Nice Work!… GOP Manages to Gerrymander Two Top Florida Conservatives Out of Congress

GONE- Conservative stalwarts Sandy Adams and Allen West

Nice work, Republicans.
The GOP managed to gerrymander two top Florida conservatives right out of Congress.
Via ilgipper at Free Republic:

The Florida House and Senate went overwhelmingly GOP in 2010…it was darn near a clean sweep. I believe the House went approximately 80/20 in our favor. The resulting redistricting not only screwed Allen West, but they also set up the primary battle between Sandy Adams and John Mica. Mica is the consummate DC insider. He’s the chair of the transportation committee, champion of high-speed rail spending, etc.

Adams won her seat in 2010 over Suzan Kosmas who was literally one of those final ‘blue dog’ votes that helped pass Obamacare in the final vote. Adams would have had that seat locked up for as long as she wanted it, and she was a real grassroots champion. She was going after the EPA on their horrific regulations, etc.

The FL GOP set up the ugly primary, where Mica had all the resources and took her out. We lost a true conservative for a guy with stage 4 beltway-itis.

We lost two of the best people in congress due to GOP shenanigans… And a woman and black man on top of it. This stuff is maddening.

As Levin put it last night, if these brilliant consultants like Steve Schmitt and Mike Murphy want to keep throwing conservatives under the bus, they are just asking for a third party. We are getting screwed by both parties.

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  • burt

    Republicans hate conservatives much, much more than they do communists!

  • Sanmon

    The only thing the GOP is good at is taking out conservative values!

  • The GOP doesn’t want any conservatives to win and rock the boat. And they definitely don’t want to be in charge. Then they would actually have to work. Now they can just bitch and take their perks, while throwing up their hands, crying, “Well, we tried! Vote for me! We need more money because NEXT time…..”

  • Multitude

    It’s ut up or shut up time. Time to get a new party going or accept perpetual failure without any capacity to do anything about it. Did we forget that at the convention, the RNC elites stripped us of our ability to effectuate grass roots reform? Remember the sneaky votes that disenfranchised us?

    I’m leaving today. I’ll switch my party registration over lunch. Goodbye RNC.

  • In Allen West’s case, this was done intentionally to try and get rid of him – the dodgy voting was the final nail in the coffin.

    Rs are IN BED WITH Ds – haven’t people figured it out yet?

    Rs want their share of the treasury trough just as much as Ds – they play a game of opposition just to get themselves elected… Fix was in for O to get in 4 years ago and fix was in this time…

    They had to silence Sarah Palin, too, since she was a threat to their status quo treasury theft and power structure… Allen West rightly pointed out all the current communists sitting in power…

    wake the F*k up America

  • ejazzyjeff

    I am like Multitude – I’m just shocked of how much not a fight was given by the GOP. So I say good-bye.


    If you are a Constitutional conservative and support the GOP in anyway you are hurting your own cause.

    Is the GOP better than the DNC…only in terms of speed.

    I will not vote for a DNC or GOP candidate ever again.

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    …they are just asking for a third party.

    Or a purge of the GOP.

    Whatever is going to happen, it better happen soon, preferably before November of 2014.

  • I have always been an independent, voting for the most conservative person with the values closest to mine, no matter party. However, for the first time in my life, this past election, I voted straight ticket republican. That was also the very last time. Like many comments here… I am done. Have no clue what I will do, come next election. It’s All An Illusion – Different Parties, Same Animal:

  • Bob

    Most of us know that the left and liberal democrats are fearful of the Tea Party. When America can wrap up a true conservative with fiscal beliefs and moral responsibilities as a candidate I feel that person can win over the RINO style GOP’ers we are seeing.
    Time to run tea party style candidates to challenge the RINO’s. And I also feel that RINO’s are in bed with the D’s and it is all about staying a permanent fixture in Congress once they get there.

  • Mad Hatter

    The GOP Good Ole Boy System doesn’t like real Conservatives. They want to go back to the days where they can get along with the Demo-rats, spend money, grab freedom, and maintain power.

  • The GOP can afford to screw social conservatives a lot more because social conservatives have nowhere else to go, realistically speaking. No matter how they huff and puff about staying home on election day or voting third party, they overwhelmingly stick with the GOP, even when it’s a candidate they loathe, like McCain or Romney.

  • Rachelle

    This is the stuff that makes me sick of the Republican Party establishment.

    I was disgusted as well with the R’s treatment of Christine O’Donnell in Delaware.

    I may have to register as an independent.

