Barack Obama invited liar, tax cheat, murderer, felon, and bullsh*tter Mitt Romney to the White House today for lunch and a photo-op…

But mostly a photo-op.

(FOX Nation)




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  1. Too bad that isn’t Romney’s office.

  2. Makes me depressed just thinking of what could’ve been.

  3. HRH did this only to polish his image and Romney is too much of a gentleman to turn him down – sigh

  4. Why give a cynical rabidly partisan lying back stabbing hack like Obama a stage prop appearance to appear Presidential & bi-partisan? Will the GOP never learn? They equate the office of POTUS with more dignity than it deserves. Obama bought the office with money plundered from future generations and the help of useful GOP idiots like Keith Christie, who gave Obama a BJ on national TV just for making an appearance after Sandy than flying off on AF1. Stuck on stupid again.

  5. I wished Romney would have asked him in the debates where his hatred for America
    comes from?

  6. Wonder if ‘dog’ was on the menu….

  7. Well, I heard it was sort of a tradition for both parties to meet after an election. Can’t say if the winner invited the loser to lunch before. From what I can see of the Oval Office; it certainly looks tacky. Those drapes are ugly. Is that the same wallpaper Bush had while there?

  8. Secretary of Business.

    I can’t stand, I despise, I hate Good Losers. Pathetic pansy ass, I want my vote back.
    What did Patton say about Losers?

  9. Round numbers:
    $16T debt
    $4T tax hikes over ten years (current proposal, 0 spending cuts by Dems)
    $1.2T deficit each year =$12T
    $12T – $4T = $8T new debt after ten years
    $24T debt after ten years

  10. Wish it was Romney inviting the LOSER to say goodbye to his office and to ask him to wipe his damn footprints off the desk…

  11. I guess we should be thankful that the wallpaper is not purple and silver diagonal stripes.

  12. I wonder if Romney could smell the sulfur.

  13. What a d-ck. First he spends a year smearing Romney as Greedy Pants McCancer-Giver Who Hates Teh Vajayjays… then he invites him to lunch so he can gloat. I frakkin’ hate that jerk.

  14. I feel really bad for Romney. He lost to and had to concede defeat to and then have lunch with someone with half of his I.Q..

  15. Agree with JT and ghost. Why give this pos any photo op chance. When someone lies about you and insults you in the worse ways possible, it isn’t big and diplomatic to go kiss up to him. It is weak. If only we had a leader who had a warrior’s spirit.

  16. Ramney is Obama’s byatch.

  17. Mitt shoulda showed up with a truck full of real bullsh##. After all, Barry accused him of being a BSer. I wouldn’t share a plate of White Castles with that subprime grifter.

  18. If I had to venture a guess, I’d say that Mr Romney is only concerned that he look like a statesman, and is either oblivious to the political value of this affair to Obie, or he just doesn’t care. In either case, he’s now just another one of Obie’s useful idiots.

    As another example of how hard-headed the Republican Party is, have a gander at this: Boehner Angered by Leak of Phone Call

    Notice the sentence at the bottom of the first page:

    “But Boehner said he remains hopeful that a deal can be reached in the coming weeks.”

    He just got pwned and he STILL wants to cut a deal? The guy is, quite simply, a twenty-four carat idiot. Where, oh where did the pathetic losers that currently populate the Republican Party come from?


  19. Really rubbing salt in the wound.

  20. Top Ten Remarks Obama Made to Romney at Lunch

    by Keith Koffler on November 29, 2012, 6:03 pm
    Though the White House has refused to release much information about today’s lunchtime meeting between President Obama and Gov. Mitt Romney, White House Dossier was able to implant a microphone in Romney’s hair this morning and listen to the whole thing.

    While a thick coating of hairspray interfered with the recording, WHD was able to pick up much of the conversation, including many surprising remarks by the president.

    What follows are the top ten things Obama said to Romney during today’s meal.


    1. Hey, you’re here for lunch! Did you win the raffle?

    2. Sorry about destroying your reputation.

    3. Would you like your milk on the rocks?

    4. The Postmaster General job will be opening up. Why don’t you leave your resume?

    5. I guess your Mormon God couldn’t stop Hurricane Sandy, could he?

    6. I do have an assignment for you. I want you to go to Lichtenstein immediately and see what you can do to improve relations.

    7. I guess I can tell you now. Clint Eastwood was working for me.

    8. How’s your Big Mac?

    9. It’s amazing what Chris Christie will do for a chocolate milkshake.

    10. You know, the more time dogs spend on the roofs of cars, the tastier they are.

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