Mark Levin Rips Ann Coulter: She Is Embarrassing Herself

Conservative author and radio host Mark Levin tore into Ann Coulter today for her latest column defending Mitt Romney in his loss.
From Mark Levin’s Facebook page:

Really Ann? You mean Romney’s one debate bests Reagan’s decades of advocacy for conservatism, his battles with the Republican establishment, and his building a conservative movement? Fact is Romney has done nothing for conservatism. I repeat, nothing. No leadership. No grassroots efforts. No major policy initiatives. Nothing. Reagan won two landslides. Romney won nothing. Cherry-picking facts Ann, in some strange cult-like obsession, fools no one. Same with your cheerleading for Chris Christie.


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  • MJ

    Sorry….Ann is just weak, now.
    GOProud spokesperson… Of course she thinks Romney was the ultimate Conservative. And correct, she LOVES Chrissy the fat schmuck who praises Sharia

  • RealMc

    Mark Levin is 100% on target.

  • STL Tix

    America needs to hear MORE from Mark Levin and LESS from the likes of Coulter and Hannity. If the GOP has ANY chance of returning to it’s roots it will be through voice’s like our “Leader’s” !

    Powder is dry

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  • I agree with Mark Levin completely

  • Tekno Nerd

    You GO Mark…So much ammo was given to Romney and yet he shot BB’s….Ann has become full of herself and it shows….it so sadly shows….

  • ss252

    Heard him and he is 100% correct, for me when Coulter,Rove,Morris,Caddel,Williams,Mccain,Graham,etc come on I turn off the channel..

    .Malkin is the only one who is for real….Colonel West is for real, the rest are getting old and obviously are wrong…

    Reregistered as a ind. until their is a conservative party or Boehner gets replaced….These GOP ELITE ASSWIPES BETTER WAKE UP

  • ★FALCON★

    I stopped reading Ann’s column a few years ago. When she became a Christie sycophant that was the last straw for me. And when she is interviewed by Sean Hannity – she never even takes a breath and allows Sean to ask another question.

    At one time I thought she was great and even bought her doll, but over the last few years, her brain went haywire.

    When she claimed that only Romney could beat Obama – I threw up. Seems like only Romney was capable to losing to an America hater.

  • Here’s the deal. Mitt Romney does not deserve to be chastised. He ran a good, clean and clear campaign. He’s not to blame.

    Where does the blame belong? On the GOP. During primary season the GOP insisted that Romney be the “choice”. Many, many conservatives didn’t want Romney, felt he was too squishy on conservative values, but the GOP echelon refused to hear the voices of the actual voters. THEY picked Romney.

    1. the GOP insisted on Romney regardless of who their voters wanted.

    2. This insistence gave the Owebama campaign plenty of time to attack Romney right out of the gate.

    3. Romney is a good man, with great business sense and I’m sure he would have made a better president than the one we are stuck with -but he is/was not a strong conservative.

    his loss is not the fault of his campaign but rather the fault of the GOP who insisted on picking the nominee rather than letting the best candidate to be chosen by the actual voters versus the GOP echelon.

  • Ann Coulter is insane.

  • Edward Treadway

    Remember, Romney “won” one debate when he pivoted 180 degrees from his primary positions and agreed with Obama on practically everything and Obama was left speechless. Sadly, Ann maybe correct.

  • Alisa

    How do you run the guy who created the blue print for obamacare on a platform of repealing it? To further confound the issue, Romney has never (to my knowledge) uttered one criticism of romneycare, suggesting a tacit support of the federal program. I never was confident that Romney would work to repeal obamacare. I thought he would act like a good statist and try to “fix” it.
    Romney is not a Reagan conservative by any stretch of the imagination but would have been better than the Marxist we have. Coulter is suffering from bruised pride syndrome. She knows she lost credibility and is fighting tooth and nail to avoid giving a mea culpa.

  • ClinkinKY

    Ann Coulter is an embarrassment. Perhaps she, Bill Maher and Chris Christie will retire to a “cabin in the woods”. If so, I have one of her books (purchased when I thought she had some cred) that I’d be willing to send back to her for “kindling” on those cold, lonely nights.

  • Ann deserves credit for reminding America that Obamas daughters are crack-hoes.


    Thanks Mark, you stated what I wanted to say to Ann after reading that shlok, but she may actually notice what you said.

    GOP establishment is simply a slower Constitution executioner than the DNC.