    The R’s worry how they are going to win without Hispanics, Blacks, etc., etc.

    They should remember they can never win without Republicans and a lot of us have about had it with these people.

  • Edd

    We the people are screwed, and I’m serious when I say it. The question is no longer will the Republicans drop their pants and grab their ankles. No, now it’s which Republican WON’T drop down and grab their ankles. We didn’t lose the election because we’re not ready to adjust to the “new america.” We lost because we couldn’t find a candidate who was willing to say, “even if I lose, it’s my principles first.” Damn it, I’m sick of accommodating! I’ll stop now.

  • Ss252

    I re-registered here in commie California as a independent,as did my entire family today. Done with th GOP.

    Time for a Conservative party, this is bs…

  • snewb

    We need 3 parties..Marxists, Rhinocrats, and Constitutionalists parties.

  • C-Christian Soldier

    If any reader of this site – is surprised that there is NO DIFFERENCE between the elitist Rs and the Ds –
    then- I am sad- —

  • Frieda Keough

    Looks to me no different than what happened with the Senate Districts in Missouri. Ken Meyers voted with the Democrats to mutilate Senate 1 that Jim Lembke just lost and Senate 7 which went from the St.Louis area to the west side of the state and eliminated Senator Cunnigham’s district. And now one hears that.Meyers wants to be State Party Chair. I hope we won’t let this happen.

  • Nathan Lee

    Hard to be apart of the GOP. They’re not a conservative party anymore. They’ve been taken over by religious Democrats if anything. Basically, the religious Democrats who couldn’t make it in their own party, took over the Republican party, and pretty much bringing Liberal government to those who swing religiously.

  • Ed Wallis

    Forget “shock and awe” and “shuck and jive”: the GOP’s “Pout and Surrender” approach to fiscal restraint will also work the same with


    among other things.

    AT WHAT POINT IN TIME will the GOP start to act like they belong in Congress?!?
    ANSWER: They *won’t*.

    I GIVE UP ON REPUBLICANS. Tea Party sorts will NOT be able to exert sufficient influence over the GOP by 2016…seeing as how the GOP ignored them after 2010, there’s NO REASON to believe they will have a chance after 2012.

    WE NEED A NEW PARTY…*NOW*. I for one will never again vote Republican just as a Party-line matter.

    p.s. Dear readers, don’t come whining to me with “Oh, you’re only helping the Democrats.”

  • I think it is high time we all gut the GOP of its establishment, once and for all. Or time to fully implement the Conservative Party.

  • Ghost

    it’s too late for Third Party- you still don’t get it, that’s why you dawdled and will continue to lose-
    you still don’t understand how late the hour is.

    DIVORCE NOW! while we can still reach an amicable settlement and we can still salvage something that can be called America,
    sooner or later you’ll agree

  • kato

    Anyone wonder why I call it the Clueless Party?

    Did you see the clueless heroes Christie, Jindal, and others gang up on Romney for speaking the truth? I understand pols can’t speak the truth, but I’m afraid these clueless dopes actually believe they’re going to win over America’s parasites with the power of their ideas.

    Bring back Michael Steele. Then, at least the Clueless Party can feel Democrat with their token black.

    BREAKING NEWS: Three of the left-wing losers who tried to blow up a bridge south of Cleveland get 8+ years in prison. I bet they’ll be out in a year or two. Subprime may even grant them pardons.

  • dries

    GOP does not mind being a minority party in DC, as long their old men get cushy committee seats & Democrats let them get away with pork projects.

    In NJ, local GOP let Dems redraw distriscts after 2010 consens. They didn’t even try to contest it & quietly settled to remain minority for next 10 years. PA GOP will do nothing to combat voter hijinx in Philly. Losers!

  • #22 Ghost… been noticing “DIVORCE NOW!” in many of your posts. Could you elaborate? Do you mean: leave the USofA and renounce citizenship, or succession, or ? I’m interested in your opinion. My opinion is not a popular one… I think a Constitutional America is done, never to return to her once great glory. I am a believer, so, for me personally, hunkering down in the Word of God and trying to live for Him regardless of the world, is where I stand. But, your comments have me intrigued, so I’d love to know how to ‘divorce’. Thanks!

  • Sasja

    Running away from the problem is not going solve anything which is what you are doing when you leave the party. I see no difference when you sit home on your fat butt and not vote because you are dissatisfied with the candidate. That is being childish.

    I see the same people grousing about the RINOs but yet think that by dropping out of the fight some sort of miracle will happen and we will magically have conservatives running the party.

