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  • Anna

    So what’s being done about it? Anything? Or are we just going to let Obama steal this election by hook or by crook? ARRRRRRRGH1

  • CR_Fauchald

    I spoke with both FBI and local PD early this morning and provided them with all the evidence and his home address and contact info. I know of others who’ve since also contacted authorities. They know about and they’re very much on top of it. Please, everyone don’t flood them so that they can get their work done.

  • john

    This is for the post by Jim Turner. Jim you think you are saving the country from Mitt Romney, what you are really doing if you voted for Obama more than once is sold any form of democracy down the river, and not to mention your granddaughter, will find out some day her Grandpa is a cheater, and a thief, and I would like to add the word scumbag to the mix. And if your name is really Jim Turner, then you have provided everyone with the info needed to prosecute you for voter fraud, I am sure that is not the only offense on your resume.
    Semper Fi

  • Larry J. Lee

    If Jim Turner done what he said, he should be breaking rocks on a chain gang. The arrogance of this guy is incomprehensible. i guess he thinks because obama does things wrong, he can too.

  • Teresa

    Well I guess this foolish person does not realize he has told the world he is committing felonies.

  • Kay

    Obviously this voter has mental issues. One, he voted for Obama, more than once – just one time proves significant mental deficiency, but more than once would suggest the absence of a functioning brain altogether. Two, the dimwit went and posted about his prowess at cheating the system in voting multiple times. Yeah, I think it’s safe to say he’s nothing more than a brainless twat.

  • Shockwave

    This man will be put in jail. It is a FELONY to vote more than once. He WILL be brought up on Federal charges.


    I pity you gullible sheep. You graduate from high school without the slightest clue about what is happening in the world. You spend so much time with your video games, “smart” phones, getting high and other diversions that you still haven’t a clue when you reach your 30s. Then you listen to the garbage spewed out by people like Rush Limbaugh and Karl Rove because it’s just stupid enough and loud enough to grab your attention. Then you go vote for the very people you despise because they are your masters. Go ahead and vote for Romney, Paul and all the other war mongers who profit from the horrible military industry. If they win, then bless your deluded hearts, you deserve the mess you will find yourself in while they finish destroying our economy. Personally I’m glad I’m old enough that I won’t have to live through it.

  • Jeff Wooldridge

    Trust us Jim Harper…..we are all glad that you won’t be around very long as well.

  • feduptoo

    Go to his Facebook page and send him a private msg., I just did.

    I told him he was old enough to know he wasn’t allowed to vote more than once, and hoped he would be investigated, because the story is all over the internet.

    Send him a message!

  • Shelley

    You are the scum of the earth that roams free. But not for long. You deserve to spend your life in a cold damp dungeon. You scumball.Typical Obama low life.

  • Evidently they do not have the faith that their candidate can be elected without cheating.

  • Marc Goldstone

    To use Obama’s words on Nov. 6’th all freedom loving Americans can get “Revenge” by voting for Romney/Ryan. With all the Dim-ocrat cheating and lawlessness each and every Republican and Independent had better get off the couch and vote.

  • grace

    cheater voting is the only way that obama hussein could win this election. We need to fear biden taking over if need be . Jim harper is a cheater’s cheater…or a huge buffonn liar trying to get attention.

  • grace

    ..should be jim turner in above comment

  • sue

    you let your kids/ grandkids know you had voted more than one time and brag about it? cheat? is that what you are teaching them? lie? what next? steal? you are not a nice man, Jim, and if you think what you did won’t harm the honest voters, you are so out there. you should be sent to jail. you don’t deserve to vote ,you should lose that right. you are not right.. i will vote, once only once, and that is the right way

  • Steve Buckley

    I don’t know who is more despicable, Jim Turner who thinks it’s ok to brag publicly about breaking federal law, or Jim Harper who thinks that anyone who finds it offensive that a Democrat admits to multiple voting, Harper is an idiot who blames Republicans for wanting a change from the Obama regime, the most corrupt administration this country has ever been subjected to! I’d say it’s a toss up, they are both vile demented lowlifes!