Las Vegas Business Owner Fires 22 Employees After Obama Wins

A Las Vegas business owner fired 22 employees after Barack Obama won reelection on Tuesday.
CBS Las Vegas reported:

LAS VEGAS (CBS Las Vegas) — A Las Vegas business owner with 114 employees fired 22 workers today, apparently as a direct result of President Obama’s re-election.

“David” (he asked to remain anonymous for obvious reasons) told Host Kevin Wall on 100.5 KXNT that “elections have consequences” and that “at the end of the day, I need to survive.”

Here’s an excerpt from the interview. Click the audio tab below to hear even more from this compelling conversation:

…“Well unfortunately, and most of my employees are Hispanic — I’m not gonna go into what kind of company I have, but I have mostly Hispanic employees — well unfortunately we know what happened and I can’t wait around anymore, I have to be proactive. I had to lay off 22 people today to make sure that my business is gonna thrive and I’m gonna be around for years to come. I have to build up that nest egg now for the taxes and regulations that are coming my way. Elections do have consequences, but so do choices. A choice you make every day has consequences and you know what, I’ve always put my employees first, but unfortunately today I have to put me and my family first, and you watch what’s gonna happen. I’m just one guy with 114 employees — well was 114 employees — watch what happens in the next six months. The Dow alone lost 314 points today. There’s a tsunami coming and if you didn’t think this election had consequences, just wait.”

Elections have consequences.

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  • Elections have consequences.

  • Oopsy Daisy

    Live in an older house needing TLC. We’ve now scrapped our landscaping plans down to a bare bones plan. Kitchen renovation will be scrapped in favor of on-the-cheap DIY plan. Refinished floors? Nope. We’ll DIY a coat of poly. The lawn man? We’ll be letting him go and taking over that job ourselves. It is a one-family microcosm of what I expect will be happening amongst all the producers.

  • Granny

    He may be the first, but he isn’t the last by a very long shot. Expect more jobs to go part-time too.

  • Hispanics voted for Obama overwhelmingly. Mostly out of greed and ignorance.

    Lie down with dogs, don’t bitch about waking up with fleas.

    This will not be the last time it happens.

  • Rachelle

    I hope every stupid SOB who voted for Obama loses his job and/or welfare benefits.

  • Here is my take on what happened. I did a three part set.

    This is part one.
    Some say Hurricane Sandy gave Obama a chance to look presidential. Well, maybe, but there were so many other obvious problems for anyone bothering to look a one day tour shouldn’t have done it.

    No, Obama won because Obama understands America. Romney lost because he understands what America should be. It may be that simple. For years we’ve been slipping and slipping and slipping. I’ll argue had Obama shown up in 2004, or an Obama like figure actually, GWB would have lost. The only reason he won was Kerry was just an unlikeable white guy. So the choice was between two unlikable white stiffs and GWB was the incumbent- and perhaps more genuine .

    President Barack Obama sees America as a salad bowl, where multiculturalists are free to pick and choose identities and cultures instead of sharing a unifying one — the classical melting pot concept. And Obama’s successful 2012 campaign — as sophisticated as it was when it came to micro-targeting voters — reflected his broader view.

    Instead of running a campaign based on his record or a unifying and forward-looking vision for the next four years, Obama essentially ran multiple, micro-targeted campaigns aimed at specific racial groups, scaring them into believing Republicans would take away their rights and promising them legislation on pet issues in a second term. He used the same template with women voters. He essentially united his coalition by disuniting America, one racial and gender group at a time.

    And incredibly — with the help of Obama’s “Moneyball”-esque date crunchers and geeks — it worked devastatingly well on Election Day. Obama’s progressive coalition, in what was a base election, turned out in droves, surprising Republican pollsters who had built their models on turnout levels similar to 2004’s.

  • Grandma Perkins

    Nose, meet face.

  • olm

    I hope every one of the 22 was an Obama voter. In this house we are taking care of our own and that is it.
    If the country wants Obamaism, they’ve got it. Personal isolation at its finest with none of the guilt.

  • Truth Teller

    Everyone…please use your remaining power to do anything and everything to show these 59M mental midgets what happens when you vote a failure back into office.

  • kato

    Elections have consequences: Even liberals are going to pay the price for subprime acorn government.

    And when things get tough, their whining is going to be the loudest.

