Obama-Springsteen Concert in Ohio Draws 15,000… Down 65,000 From 2008

The arena holds 21,000 but only 15,000 showed up.

In this Nov. 2, 2008, file photo then-Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama on stage with his wife Michelle Obama and daughters Malia and Sasha, hugs Bruce Springsteen at a rally at the Cleveland Mall, in Cleveland, Ohio. (Star-Tribune)

Barack Obama held a rally-concert today in Columbus, Ohio. 15,000 supporters turned out to see Springsteen, Jay-Z and Barack Obama at the Nationwide Arena in Columbus.

The Obama-Springsteen concert in Cleveland back in 2008 drew 80,000 people.
That means they lost 65,000 supporters between 2008 and 2012.

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  • Tricky Dick

    Bruce can go screw himself. Washed up has been POS!

  • Ghost

    But, get a look at Fairfax, Northern Virginia at the George Mason University basketball arena today.
    the line went on and on and on… ya’ gotta get those pix
    30,000 – 50,000 -really

  • bg


    BS again??

    is that all there is on election eve??

    whatever i posted in here goes double, especially this..


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  • usamopatriot

    Bruce who?

  • Linda

    Bruce…ready to sing Hit The Road Jack?

  • And these two “preach” to us!!!? IF THEY REALLY CARED… Mrs. Obama would be in NYC or New Jersey right now helping out all of the poor victims (especially women!!) by handing out food and clothes, etc.. Nope, she and her daughters have joined her husband at a Springsteen concert/campaign stop in Ohio. Figures. Just more proof that these people don’t give a damn about others who are hurting!

  • Pity.

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  • Nelson

    Pubbies keeping a stiff upper lip in the face of defeat.

  • Rainmom

    This comment came in an email today:
    “I think the best thing would be for Obama to get voted out, and then President Romney would make him Ambassador to Libya since we have a vacancy there!”

  • Mama Grizzly

    Wondering if Bruce believes the Obama hype–cuz’ if he did he’d give me money. I mean, I haven’t had the opportunities he’s had. It’s not fair. He should give me at least 1/3 of what he has… Share the wealth. But seriously: WHY OH WHY doesn’t the Bamster EVER attack sports stars and owners, rock and roll stars, tv stars, film stars, news personalities and owners, about their “UNFAIR” wealth. No. It’s just business owners. Job creators. We’re poor as dirt and I’m totally freaked out, but it’s no one’s problem but ours. Generosity to the less fortunate should be a choice. When the government makes it mandatory, you will see people’s heart grow very very cold.

  • valerie

    The news is in the supermarket tabloids: BO didn’t just use cocaine, he sold it, he went to college as a foreign student, and he stole money from the college.

    I think it was the Globe.

  • bg


    November 5, 2012

    Obama scorched as ‘delusional’ on final day

    ‘This is worthy of men in the white coats’


  • pksawyer

    #11 That is the comment of the day. I am going to use it.

  • bg


    OT.. (not really)

    November 5, 2012

    Republicans See Early Vote Surge Trending for Romney

    [The Associated Press reports that thousands of people waited for
    hours in long lines during the last weekend of early voting in Ohio.

    At some sites Sunday, lines snaked for several city blocks and it took
    hours to cast a ballot. In Cleveland, more than 2,500 people braved
    the cold in a line that stretched two blocks on Sunday afternoon.

    In Akron, voters waited an average of two hours to vote Sunday. In
    Columbus, 15,000 people waited in line for as long as two hours from
    Friday through Sunday to cast early ballots in a state that could decide
    the presidential election.

    In Cincinnati, several thousand voters waited for as
    long as four hours in sometimes-rainy chilly weather.

    About 1.6 million people have voted early in Ohio.

    In Indiana, residents have only a few more hours to cast early ballots
    for this year’s hotly contested presidential, Senate, governor’s and
    other races.

    Voters can cast early in-person ballots for Tuesday’s election until noon
    Monday at county courthouses and other locations around the state.

    In Indianapolis, the number of residents who’ve cast early ballots so far
    is down from 2008. But Marion County Clerk’s office spokeswoman Angie
    Nussmeyer tells The Indianapolis Star that’s likely due to this year’s lack
    of satellite voting centers in Indianapolis, not reduced voter interest.

    The Evansville Courier & Press reports that early voting in southwestern
    Indiana’s Vanderburgh County appears poised to eclipse the number of
    early ballots cast in 2008.]

    much more at link..


  • Mad Hatter

    On October 4th of this year, Obama drew 30,000 in Madison Wisconsin, today he drew 18,000.

    Now the Cleveland crowd dwindling down from 80,000 to just 15,000 in Cuyahoga County which is a very big Democrat strong hold.

    It’s such a big Democrat strong hold, Obama won Cuyahoga County 441,836 to 196,369 just four years ago, now he can’t draw over 12,000 there for a rally.

