Obama-Springsteen Concert Down 62,000 People From 2008 Concert-Rally

Dancing in the Dark–

In this Nov. 2, 2008, file photo then-Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama on stage with his wife Michelle Obama and daughters Malia and Sasha, hugs Bruce Springsteen at a rally at the Cleveland Mall, in Cleveland, Ohio. (Star-Tribune)

The Kerry-Springsteen concert in 2004 drew 80,000 people.
And the Obama-Springsteen concert in Cleveland back in 2008 drew 80,000 people.
The Obama-Springsteen concert today in Madison, Wisconsin drew only 18,000.
In Madison, Wisconsin!
Buzzfeed reported:

The crowd for President Barack Obama’s final rally in Wisconsin with Bruce Springsteen is falling short of the audience John Kerry drew with the musician in 2004.

The White House put the crowd at 18,000 for Obama and The Boss in Madison Monday morning, far less than the 80,000 the defeated Democratic nominee drew eight years ago just before the election — a turnout that caused a small panic inside the Bush campaign.

Oh, and the Obama camp was expecting 30,000.

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  • ObamaKnowsBest

    All you repubtards make me laugh, Mitt Romney is evil, a job theft and liar!

    So let’s do some analysis, so you say Romney has experience in the private sector, you mean he created business? Or he put people to work by creating jobs? If you think that’s the case then you are clueless! Bain capital bought other companies. The make those companies successful he 1. Outsourced their jobs, 2. Split them up and sold them for profit, 3. Destroyed them, 4. Created business plans that hurt the employees.

    If ever, he had no hand in creating any jobs. He also stayed “government does not create jobs” (see end of 2nd debate). Yet he is campaigning on creating 12 million jobs, how does that make sense? Based on his “plans” so far, how will jobs be created?

    1. Tax breaks to the rich to create a trickle down? Never worked before and never will work, see Warren Buffet comments.

    2. Closing exemptions in the tax code? Nope, that will actually hurt small business. Exemptions that will most likely be closed : 1. Tax breaks to hire, 2. Tax breaks for advertising, 3. Tax breaks for marketing lunches. (Not including mortgage tax breaks and tax breaks for those who have kids in college – which will severely hurt the middle class).

    So I would like to see how he can create jobs when he has made a FORTUNE on cutting jobs and outsourcing them for profit. Yes he is great at making a profit, at the expense of American workers. Go ask or look up testimonials from people who worked at companies Bain took over. (See Sensata in Freeport, IL currently).

  • Iron Maiden

    ObamaKnowsBest, some facts:

    We don’t agree with you or your America-hating Marxist friends in any way, shape, or form. We believe in God, guns, American oil, strong defense, spending control, no illegal immigration, less government, less taxes, less abortion. Obama and the Left are 100% against those beliefs.

    Here is another list of reasons why we would vote for a ham and cheese sandwich instead of another four years of Obama. Because in four years:

    gas/food prices skyrocketing, record deficits, record unemployment, record bank failures, record foreclosures, record number of months unemployment above 8%, record death toll of US troops in Afghanistan, record number of golf games, no current jobs plan, US troops deployed in at least 12 MENA and central African countries, secret involvement in Syrian war, Solyndra, Gunwalker, debt to GDP ratio 103%, over half the United States suing to get out of Obamacare, Obamacare still hated by a majority in every poll taken, record number of unelected, unaccountable czars, lobbyists still running the White House, secret meetings in cafes offsite of the White House to avoid having to tell who they’re meeting, Michelle Obama with over forty personal assistants, Obama lost over 600 seats for the Democrats in the 2010 elections, Benghazi coverup and scandal…

    I could go on, but this should be enough for Liberals to understand why so many of us will not be voting for Obama, and would vote for anyone but him at this point.

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  • MinnforMitt

    Obama, and his Farewell Tour, is killing Springsteen!

  • cecil dildine

    Dear OKB:
    Comrade! When the glorious election of Czar Barack occured revisionist reactionary forces colluded to deny the proletariat their rightful place in history….BLAH BLAH BLAH…

  • LogicalUS

    Barry Barack Hussien Soetoro Obama is TOAST.

    Thankfully America is going to put this dreadful mistake behind us and the better the country will be.

    Buh-Bye Barry.

    Only the verifiable mentally insane would actually admit voting for this disaster.

  • Patty

    Barack Obama and America’s Decline

    America is in incipient decline, and this week’s presidential election might be the last chance to reverse it. We are becoming a different sort of country, with a different people and different beliefs. Another four years of Barack Obama well might take us past the point of no return, although no-one, to be sure, knowsquite where that lies. There is still time to change course. There might not be time by 2016.
    Nearly a third of Americans now depend on food stamps, welfare, disability payments, or some other form of government support, compared with one out of five when George W Bush left office. This enormous shift has occurred before the detonation of a demographic time bomb that will explode towards the end of the present decade, and which will push America towards even greater dependency. This time bomb has four facets:

    The baby boomers will retire, and the percentage of Americans over 60 will jump from a sixth to a quarter of the total population in little more than a decade;
    The population that replaces the baby boomers will come to an increasing extent from families with the lowest level of educational attainment;
    A new underclass is in formation due to the jump in the rate of births out of wedlock, which comprised two-fifths of total births in 2011;
    Dependency on government support will rise sharply just as the federal government’s capacity to finance the dependent population will fall.


