Nice. Killjoy Sotomayer Tells Little Girls to Drop the Princess Nonsense

Justice Sonia Sotomayer stopped by Sesame Street this week and told little girls to drop the princess silliness.

Business Insider reported:

Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor stopped by Sesame Street last week to essentially dash Abby Cadabby’s hopes of having a career as a princess.

“Abby pretending to be a princess is fun, but it is definitely not a career,” Sotomayor told the pink puppet in a clip that gained prominence on BuzzFeed, the Washington Post, and TIME .

Instead, the justice recommended little girls go to school so they can be a teacher, lawyer, or “even a scientist.”

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  • Patty


    Deport Everyone that Signed A Petition to Deport Everyone Who Signed a Petition to Withdraw Their State from the U.S.

    There is now a petition asking to deport those who are signing these petitions for peaceful secession. Since anyone who would sign a petition to deport someone for signing a petition is a brainwashed moocher, sign this petition to “one up” them in a way that is base enough for them to understand.

  • bigL

    Good thing she has a smart,Red staff of Law clerks. Gives her time to do Says-a-Me street.

  • Restless

    Is it possible to let kids be kids?

  • Practical Jane

    #23: Right

  • Rose

    Sotomayor is an evil woman. And she is high-ranking in ACCOUNTABILITY for what she does to others, as she stands before the God of Heaven, our Creator, Almighty God of the House of Abraham, Isaac and Israel.

  • tj

    We need to nullify Obie so Sodacracker can be removed from the court.

    The wise Latina was never confirmed due to lengthy delay by the Dems..

  • Ghost

    Any ideas what will be best for a woman’s happiness?
    -is contributing to her man’s happiness, and others’ happiness important?
    Any training preparation for being a wife, and motherhood?
    -is that important?
    What is best for America?
    -is that important?

    how did we become the Greatest Nation in history with so much oppression of women? (like Islamic societies since forever)
    how have accomplished so much Good for the World with so much oppression of women?
    do these FOOLS ever compare women in America to the rest of the world? really?

    seems to me that Pilgrim women, Pioneer women, Rosie the Riveter and all the good moms and wives at home contributed more to American success than all the Leftist preaching ever has.

    too much time spent in Fantasyland is not good, for Princesses or Fembots.

    Remember Thomas Sowells 3-Question Challenge to all Leftist assertions:
    1) Compared to What?
    2) At What Cost?
    3) What is your Hard Evidence?

    applicable to transformation of social norms to fiscal policy and anything else

  • Left Coast Conservative

    HAHAHAHAHA – I know a girl who dreamed of being a princess – grew up and really did become one. She prepared for this, too – college, learning to communicate, becoming a moral woman prepared to lead. SSM is so out of touch with reality.

  • donh

    The irony is the majority of Sesame Street viewers are 22 year old couch slug cheeto munchers.

  • Rachelle

    Sotomayor thinks being a princess isn’t a career?

    Apparently fatso hasn’t heard about Michelle 0.

  • Buffalobob

    Did she explained to the little boys what “Tickle me Elmo really means?

  • TeachX3

    I AM a princess, because my Father is The KING! 😉

  • Joanne

    OT – what has happened to Romney? He seems to have just melted back into the woodwork. There was massive voter fraud. People should be demanding a recount all over the U.S. Sorry, but WTH is wrong with people. I don’t get it. The U.S. is going to go right down the crapper and everyone just seems to accept it. All the conservative blogs should unite and start massive protests and petitions – anything.

  • ponderon
  • Economan

    Maybe she should order a recount and investigate Democratic VOTER FRAUD instead of taunting little girls.

    Or is she just bitter she was never one?

  • wth

    Nice drool bib.

  • Reaganite Republican

    Probably hates happy, normal kids since she grew up a miserable blob- and maybe somebody should have told her the age range of Sesame Street viewers, it’s OK to play princess when you’re a five year old girl

  • BlogDog

    Says the woman with the lace dickey.

  • Ray

    Wonder if Antonin Scalia has ever been on Sesame Street?

  • KellyL

    Actually, girls are getting degrees at a higher rate than boys. My daughter is a high school senior and every college she has looked at…every one…has many more female students than male students. If anything, we need to tell boys to stop pretending they are a basketball player and get an education.