    Bush 1,
    Bush 2,
    None stood for the Constitution or conservatism, but all were, are GOP establishment picks. Remember the GOP establishment hated Reagan, and they did their best to derail his election.

    Ann, you simply sold out. You went for what you thought was ‘electable’ instead of going with principled, and the result is obvious. Why in the world did you think the author of Romneycare could win? If the people were against Obamacare in huge numbers why bring them someone that basically agrees with Obamacare. It didn’t matter that Romney said he would derail the law, as we all knew what he really thought of it.

    In the past I have defended Mrs. Coulter from her critiques. She can be a lambasting, shrill, mudslinger, but she is very smart and said many truths. I think she knows that her sell-out support of Romney has damaged her marketability among conservatives, and instead of an apology she doubled down.

    So to me Ann Coulter is simply a rude version of Bill Krstol. A talking head making a buck by spouting cow-stuff. When it comes to the real thoughts she is obviously flawed in her conservative think.

  • Happy Thanksgiving

    Just listen to you all. Free thinkers every one.

    Hey! all of you me-tooers! Mark Levin just said he was going to jump off the Golden Gate Bridge!
    Wait for us Mark! We agree 100% and we’re right behind you bro!

  • Congratulations to the Left. They have successfully turned Republicans and Conservatives against each other. Stop attacking each other! We need to band together now more than ever. Not tear each other apart.

  • Sasja

    Jake, now what is the purpose of your disgusting comment?

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  • Willie

    Commentators like Ann Coulter need to be weeded out. She only serves to water down the message of Conservatism. She sells books by going on every show possible, including Bill Maher and The View. The other side of the coin is, we are fast throw our own under the bus, but sometimes it has to be done. We have higher standards.

  • More liberty

    Coulter is an idiot and establishment tool, just like Morris and Levin. Sorry but these jack-a-Lopez pushed Rombama on us.

  • More liberty

    I like a lot of what Levin says but his love for endless wars and redistribution via foreign aid is why I ultimately don’t trust his judgement.

  • Bob

    We need to pick the candidate this time not the GOP

  • Sasja

    I think everyone should just take their ball and go home. It is obvious that staying in the GOP and working to change the dynamics is just too hard and we should just let the RINOs continue to dominate so we can be assured there will never be a conservative movement. Some will comment on how lazy the rank and file dhims are, but they have nothing on conservatives who are too lazy to do the hard work it will take to change the party. Well, good riddance. If you think a third party is the answer, more power to you.

  • Patty

    First of all, when anyone has to come to the defense of someone else, I respectfully say, “no thank you”. I appreciate they are supporting me but I fight my own battles. There was no one now or ever like Reagan. His personality and wit was like no other politician to date.

    And I was insulted that even those on the left would bring up his name and try to emulated his ideas and comparison between this election and his was insulting, at least for me.

    We live in a time where Americans are proud of their freedom and we take our Constitution seriously. I am sure that even Romney does too. But he never said he was a Conservative Voice for those who have been Conservative and true to their beliefs. Mark Levin is a true Conservative and he has taken Ann Coulter’s comments to heart and he is a man that is determined to eliminated the clutter and fluff, when it comes to those like Coulter who haven’t expertise in our Constitution and are the side line Conservatives.

    Levin is very outspoken and he never deviates from his Conservative Values, our values, and some fluff in puff isn’t going to make statements like Coulter and get away with it, not while he is around. Brietbart would love this.

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  • Patty

    his was insulting, no no no, IT WAS INSULTING, CORRECTION

  • Romney would have been a vastly superior President compared to the one we have. However, he lost. Let’s honor him, he’s a good man and accomplished businessman, but let’s move on. Let’s find a real, rock-ribbed conservative for 2016.

  • DWagner

    Levin has become a real ASS . Who the heck is he to tell everyone what a conservative is.
    Levin is as intolerant as the Left No room for others perspective. Levin what happened to Free
    speech? The constitution applies to everyone not just you.

  • shadow

    Ooh, the right eating their own. Pass the popcorn.

  • CT

    Mark Levin is correct of course but I offer something for all to consider, if you did not vote for Mitt Romney you helped re-elect the Obamination.

  • Big Al

    Well, I personally think Mssrs Akin and Mourdock and Gov Christie cost Romney the election. The damage the three of them did was incalculable. I also generally like both Levin and Coulter so I don’t know where that leaves me in this squabble.

