#Occupy radicals Lance Laverdure and Margaret So are suing the city of Oakland as well as BART after they were hit by a car while walking down the middle of the street in a protest last year. (Huffington Post)

The far left protesters were marching down the middle of the street at the time of the accident.

NBC Bay Area reported:

Occupy Oaklander marchers who were hit by a car during a 2011 protest have sued the city of Oakland as well as BART, according to reports.

Margaret So and Lance Laverdue were struck by a car driven by Jan Carrigg as they marched through downtown Oakland last year, according to the Oakland Tribune. They filed a federal lawsuit against BART and the city for failing to pursue a criminal case against Carrigg, the newspaper reported.

BART and Oakland police allowed Carrigg and his passenger to leave the scene without a formal investigation, according to the lawsuit. That means those two police departments “aided and abetted the assault and battery,” the lawsuit alleges.

Attorneys Pamela Price and Simona Farrise are seeking damages in excess of $250,000 for their clients.




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  1. I dare the court system to award the plaintiffs multi-million dollar damages.

  2. Blacque,

    It’s California. Does that answer your dare?

  3. thats it sue the taxpayers. these two have a future in politics.

  4. The woman pictured above, Margaret So, works for the Law Firm of Berry Appleman & Leiden LLP.


    Berry Appleman & Leiden statement on their website;

    Berry Appleman & Leiden was established in 1980 as a U.S. immigration law firm. Over the years we have opened new offices and have expanded our operations throughout the world to reflect the international reach of our clients and our services.


    She also a Volunteer Paralegal at the Asian Law Caucus.

    The Mission Statement on the Asian Law Caucus website;

    The mission of the Asian Law Caucus is to promote, advance, and represent the legal and civil rights of Asian and Pacific Islander (API) communities. Recognizing that social, economic, political and racial inequalities continue to exist in the United States, the Asian Law Caucus is committed to the pursuit of equality and justice for all sectors of our society, with a specific focus directed toward addressing the needs of low-income, immigrant and underserved APIs.


    “racial inequalities continue to exist in the United States”

    Both Law Firms she’s been Associated with panders to illegals, and I’m sure they have plenty of Law Suits or threats of Law Suits against companies that have “racial inequalities” in their hiring.

    No surprise that she’s part of this Law Suit against the city of Oakland.

  5. The guy pictured above, Lance Laverdure wanted the driver charged with Attempted Murder.

    “We want this person arrested for the attempted murder of myself and Margaret,” said Lance laverdure who was hit by the car.

    And why did the driver hit them?

    A cell phone video captured what happened that night. Marchers were walking down Broadway at 11th. A Mercedes Benz tried to cross the intersection. Laverdure jumped in front of the car, then began banging on the hood. The driver hit his gas, knocking down Laverdure and So.


    They radicals will provoke you, damage your property, and when you respond in a way that results in saving your well being, and causes harm to them, they come out and play the victim.

    Typical Alinsky tactics.

  6. Is this doofus holding a cane or an umbrella?

    Oakland will probably settle and these maggots will waste that money and look for their next scam.

    Now that cop pictured above is certainly one handsome man. Oh to be twenty again and not married.

  7. Scum–you cannot co-exist with slime like this. How long does this go on?

  8. No surprise …. they’ll win and get a bunch of money like the protesters that got peppered sprayed in Berkley did ($30K/each, a letter of apology, and $250K for the attorneys)


  9. Lawsuits ‘R’ Us! We’ll walk anywhere at anytime we want and you can’t stop us.! Look at us wrong and we’ll sue!

  10. how much is the fine for aggravated Jay Walking?

  11. It’s California. Does that answer your dare?

    It’s kind of hard to gauge here; sometimes the justice system will display flashes of common sense, then in others abject stupidity.

  12. There must be a crime for attempting to defraud the government. .charge them both

    Let the Libtards implode on themselves

  13. “A cell phone video captured what happened that night. Marchers were walking down Broadway at 11th. A Mercedes Benz tried to cross the intersection. Laverdure jumped in front of the car, then began banging on the hood. The driver hit his gas, knocking down Laverdure and So.”

    Let me me get this straight.

    The guy attempts, and achieves, his goal of becoming a hood ornament of a Mercedes, and he is suing now? What an ingrate!

  14. The quicker CA falls into the sea the better. I hope for a trillion dollar damages to be awarded to these jack hats.

  15. Isn’t it amazing how their attorneys clean these filthy scum up for the cameras? You would think they are actual people.

  16. This is a clear case of driver negligence and should be litigated appropriately.

    The fool failed to back up and run over these candy-assed Morlocks again.

    He deserves what he gets.

  17. I am not surprised about criminals suing when their actions backfire. That’s become the new normal in leftist regions like CA and NY. It’s best to play the victim before they get the chance. The driver could have claimed to be frightened that it was a carjacking, his accelerator got stuck, the crowd confused him and he hit the wrong pedal, etc.

    I would fight the lawsuit then sue the city for having no presence and not enforcing existing laws concerning jaywalking and protesting. And if you need to use force to extract yourself from a violent protest, try to get one under the car and drive to the nearest police station. Don’t stop right there and wait for the cops.

  18. if you run an ows type over, you need to back up and finish the job

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