  • Hera

    Glad they were mostly Hispanic since this is a group that voted for Obama. Elections have consequences and like the Obama voter I’ve decided to look out for myself first. I have immediately cut back on spending and of course most tips are gone. The 47% already got their tip when the voted for Obama to pick my pocket.

  • Practical Jane

    Well, if they’ve got to go they’ve got to go. Best the Obots go first.

  • Jim, Boeing will be laying off 10 thousand Jan 1st due to the military cuts…

  • I love it when Obama voters get laid off……My Father runs an auto auction center, we laid off 4 people yesterday not according to seniority but because they voted for Obie…Yes elections do have consequences. To bad that we thought the Romney backers had more sense than the Obie backers. Just tried to keep our heads above water since Cash for Clunkers killed us, cars were traded in to dealers and destroyed, no matter the mileage, what a waste….

  • Sasja

    What can one do when working hard and improving your standard of living takes a back seat to welfare and poverty? We have let the wrong people in the classrooms so now we have indoctrination centers and not learning centers.

  • Julie

    I guess all those hispanics who voted for Obama on Tuesday and now lost their job can wait at the unemployment line to welfare line…it was a choice they made and now they must live with it for the next 4 years…maybe forever…who knows.

  • Practical Jane

    #12 Hera:
    Don’t punish the hard working – those that work for tips work harder than most of us – and they are not all Obots. We know several waiters/bartenders/waitresses and none of them voted for Obama.

  • Sasja

    That cash for clunkers was a clunker. So many good cars destroyed when they could have been sold and most likely sold to those who could not afford a new car, but yet needed something a little better than they already had.

  • Edward Treadway

    Time to stock your underground bunker, cut yourself off, and check back in in 2016.

  • Bigkahuna

    Now if we can bring Obama up on charges for fast n furious, Benghazi and layoff gate . Make the prick fight charges for next four years at least

  • donh

    Sad…This is the trend of my generation. Quit….pack it in….move south …leave the country…D blue states with vacant store fronts. Ghost factory buildings….populated by the state paper pushers and 47% ers who must cling in fear to democrats and their welfare benefits because there is no other way to feed themselves….no way for private enterprises to turn a profit .

  • David

    Yes, I have a zero tip policy and that includes taxis and restaurants in NYC – no exceptions….

  • Commissar

    How is this for a next 4 year plan on taking a country back:

    1. Indict Hillary for criminal handling of Benghazi security (so she will have no chance of running in 2016)
    2. Impeach Obama for Anti-American activities (behind the Congress back deals with Russia, Iran)
    3. Biden will self incriminate himself in half a year just by opening his mouth

    And boom – we have a GOP president of sorts – current Speaker of the House

  • retired militaryq

    Boeing announced a big layoff today as well.

    Whenever you hear people complain about the economy ask them if they voted for Obama if they said yes than tell them they have nothing to complain about. They wanted it and they got it.

  • dwd

    I hope the Wyndham guy does the same thing, like he promised to pre-election.

    Once businesses start shedding employees and demoting full-timers to part-time spots to avoid Obamacare, unemployment will skyrocket as will the percentage of uninsured Americans.

    What will Obama’s answer to that be? Bush

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  • Granny

    #27 dwd – Oddly, cutting workers to part time, even if they then collect partial unemployment benefits, does not count them as “unemployed”. They are counted as part of the “underemployed” but virtually nobody bothers to mention that figures or the one that tracks the number of people who have run out of unemployment and so are also not counted as part of the “unemployed.”

  • Redman Bluestate

    I agree with many above:

    Impeach Obama for Benghazi cover-up. Makes Watergate look like jaywalking.
    Tarnish Hillary so she is done forever.

    I salute this and every business owner who is now laying people off because Obama won. Keep it coming. Obama wanted votes for Revenge. We will now give him and his supporters Revenge now with our layoffs, actions, and our spending.

    War on waitresses baby. No tipping. Young, single women want Obama so bad, they can have “him” take care of them. “Julia” will no longer just be an Obama campaign diagram. She will be real.

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  • Patty

    What Was Mitt Romney Doing the Morning After Losing the Election? Winning

    The morning after the election, as conservatives everywhere were still trying to come to terms with the reality of another four years of President Barack Obama, the now former GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney was busy being a dad, husband and grandfather. A winner.

