Barack Obama: America Voted for Tax Hikes

Obama Brings the Pain–
Barack Obama told reporters today that America voted for tax hikes this week.

President Barack Obama makes remarks on the “fiscal cliff” in the East Room of the White House. (The Ticket)

Citing a mandate, far left President Obama told reporters today that America voted for tax hikes this week.
The Ticket reported:

Claiming a mandate from his election romp over Mitt Romney, President Barack Obama announced on Friday that he had invited congressional leaders to the White House next week for talks on how to steer the battered economy away from a “fiscal cliff.” Obama said he was open to compromise with Republicans—but that any final deal needed to raise taxes on the richest Americans.

“This was a central question during the election,” the president said in brief remarks in the East Room of the White House. “It was debated over and over again, and on Tuesday night we found out that a majority of Americans agree with my approach.

“Our job now is to get a majority in Congress to reflect the will of the American people,”
Obama said. “I’m not wedded to every detail of my plan. I’m open to compromise. I’m open to new ideas. I’m committed to solving our fiscal challenges. But I refuse to accept any approach that isn’t balanced.

So, any guess on the timing of our next recession?

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  • ★FALCON★

    Lanka commented:

    You reality deniers lost, now get out of the way.

    We don’t mind getting out of the way – just don’t come running to us to fix it when it all comes crashing down, because is will, as it has every other time it’s been tried worldwide.

  • dba_vagabond_trader

    Never heard a president insist he was elected because Americans want tax hikes. Wow.

  • bg
  • AmericaWILL

    If ONLY those on TV that fawned over O would be hit with this. I so want to see Chris Matthews, Barbara Walters, & Bill Maher hit with huge taxes that would wipe the O loving smiles from their collective faces!

  • Lanka

    Fair enough, Falcon. We are fixing it now after Republicans brought it crashing down last time.

  • Monkey Wrench

    He’s talking about returning to the tax rates of 2000 on incomes over 250k. That was discussed during the campaign and also came up during the debates. Most Americans do agree with that. Of course only 2% of all Americans make that much. About 3% of small businesses file as individuals and fall into this category.

  • Patriot Act

    “…a majority of Americans agree with my approach. Our job now is to get a majority in Congress to reflect the will of the American people.”

    The majority of Americans want Obamacare repealed. Are you going to get Congress to reflect that, Baroke?

    The majority of Americans want to preserve their constitional right to own firearms. Are you going to get Congress to reflect that, Baroke?

    The majority of Americans want … fill in the blanks.

    Obama is nothing but an empty-headed gasbag whose only discernible skill (one that he’s not even that good at, imo) is reading prepared speeches from a teleprompter.

    I grieve for our republic, which I believe is now “finished”, thanks to an electorate so profoundly uninformed, so gullible, and so selfish that they would re-elect an administration like this which is plainly committed to the destruction of everything that is good about America.

  • bg


    the Muslim Brotherhood is readying to take over..


  • Lanka

    Those 3% of small businesses can simply incorporate or set up LLCs, get with the times.

  • joyo

    It’s time to let the “takers” redistribute their government wealth to the hard-working middle class that has been paying for the “takers” far too long.

  • Honey

    This was a central question during the election

  • Patty

    • Pop Culture Presidency

    After election analysis can be interesting, but when it comes from the same people who got the pre-election analysis wrong it should be taken with many grains of salt. After election reactions can also be rather elitist. I know it is easy to want to disparage those who voted against a supported candidate in a “How dare you” tone. Political junkies kind of expect everybody else to be political junkies.



    What I think this means for the future is not that social conservatism and conservative ideas are dead on arrival as far as the culture is concerned. The confluence of events that created the pop culture president is not going to be the defining truth for elections to come. This was more personality than politically driven. The answer certainly is not for conservatives to try to imitate the pop culture aspect of his success – they never will, but they certainly have a long way to go to engage the youth and others. In some ways President Reagan also became a pop culture phenomenon on his own terms with his extolling of conservative ideas along with a sense of humor broke through to a generation that other conservatives would have written off. Romney was not effective engaging the new media and didn’t even spend money on ads at, for example, Hulu. President Obama has been all over the old and new media including sites such as Reddit. Certainly there are the younger generation of conservatives that are using the new media and maybe the next candidate will learn a thing or two from them.

  • NOOR

    Its good to face fiscal challemges

  • Kate

    We need to be sure to thank all those Obama voters when people lose jobs, oil production shuts down and prices go up, more corruption in government and we no longer have any money left for essentials. There will be no middle class as all our money will go to those who are on welfare and government aid and the rich will survive by their assets or leaving our country until Obama is gone. A nice bright future for us. Thank you Obama voters. But gee, the bright side is all those social issues that are so freakin’ important, such as abortion, are still going strong. We can all eat those “free” contraception pills the skank Fluke wanted everyone to get. And all those American Jews who voted for Obama can sit and wash their hands as Pilate did as Israel gets mauled by Muslims. And all those Catholics can be so happy when there are no longer any religious rights as Obama has legislated them away. Thank you Obama voters. I’ll never forget what you did to us.

  • Patty

    Obama keeps touting the majority above of his ideas. This majority is Black, Hispanics and some Youth.

    I don’t believe they are doing their homework and the majority of College students cheat.

    I have well known sources who can back me up on this.

    OBAMA THE CHEATER AND CELEB IN CHIEF. Look closer at who supports him and you will see it is NOT America, evidently clear.


  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    We are fixing it now after Republicans brought it crashing down last time.

    Four years and three-quarters of a trillion dollars later it’s still in the process of being fixed, with a need for another four years?

    What utter incompetence.

  • DMG

    12 million no-show Republicans

    Where did the number 12 million come from?

  • Monkey Wrench


    Only going back to the rates in effect under Clinton. Times were good and we were running surpluses instead of deficits.

    It seems to me that the Bush tax cuts have been a disaster. We went from surpluses to deficits. Job creation was not that great. Inequality has gotten worse. What is so great about the current rates?

    I think we need to wait until the economy recovers before returning to those rates for everyone.

  • iconoclast

    Bring it on. My accountant is smarter than Hussein and his gang of incompetent affirmative action hires. The only people crucified will the the middle class. Screw them–they voted this pos back into office.


  • Patty

    And with the EPA in his pocket. Watch, in the past it looked bad when a “BUG”, literally, a bug halts possible for good highway projects that when in full swing and now shut down after billion was spent.

    And for your soda, food and health care, YOU THINK THIS IS BAD NOW, wait, YOU ain’t seen nothing yet.

    Hitler had power, so does Obama. He can veto or use Executive Orders at every turn.