Martha McSally Leads in Arizona 2 Race – Upset In the Making…

Martha E. McSally is a pioneer. She is the first female fighter pilot to fly in combat, and first to command a fighter squadron in combat in United States history.
Martha is running for Congress in Arizona’s Second District.

In a stunner last night in Arizona McSally currently leads her Democrat opponent by a little over one-thousand votes.
The race is not over yet.
KVOA reported:

As of 8 a.m. Wednesday just 1,312 votes separated Martha McSally and Ron Barber in the race for Congressional District 2. McSally has a 50.28 percent lead over Barber’s 49.69 percent. Neither side has conceded.

Video below the break….

Martha spoke with reporters this morning:

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  • bg


    Godspeed McSally!! 🙂


  • bg



    Voter Fraud?

    We’re not usually one to point this out, but over 5 million people have
    voted for certain things in a state that that only has 3.5 Million people.
    Several different images show this. but this is the best compilation so

    Image from


  • bg


    re: #3 – page 1 November 7, 2012 at 11:56 am bg

    oops, sorry..

    that was via People Against the NDAA

    ht Blacks/Afro-Americans for Mitt Romney

    also OT..

    Staten Island FEMA Disaster Center Shuts Doors ‘Due to Weather’


  • donh
  • bg


    donh #5 November 7, 2012 at 12:01 pm


    was just about to post about that!!



  • Good for her and the folks who are supporting her. On the other hand, here is a message for Jim and everyone else who lives in Missouri:

    I guess Missouri should be honest and change their motto to “The GIMME State”…like all the rest of the Liberal strongholds.

  • Hugh

    Arizona is still a great state. Rejected Obamanism. Defeated Carmona.

  • Patty

    We certainly need more like her. We need people who have fight in them.

    God Speed.

  • morgan

    MO is a crackpot state. >70% vote to get rid of O-Care and then elect the very Democrats (McCaskill, Kander, Nixon) who have vowed to implement it.

    The wrong people are suffering–hardworking, self employed, taxpayers–and this has got to change. Until freeloaders begin to live in misery, nothing will change.

    As a real estate broker, I will tell you that the Natl Assn Realtors called 3x to tell me “You owe your living to McCaskill; she’s your voice in the senate.” I am constantly being told to give money to their pet housing /homeless charities. I never have and I never will. I owe no one except my clients any allegiance.

    When the right group of people–the flash mobbing, free cell phone, Section 8 squatters–begin to reap what they sow, REAL CHANGE will begin.

  • Patty

    #5 November 7, 2012 at 12:01 pm
    donh commented:

    Thanks for posting!

  • Allen West is demanding recount,less than 3,000 votes behind…..

  • morgan

    I’d like to encourage everyone to decline making any charitable contributions. Charities get money from other charities like United Way who have millionaires in charge. They steer people to govt programs.Catholic Charities is one of the worst. While Christians suffer around the world, they welcome Muslims to St Louis and set them up in housing.

    Help your neighbors and friends. Let the government and all who depend on it collapse.

  • bg



    November 4, 2012

    One law for All – Passion For Freedom – Awards 2012

    [Under totalitarianism and dictatorship, one eats “fear for breakfast, fear
    for lunch and for dinner, fear” says Uruguayan writer Eduardo Galeano.

    Fear is palpable when one lives under an Islamic
    inquisition, even if it’s not experienced directly.

    Even here in Europe – Islamism’s Sharia laws and fatwas of censorship and death for everything from blasphemy, heresy, and apostasy become secular ones – where the artist or dissenter is not routinely imprisoned or killed (even if the threat is always there) but proclaimed ‘guilty’ of offence, disrespect, intolerance, and Islamophobia, thereby making censorship and self-censorship ‘justifiable’.

    Where it rules, Islamism forbids you to dissent;
    here, it convinces you that dissent is impossible.

    Yet fear is only part of the story; it is
    what we do despite the fear that counts.

    In the late 1980s, whilst working in Sudan, I and a Burmese colleague whose name I cannot recall initiated an underground human rights organisation opposed to the Islamic regime there. When things got tricky, he said the fear was secondary. Taking action – even when one is afraid – that is the sign of true courage.

    Though I do often wonder who is really afraid of whom?

    Islamists are even afraid of 15 year old
    Malala who wants the right to go to school.

    It is they who are afraid of the truth. And of us.

    One Law for All – and its Passion for Freedom Art Festival – speaks truth to power and demands change, despite the fear. But it also aims to honour our artists and our dissenters.

    No society or community is homogeneous. Dissent and great art is alive even in the furthest and darkest corners of the globe. As is immense courage.

    As Salman Rushdie says: “Great art, or, let’s just say, more modestly, original art is never created in the safe middle ground, but always at the edge. Originality is dangerous. It challenges, questions, overturns assumptions, unsettles moral codes, disrespects sacred cows or other such entities. It can be shocking, or ugly, or, to use the catch-all term so beloved of the tabloid press, controversial. And if we believe in liberty, if we want the air we breathe to remain plentiful and breathable, this is the art whose right to exist we must not only defend, but celebrate. Art is not entertainment. At its very best, it’s a revolution.”

    One of the artists celebrated at the festival, Ai WeiWei says:
    “If we don’t push”, nothing changes. Clearly, change it must.

    ~ Maryam Namazie]


  • Rachelle

    Expect the Demoncrats to discover another 6,000 ‘previously overlooked’ ballots in the next few days.

  • bg


    ponderon #12 November 7, 2012 at 12:42 pm

    Godspeed Mr. West, you’re one of the best!!

    that’s exactly why they’re doing their
    best to rid US of you’re awareness..


  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    A thousand votes?

    Time to ask for a recount and dig up those extra Democrat ballots…

  • RobbyP

    We’re praying so hard for you Martha. You are the one bright star in a dismal election.

  • MicahStone

    Last year, the d-cRAT dominate Redistricting Commission in AZ gerrymandered all the Congressional districts to give clear numerical advantages to d-cRATs. Their criminal behavior appears to have been successful in the new CD1, which has switch from Repub to d-cRAT – even electing a d-cRAT who is so outrageously bad that BOTH of the major socialist “news”papers in the state refused to endorse her. In the new CD2, which should have been a comfortable, perpetual win for the d-cRATs, the fact that McSally did so well is truly amazing. A key factor in her success is that, unlike the past several elections, the d-cRATs simply didn’t have anything on McSally to use in a FEAR AND SMEAR campaign – which was their previous key to success.

  • Maxwell

    @ #19,

    Not to mention what happened in Legislative District 10 with State Senator Antenori and Ted Vogt losing yesterday.

    The district was manipulated to force Antenori and Vogt out of office.

  • Al Dinger

    Martha Mc Sally can be our first woman United States President too.