New Yorkers Cuss Out Mayor Bloomberg: “When We Gonna Get Some F*cking Help?!” (Video)

New Yorkers cussed out Mayor Michael Bloomberg today – Sunday – the sixth day without utilities, heat, water, etc.
“When we gonna get some f*cking help?!”
(Warning on Language)

From the video: Mayor Michael Bloomberg made an unannounced visit to Rockaway on Saturday, November 3, 2012. Some residents confronted him and said the relief efforts there were inadequate.

The New York Post has more on the dust up.

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  • So many people relying on government to save them…

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  • RealMc

    Keep voting for the likes of Bloomberg New Yorkers you get what you got.

    Never forget, he wanted the marathon to go on!!!!

    He doesn’t trust you to even buy SODA.

    AND he doesn’t want you to have a gun to protect yourself, your family or friends.

    When you need a cop in a minute he’ll be 2 minutes away.

    Elections have consequences.

    NY and FEMA knew this storm was coming for at least a week, where was the prior planning!?!?! Maybe planning the marathon……?? All about priorities, like separating you from your money and your freedom.

    Why didn’t Oblahbah’s FEMA have emergency supplies pre-positioned??

    Why didn’t YOU have some vital necessities stock piled?

  • MrGoodWench

    This is NYC ?
    THE NYC ?
    I have seen trucks and vans with water and food arrive within 12 hours after a disaster … those parts of America where people cling to their guns and religion .
    NY must be a real special place for this to be happening !!

  • Huladeb

    And then they will probably go vote Democrat again.

  • people in the rockaways are arming themselves to protect themselves from looters and this guy refused to have the national guard come in because they carry guns. how disconnected from reality can some be. this storm shows how really incompetent his is. thats why he concentrates of fatty foods and large sodas because he doesn’t have a clue about how to really run a city effectively or what kinds of services people really need.

  • No more terms for Bloomturd.

    See what happens when you rely on government?

  • dba_vagabond_trader

    Bet his companions were armed and I’m not talking baseball bats and bows.

  • torquewrench

    It was right about this time after Katrina that the media (including Fox News) were all jumping straight down the throat of George W. Bush and directly accusing him of not caring if people lived or died in the hurricane wreckage.

    You can be sure that the media will do the exact same thing to Obama. Any minute now. To be sure. No chance of them letting him slide by. They’re on the job and on the ball. He will be held to account. Definitively. Certainly.

    Of course, in reality, the Palace Guard Media will place blame anywhere but on the shoulders of Obama. It’s their central mission: to protect The Lightworker from his own ineptitude.

  • neverends

    Don’t believe for a second that these people will vote dem after this mega-mess. It will be more than interesting to see who ends up winning the state-wide and congressional seats in the area while this fiasco is ongoing.

    I pity and pray for the people who are living through this nightmare. Just think how you would vote if you were the person on the streets of the NYC boroughs outside of Manhatten!

  • free`

    #3 November 4, 2012 at 2:46 pm RealMc

    What is really shocking is that people are in need of water. The city was ready to hold the marathon, which means they have plenty of water. Why aren’t they handing it out?

  • That last guy in the video… spot on with the sarcasm, the “thanks for all the help you have given to us, Bloomberg” line and then the follow up punch “all the news papers should know about it” was awesome! (may not be the exact words)


    Unbelievable. How arrogant. You really think the government is responsible for you tough guy? How about buying any one of these hundreds of items:
    You need to take care of yourselves losers. I have no sympathy anymore. None.

  • bg




  • bg


    what, no free pizzas?? /sad sarc/


  • bg


    Blooms photo ops are just as staged as Barry’s..


  • People are so friggin helpless. What happened to Americans that they are completely unable to care for themselves? They whine like little babies to the government for everything and everything, instead of providing for themselves and their families. With that said, I’ve got to wonder why Bloomberg didn’t bring along a couple of pickups full of bottled water and food with him on his photo op.