    And Obama is trailing big time in early voting in Cuyahoga County compared to 2004.


    Tomorrow is going to be fun, LOL.

  • Mad Hatter

    ***now he can’t draw over 15,000 there for a rally*** typo

  • Mad Hatter

    Columbus crowd dwindling, not Cleveland. Still, any drop from 80,000 to 15,500 is massive in one of the most important swing states in the nation.

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  • Miss Peach

    I do believe the thrill is gone !

  • Limousine Barry

    Ah, crap! Another low turn-out!

    Only 15,000 people came to see Bruce and me. I carried the Democratic stronghold of Cuyahoga County Ohio last election. Now, Bruce can even fill a 21,000 person arena!

    Sure most of my supporters are unemployed and have a disdain for me. It’s OK!

    I have an excuse! Most of my faithful voters are on Food stamps and cannot afford the Gas to come to the 0bama/Biden/Bruce Springsteen concert… for free… Even though the Union’s bussed them in.

    Let me be clear, if you reelect me I promise to double the number of unemployed and half the number of people who will come to future Bruce Springsteen concerts. You can take that to the homeless shelter!

    You may be thinking:

    “This 0bama guy killed my job…”

    “I am broke because of 0bama!”

    “I can’t trust anything he says.”

    “0bama has so many media cronies lying for him – he makes Joker look good.”

    “0bama doesn’t belong in the White House!.”

    And, “0bama is a blow-hard!”

    That is true. But, I am losing the election and I have to get the Muslim vote! There a number of Muslim voters in Cuyahoga County Ohio. Have to get the Muslim vote and screw the rest of you!

    And, this is very important! Send me $4,666.99 before midnight. I don’t know what Election Night will hold. I will probably lose! But we can still Booze it up at the loser’s party!

    I’d like you to be a part of the event here in Chicago! Any donation you make today automatically enters you for a chance to meet Barney Frank and me – airfare and hotel for you and a young male guest are covered! Barney’s Butt will be in the air and I’ll be on the prayer rug! Please give Barney or me a donation!

    *This offer has absolutely no guarantees! You have 96.66% of not meeting me. You monetary donation is not tax deductible. No refunds allowed!

  • Ghost

    if Bruuuce could fill up the Horseshoe with 80,000 screaming PAYING fans, (ditto Madison) what does it mean that there’s a paltry crowd for Free Bruce- is it the Commie pill?

    – how odd is all this? how can this race be tied?
    Seriously, I now wonder if Romney might not get 100,000,000 votes? the enthusiasm and anticipation far exceeds any rock concert I’ve ever known about.

  • luminOsity

    Screw Springsteen. Everyone should just Pirate his music from here on since really, hasn’t he made enough money already? Didn’t his Beige Messiah say that about rich 1%ers like Brooooccceee? Does he have enough money to pay his fair share after buying thoroughbred horses? Tax his wealth at 98%.

  • lars

    Just heard the song he penned for O on CSPAN live coverage in Iowa. Really pathetic, filled with his archaic folk/rock cliches, kissing the iowa girls, having not so great sex….then a line about Fox News acusing O of smoking marijuana, then concluding with the refrain, “Forward and along we go”. Just kind of an empty excuse for a message if youse ask me.

  • AuntieMadder

    “If you’re listening to a rock star in order to get your information on who to vote for, you’re a bigger moron than they are. Why are we rock stars? Because we’re morons. We sleep all day, we play music at night and very rarely do we sit around reading the Washington Journal.” – Alice Cooper

  • Patty


    Blatant Liberal Media Bias

    MSNBC’s Chris Matthews has an almost preternatural gift for detecting “coded messages” in seemingly straightforward prose, and he’s happy to educate you on every one of them. • He is particularly adept at “detecting” racial coding, racism, “the race card” and more in the use of words like “welfare” and “Chicago.” • BUT…IS CHRIS ENGAGING IN A LITTLE RACISM HIMSELF by equating “welfare” with African Americans? Hhhmmmmm!


  • Mark Phillips

    A totally asinine biased spin.

    Police estimates were almost twice that amount.

    Cleveland arena and circumstance was different in capacity and purpose.

    Obama will Carry Ohio by 3-4%.

    Nate silver, the mopst reliable compiler of polls has the nationwide odds at 92%.

    Live with it.

  • bg
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  • nomobama

    @Mark Phillips

    Wahhhhh, wahhhh. Live with it?!!! You’re so…. forceful! Are you an ☭bama brownshirt?

  • Tee Dub

    Re #24

    I’d gladly pirate his stuff, if there was anything I wanted to hear. Everything I used to like has been played into the ground by the classic rock radio stations. I’m afraid his music would be a waste of HD space.

  • Maybe it’s that Bruce isn’t the draw he once was in his Glory days?

  • dw dude

    born to run album was a poetic masterpiece. but later efforts were commercial crap. I think he has lost more fans than he has gained because of this latest fiasco.