  • Pastorius

    It certainly is not Romney’s fault that our country has crossed a line where more than 50% of our citizens are Tards who belong in the movie Idiocracy.

    Levin is wrong. Coulter is generally right.

    Romney was a good candidate.

    The best would have been Jindahl, but maybe he is too young.

    He will not be too young by 2016.

    Regarding the Tard thing, Republicans are going to have to figure out how to communicate with Tards. Simple as that.

    Jindahl might want to start wearing a clock around his neck like Flava Flav.

  • Dave

    I’m glad to see that most of you agree that Ann Coulter is insane.

  • carrier pigeon

    Well, ya’ll can prepare to dogpile.

    The world has changed since Reagan who I supported 100%, much to my Democrat family’s dismay.

    Romney fought well. But he’s a business man, not a political street fighter. His values hearken to the America that more was fair and civil. Romney was a gentleman, and that perhaps was off-putting to some. I found his approach and consistency refreshing.

    If you review his speeches, his choice of Paul Ryan, the debates…he did well.

    He lost because of voter fraud, the control of the media by the Left, the GOP forsaking him because he was too conservative, moles and traitors within his organization, Anonymous (Soros’ organization) and hacking the Romney campaign’s safeguards against cheating, big money from the Arab world and the Chinese, O getting help from Russia, and again, Soros’ “Secretary of State Project” which aimed at getting SOSs to NOT do recounts, and then there was the voting machine software issue.

    Romney was a good guy–solid, moral, consistent, familiar with working with all kinds of people–and the turnouts for him were spectacular. America DID make it’s choice, but the will of The People was thwarted by the lying and cheating of the Left.

    I think Rush has a much better handle on it than Levin, who tends to be a bit mercurial, emotionally labile. Rush thought Romney did a great job and was as stunned as I was that he didn’t win. Again, he DID win, but the Left pulled off the greatest heist in the history of our country. The polls showed Romney in the lead or neck-and-neck in the swing states up until the end. When we were watching live, they were calling states for Obama BEFORE A SINGLE VOTE WAS COUNTED/REPORTED. More people than are registered came out to “vote.”

    The blue-blood GOP mainstayers don’t want the conservatives anywhere near their party, so they helped Romney lose when they found out how actually conservative he really is. They prefer people like McCain. You all are wrong about Romney and the GOP. He wasn’t their choice. They just thought he probably had the best chance at it so they shut up for a while. Now they’re all mimicking Obama and the Left–have you noticed that?

    Even if Romney had won, it would have been close overall. Just the center of the US is still sane.

    Oh, and BTW, they ruined Love and West with the same tactics. In Colorado, a MAJOR swing state, they sued our Secretary of State over misuse of funds, which is totally false, the day before the election.

    The MEDIA is mainly at fault for all of this, as they are preventing the free flow of information.

    Sorry, but Mark can be very myopic. He has a lot to contribute to politics, but attacking Romney or even Coulter (who I totally disagree with about Christie) isn’t the way to go. The Left likes nothing better than infighting, so I can’t side with someone who is fulfilling their primary objective.

    Does anyone know if Ann is still supporting Christie? I’ll bet not.

    I’m sad to see O in the WH. I wanted to celebrate Thanksgiving knowing the Romney’s and their wonderful family would soon be taking up the mantle of true leadership.

  • carrier pigeon

    Oh… and that pesky little problem of the military vote–neatly swept away by the Left. Our force’s votes don’t count? Pfeff. That would have put it over for Romney.

  • Mahdi Al-Dajjal

    #23 November 22, 2012 at 9:48 am
    Bob commented:

    We need to pick the candidate this time not the GOP


    Too bad the “rule changes” that were passed at the Republican Convention by voice vote (and you know what THAT means) will make it all that much more difficult for the rank-n-file people to chose ANY candidate that the is not fully endorsed by the RNC establishment.

    In short, they will be ramming their preferred candidate down everybody’s throat virtually from this point forward. The establishment RINOs who pushed Romney on the rest of us, despite our objections, ARE NOT going to give up control of the party that easily.

    The only thing left for the rest of us to do is to walk away from them and let them all wither on the vines of lost elections, year after year after year, until they all retire and go home and turn over the keys to the Party to the young guns.

