In Burma today, Barack Obama repeatedly butchered democracy icon Aung San Suu Kyi’s name during his remarks to the press as she was standing right next to him.

Here’s the video:

Of course, the Obama-media will give him a complete pass on this.




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  1. Did you mention he was President of the Harvard Law Review?

  2. I’m shocked. Because he does say Pahk-e-stahn so perfectly.

  3. Siding with Burma illustrates Obama’s lack of respect for freedom and humanity.

  4. An Sucky Sooey. . . uhhh. . . Song stuckin heady. . . uhhh. . . Gonna sucka dicky. . . uhhh. . . unprecedented. . . Romnesia. . . head winds.

    Thank you.

    (And this guy went to school in Malaysia?)

  5. This president may be black and thus suggestive of civil rights, but that is a deception (as should more and more suspected and assumed). In truth he is establishing himself as an opponent of real human rights.

  6. Love her face, “Who’s he talking about?”

  7. Hard enuff to keep the Pres.’s name straight: Barry Barack Dunham Soetoro Davis Hussein Obama…. ad nauseum. Heavy on the nauseum.

  8. What if Bush had…?


  9. Jim, I could have done without the in my face photo of O’Vomit kissing an actual human being. There goes my appetite. Thanks!

  10. Obama was however careful to call the Country “Burma” rather than “Myanmar”. There is a meaningful international dispute which underlies this.

    “[Wikipedia] In 1989 the military government officially changed the English translations of many colonial-era names; among these changes was the alteration of the name of the country to “Myanmar”. The renaming remains a contested issue. Many political and ethnic opposition groups and countries continue to use “Burma” because they do not recognise the legitimacy of the ruling military government or its authority to rename the country.”

    Obama got the name of the country right and for the right reasons – but big fail on the name of the patriot Burmese standing right next to him.

    Just one more brick on the load. Obama demonstrates regularly that he only cares about things he thinks are “big f’n deals.” He also regularly shows disregard for individuals whose deaths he can casually shrug off as “bumps in the road” and whose identities he can blithely belittle by not bothering to pay attention to their names.

  11. In Asia, outside appearance is extremely important. No self-respecting representative (business, government, even social friend) not one, would speak public words without getting the pronunciation of their subject’s name right. If even a low-level diplomat did something like this, it would be almost an international incident, an embarrassment to both countries, and could end their career.

    Unless this is intentional (and Obama is well-known for committing insulting gestures), it’s simply another sign of incompetence, insincerity, and perhaps inner distractions. Aung Suu Kyi is probably humiliated, and as an American I’m embarrassed and apologetic. May this man be rewarded for all that he does and does not do.

    Best regards, Peter Warner.

  12. Her roots are showing.

  13. With all the hugging and kissing, one would have thought Bill Clinton was president again.

    I expect Michelle to have obama’s testicles in a jar when he gets back.

  14. Before the election, WND had a couple of articles about a house being built for Obama in Hawaii. They concluded he expected to lose the election and retire there…

    I think they drew the wrong conclusion. I think the ‘retirement plan’ was just a cover story. I think he is preparing a major shift for his second term. He’s going to remove himself from the problems in DC with its gritty politics and run the country from Hawaii like an emperor, making it the de facto capital.

    I think Obama is going to set up a ‘western White House’ in Hawaii and run the country from there. He will send down high-handed dictates and orders to Washington, and let the Congress and the Supreme Court fight it out. He will not get his hands dirty with the political mix which he despises, he will not be blamed for anything, and his fingerprints will not be on anything.

    Obama prepared the ground for this with one of his campaign themes: you cannot change Washington from Washington.

    This move would fit neatly into the renewal of interest in the Pacific region that has been signaled in a recent spate of articles announcing a strategic pivot from the Middle East to the Pacific. Hillary’s been making a lot of Asia trips. A mid-Pacific White House would be regarded as visionary by the press. Wile Europe is in deep economic trouble, some Asian countries are rising strongly, and not just China but Australia and India.

    Additionally, members of the elite media will LOVE being stationed in Hawaii. They will love him for this. Access to Obama himself, which is already nearly nonexistent will become even more tightly controlled on the island. Everything in Hawaii will seem sunny and happy — the optics will be opposite what is going on on the mainland.

    And when he deigns to visit the mainland where will he go? Not to the crumbling heartland, or to the bickering DC political structures. He will go to Los Angeles and Las Vegas where he is already a king.

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