    A third party will never win anything of significance. What needs to be done is to get enough conservatives in both houses of congress that will give us the power to effect change.

    You know, one thing about the progs is that they never give up no matter what. They may be unhappy about certain party policies, but they don’t publicly eat their own. They just forge ahead.

    When you find someone in your district who would make a good candidate, even for dog catcher, do not depend on the RNC for support. Instead, help raise funds and promote your candidate. Right now, where I live, we don’t have that many RINOs, but you can bet we are already looking for someone to replace the RINOs we do have.

  • bg


    Congress is in bed with itself..

    they will protect their Oligarchy from the Conservative
    Tea Party no matter who they must politically slay.. all
    hail Obama, he’s their savior.. 🙁

    more here & here..


  • SeniorD

    Two good people pushed out of Congress. The total IQ of that ‘august’ body lowers and the cesspool levels rise.

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  • Ed Wallis

    @ Sasja #26

    Waah! Waaaaaaah! WAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!! They treat us mean! They ignore us! They act *just like* the enemy, but…b-b-buuuuut, we *gotta stick with them!


    YOU can continue to buy it. Don’t come crying to me about your new bruises from the GOP in 2014 and 2016. You ASKED for it.

    *I’M* moving on to better things.

  • Joanne

    From what I understand the recount for Allen West didn’t occur before the time ran out for the re-count to be completed courtesy of him having to go to court to get the okay in the first place. Isn’t that just lovely – recounts in process have a time limit.

    Third Party? – Do people actually believe after another four years of the illegal muslim usurper, there will be a democratic vote. Russia primped Obama for this very position – they will put in power who they please. Russia / U.S.A. war – U.S.A. has already lost, because so few actually get what has happened.

  • Ann Ominous

    It’s attitudes like these that put Obama back in and West out.

  • And you are getting screwed by the youth going libertarian:

    But the Pauls are not welcome in the Party. Outstanding.

  • “even if I lose, it’s my principles first.”

    Expect bigger losses. Because politics is not church. Drug Prohibition is failing politically. Are Republicans leading the charge against it or are they the rear guard defending it?

    You want States Rights on abortion? Why not get ahead of States Rights when it comes to pot.

    Stupid Party indeed.

  • Ann Ominous

    Notes From The Real Ed Wallace
    Still want to use this history twister’s sound alike name as your own #30?

    Backside of American History Volume II Edward Wallace

  • JDavid

    Ummmm, they did it on purpose. The Establishment doesn’t like conservatives stepping all over their “let’s surrender” meme. They fully intend to repeat McVain and Mittens FAIL in 2016 as floated by their media organ Washington Times:

  • cavt

    Unfortunately the GOP is worthless. I left after the ‘read my lips’ fiasco. Bush Jr made Obama possible–that is all the big govt republican does–leads the way for the bigger govt democrat. Yeah–3rd party will probably never make it because of the cursed media who could care less about truth and justice. When does enough become enough for enough Americans?

  • mg4us

    Bush Republicans and RINOs are just as bad as Dems. . Overspending and NOT following Constitution

    Time to remove them all. .2014 only two years away. .

    Need another TEA Party sweep. . .

  • Fu#k Obama

    I will NEVER again support the GOP with my vote. Third party is the only way I’m voting again…ever. I am sick and tired of holding my nose and voting while the GOP elite run two of the best conservatives out of the party. Well, I say let them have it.

  • if you have three parties you lose democracy. all democracy is suppose to mean is majority rule. what conservatives need to do to be able to live their lives free of unnecessary control by the politicans is to take control of the RNC or the DNC. get rid of the career politicans to make holding public office a service instead of an occupation. anyone that makes their living working for the state is going to have alliegience to the state rather then the people.

    the people that run the national politcal parties are career politicans that make their living from politics. they pick candidates that are loyal to them so they’ll do what the party wants rather then what the people want. we basically get to vote for the people the party bosses want and if they get out of line they get want allen west got.

    i’m serious about conservatives taking over the DNC, that is where our greatest opponents are. they are the real threat to freedom and liberty. if you don’t think its possible look at how a small group of leftist radicals(the SDS)took over the democratic party.

  • Sarah2016

    This Romney/McCain campaign operative Steve Schmitt mentioned in the above article, is the same guy who helped produce the anti- Palin politiccal hatchet-job HBO movie “Game Change.” Not only did he Alinsky-ite Palin, smearing her honorable name & blaming her for McCains loss in the movie, but, Schmitt made himself appear as the hero. As Sarah said, these Republican consultants are there for just a season, just to enhance their careers & the RINOs embrace them at the expense of the party & the the true incorruptable, courageous Constitutional Conservatives (the party base) like Sarah Palin.