  • Owen

    Mixed feelings on this one. Romney I think actually did a good job in the campaign and frankly outclassed Obama. I say that as someone who didn’t support him in the primaries. Now,his Romneycare was a HUGE weakness,one which hurt his ability to really go after Obamacare.
    Still,I think Levin and some go way too far in the Reagan worship. They forget or ignore misstakes he made(amnesty,Iran-Contra,Lebanon,tax increases,Sandra Day O’Connor). Not to mention as governor of CA signing in pro-abortion legislation.

  • Willie

    No matter who we pick in 2014 and 2016, one thing is for sure, we need a great ground game, not good, great. Dems are thinking three elections from now, and all we saw on our side was, If I could have, I wish I could have. Liberals come out in droves like cockroaches for their side. Walking away with an “I voted” sticker is not enough. There are a number of ways to help: Phone Banks, Knocking on doors, donate money, and join a campaign or group of your choice. Social Media helps, but most people over 60 years of age, don’t use it.

    The candidates who run for any Office, do so with committed, dedicated people to whom we own a debt of gratitude, people who Phone Bank and Walk the streets 7 days a week.

    Happy Thanksgiving –

  • DWagner

    I take it from reading these posts that the posters are why Obama won. If this is the example of intelligent Republicans? No loyalty or unity or even respect for the hard work of others.
    Look no farther than these posts to see how they helped the left win this election. The Lefties knew that New Non Cons are so over the top that if they got their paranoia going it would destroy the Republican Party. The results are that we have the worst President in history and Neo Cons helped him get there. You Neo-Cons Re-elected Obama.
    Judging from these posts the biggest back stappers in the Republican Party are Levin muppets.

    That eight million that didn’t vote and stayed home to give Obama the election is, that you out their writing hate on blogs or are you the 2 million who voted for Libertaian Johnson? Fake conservatives.
    You in most cases have never run a government program, school, business or put together a coalition or even run for office. Talk show hosts don’t count they are nothing but hot air .
    I would also add it doesn’t show Christian values to trash people so personally and it shows your lack of character not the person’s you are trashing.

  • Patty

    HAWKINS: Republican Party must remain for life, against abortion
    National moral crisis requires leadership


    The GOP does not need any more moderate candidates. We don’t want someone who sticks to the middle ground on social issues. Just ask one of the millions of Republicans who sat out this election because they could not stand behind a moderate candidate.

    Our nation is in crisis, not only financially, but also morally. While our nation is more pro-life than it ever has been, according to Gallup, Planned Parenthood still gets more than $1 million a day in taxpayer funding to kill 900 babies daily. Moreover, secular business owners and churches are being forced to fund drugs that kill newly formed human beings.

    Where is the William Wilberforce of our day?

    The Republican Party can either stand for nothing and eventually expire like its predecessor, the Whig Party, which crumbled over slavery, or it can dig in deeper and decide to proudly defend the preborn and their mothers from the raging and corrupt abortion industry.

    Now is not the time to step away from our most deeply held beliefs in the sacredness of human life. Doing so would mark the beginning of the end of the current Republican Party.

    Please read more:

    Read more: HAWKINS: Republican Party must remain for life, against abortion – Washington Times

  • midusdew

    colter and maher are typical media whores, verbal diarrhea. Too bad the media is a toilet and welcomes that sht!

  • [email protected]

    Mark Levin poisoned the well. He and the rest of the conservatives bad mouthed every republican night after night. I gave up listening to all of them. Our enemy is not other
    republicans, but the far left socialists. We could have taken it a step at a time to convince
    the country that we were the party to bring us back to solvency. So Mark worked for Reagan,
    but did not follow in his footsteps of diplomacy with fellow believers. No he attacks night after
    night to poison the well. WE need to win the hearts and minds to our solid record of financial

  • Patty

    I will no accept any candidate that in pro-abortion. Of course, the states not the government should be allowed to vote on this.

    But I get hot around the collar when in this election it seemed to be about Social issues and not the real problems we are facing today. DEBT, MILITARY REDUCTION, FOREIGN POLICY AND NATIONAL SECURITY.

    A president’s job is and always should be the above not War on Women but on our troops and the countless wars in the Middle East. These are dangerous times and they call for a Strong leader not just a suit in the Oval Office who appears when he feels like it.

    Voters were sucked into the Obama’s war on Women, Hispanics and Blacks, many of whom have been delusional and some have no clue as to what the duties of a president is, he isn’t a big goody bag, he is the leader of this nation.

