A teenage restaurant owner was busted for filming women in the bathroom at a Long John Silver’s in Vallejo.

This restaurant was more than your average fish fry.
CBS Local reported:

Women were shocked to learn that they were being secretly videotaped while using the restroom at a Vallejo Long John Silver’s restaurant.

Police say a teenage employee at the fast food restaurant was capturing their every move.

“That’s disgusting,” said one woman. “It’s a complete violation.”

Female residents were creeped out learning what one customer allegedly found inside the Long John Silvers.

“In Long John Silver’s? I go over there all the time. I used to use the restroom too,” said another woman.

Vallejo police say a customer and her daughter used the restroom when they noticed what appeared to be a digital video recorder.

“She thought something was obviously not the way it should be,” said Lt. Sid DeJesus, Vallejo Police Department.

Officers respond to the fast food restaurant and found a cell phone hidden in a vent of the women’s restroom. The phone had been recording when it was discovered.

Police determined that a 17-year-old manager was the one who put it there, and he was arrested.

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  1. Vallejo is CA’s dumping ground for sexual deviants and sex offenders.

    Not much of a story here……

  2. “Why yes…that is my cell phone.. but but..I don’t know how it got way up there.”

  3. Throw the book at that little creep!

  4. Who the hell promotes a 17 year old to be a manager?

  5. Raoul:

    I suspect that “manager” in the case of the 17-yo in question doesn’t mean “manager” in the way you and I think of it. They’re probably calling all employees a “manager.” The video says that he only worked there for three months.

  6. Headline “in the John” really? – how crude.
    Bathroom, Toilet, Ladies Room, Lavatory, Rest Room, Powder Room, Wash Room…

  7. Yet sexting is more than fine, it’s expected.
    I can’t keep up with this culture.


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