    In a heartwarming photo tweeted by Garret Jackson, one of Romney’s close personal aides, the Republican can be seen unwinding on Wednesday morning, surrounded by his kids and grandchildren near his campaign headquarters in Boston, an exhausting and hard fought presidential campaign now officially behind him. The Romney clan can be seen drinking a gallon of chocolate milk.

    “Gov hanging out with family this morning. What an incredible family. So blessed to be so close to them,” the accompanying message read.
    What Was Mitt Romney Doing the Morning After Losing the Election? Winning


    As it turns out, Tuesday night was a win-win for Romney — and he won big. He will have more time to spend with the people he loves; his wife Ann, his kids, his grandchildren. And while Romney will not become the next president of the United States, it reminds us that there is much more to life than politics. Yes, the battles in Washington, D.C. will undoubtedly rage on, but the picture above proves that the most important things in life can never be taken from us — not by an out-of-control government, not by any one president.

    So, what does the future hold for Romney? The former Massachusetts governor plans to make the significant transition out of the public eye for the time being. He plans to “reflect and spend time with his family” before determining exactly what his next move will be, according to an advisor.

    “I don’t look at post-election to be a time of regrouping. Instead it’s a time of forward focus,” Romney told reporters aboard his plane Tuesday evening as he returned to Boston after the final campaign stop of his political career. “I have, of course, a family and life important to me, win or lose.”

    It wasn’t immediately clear if Romney will seek an ongoing role in a Republican Party. With a successful career in the private sector, he could secure a position in private business. Those close to Romney also suggest he could purse philanthropic opportunities or even play a role in the Olympics after having led the 2002 Winter Games.

    “He’s not a guy who’s going to stay still, right,” said Russ Schriefer, one of Romney’s top strategists. “He’s not a guy that’s just going to hit a beach, play a lot of golf. He’ll do something.”

    The above has nothing to do with Mr. Hoft’s title of this thread. But look at what we lost.

  • Patty
  • Patty

    Sasja commented:

    That cash for clunkers was a clunker. So many good cars destroyed when they could have been sold and most likely sold to those who could not afford a new car, but yet needed something a little better than they already had.


    Another Obama failure.

  • myohmy

    We will be judge and discriminated upon based on our party affiliation. Obama has only brought division in this country. Instead to unite, he divided this country. Sad day for america.

  • Nelle

    Now would be a good time to work to get voter ID passed in your state if it doesn’t have it, and to demand something be done about the voting machines that can’t be secured against fraud. We need tp be able to trust our elections, even if it takes blue fingers to do it. The dems think they have a permanent majority now, and a lot of their voters think our side cheats, so it should be easier to get it done.

  • Patty


    Fraud in PA: Obama Got Over 99% of Vote at Polls Where GOP Inspectors were Removed; Turnout Somehow “30%” Above Gov’t Numbers

  • Patty

    #36 November 8, 2012 at 11:25 am
    Nelle commented:

    Should have been done years ago. Holder is AG worker for Obama.

  • Gary

    in 2008, I had a friend who worked in a small company where, after Obama was elected, everybody with an Obama sticker on their car was fired.

  • Restless

    My wife and I were going to buy a new car – with cash – if Romney had won. Yesterday, after digesting the election results (and then puking), we decided that spending money on any “unnecessary” things is just not a good idea with four more years of Obama ahead. We’re going to save the money instead, even though ridiculously low interest rates are making that an exercise in frustration. I’m 51, and I’ve never been this scared about our country’s economic stability.
    On top of that, my doctor of 25 years told me last year that he would retire early if Obama got reelected and if Obamacare went into effect. He told many of his colleagues were considering the same thing. He said to prepare for a “health care nightmare.”

  • Charlie R.

    Employers have to get their work force under 50 full-time employees to avoid Obamacare. To avoid Obamacare, employers are going to be doing several things. Some are reducing the number of people working at their businesses. Some employers are planning to get rid of employees and use workers from temp agencies. Some are reducing the number of full-time workers and increasing the number of part-time workers. Also 30 hours a week used to be classified as part-time. However, Obamacare has redefined 30 hours as “full-time”. I’ve already heard of employers telling employees that had 30 hours a week that their hours would be reduced to 25 hours a week.