  • Robert

    The media is the enemy.

  • Owen

    Levin said Scott Walker should be elected speaker of the house. Yeah,I’m sure that would work well and be very realistic. Pretty sure all the house members would love to have him as speaker. Also sure Walker would jump at the job.

  • Fionnagh

    #40 “That eight million that didn’t vote and stayed home to give Obama the election is, that you out their writing hate on blogs or are you the 2 million who voted for Libertaian Johnson? Fake conservatives.”

    Nailed it.

    Voting is a privilege. All of us had that privilege of voting out corruption on November 6. Everlasting shame on those who sulked and stayed home. Everlasting sorrow for those of us who voted for decency, and lost.

  • squeaky

    [On his trip to Cambodia, a country he claimed didn’t deserve a visit due to its strongman government, first lady Bun Rany greeted Obama with a traditional “sampeah” pressed-hands greeting reserved for servants, a little dig that was probably lost on him but not to Asians.]

  • Bronson

    She lost me when she had orgasms on TV about Christie

    She’s become like Christie. Using Conservatives to further her own agenda which is trying to get a token conservative slot in the Bill Maher world of leftist politics.

    @moreliberty nice emotional platitudes that have no basis in fact. Obvious troll is obvious.

  • Patty

    Romney was a good man. From what I heard he did some great things and an accomplished business man. But he never could be Reagan. And tired of Reagan’s name being brought up in the election over and over again. Different times.

    I believe that Levin and Coulter, as well as all Romney voters, are just so upset that Obama won the election. And no one knows how much I was. But it is over and now it is time to start preparing for 2016 and much can happen between now and then.

    But one thing you must do, all of us, is talk to a liberal or democrat and explain with facts who Obama is and what he has done.

    You see, they are going to hear it on Bias Media and if they don’t research then we must do it for them. When Romney said talk to an Obama voter and try to explain to them, Obama’s failures and his version for the future and how it compares to his.

    Obama voters hadn’t a clue, some never even heard of Benghazi, so, next time we are faced with an election, tell the other side what is going on, they haven’t a clue. AND THEY VOTE.

  • Ghost

    Lost in all the understandable commotion is the quote in Ann Coulter’s column from Tea Party Leader, Jenny Beth Martin- did y’all miss that? go back and re-read Ann’s column

    Okay, Jenny dear, let’s see what you got. most of us here will agree with your statement but if future actions do not include Civil Disobedience then count me out- I’m done doing things the nice way.

    We don’t have to go down the path of the Occupoopers, but we do have to take similar actions as the Civil Rights Movement from the 1940s to the 1960s. When one measure fails (AS WE HAVE, face it folks) then it’s time to move into Phase II.

    So, Jenny baby, unless you’re willing to fight hard and harder, as you’ve chosen not to do up until now, then this Tea Partier is out- move me into the Secession/Divorce camp.

  • Sandy

    Mitt Romney ran a terrific campaign. Where were all these nay sayers during the campaign when they predicted a Romney victory. Perhaps Levin should concentrate his anger on the cheating by Obama which was discovered in Maine, Philadelphia and now St. Louis where not one vote was cast for Romney–like right. News for Levin Reagan is dead and so are the 80’s.

    Thank you Ann for your kind words to this good man and his family.

  • BurmaShave

    It sure is disappointing when the people you might expect speak for you don’t, but instead get it very wrong.

    I was similarly disgusted when Bush excused his, er, lackadaisical enforcement concerning illegal immigrants because “they do the jobs that we won’t do.“

  • Time

    I have never seen such blatant attack on one team, pitting against each other in my life, as the Republican team. No one on this side of the fence plays for the same side, as if they play against each other, as if they are their own worst enemy. This is how the other side wins on all fronts .. No matter what, right, wrong or indifferent they band together. Standing arm and arm, shoulder to shoulder, an army amongst themselves. We are just fallen soldiers that are at each others throats trying to rip into each other, trying to see which one comes out on top. It is disgusting to watch. So what if that is her belief. You have yours, is that not what this nation is about ? Freedom to believe what it is you want ? I am so sick of this side ripping into each other instead of standing together, fighting for what it is we all want, the constitution to be enforced..

  • Freddy

    “Romney lost because he was running against an incumbent, was beaten up during a long and vicious primary fight, and ran in a year with a very different electorate from 1980.” – – – A.C.

