Mark Levin Rips Ann Coulter: She Is Embarrassing Herself

Conservative author and radio host Mark Levin tore into Ann Coulter today for her latest column defending Mitt Romney in his loss.
From Mark Levin’s Facebook page:

Really Ann? You mean Romney’s one debate bests Reagan’s decades of advocacy for conservatism, his battles with the Republican establishment, and his building a conservative movement? Fact is Romney has done nothing for conservatism. I repeat, nothing. No leadership. No grassroots efforts. No major policy initiatives. Nothing. Reagan won two landslides. Romney won nothing. Cherry-picking facts Ann, in some strange cult-like obsession, fools no one. Same with your cheerleading for Chris Christie.


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  • MJ

    Sorry….Ann is just weak, now.
    GOProud spokesperson… Of course she thinks Romney was the ultimate Conservative. And correct, she LOVES Chrissy the fat schmuck who praises Sharia

  • RealMc

    Mark Levin is 100% on target.

  • STL Tix

    America needs to hear MORE from Mark Levin and LESS from the likes of Coulter and Hannity. If the GOP has ANY chance of returning to it’s roots it will be through voice’s like our “Leader’s” !

    Powder is dry

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  • TeachX3

    I agree with Mark Levin completely

  • Tekno Nerd

    You GO Mark…So much ammo was given to Romney and yet he shot BB’s….Ann has become full of herself and it shows….it so sadly shows….

  • ss252

    Heard him and he is 100% correct, for me when Coulter,Rove,Morris,Caddel,Williams,Mccain,Graham,etc come on I turn off the channel..

    .Malkin is the only one who is for real….Colonel West is for real, the rest are getting old and obviously are wrong…

    Reregistered as a ind. until their is a conservative party or Boehner gets replaced….These GOP ELITE ASSWIPES BETTER WAKE UP

  • ★FALCON★

    I stopped reading Ann’s column a few years ago. When she became a Christie sycophant that was the last straw for me. And when she is interviewed by Sean Hannity – she never even takes a breath and allows Sean to ask another question.

    At one time I thought she was great and even bought her doll, but over the last few years, her brain went haywire.

    When she claimed that only Romney could beat Obama – I threw up. Seems like only Romney was capable to losing to an America hater.


    Here’s the deal. Mitt Romney does not deserve to be chastised. He ran a good, clean and clear campaign. He’s not to blame.

    Where does the blame belong? On the GOP. During primary season the GOP insisted that Romney be the “choice”. Many, many conservatives didn’t want Romney, felt he was too squishy on conservative values, but the GOP echelon refused to hear the voices of the actual voters. THEY picked Romney.

    1. the GOP insisted on Romney regardless of who their voters wanted.

    2. This insistence gave the Owebama campaign plenty of time to attack Romney right out of the gate.

    3. Romney is a good man, with great business sense and I’m sure he would have made a better president than the one we are stuck with -but he is/was not a strong conservative.

    his loss is not the fault of his campaign but rather the fault of the GOP who insisted on picking the nominee rather than letting the best candidate to be chosen by the actual voters versus the GOP echelon.

  • VotingFemale

    Ann Coulter is insane.

  • Edward Treadway

    Remember, Romney “won” one debate when he pivoted 180 degrees from his primary positions and agreed with Obama on practically everything and Obama was left speechless. Sadly, Ann maybe correct.

  • Alisa

    How do you run the guy who created the blue print for obamacare on a platform of repealing it? To further confound the issue, Romney has never (to my knowledge) uttered one criticism of romneycare, suggesting a tacit support of the federal program. I never was confident that Romney would work to repeal obamacare. I thought he would act like a good statist and try to “fix” it.
    Romney is not a Reagan conservative by any stretch of the imagination but would have been better than the Marxist we have. Coulter is suffering from bruised pride syndrome. She knows she lost credibility and is fighting tooth and nail to avoid giving a mea culpa.

  • ClinkinKY

    Ann Coulter is an embarrassment. Perhaps she, Bill Maher and Chris Christie will retire to a “cabin in the woods”. If so, I have one of her books (purchased when I thought she had some cred) that I’d be willing to send back to her for “kindling” on those cold, lonely nights.

  • Jake

    Ann deserves credit for reminding America that Obamas daughters are crack-hoes.


    Thanks Mark, you stated what I wanted to say to Ann after reading that shlok, but she may actually notice what you said.

    GOP establishment is simply a slower Constitution executioner than the DNC.

    Bush 1,
    Bush 2,
    None stood for the Constitution or conservatism, but all were, are GOP establishment picks. Remember the GOP establishment hated Reagan, and they did their best to derail his election.

    Ann, you simply sold out. You went for what you thought was ‘electable’ instead of going with principled, and the result is obvious. Why in the world did you think the author of Romneycare could win? If the people were against Obamacare in huge numbers why bring them someone that basically agrees with Obamacare. It didn’t matter that Romney said he would derail the law, as we all knew what he really thought of it.

    In the past I have defended Mrs. Coulter from her critiques. She can be a lambasting, shrill, mudslinger, but she is very smart and said many truths. I think she knows that her sell-out support of Romney has damaged her marketability among conservatives, and instead of an apology she doubled down.

    So to me Ann Coulter is simply a rude version of Bill Krstol. A talking head making a buck by spouting cow-stuff. When it comes to the real thoughts she is obviously flawed in her conservative think.

  • Happy Thanksgiving

    Just listen to you all. Free thinkers every one.

    Hey! all of you me-tooers! Mark Levin just said he was going to jump off the Golden Gate Bridge!
    Wait for us Mark! We agree 100% and we’re right behind you bro!

  • http://HTML Annie J

    Congratulations to the Left. They have successfully turned Republicans and Conservatives against each other. Stop attacking each other! We need to band together now more than ever. Not tear each other apart.

  • Sasja

    Jake, now what is the purpose of your disgusting comment?

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  • Willie

    Commentators like Ann Coulter need to be weeded out. She only serves to water down the message of Conservatism. She sells books by going on every show possible, including Bill Maher and The View. The other side of the coin is, we are fast throw our own under the bus, but sometimes it has to be done. We have higher standards.