No… You’re history, Newsweek!
Here’s the latest Newsweek cover, via The Blaze:

The Obama Conquest
“GOP: You’re Old, You’re White, You’re History”

And, in two more months we won’t have to worry about this failed leftist mag.
Newsweek print edition will join other failed outdated periodicals in the trash heap of history.
Good riddance.




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  1. Believe it or not there is actually good news out of the 2012 Presidential Race for the GOP. We list 5 items…

  2. and they will probably nominate a 70 year old Hillary Clinton in 4 years.

  3. Newsweek:
    Who are they?
    They are over. Adios, white hating, Communists.

    It is YOU that is OLD and gone.

    Bye Newsweek, you had your last kick in the gut to Americans.
    HA HA HA.

  4. #19 – American Woman

    At least the Dem’s were smart enough to go after the youth vote. What did the GOP do?

    Field old white guy loser candidates who talked about abortion instead of the youth unemployment rate, for example.

    I wept for America when Obama won, today I weep for Conservatives who still can’t see the writing on the wall.

  5. Newsweek is not the best messenger, but the GOP does have a demographic problem. When you alienate Blacks, Latinos, Asians, Jews, women, and young people, you are going to end up a minority party. Republicans have won the popular vote in only 1 of the last 6 presidential elections! It is going to get worse, not better. It won’t be long before Texas is a swing state!

    Newsweek really is a rag.

  6. Napoleon. That’s appropiate.

  7. Wow! How Napoleon-ish… What are you trying to say here, Newsweek?
    I truly would not doubt the voting machines were rigged. It just does not add up.

  8. This is war. This has been war since the 60s. Where are all of the leaders? Glenn is great but he cannot do it alone! Western civilization was founded by principled people. If any humans, white or not, who recognize the war on civilization want to fight beside us in our battle to save Western civilization, please do! But will some white people PLEASE DEVELOP A SPINE AND FIGHT BACK! This is sickening!

    Instead of “I want some more, sir” (Oliver) we’re saying “Oh please, Minnie (The Help) , may I have another slice of chit pie?”

  9. #27, well let’s hope he meets his Waterloo.

  10. Oliver commented:


    Sincerely, how much ground game do you need when you have Obama and his communist regime destroying the country.

    At some point you have to be motivated to stop it. And if voters weren’t motivated – and I’m not saying they weren’t – how much could knocking on doors and mail flyers would help? Personally, I was there at 7 am and typically there are one or two other voters there that early. On election day 2012 – there were 6o people waiting to vote. The motivation was there in my opinion, and most voters recognize something is seriously wrong with the direction of the country. Whether that was equated directly to Obama or congress is of little consequence – Obama owns the economy and the foreign policy after four years.

    Incidentally, I received roughly 9 calls from Romney HQ over the last 3 months – and one on election day.

  11. #25 November 8, 2012 at 6:50 pm
    Oliver commented:

    At least the Dem’s were smart enough to go after the youth vote. What did the GOP do?



    There was nothing Romney could have done to win over the youth vote. The youth unemployment is at 12% and they overwhelmingly voted Obama back in.

    When they have that type of blind allegiance towards Obama, there’s nothing the Conservatives can do to win them over. They have to first grow up, shut off John Stewart, get their head out of their Facebook page, and then, and only then can we start to move them towards us.


  13. Monkey Wrench commented:

    the GOP does have a demographic problem. When you alienate Blacks, Latinos, Asians, Jews, women, and young people, you are going to end up a minority party

    The GOP has more latinos in congress than the Democrats, and has many women, jews and blacks. And all are paid the same – unlike the democrats.

    Pandering is not a party – it’s simply a umbrella group with no common causes other than to leech and suck on the host like a parasite.

    The GOP is a platform of like minded people who share ideals – the Democrats are a party of filthy derelicts that are only concerned about themselves – not the country. And very unlike John Kennedy’s vision for America.

  14. Well, in two weeks Newsweek, you and your writers will be wiping someone’s ass~~


    i ‘ve been so down since tuesday i had to laugh..if it weren’t for you all, Id be even more down


  16. What happen to the Great Uniter? I don’t understand folks. The fix was in. Romney (a Rhino liberal white Mormon version of Obama) was selected by the elites, Soros, and Obama because they wanted to keep Obama to destroy the USA into the Socialist States of America. As soon as Romney was selected, Soros, Obama campaign and others were happy to have him. Now, Obama almost lost it, but with the help of MSM, voter fraud and people scared of the mormon guy, they suppressed the CONSERVATIVE BASE to re-vote the Lenin Obama again.

    Romney duped Conservatives because of the first debate. He was conservative and then the Base had him lead. So the MSM with the help of hiding Benghazi, jobs report, etc… hid from the public what Obama the one had done during his first 4 years. Blacks voted for him because they thought he needed another shot to undo what Bush had done. Asians and Hispanics voted for him because the Republican ticket was not diverse (shot out to Palin, she at least had votes).

    Basically Romney was Kerry of 2004. The swift boat worked and Obama was elected again. Duh! When you put in a Moderate and pass them as conservative, you get a Liberal. End of story. that is the lesson. The gains of 2010 were trumped because the progressive Rhinos wanted to keep Obama in power to continue the NEW WORLD ORDER of making the USA the Socialist States of America.

  17. #26 November 8, 2012 at 6:50 pm
    Monkey Wrench commented:

    Newsweek is not the best messenger, but the GOP does have a demographic problem. When you alienate Blacks, Latinos, Asians, Jews, women, and young people, you are going to end up a minority party.


    The Black unemployment rate has climbed to 14.3% under Obama.
    The Hispanic unemployment rate has climbed to 10% under Obama.
    The Youth unemployment rats has climbed to 12% under Obama.

    All three groups overwhelmingly voted Obama back in. There’s nothing the Republicans can do with those three groups when they’re stuck on blind allegiance.

    When they snap out of the dream world they’re living in, and they want to take their unemployment serious, they know what Political Party is serious about growing the Economy and Opportunity for all.

    Until then, there’s hopeless since they’re stuck on Hope and Chance, and not dialing into Reality.

  18. Look its ….Idi Amin Dada….I would have gone with the Van Helsing Dracula from the 7 Golden Vampires…..>

  19. it really doesn’t matter. Where I live in Chicago, this rag is sold at Walgreen’s and NO ONE knows what “GOP” means. They know ‘republican’ but not ‘gop’. No one’s reading, they are only looking at the cover. If the magazine had actually been read, it would still be in business. so, who cares?

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