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  • aprilnovember811

    If this is true, I hope they will let some of us in. I’ll be going to any red state that secedes. I can’t stand living with these leftists anymore. I just want to get away from them.

  • Tricky Dick

    And once we suceed we can shut down the Mississippi River and the blue states can go screw themselves!

  • Ruggerio Garza

    This is preferable to a civil war that might break out once the 47 percent don’t get their equitable distribution soon enough from the government. The ideological divide has never been greater and will only widen with Obama’s second term. We know the end result of the original Boston Tea Party did not turn out well for King George. Obama has forced our hand and put us in a similar position. The larger question is, which side will the military support if it comes to bloodshed?

  • Zek Gulag

    Oklahoma, Texas and Louisana, contiguous and strong — OklaTexlou. Course it is high time we went to war with the leftist bastards and rid the country of these godless, parasitic vermin. The answer is out there, and it is not buckling under to these sick totatlitarian freak b#stards.

  • MJ

    AZ is also working on it. Has been for 3 years.

  • EM

    I’m more than ready I think Missouri will go too if we can leave St. Louis and Kansas City

  • william todd parris

    I would be happy to seprate from this gov. I would even consider moving to anouther country