    The lesson is clear, but people continue to ignore it. Prepare for the worst and do your duty to take care of your family in case of situations like this. It’s really not that hard …

  • bg


    re: Gregor #17 November 4, 2012 at 3:05 pm

    i know of a lot of people who are doing what Mitt Romney did = collecting
    foods & supplies such as blankets and clean clothing, but it seems they
    aren’t being properly “redistributed” by the gov powers that be.. can you
    imagine what the whole of USA is going to look like should they win and
    we are unable to break the circling the drain cycle BHO has transparently
    positioned US in with less than expertise??
    /truth sarc/

    heh, they’re so ill-informed they’re probably blaming Bush.. *sigh*


  • S.S. Doomberg

    We will be departing soon to meet with the Titanic, just follow the mayoral advice.

  • Lars

    When he saw a citizen with a big gulp he tried to have him arrested, turned out it held pet goldfish.

  • MrGoodWench

    free` commented:

    The city was ready to hold the marathon, which means they have plenty of water. Why aren’t they handing it out?
    because the water is in bottles of more than 16 oz ?
    because the plastic bottles will pollute the oceans ?
    because the water is Evian and the peons don’t deserve it ?
    because Bush is holding those cases of water in his warehouse at Halliburton ?

  • Sasja

    Everyone was warned a major storm was approaching. I am still scratching my head as to why so many did not make preparations. Prepare for the worst and if it doesn’t happen, be thankful. If it does, you won’t find yourself helpless and dependent as these idiots have. There are multiple sources available on the internet with good advice on how to stock up and survive without creature comforts.

    All you trolls out there. This is your future under Bammy. The rest of us are well-stocked and well-armed.

  • MrGoodWench

    Where is Angria Mitchell and the Red Cross ?
    Is it still the Red Cross or has the sharia mayor forced them to call themselves Red Crescent to keep the moozies happy ?

  • Darkwolfe

    Geez,Bloomberg,who shows up to a disaster area with a fleet of pickup trucks empty handed?Ya couldn`t have your flunkies throw a few cases of water in the back?Too much trouble?

  • SeniorD

    Nawlins’ had Fagin and The Gang That Was Stuck on Stupid. Now NYC has Gloomy Bloomy and his elite Mary Poppins Assistance Corps that took lessons from Nawlins. Bloomy and the MPAC knew a big storm was coming coming straight up the harbor. Did they pre-position any work crews? No. What about pre-positioning MREs, water, etc. – Nope. How about cancelilng the Marathon – well only since people from outside NYC would see the devastation.

    Definitely another Gang Stuck on Stupid.

  • bg


    MrGoodWench #23 November 4, 2012 at 3:34 pm

    not moozies, islamis.. /s/

    there is a difference , unfortunately, as Obama has already told US, he
    much prefers to be surrounded by, work with, and employ radicals such
    as CAIR, the Black Panthers, and SDS et al, and etc.. 😡


  • bg


    tell you one thing, both Romney and Bush are probably working harder
    behind the scenes in silence helping victims than all the photo-ops and
    noisey “collective” are..


  • Mike D.

    Thank you # 3…

  • bg


    re: torquewrench #9 November 4, 2012 at 2:52 pm

    Applying Bush/Katrina rules to Obama/Sandy


  • Militant Conservative

    NYC deserves what they have voted and prepared for. I have no sympathy for them.

    I’m ready 24/7/365. have been for years. And when my emergency food is getting

    close to expiration date I donate to individuals I deem worthy.

    Can’t wait for the riots, any day now.

  • Mike

    This is EXACTLY what happens when you rely on the government to save you and you elect a liberal to run your city. You deserve everything bad that comes your way if you re-elect this POS.

  • paul52

    Some posters here want us all to be self-sufficient… and that’s fine. However, if your home is obliterated, or under water, or the roof and/or walls have caved in, your stash of supplies aren’t much good. Plus it’s getting damn cold.

  • Mike

    Did anyone notice Bloomberg’s sarcastic grin when the camera turns to him the first time at 0:43? His look and smile say it all. You just know he was thinking, “I’m better than you. I’m smarter than you, you little insignificant termite”.