  • BurmaShave

    The GOP don’t need no stinkin’ conservatives.

  • Ghost

    just like for married people, Divorce is never easy- but what is the alternative?
    I’d rather struggle FOR something than continued struggle AGAINST something.

    I mean literal Divorce, Physical Separation. They will never convince us , and we will never persuade them. We hate The Left and they despise us.

    Zero’s re-election was bad enough, but for me the final signal was the Senate. It was 23 Ds to only 10 Rs. Had we gained Real Control of the Senate with a major sweep then I’d still think saving America, as is, was still possible- but no more. After four years of full exposure, The Left actually gained seats, including the puzzling Indiana and Wisconsin seats.
    We now have several certifiable whackjobs in the Senate. It. Is. Over.

    We have to draw lines in the map and figurative lines in the sand for people. Everybody will have to decide, where do you wanna live? I envision many States breaking apart. I imagine drawing lines by County. It will eventually shake out by people deciding where they want to live.

    It won’t be easy, of course. But, it wasn’t easy for the Revolutionaries or the Pioneers. It wasn’t easy for the Old World immigrants or for the Dust Bowl immigrants. Moving is never easy, but for every job vacated in one sector will be a new job applicant from the other.

    The first step is to just get people used to the idea of separation, and the 50-State secession petition is a remarkable start- people are already thinking about it. There are many details to work out, but it can be done. I’ve already envisioned a few:

    – allow a three-year period for people to decide where to live
    – travel to the other sector by permit only, use the Interstate Highways for the ‘Soweto’ districts. travel outside permit areas is punishable.
    – (I don’t give a damn what they do in the USSA, but) in the New Free States of America make it intolerable for a ‘Blue-Stater’ to stay. Declare ourselves a Judeo-Christian nation with religious symbols everywhere, tight control of media and culture emanating from the USSA, and so on
    – morality policies, or even laws with swift, sure punishment
    – tight control of borders with severe penalties

    Most reactions to a stringent society is ewww, ugh. Well, I don’t think it’ll work unless we develop our society for protection. How do they do it in Singapore? in Taiwan? adoration of their awful past is outlawed in Germany and Japan. A Free Society is also vulnerable, as we’ve discovered. Measures must be sought, and there are people who have done it.

    Breaking up is not easy, but it need not be hard either. How did Czechoslovakia break up into the Czech Republic and Slovakia? How did Yugoslavia do it? (it was hard for them at first because their Old World enmities were unleashed, but it settled down as they began to realize the benefits of Good Fences)

    Our separation begins with Civil Disobedience, then mushrooms into full blown resistance just as it did for our Revolutionaries, just as described in the Declaration of Independence.

    During the Great Depression, local economies sprung up, independent of the Federal government. Civil Disobedience should begin by refusing to send our money to Washington D.C. Then, it’s simply refusing to obey EPA and Agenda 21 regulations, and on and on…
    (I wished Jindal would have disobeyed the Feds when he tried to protect his Louisiana coastline during the oil spill, a marvelous opportunity was missed- now look at him!)

    We’re waay past rallies, demonstrations, contacting Representatives and even Third Party.
    It should be clear to everyone now that the Republican Party (with all that great history) is dead, Dead, DEAD. we are now under One Party Rule- I believe there is a word for that… Dictatorship. Hear me now, believe it later.

    How did we get from Reagan to Zero in just 20 years? one word answer: Bush

    The first few years will be hard, but then it will shake itself out. It’s harder for us because this will not be a strictly geographic sectional divide, but contiguity will work itself out as people decide where they wanna live.

    I anticipate the hardest question to answer will be: do we defend them when they’re attacked?

  • RacerX

    Couldn’t have said it better myself. I am probably more pissed off at Team R than I am at D. I feel that the folks running the R party now are nothing but turncoat RINOs. And they are demonizing the real conservatives as much, if not more than the Socialists now in control.

    I hope that either we get new leadership in the party or we get a viable 3rd party alternative. The R’s have lost me as a supporter.

    #1 November 20, 2012 at 12:07 pm
    burt commented:

    Republicans hate conservatives much, much more than they do communists!

    #2 November 20, 2012 at 12:12 pm
    Sanmon commented:

    The only thing the GOP is good at is taking out conservative values!

