Workers of the world, unite!
Obama youth voters cheered for Karl Marx and socialism at a victory rally in front of White House on Tuesday.
Via Campus Reform and Obama Release Your Records:




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  1. This video is just a snap shot of the damage the Public Education Systems has done to young people.

  2. The fact these racists can party in the street with no shame, the fact the media will do everything possible to cover this up just shows how bad things have come. Party like its a clan bake just like these nutbags used to do all over the place.

  3. And thus we see the product of our Government schools and their Marxist unions.

  4. Ah, to be young and stupid. Never having lived in that environment before, they have no idea what they are cheering about. When my nephew graduated from college, he was a die-hard liberal. Thought socialism was the greatest thing. ” Why, you get everything for free ! ” he told me , ” the Government will take care of all my needs. ” Then he got a job opportunity in Germany and went there to live. Let me just say after two years of living in a socialist country, his eyes have been open. If you think everything is free, think again. Healthcare is terrible, he says. Months of waiting for an appointment, minimal care. He was so sad to hear that Romney lost and our country was headed down that same path. Until you have lived it, you have no idea how good you have it in this country. These kids should be made to live in a Communist/Socialist country for awhile and see how much they like it then.

  5. My god u ppl r dumb. They were obviously being sarcastic and there to party and bang Obama chix. Except for the ignorant faggot, he’s an idiot. Or should I say she?

  6. They were cheering for FFFFFRRRRRREEEEEeeeeeee DDDDDDDUUUUUUUmmmmmb

  7. Why is it that the left hates all dead white men except for the inventors of communism and socialism?

  8. Wretched, soulless bacteria.

    Unbridled affluence is a terrible thing.

  9. This is why America is so screwed ………Ask any of these tools about America’s constitution they have no clue,but they know all about Carl Marx and Socialism…

  10. they want socialism so they can sit on their A$$ES and collect free money from heir odumb$hit…

  11. Yet another stupid post by Jim.. in an attempt to label liberals as communists, you have posted a video of some college students screwing around. Hear the one kid yell Karl Malone?

    Sarcasm? I have never heard of that…

  12. “He alone, who owns the youth, gains the future.”

    ~ Adolf Hitler 1935

  13. They may get what they want, many may like it, the government wiping the snot from their noses, providing low order, wait in line clinic medical care, economic stagnation, etc. No worries, just submission & servitude.

  14. We are responsible for this having abrogated our roles as parents and citizens and gave our children over to the state to teach. What other outcome would you expect? If you want to save future generations I suggest you get hopping and take back control of the schools.

  15. This is not sarcasm. These are people who do have no clue about communism, marxism; call it what you will. Those of us who do, worry these idiots will not wake up in time to keep themselves from becoming “a bump in the road.”

  16. Time for revenge on the young single women who voted with their “ladyparts” instead of their brains. War on Waitresses. No more tipping, or low tipping. Tell them you would have given a tip, or a bigger tip, but the Obama economy is crushing you. Young stupid voters need to be taught a lesson.

    Don’t put anything in the tip jars at Dunkin Donuts, Five Guys, Pinkberry, etc..

    Let their bosses give them their salary.

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