Moron activist decided to drive to the stores last night and heckle shoppers with a bullhorn on Black Friday.

He bragged about it when he posted the video:

Bullhorning the hundreds of people (zombies) lined up waiting to get into Target, Best Buy and Sears on Thanksgiving for helping to ruining the holiday for the poor workers who must work odd hours on Thanksgiving to accommodate the parasite consumers spending money they don’t have on things they don’t need…

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  1. Let him the little chicken sh!t try that on foot.

  2. Actually, he did it on foot in another clip. And I thought that it was original and funny.

  3. So let me get this right, according to him, purchasing goods is causing our nation’s current economic problems. Ya, that makes sense.

  4. No, it is people lining up to buy stuff like a herd of animals. Did you see the clips on Drudge?

  5. If people want to line up in front of a store that is about to open then that’s their right. I don’t do it, but I know for many law-abiding people it’s a fun thing to do. It’s their time their money if they want to go shopping good for them. IF this guy had stood outside with a big sign I would be okay with that, too. But using video, internet, and riding around or walking around just trying to humiliate fellow citizens that really bothers me. I’m sorry the guy wasn’t punched in the face. Or at least given a ticket or citation.

    He was quoted saying that shoppers ruin the holiday for the poor working people. As far as I know retail workers aren’t under contract. Judges don’t force them to show up for work. They’re free to go work elsewhere. I would have worked last night if I had a job that needed me there.

  6. Maybe the videographer should have organized folks to sing Christmas carols to the waiting throngs. That would have really agitated them.

  7. Maybe more than a few of them have their pockets stuffed with other people’s money. Say, “Thanks, Barry!”

  8. I understand the free market sentiment. People have a right to stand in line and buy what they want. But there is also free speech. It is also fair to have someone criticize what they are doing.

    What the people don’t have is a right is to stampede stores and trample their fellow shoppers. And that has happened in many locations.

    While the videographer drove by, someone threw an object at him. Reminded me of animals at the zoo flinging poo.

  9. Sorry Jim but this time I agree with the moron activist. The whole black Friday line up and beat the crap out of your fellow man over some cheap Chinese crap is ridiculous!!

  10. Redux asshat Adam Smith at Chick-Fil-A.

  11. The videographer is not making a sincere attempt at civil exercise of his right to free speech; rather, he is merely agitating and seeking attention. If he had any intention whatsoever of sincere discourse, he would have approached the shoppers on foot, and engaged them civilly and individually. Instead, he harassed them with a bullhorn, while insulting them.

    I’m glad nobody took his bait; it is obvious that he would have loved for someone to retaliate. He frequently plugs his social media contact information, where I’m sure he delights in getting agitated feedback, since (in his mind) such a response would merely prove his ad hominem that the people he was harassing were “morons” and “mindless zombies.”

    Or, maybe the hypocrite should have been home, spending time with his family instead of ruining the occasion for hundreds of people?

  12. Hmmmm. Maybe the videographer should change is name to “Al Sharpton”.

  13. Hmmmm. Maybe the videographer should change his name to “Al Sharpton”.

  14. Funny thing is said moron utilizes the same electronics, media, and related items he
    criticizes those in line for buying…
    The problem with America is our Government is too big! It’s like trying to make a living
    with a lawn mowing service with one lawnmower and 1200 employees that want
    medical and a pension.

  15. A little heavy on the bahhh humbug….berating people buying gifts …but if you Play this clip from Dawn of the Dead in a separate window at same time it become a FINE work of art….>

  16. Amazing!! This guy should be the president! What a legend!!!

    Gpundit – you need to change the headline

  17. Buying Chinese slave goods with credit card money the don’t have for things they don’t need. I am as pro capitalist as any patriotic American, but on these points he happens to be spot on.

  18. People make their own decisions about waiting in long lines to buy a cheap TV. But wait until the long lines are for Healthcare or Food. This nation of plenty is soon to run out and those Obama voters will be the first to suffer.

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