  • #44 Ghost… thanks for your in-depth reply! 🙂

  • David Kenny

    A party that will replace the GOP is a must
    Build it around the Constitution and Truth about this USA and it’s problems
    Why are conservatives waiting?
    2014 started 2 weeks ago
    The GOP is Democrat Lite
    Anyone not recognising that is a dummy
    Build with social media making Freedom Works your model
    The GOP/Media/the Rats are our foe
    This is the only future that works for serious conservatives who
    don’t want to roll over to this commie who got in via voter stuffing funded by Sorus

  • BaconFat

    The absolute refusal by the “establishment” Republicans to understand that we are DONE with their loser antics is just breathtaking. Step aside if you are unwilling to suceed as a partisan. These “consultants” are a joke. I am from the state of Scott Walker, and really am proud of that. I thought getting Reince Preibus in as RNC chair would change some of this crap, but I think it is just too entrenched in the “old school” Republicans. The fear of God needs to be felt by these people. I am not ready to pick up all my toys and go home, but I am CLOSE!

  • Ghost

    you must really be proud of Tammy tell me true

  • bg


    Obama and the GOP seeming to want the
    Tea Party gone more than the Dems do..


  • bg


    there is no blame, fact is, the election was rigged..
    Congress is in bed with itself.. we no longer live in
    a Republic, we’re not even a Democracy, we live in
    “a tyranny of the elite” :aka: an Oligarchy.. jmho..


    The Oligarchy We Live In (Charted)

    please note the reds & blues are
    not indicative of Reps & Dems..


  • ChillytheAlaskan

    Just ANOTHER example of republicans refusing to fight obvious election/voter fraud. 247,000 votes in a district with 175,000 voters, and the entire country running maybe 60% of the registered voters actually vote, this is a case where the democrats of that 60% votes at least 2 times, most maybe 3 times, OR the election supervisor counts their votes multiple times.

    Check the votes, the voter logs, the machines for rogue programming or tampering. Reasonable adults can not believe this is an honest election. There is obviously something wrong with this, and the citizens need to have an accurate accounting of what went on here.

  • sky

    It’s a one party system. Votes do not make a difference, especially when massive voter fraud is standard operating procedure. No matter who is in office, they move the country further towards Socialism. Politicians love Socialism because they love power and hate you and your freedoms. Dems and Repubs are always talking about ‘reaching across the isle”. Are these parties supposed to be cooperating or are they supposed to have opposing points of view? If they really believed their own principles, then they would never ‘reach across the isle’. How foolish does a person have to be to honestly believe that a politician (repub or dem) has one’s best interests in mind? So lets turn our healthcare over to the people who are, historically, the most untrustworthy people in the nation. After all, the Government has done a wonderful job managing things. Things are REALLY looking up.

  • Vicky Hernandez

    Not shocking at all. The barnacle cocktailers who run the GOP were shamed into giving Mia Love a spot at their Conventions this summer.

    Ungrateful scum. The ONLY reason the Crying Orange is still House Speaker and the GOP still exists is because of the TEA Party!

  • lonestar

    I was raised to love my country; but, these days, I don’t like what my country has become. The GOP doesn’t support their best people and the Democrats only want the government to support anyone who doesn’t want to support themselves.

  • Vicky Hernandez

    Well there is a bright spot. There was another congressman who served only one term. And he went on to become on of our greatest Presidents: Abraham Lincoln.

    It just might be that it won’t be the last we’ve heard from Col. West.

  • Opinionated

    Little late getting on the bus. Or off the garbage filled sinking boat that is the “R” side of the one party. I jumped that nasty ship during the reign of King George the 1st. Joined the US Taxpayer Party, which went on to unite with the US Constitution Party. I’m still in that party. Check out their platform. Pretty much what the republicans used to be for. Way back before the globalists managed to move both sides of the 1 party way over to the left. Check it out. It’s the party all freedom loving Constitutionalist Americans should be affiliated with.

  • Big Mac

    How about the Conservative Party USA? ( I’m not involved, just searching for alternatives before I turn-in my GOP registration card.

    Screw the RINOs.

  • DMG

    That is a bunch of BS. Apparently some people don’t know the meaning of gerrymander. If anything, West lost because they didn’t gerrymander to the extent they did in the past. His former district, FL-22, was the most gerrymandered in the state. The district he ran for in 2012, FL-18, is anything but. See for yourself:

    Of course, ideologues never let something as silly as facts get in the way of their raw emotion.

  • DMG

    247,000 votes in a district with 175,000 voters

    Not sure where you got your numbers from, but there are more than 175K voters in a district.