    As I recall it was Romney’s scortched earth policy that he employed in the Primaries against Gingrich and then Santorum.

    After this primary campaign of HATE, Romney never was able to get enough of these same people to support his DRAMATIC policy shifts where he went from ending the federal department of education in the Iowa primary to creating an entirely new federal job training program when debating Obama.

    To this day, I have no idea what the Romney plans actually were.

  • donh

    The thing is ALL the options the GOP put before us in the primary were LOSERS and throw backs. At least Romney had money and corporate organizational skills, but he chose to run a vanity campaign all about him and his qualifications. Romney did not run an issues campaign . He avoided issue after issue and ducked specifics. ” Conservative ” in invetment circles means AVOIDING risk and playing it very cautious and safe. Conservative in politics means you belive the Constitution is something worth risking your very life to uphold…and there in lies the difference between Mr Romney and Mr Levin.

  • UpChuck.Liberals

    Ann who? When she started gushing over round boy that was the end of it for me.


    Ann the RINO, she is just refusing to accept the fact that she is no longer relevant as a scarecrow for the GOP establishment.

  • Skip

    Mark Levin is correct…Ann Coulter has lost all credability, first saying that Chris Christe was the only GOP candidate who could defeat Obama. She than said the same about Mitt Romney. Romney is not a conservative.

    My choice which I yelled about for months was Newt Gingrich. Of all the candidates we had vying for the nomination he was the only one who had a chance to win. But the Washington establishment and ‘blue bloods’ of the party had picked Romney. There thinking was if we don’t win the White House we can take the Senate.

    How did that work out for all of us?

  • ss252

    Most here taking shots at Levin obviously never listen to him daily, You have zero context or a informed anaylsis?

    Sort a like the libs that take shots at Rush? Why dont you read Ameritopia and Liberty and Tyranny and then make an informed comment.

    As far as you middle of the road morons, go f…k yourselves..No one is blaming ROMNEY..WE are blaming the GOP for giving us such lame choices every election?

    I personally am done with any RINO’s..period…DONE…BREAK THE PARTY UP OR FIX IT…

  • H

    Romney would have been a great president. He did everything he could, americans are retarded. That is not his fault.

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    …and his building a conservative movement?

    The problem is that the conservative movement Reagan built is largely dead in the GOP leadership. It’s all about compromise and moderation now, and the losses have come accordingly. Judging from the things that have come out lately, the leadership in the GOP – or what passes for it – haven’t learned a damned thing.

  • Heath-Palin

    Ann Coulter, nice try in trying to turn Ronald Reagan into a Liberal to justify your crappy moderate candidate, RINO Romney. Trashing the Tea Party and Jennie Beth Martin makes you look like even a bigger fool than you already are. Keep chubby chasing your Liberal friend Crispy Cream Christie, because this slob is going nowhere as well.

  • WisdomRules

    Reagan talked to people. Present day repubs didn’t talk in a way that could be understood. Okay, our level of discourse has changed, become dumbed down but THAT is where most hearers live. I believe if leaders explained in easy to understand terms what is really going on, where we are heading, they would have a larger audience

  • Warren Bonesteel

    So…conservatives hate Governor Christie for doing his job? Working with The White House and the feds in order to save the lives of the people of New Jersey, rebuild the infrastructure of the state and try to fix the economy of his state after a natural disaster. That’s in the job description of a governor, folks. That’s what he’s supposed to be doing.

    Slamming Christie for trying to help the citizens of his state? That shows that you really don’t care for your fellow Americans. Ya think that other Americans haven’t picked up on that? You don’t want the governor to do his job during a natural disaster? Didn’t you slam another governor for not doing her job after Katrina? Now, it’s evil when a governor *does* his job?

    And you keep wondering why you lose the big elections and policy decisions?..or why the left, quite honestly in cases like this, claim that you are Haters? Gee. I dunno. Mebbe because..they’re right, for once?

    After doing things like that, it’s no wonder they think you’re crazy.

    (Going on SNL during that same crisis was a huge mistake on Christie’s part, though. I’ll give ya that much.)


    For the guy that assumes we blindly follow Levin, you are wrong. He spoke thoughts that I had before they were spoken by him.

    For those talking about conservatives eating their own. You need to accept the fact that the GOP is not conservative. The GOP is big government and entitlements. Further, as they run on a platform they don’t believe in everyone can see that they are simply acting the role.

