Obama Hoping for ‘Tax Now, Cut Later’ Fiscal Deal

Fool me once, shame on you…

Democrats are hoping Republicans will fall for their “tax now, cut later” plan to raise taxes now to pay for their irresponsible spending with promises to cut spending later.
The Politico reported:

Listen to top Democrats and Republicans talk on camera, and it sounds like they could not be further apart on a year-end tax-and-spending deal — a down payment on a $4 trillion grand bargain.

But behind the scenes, top officials who have been involved in the talks for many months say the contours of a deal — including the size of tax hikes and spending cuts it will most likely contain — are starting to take shape…

…There is no chance taxes are not going up for people making north of $250,000 — and virtually no chance that doesn’t include their tax rates, too.

Republicans publicly say they are opposed to rate hikes — but privately they know they are going up, if not all the way to the Clinton-era 39.6 percent, then darn close…

…Officials familiar with the White House position say Obama plans zero flexibility on his insistence on a higher tax rate for top earners. He plans to take what one aide called a “trust but verify” position: He will insist on a higher rate in the year-end deal. Then next year, during tax-reform negotiations, “the onus will be on Republicans to propose something that raises the same amount of revenue,” the aide said. “He’s going to pocket their rate hike on the top two brackets at first, and then he’s going to say to them in the 2013 process that we set up: If you think you can realize these same revenues in a different way, prove it to me.”

Will Republicans really fall for this liberal ruse?

** Call John Boehner and your representative and tell them – No Obama tax hikes! – (202) 225-0600

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  • Sam Stone

    If the GOP goes along with this they are dead to me. Cuts never happen.

    My tax contributions will be minimized until spending is cut.

  • myohmy

    No deal. Just hammer The Won that he owns this fiasco. Go on TV appearances until the end of the year.

  • Indiana

    Obama has already blown so much money out of our Nation’s treasury…..we can’t even defend ourselves. He’s a cash junkie. Unfortunately for us….his bottom will be our undoing. We gave the kid a Ferrari, and he wrecked it.

  • cavt

    It is a fact of history that what dem politicians have promised to do(as long as republicans do their part first), never happens. How many times will the GOP accept what they know are lies? Really sad.

  • http://biggovernment.com ponderon
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  • donh

    Boehner likely deal. …..Tax hikes in return for Harry Reid agreeing to hold a vote on a balanced budget amendment that has 0% of passing…….A vote to certify the grape as the official national fruit, which will pass. …and a promise to cut 5 billion across the board in 2020.

    ONCE AGAIN THE JOKE IS ON YOU Mr tea party private sector working stiff.

  • Sasja

    Our reps are diggin in their heels but I worry about how many from other states will fold. Not only do you need to communicate with Boo Hoo Boehner, you also need to let your reps know any capitulation on their part will not bode well for their future in politics. If they ignore your wishes, start looking for a replacement immedidately.


    Once in a while, we are reminded that not all is lost and there are good people out there, going about their lives and just doing the right thing when they think no one is looking. In this case, a tourist was watching and took a pic.


  • Joe Blow

    The old line Republicans will fall for this tactic and give the *stard what he wants.

  • JR

    Want another puke-inducing obama halo picture? Brought to you courtesy of Pravda on the Mississippi: http://www.stltoday.com/news/national/obama-says-he-ll-do-what-it-takes-to-avoid/article_035577c0-d011-5930-8877-75dde13a31c0.html

  • Mona

    You’re right, JR. All pix of Obeyme make me nauseous, but this clever positioning by the photographer is especially disgusting. It’s gonna be a loooooooooooooooong 4 years!

  • BuddyG

    Tax now, cut later.

    The comptuer’s down.

    The check’s in the mail.

    That light was yellow.

    I read Playboy for the articles.

    She told me she was 18.

    I promise not to **** in **** *****.

  • Mahdi Al-Dajjal

    You people think Boehner & Cantor aren’t going to fall for this? How naive. I mean, COME ON PEOPLE!

    John Boehner literally crumples into the fetal position and starts crying whenever Barack says “Boo” to him, and Eric Cantor is so fascinated with Obama and the cult of personality that surrounds him that he literally gets an erection and starts dry-humping Obama’s leg like a horn-dog whenever Barack flashes those pearly-whites at him.

    And you expect these two to fight to the death for you on this issue? Too funny!

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    Will Republicans really fall for this liberal ruse?

    Sure. They always do.

  • Patty

    Listen & Learn: Mark Levin Continues Discussing the Democrats, Class Warfare, and the “Fiscal Cliff” (11/27/12)

    Wow, I was barely done posting excerpts of Mark’s Monday show, when I decided Tuesday’s show was too full of gold not to post stuff as well.

    So here’s the Great One, continuing his discussion on the Democrats, taxing the so-called “rich” and other class warfare demagoguery, and the “fiscal cliff.”

    The first clip below is from Tuesday’s first hour, the second clip from the second hour:


  • serfer62

    We need a new poster

    Boehner Wanted
    Dead or Dead

  • serfer62

    That should be Dead or Alive

  • squeaky

    [President Obama is reportedly scheduled to be vacationing in Hawaii on January 2, the date billions in spending cuts – and untold consequences for the economy – will kick in if a deal is not reached on the “fiscal cliff.”] the twit can tweet from the beach.