Latest Hamas TV Ad to Israelis: “We May Kill You In Your Sleep” (Video)

What lovely people.
Hamas released a new ad this week on Palestinian Terror TV. In the ad the terror group warns Israelis,
“We may kill you in your sleep.”
Via Palestinian Media Watch and Free Republic:

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  • coolidgerules

    Massive bombing campaigns on Fri afternoon- “We will get you while you pray”

  • Robert

    Israel lets them blabber on without consequence.

    I would put out a retaliatory ad saying, for instance,

    “Hamas brags that they will kill Israelis in their sleep. Perhaps. But then, we will kill them in the light of day, and in greater numbers than they can possibly imagine.” And show a few shots of Hamas members being killed.

  • Amalgameted Cliff Divers, Local 157

    But it’s a peaceful threat! Let’s have another non-binding UN resolution! Wheeeeeeeeeee!

  • Will

    When ya’ got nothing, use bravado!

    The same old dirty bearded tactic. Doubling down on stupid.

  • Linda

    Brave suicide bombers????


    You claim to want to fight…fight like a man…or stay home and grow up until you can fight like one!

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  • SeniorD

    If they use suicide bombers, you can bet the farm NONE of them will be so-called ‘leaders’. Just like Obama, they ‘lead’ from the rear(end).

  • Sandy

    Muslims must really get off on death. They are either demonstrating about killing someone, firing rockets at their enemy, making specific threats or recruiting suicide bombers–even children.

    Are there no Muslim comedians?

  • maria

    Obama has the same blood in his vene, he just take a little longer to kill you all

  • bg


    Israel to HAM AS’S..

    we not only always kill you while you are wide awake, but we
    send out where and when warning fliers before we strike.. /s/


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  • Ira

    am I the first to notice that the Hebrew letters are backwards..?

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  • bg


    via Stratfor

    November 18, 2012

    Rumors on a Gaza Cease-Fire

    Contradictory rumors regarding the outcome of cease-fire negotiations between Hamas and Israel have increased dramatically in recent hours. A Hamas spokesman told Al Jazeera that Israel and Hamas have agreed to 90 percent of the terms of a new cease-fire. Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi is reportedly meeting the evening of Nov. 18 with a delegation led by Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal and another delegation led by Palestinian Islamic Jihad Secretary-General Ramadan Abdullah Shallah. While Israeli officials have told news outlets that the government is in talks with Cairo on a cease-fire, Israeli officials are now denying reports that an Israeli envoy actually traveled to Cairo Nov. 18 for cease-fire talks. Meanwhile, Turkey appears to be trying to integrate itself into the cease-fire talks with reported plans for Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu to travel to Gaza on Nov. 20.


  • Joanne

    Hamas are already the walking dead – you don’t have to kill them to know they are all going straight to hell.

  • bg
  • Will

    Hamas: “Quick, let’s negotiate a cease fire! Israel is kicking our arses and if they don’t stop soon they’ll get all of our Estes rockets!”

  • Okay, children, and that means YOU Barack, do these people sound “peaceful” to you?

    Go IDF! I love Israel. I’ve heard Israelis are very welcoming to tourists and I wouldn’t mind going there if I could..also I have an affinity for IDF men in uniform!

  • valerie

    I don’t know any Israelis, so I can’t say I love ’em, but I do know their history, and I respect them. They got their land legally, by buying it and by petition to form a government. They did conquer some land after being attacked, and they gave most of it back in an effort to get peace. That didn’t work, but not because of their actions.

    They bought their land. They treat the Arabs among them like citizens, far better than the surrounding, allegedly Muslim regimes treat any of their citizens.

    I admire the Israelis because, although they wanted to revive their ancient state, they did it fairly, according to the laws of this time. They have gone out of their way to be fair to their neighbors.

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