    Romney may or may not be a good man, I don’t know, but I do know by his actions that he is progressive and wishy-washy. Half of the country begged for a Reagan to appear, and he didn’t. A Reagan did not appear because those people are slaughtered by media, DNC, and GOP. They did it this election and in elections past.

    Many wanted Romney because they thought he could win. They were all wrong. If he was the candidate of choice he must have botched it, or he really wasn’t what America wanted.

    The end of America is here folks. Romney was not the one that could save her. In fact America is much worse off than Greece. The Center does not hold. The people cling to their handouts. Welfare, Social Security, and Medicare ate us. We knew this was the case before I was born. The only thing that could have saved us would be a person strong enough and charismatic enough to stop the buck and shrink spending now, not in the future.

    Our credit rating is about to be reduced again. The dollar is soon to be replaced as the global currency as it is almost worthless….it is worth less than the Euro and the world says that is not worth the paper it is printed on.

    You think you saw riots before? You think you saw racial and class hatred? Wait until the economic wheels come off. What a world the baby boomers have left for my grandchild.

  • SturJen

    *Grabs some popcorn and watches the fights**

    No, no, no…keep fighting amongst yourselves on who’s ‘cooler’ or ‘more conservative’. It’s hilarious. No wonder the Progressives win. You can’t get more than one Conservative to agree on another. If someone doesn’t meet all your standards, they get tossed in the ‘evil’ trash.

    News flash: No one is going to meet ALL your criteria ALL the time. Ann has her points; I loved the book, “Demonic.” Mark is also good at digging out pertinent news and getting real change. Romney is a good guy. Too bad he didn’t win. Christie has a knack for being tactful. Each of them have their good points.

    Look, if you’re looking for the next Reagan, it ain’t gonna happen. Get over it. Learn to do a bit of piecing together. We don’t need ONE New Reagan, I’ll settle for 100 Senators and Representatives + A President that can do what Reagan did.

  • SM-WI

    The Repub leadership has to study what the Dem’s did right (ground game=organizing, registering to vote, gotv) and then beat them at their own game. Also, have to have a better message for swing and minority voters and repub base has to better support and rally around our candidate. That’s what the Dem’s do much better then we do. They stick together. We have to learn from our losses and get better if we’re going to win elections.

  • Ann Coulter -and Karl Rove- are about as relevant as the Whig Party

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    Mebbe because..they’re right, for once?

    No, they’re full of crap, as evidenced by their persistent and baseless accusations of racism.

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    That’s what the Dem’s do much better then we do.

    The only reason they “do it better” is because they have assistance from their propaganda arm – the media – to reach low-information voters.

    Destroy or counteract the Democrats’ propaganda arm and things will be equal.

  • Joanne

    Sometimes I like what Ann Coulter has to say, and other times I think she must have a split personality. Mark Levin rocks.

  • Terry Gain

    Levin’s a hot head who doesn’t convince anyone who isn’t already convinced. Levin supported Santorum and Bachmann. He couldn’t buy a clue. Romney put a reasonable, accomplished and rational face on Conservatism. It’s so rare the public was confused.

  • jack wilson

    Let me think for a second…’s the 22nd which means the election was 16 days ago and the GOP was demolished, not because the election was stolen….not because of the “gifts” Obama was throwing around…..not because of the lying left leaning media…..not because of Christie……(and that’s the short list)….but because of idiotic blowhards like Ann Coulter, John Sununu, Karl Rove, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Donald Trump (and that’s a really short list)…..compounded by the fact that Mitt Romney was a pathetically inept candidate. It’s done folks. Get over it!

  • Liz

    I never catch him on radio but it seems like this Levin is kind of a flaky hothead himself. At least Romney produces something other than hot air, and he’s decent and disciplined. Get a real job, Levin. Being rude to others isn’t exactly a virtue.

  • Liz

    Bunch of whiners. Where’s the gratitude?

  • Terry Gain

    Levin sits behind a microphone every day yelling his head off. He is not disciplined enough to control himself and reason with the people who call in. Romney is a gentleman who comports himself like a conservative. Levin is a conservative who comports himself like a punk.

  • Patty

    This once again proves that the GOP should leave Reagan alone. And just start being the people you are. We have new republicans coming into the party who are more than capable on their on.

    But I digress:

    Marco Rubio: A Hispanic Reagan?

