is really happening in this supposedly free country. We truly have propaganda organs regurgitating only what the regime wants the masses to know. They are beyond a doubt the heirs of Pravda (Truth) and Izvestiya (News).

  • myohmy

    Why worked with disabled adults when she seems to be filled with hate? Most of her client are probably disabled soldiers. Time to fire that stupid woman.

  • Buzzy

    Betting she gets some plum job with the Obama admin any minute now. This woman is exactly like our President and first lady except the media isn’t protecting her… yet.

  • FurryGuy

    #3 November 21, 2012 at 12:36 pm
    Sasja commented:

    She works with the disabled?

    I have run across several people just like her who “work” at my local Veterans Administration Veterinary Clinic; I can’t call it either a Hospital or Clinic since ObamaTax was passed the level of care has gotten so bad. Yes, Virginia, there are actually people who DESPISE veterans who are given the responsibility of providing care for the vets.

    Most people who work at the VA do care, but the system is so broken there isn’t a lot they can do. Understaffed, undersupplied, overworked, overregulated; that is the norm. Most people who cared at one time either left from all the bureaucratic nonsense or gave up and became a drone.

  • rwginger

    We all need to click on the employers link and suggest they fire her. This is one hateful person. I would not want her being around disabled people.
    Think of what she does to them when no one is watching.

  • Ghost

    it is IMPOSSIBLE! to be there at the Tomb of the Unknowns or anywhere in any National Cemetery (much less Arlington) and NOT be in awe, so, how can…?

    I usually say I can take liberals… with their clothes off- well, there’s an exception to any rule

    this picture should be counter-balanced with any of a million other pictures of Arlington, whaddyathink?

  • Sasja

    In this pic, it appears she’s yelling as well. I shudder to think what filth spewed from her.

    It can be heart-breaking, but volunteering at a VA Hospital, nursing home, is so appreciated by the patients. There are far too many who either have no family or the family has abandoned them. So, please, even a couple of hours a week would truly make a difference for alot of people who feel alone.

  • http://none tommy mc donnell

    now that this picture is in the public lindsey stone is qualified to run for public office as a democrat in the great state of massachusetts. i expect she’ll win in a landslide.

  • Willy

    What does this have to do with her job? To go after her and get her fired just seems nasty.

  • MT Geoff

    Ms Stone has embarrassed herself and all who know her. Unless the Arlington trip was directly related to her job, it falls far short of any threshold where we’d accept an employer firing a conservative. Those who lie there were guarding her rights as well as mine; firing her would be a poor form of respect.

  • http://mychal-massie.com/premium/ bg


    she lost her job, evidently extremely sorry for posting this on her
    facebook page allowing others to interpret her actions.. me, i see

    lots of stupid people are posing for pix that are more or less supposed
    to result in depicting the opposite of what signs say, i don’t believe she
    meant any disrespect towards out beloved troops..

    we’re starting to sound more like the IslaMarxists, only we’re picking
    on piddling stuff vs the real issues that are affecting our very future,
    not meaningless crap like this, i mean, isn’t that the progs bag??


  • http://mychal-massie.com/premium/ bg


    November 20, 2012

    GOP legally barred from fighting vote fraud

    is no one else in this over the cliff world even
    curious?? outraged?? (fitb)?? Bueller?? gah!!


  • CynicalOptimist

    I don’t see how this can be interpreted as anything other than disrespect for our troops. As far as her losing her job, if she was employed as almost anything else other than working with the disabled, I would say she should not; but anybody this disrespectful and uncaring should not have a job that requires compassion and caring. I would not want her anywhere near me or any family member of mine who might be disabled; you have to wonder what she is doing to those she is supposed to be caring for. Maybe she’ll post some more pics on facebook and show us: “Oh, look, I pushed this guy out of his wheelchair. Isn’t that a hoot?”