Obama Holds Press Conference With Lapdog Media – Pushes Tax Hikes

Barack Obama is holding his first press conference in eight months today with the lapdog media:
Here are a few of his talking points:
Clean energy… Building roads and bridges… Fair share… $250,000 a year… We can’t afford that right now… Must focus on jobs… Holding middle class hostage… Bring Everyone in… That’s what the American people want us to do. That’s what they decided last week.

The first question is on David Petraeus. Obama pretends he didn’t know about the investigation that was ongoing for months.

Second question was on tax hikes: Obama tells Lapdog Media: Two years ago the economy was in a very different situation… Correct: GDP growth was actually better back then. “The wealthiest have to pay more.”

Obama says the Bush tax cuts to the top 2% costs the country over a trillion dollars(?)

Mr. Trillion Dollar Deficit Man talks about reducing the deficit.
Does anyone really believe that?

The next question was on the Latino vote and amnesty-immigration.
Obama says “Latino” with a cute little accent.

It’s as if the administration handed out the questions before the press conference.

Obama jokes with Chuck Todd. Yuk-Yuk

Obama pretends that he doesn’t want to punish middle class families. Forgets about the jobless recovery and skyrocketing gas prices.

These questions are just a joke: “Are you going to sit down with Governor Romney like you promised?”

Obama insists his top priority is to improve economy.
That’s why he met all afternoon yesterday with MoveOn.org, unions and the Center for American Progress.

Obama wants to be an even better president his second term than he did his first term.

Obama admits UN Ambassador was representing White House when she went to five stations and lied about the Benghazi terrorist attack.

WOW! Obama Gets Asked by Ed Henry from FOX News if he Made an Order to Protect Heroes in Benghazi. – He won’t answer.
Video coming…….

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  • Robert

    We have no press.

  • ★FALCON★

    Obama claims that he has provided every bit of information congress has requested on Benghazi.

    Hard Impossible to take him at his word when he claimed Executive Privileged on Fast and Furious.

  • ★FALCON★

    Obama babbling incoherently now. This is pathetic.

    Thank God he went on the record and said the he didn’t stop the Americans from being assisted, before being murdered.

  • robm

    Lapdogs? they are giving him a BJ……………..

  • ★FALCON★

    Worst presser ever.

    what a pathetic lying idiot.

  • Look-Out

    Barry, did you just say you did EVERYTHING to save those 4 brave men? Let’s look at that statement in light of your history — Tell me, did you do EVERYTHING to save the lives of those 2 gay TUCC members? Did you do EVERYTHING to save those babies that were born alive despite efforts to abort them?

    I don’t think so, Barry. From all I can tell, life means little to you. You don’t care if people live or die. You’re especially careless about the completely innocent. Why should any American believe you will work to protect them? After all, look how you treat your friends…

    I see you allowed more than one FRIEND of yours to die. Without one moment of anguish, Barry? The Ambassador was a friend of yours. The two gay TUCC members were friends of yours, that seem – as one mother said – to have been BETRAYED by you for your political aspirations. Was it as chilling to you as it was to me to hear ANOTHER mother (one of the Benghazi four) accuse you of murdering her son?

    How can you blame her? YOU seem to offer up the innocent for mutilation and death: from the most innocent and vulnerable among us – babies ALREADY breathing (or about to take) their first breaths of life in this world – to the most seasoned and well-trained heroes who WILLINGLY give THEIR lives to protect OTHERS from certain death and evil.

    You’ve sided with those who choose to perpetrate EVIL in this world. The impeachment process can begin too soon.

  • comeandtakeit

    The bush tax cuts “Cost the nation”? Just like a true socialist SOB, the money (your money) is the governments first, they get to tell how much you get to keep.

  • http://Americanthinker paul

    More whiskey, please! Long four years ahead.

  • American Conservatism

    Goolgle “failed green energy companies obama”

    Create a petition to ask the O Administration to pay back the money to the taxpayers. If they can’t then the Administration should be replaced and dissolved. Impeach, Recall, etc.

  • Winston Wolfe

    Could not possibly care less what this self-absorbed punk has to say.

  • Sasja

    Good ideas in this article for raising revenue and continue feeding the hogs in Congress and the parasites who vote for them.


  • mg4us

    This WAS NOT a Press Conference. . .

    This was a Propaganda luv-fest where Obama gets to continue Campaigning

    Even the old Soviet Union asked better questions to their Dictators

  • http://mychal-massie.com/premium/ bg


    pass it on