  • bg


    paul52 #32 November 4, 2012 at 4:20 pm

    yes, total devastation can be, well, devastating.. 🙁

    however, if a gov brags that it can handle it, then it either dang
    well better or stay the heck out of those who are suffering their
    great redistribution expectations FACE!! 😡


  • AuntieMadder

    #1 November 4, 2012 at 2:44 pm
    chris commented:

    So many people relying on government to save them…

    Wanting their utilities restored is hardly expecting to be saved. Between the infrastructure and the ability to maintain/restore service, that is, after all, what they’ve been paying their utility bills and local taxes for all of these months or years…or decades, even, for some of them.

  • Militant Conservative

    #32 November 4, 2012 at 4:20 pm
    paul52 commented:

    I have a bug out bag with my BP medicine and toiletries.
    I have camping supplies and clothing too. They had plenty of time to prepair and leave.
    They are typical city dwellers with no plan to protect or defend themselves.
    Relying on “others” for thier salvation and rescue.

    Sorry, I survive and thrive. They can go the way of the dinosaur.
    Adapt or perrish. Life is tough, even tougher when your stupid.

    powder is dry

  • snap boy

    I think Michael should have been working on emergency preparedness rather than soda sizes and the use of slat in restaurants.

  • Westerner


    I get a hoot out of reading your posts, and agree with so much. I’m from a city too, but I guess, because I’m a thinking conservative, I can and DO connect the dots, and (no pun intended) can see the storm on the horizon…even Rip Van Winkle would know enough to wake up and get the hell going…

  • bg


    HAARP Government Control Of Weather

    Environmental Modification Techniques
    (ENMOD) and Climate Change

    who really knows what the Frankensteins of modernity are up to?? i mean,
    they also want to “clone” people and annihilate huge swaths of the pops at
    the same time, not to mention this awaiting the globe up the road.. 🙁


  • Bart Roberts

    @Jim Hoft
    “New Yorkers cussed out Mayor Michael Bloomberg today”

    They can’t talk to a fellow liberal that way!!!
    They’re supposed to be doing what liberals do best,
    praising, groveling, and worshiping hussein mohammed soetoro
    (alias obama)

    Like this:

    Bartholomew Roberts

  • Milwaukee

    Don’t forget that this Mayor used to keep his SUV running with the air conditioning on. When he got static for that (note to self: static electricity could be a renewable form of energy) His Honor had his staffers put a window air conditioner on a portable stand to blow cold air into his SUV. He understands hardship, such as having to ride in a hot SUV. So he really is sympathetic to the sufferings of others.

  • DomesticGoddess

    He hates them and they hate him. Notice how there are no cries of racism, or Bloomy being a “rich, out of touch” cracker. It’s just dem on dem, and both sides are miserable but neither can call out the other.

  • BlueStarMom

    How are people literally on the streets supposed to access the internet for information?

  • CurseYouObama

    This video was total gold! If I were there I would have given the people a truckload of water and $1,000 each to knock Bloomberg out! When are we gonna get some f’n help! F’n love it! Where’s Chicago Jesus when you need him the most? lol

  • MRobs

    NY deserves whatever it gets – you get what you vote for – you idiots voted for Bloomberg how many times..??!!! You were warned a storm was coming just like everyone else – why don’t you have at least three weeks worth of supplies in your homes. Why don’t you have generators. After hurricane Katrina everyone one new the government would not come to your aid – you must be responsible for yourselves. If you had prepared you would be able to help the ederly with their needs!

  • TheIronCross

    What a joke.. NO ELECTRICITY = these people can’t access you websites or phone numbers Bloomberg! Democrats telling people to take to twitter and facebook during POWER OUTAGES is like telling people to go to an empty food pantry for nourishment! IDIOTS.

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  • free`

    #46 November 5, 2012 at 12:37 pm TheIronCross commented:
    What a joke.. NO ELECTRICITY = these people can’t access you websites or phone numbers Bloomberg! Democrats telling people to take to twitter and facebook during POWER OUTAGES is like telling people to go to an empty food pantry for nourishment! IDIOTS. ———-

    Maybe the free obama-Phones get internet access?