    This article goes into deep detail and graphs. It has many enlightening parts to it.


  • dwd

    #1 has so many typos it’s painful to read

  • Patty

    A second term for Barack Obama promises more of the same: more dependency, more entitlement spending, more federal debt, and more dependency on foreign lenders – until the rest of the world wearies of American fecklessness and finds a better use for its money. Can America reverse the damage? Probably, if it acts now. More of the same is a prescription for a catastrophic spiral into national decline.


  • http://mychal-massie.com/premium/ bg



    November 4, 2012

    The Full Pardon for the Blind Shiek

    [Gee, uh, Mr. President. You seem to have tucked
    the back of your skirt into your pantyhose……….

    Here we are in the final approach to what is arguably the most pivotal election in the nation’s history and we have Mr. Obama, the sitting President of the United States of America, talking about having his “feelings hurt” over a comment his opponent made about Jeeps being manufactured in China, and then doubling down to say he was “offended” by criticism of his bungling and cover-up of missteps during the bloody siege in Benghazi.

    Apparently when one’s entire four year tenure is viewed as an unmitigated disaster and provides no platform on which to run for re-election, the last vestige of strategy when not race-baiting is to play the pity card.

    I cannot imagine a circumstance under which ANY of the un-impeached presidents in my lifetime would resort to such a maudlin, sissified tactic yet that is the depth to which he and his campaign have sunk. It’s been rumored that Vladimir Putin fell into a giggle fit. When they got him off the floor he started watching Obama on his U.S. television feed again and chanted “Four more years. Four more years!” then raised his glass of vodka toward an aide and shouted “Nazdrovia, Komrade Obama!”]

    more at link..


  • http://mainfo.blogspot.com/ Opus#6@AmericanPerspective

    The energy was nonexistent. Did the Obama campaign PAY the people to attend? Were they union guys who would be punished if they didn’t go to the concert? They seriously looked BORED.

  • Patty

    #10 November 5, 2012 at 11:53 am
    bg commented:

    we must win! Obama needs to be impeached. Yes, I said it again. He has done NOTHING! For AMERICA. HE HAS ANGER MANY. HE IS WRONG FOR AMERICA.

  • Patty

    #11 November 5, 2012 at 11:54 am
    Opus#6@AmericanPerspective commented:

    Agree, Springsteen is a has been. never cared for a showboat. but obama loves his showboats. he is one himself.

  • Patty

    OT Again, promise last one, Here anyway.


  • Patty

    Part of #14 so this doesn’t count

    How Does Obama Maintain The Hypnotic Control Over The Media?

    Like Katrina, Hurricane Sandy Asks “Where Is FEMA?”

    In New York City, lines can be miles long waiting for gasoline – at up to $6.00 a gallon.. Fights, muggings, and store lootings have risen dramatically as the racehorse complexed inhabitants in The City So Nice They Named It Twice are already rumbling. The muted response of Obama’s Federal Emergency Management Agency is yet another problem plaguing those citizens, because of a seeming slowness to manage the many post hurricane problems, like power outages, flooded homes, water born diseases, raw sewage, industrial chemicals and only God-knows-what else. In the meantime, little Napoleon, NY Mayor Bloomberg, is diverting rehab resources toward setting up the New York Marathon. New Yorkers normally are in a constant state of anger, but now its evolved into a Mad Max madness.

    Here is a sampling of just a few of the problems New Yorkers are encountering according to the Drudge Report:

    Gas Shortages May Not End for Another Week…
    Mile-long lines, price hits $6…
    Fistfights, Guns Drawn…
    ‘I’m pretty p*ssed’…
    Two massive generators power NY media, not masses…
    NYC Official: Red Cross ‘Absolute Disgrace’…
    Looters Dress Like Con Edison Workers to Gain Access to Houses…

    Staten Islanders Plead for Help: ‘We Need Food’…
    ‘Please don’t leave us’…

    Read on here: http://joeclarke.net/wheelju5.gif

  • democraps suck

    Now when ozero loses tomorrow march his A$$ right into a jail cell for all his illegal cover ups

  • Patty

    Well, Springsteen give his profits to victims of SANDY, HUMMM!!

  • Patty

    #16 November 5, 2012 at 12:02 pm
    democraps suck commented:

    Now when ozero loses tomorrow march his A$$ right into a jail cell for all his illegal cover ups

    he doesn’t give a rat’s arse!!

  • http://reaganiterepublicanresistance.blogspot.ca Reaganite Republican

    There’s this clip linked on Drudge of him playing at an Obama rally where Bruce goes ‘that first debate really freaked me out’

    As Michelle Malkin would say, ‘SNORT’ lolol

  • I am Legion

    Not sure what is worse – the crappy music or the misguided & pathetic ideology. GnR don’t deserve any respect due to the Riverport fiasco; too bad we continue to hear that same crap on local StL radio non-stop. However – it seems that the good folks in Badgerland continue to shine – becoming a ‘shall issue state’ – dumping Feingold; retaining the Honorable Gov. Walker; telling this ‘boss of nothingness’ & his messiah that “we’re on to you”…. finally. I can’t wait until tomorrow when ‘the folks’ make the ultimate commitment & the state goes Red. On Wisconsin!