    Conservatives have been dreaming that a political reincarnation of Ronald Reagan would lead them to an electoral promised land. I never put my faith in such a possibility, because the past is a dangerous place in which to live. Reagan never lived in the past, though he learned from it.

    Yet among the contemporary political figures that closely represent the substance and style that made Ronald Reagan who he was is Senator Marco Rubio, Florida Republican.

    At a fundraising event for Iowa Governor Terry Branstad last Saturday, Rubio touched all the Reagan bases and focused on solutions, not just a recitation of well-known problems. Probably his best line of the evening was, “The way to turn our economy around is not by making rich people poorer. It’s by making poor people richer.” In this, he resembled Reagan’s favorite president, Calvin Coolidge, who said, “Don’t expect to build up the weak by pulling down the strong.”

    Rubio also seemed to suggest that conservatism is larger than the Republican brand, which has become tainted in some minds. He said, “This is not about the Republican Party. This is about limited government conservatism.” While he said the Republican Party “is the home of that movement,” he seemed to suggest that it is not necessarily its permanent residence.[……………..]


  • toddski1963

    I used to like Mark Levine, but as usual he is over the top……Mitt Romney lost because of “VOTER FRAUD”, and it has been proven…PERIOD, END OF DISCUSSION…Levin can kiss my ass…..Everything in life is a compromise……And he won’t on anything…BIG FREAKEN MISTAKE…And that doesn’t mean throwing away your principles either !

  • V. Lombardi

    It is disappointing to see such an intelligent and talented person such as Ann move quite suddenly to the center and be so wrong on the electability of Romney. Ann has never been good at admitting being wrong. I felt that Romney would have been a good president. This is not a commentary on Romney, nor on Levin’s
    remarks. This is about conservatives no longer taking Ann seriously, as I once did. She lost lots of stature. I don’t think she cares, she has been stubborn in her position, and would not take the time to read any of these posts. As stubborn as she has been on this, I shall be stubborn in seeking opinions other than hers.

  • Levin is losing it and quickly becoming part of the problem. We need to get a Republican majority, not keep running “perfect” Republicans who end up getting Democrats elected.

    I like Mark’s writing, but I can’t stand his ranting on the radio.

  • Sandy

    Mark Levin reminds me of that Liberal Hothead Mike Malloy. What a ghastly experience it was listening to that Psychopath.

    Republicans need to stop this circular firing squad set up by pundits who prognosticate for a living and who claimed Romney would win big. Now they are shocked shocked shocked by his incompetent campaign.

    Unless Republicans can come up with a way to make certain our votes are counted — then we could put up God himself for President and Obama could still find a way to win 100 to nothing in certain districts. Where is the outrage over that?

  • Sandy

    #81 Crosspatch

    How right you are! That’s what always strikes me when I listen to Levin — Perfect Republicans, I never feel I’m Republican enough for him.


    I like Ann Coulter and think Romney was an excellent choice. He ran a horrible campaign.
    Totally disagree with Ann on Chris Christie and always have. He is boorish and arrogant and NOT a real conservative. Besides, the MSNBC folks like him which enough for me to dislike him. They will support Christie for the 2016 nomination and then proceed to trash him in the general. That is what those people do. Just like the St.Louis Post-Dispatch did with John McCain in 2008. Christie is as wide as he is tall – he will never sell and the left knows it.


    Agree with Toddski – this election was definately stolen and will go to my grave believing that. It is hard to digest that enough people would honestly re-elect the most dishonest and corrupt and inept administration in AMerican history. Don’t know how GOP overcomes this. 2016 is a fresh start for both sides after 8 years of a failed Democrat administration.
    I am starting a movement right here right now for Rubio/Paul (Rand that is) 2016.


    Patty – I agree – I am sick of hearing about Reagan. He wasn’t all that great – he just got lucky and won two elections. We need to move on. Younger voters don’t know or care one thing about Reagan. So let’s stop now talking about him or comparing anyone to him. He is yesterday’s news.

  • Liz

    Look, I bought that last Levin book ’cause of hype, and I’ll be honest I got through two chapters of adulterated watered down conservative am and stuck it back up on the shelf. So I’m not crazy about his writing either. He’s kind if a bombastic… Whiner.

  • Liz

    Election was definitely stolen. Don’t know how you walk back a corrupt system at this point. Watch it collapse in on itself maybe? Corrupt, obese, unsustainable government and their aggressive, lawless unions?

  • Steve
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