Here’s the latest White House website petition:
Peacefully grant the State of Louisiana to withdraw from the United States of America and create its own NEW government.

The petition needs 23,000 more signatures.
It looks like they’ll get it.

UPDATE: There’s a petition for Texas to secede too.

UPDATE: There’s a petition for Missouri too.




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  1. Who can blame them when Obama’s vision for America is the former Soviet Bloc.

    Central Power and Satellites that are raped and pillaged.

  2. That’s pretty cool. I didn’t know about that website. I see there is another petition for them to come clean on Benghazi

  3. OHMYGOD, can Iowa be next? The ONLY good thing about this election being over is I don’t have to listen to Obama constantly breaking into my Pandora saying, “Iowa gave me my start 4 years ago. I need your help again to finish the job…”

    UGH. And Iowa went blue, too. I don’t understand this. I don’t understand it at all.

    Even worse, I hate that my Dad, who turns 80 next year, is depressed for those of us he’s leaving behind. That this good man should have to suffer one bit because of this terrible excuse for a human being in the white house, causes me absolute despair.

    I was better yesterday than the day before, but today I’m worse. I guess it’ll be an ebb and flow for a bit here.

  4. If you believe this election was rigged, and voter fraud was how Obama won and you live in any of the swing states, please read this. You must act for sake of family and country, NOW !!!!

  5. Form 2 nations.
    The red states and the blue states.

    I think the red states would do just fine.

  6. I would like to see every red state follow suit.

  7. #5 That’s the best solution. Blue states would collapse.

    What’s the harm in trying it for a few years? That is, if blue states aren’t chicken.

  8. I would actually move to the new ‘red nation’ if my state was not included in it.

  9. SoLongSong commented:

    Even worse, I hate that my Dad, who turns 80 next year, is depressed for those of us he’s leaving behind. That this good man should have to suffer one bit because of this terrible excuse for a human being in the white house, causes me absolute despair.

    I feel you ya and hear ya loud and clear. The son-of-a-bitch didn’t make one decision in the last four years that I agreed with and I doubt he’ll make one in the next four years even by accident.

    If he didn’t continue the Bush war on Terror – it would have been a total and complete epic fail.

    Personally, I agree with Jerome Corsi who said Obama is a Russian Intelligence Operation.

  10. I agree..split the country into two parts. Build a wall like the Great Wall of China. One side will be the Conservative red and the other side can be the Liberal blue. Let each side run their own government based on their beliefs….capitalism and small government for the red side and socialism and big government for the blue side. Let’s see which side thrives and survives ! Bet I can guess !

  11. #11 Miss Peach… tell the libs that it will all be video taped and shown on ‘reality tv’ and they would go for it! ROFLOL

  12. # 12…..the sad thing about that is, it is probably the truth ! It could be called Honey Boo Boo’s big socialist adventures !

  13. #3 That breaks my heart about your Dad. He’s got some years on me, but I’m feelin’ like he does. Looking at my dear son and daughter-in-law, wondering how their lives will turn out. I’m putting on a good face for the “kids,” and hope you can do the same for your Dad.

    #9 Am gently trying to persuade the “kids” to move to Texas. I’m in Seattle, and ready to go.

  14. too bad most of the red states are in the middle — makes it difficult to say the least! State by state makes more sense, geographically at least.

  15. #14 Fionnagh (re #3) … I understand exactly what you both are saying. My daughter is 18 and her and her boyfriend (young love haha) have plans of getting married, having children, etc… etc… Well, I seriously do not see them being able to even move out of their parents homes, much less create a life in this environment. I grieve for my kids, that they can not reach for that American Dream and for my two grandbabies, that they will only know this.

  16. That’s why if I ever were to become rich, my charity of choice would be to teach the children! Not the usual three R’s, but love of country and what made us great.

    This decline must be stopped! I have a 16 year old son and yes, I will put on a brave face, but for now until I recover (it’s been less than a week after all), I’m grieving for him in advance.

    Let’s hope that all that “darkest before the dawn” stuff holds true.

  17. I am from Minnesota and I had so much hope that Minnesota was turning red but sadly not only do we have a Democrat Governor who likes to spend like nobody’s business, but now we also have a Democrat Senate and House so our Governor is free to spend us into oblivion. Minnesota is the new California. Our Governor plans on totally implementing Obamacare into the State and he has already asked for Medicaid expansions. We will have every immigrant and welfare recipient flocking to this State for all the entitlements and it will break us. We already have some of the highest taxes in the country next to California and New York. My hubby and I will be retiring in the next few years and we have already decided that we are getting out of Minnesota. I guess you just can’t fix stupid. Too bad too because it is such a beautiful State.

  18. Goodbye, America. Once you were a proud lady with principles but the Left has degenerated you into a cheap slattern concerned only with your vagina and heedless of the millions of parasites crawling on you. Try and keep Texas.

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