    For people that are looking for permanent, 40 hour a week jobs, they are going to be mostly out of luck.

  • Patty


    Health care


    The Economy and the Federal Budget

    All are important to business and it is a wait and see prospect. What happens in the next 3 months is important and many businesses are still on the fence holding on tight to their money.

    Only the business owners knows what he should do to PROTECT HIS OR HER BUSINESS.

    Firing people is part of things in business that aren’t pleasant. But they need to look at the what is best for them. Sad but this is all part of owning a business.

  • Patty

    And of course a socialist in Power for another 4 years makes it tough,

  • DMG

    “David” (he asked to remain anonymous for obvious reasons)

    The most obvious reason being so that it can not be checked out, not that anybody on the right cares if it’s true or not, as long as it fits their storyline. The same thing happened with all those polls that “couldn’t be trusted.” You know, the ones that turned out to be right.

  • DMG

    people who have run out of unemployment and so are also not counted as part of the “unemployed.”

    Sorry, but the unemployment number does not depend on anybody collecting unemployment benefits. The only way one falls off the unemployment roll w/o getting a job is by dropping out of the job market, i.e. quit looking for a job.

  • Dave-O

    #44 – Who is John Galt?

  • Monkey Wrench

    These anonymous stories are usually bogus. If these 22 employees are doing real work and making him money, he wouldn’t fire them now. If something kicks in and these employees become too expensive and they no longer make him money, he can fire them then.

    I don’t believe the story. We’ll see what happens to the unemployment rate over the next few years. If Europe melts down or we go off the fiscal cliff, employment will get bad. Otherwise, the unemployment rate will slowly go down. It will decline too slowly, but it will continue to get better.

  • Sasja

    Those hispanics won’t care about being laid off. They’ll just get on the public dole which is what most of them want anyway. Rush is right. Dhims attract certain voters because they want free stuff and guess who gives it to them. Conservatives want people to reach their full potential and achieve success thereby assuring a more prosperous life. Libs want people dependent on government and thereby assuring they will never be anything but poor and fearful about losing their free stuff. So they will continue to vote for the party that promises free stuff.

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  • Sasja

    People, losing a job today is not the same as during the Great Depression. Today there is no pain for those without work. Today they still have their cars, Obamaphones, big screen TV’s, steak dinners. So who cares if I lose my job. I’ll just go down to the local gibbme guvmint handout skiosk for my free stuff.

  • jaxson

    if you live in a blue state do not ask me for a donation if you have a hurricane, flood, or earthquake etc…from now on i only take care of my own…i wont vacation or spend any money in a blue state either… CA. WA. OR. NY. NJ. MI. WI. FL. etc…kiss my arse.

  • Me

  • Carol Johnson

    Anyone who hides behind anonymity is not to be trusted. If the story is true – then I expect proof – something most thinking people (and voters) expect.

  • cadcam

    Hey you so-called millionaires and billionaires (like those who make $200K), business owners, etc. , if they voted for Obama, fire the housekeeper, fire the gardener, fire the nanny. If you have a young son or daughter at home who voted for Obama, tell them they have 30 days to get out and cut-off their cell phone, iPhone, use of your car. Make them work around the house to get fed. then, after 30 days, kick-em out and they can go look to their new government parent, get food-stamps, and an Obamaphone.

  • dwd

    #29 Granny – Yes, going full to part time does not make you “unemployed”, BUT it will likely mean you no longer receive benefits such as health care coverage, and employers will be able to evade Obamacare that way. So, not only will unemployment go up from the fired employees, the number and percentage of people who are uninsured will also go up. Add to that the hidden figures you mentioned regarding underemployment (like having 2-3 part time jobs that don’t pay as much as one full time would) and those just giving up on seeking employment and exiting the workforce, and the real numbers are even worse. However, the latter would show up indirectly when looking at the participation rate of the population in the workforce… but that still didn’t factor in to voters’ decisions, as it was mentioned repeatedly pre-election.

    This country is not good at math, and unfortunately instead of being able to think and do math and anticipate the future, it appears that most people aren’t going to get it until it’s too late and they’re slapped in the face with the reality they’ve created with their votes, at which point it’s too late to matter.

  • Ray

    Living in northern Kentucky,across from Cincinnati,have nothing but contempt for them and Ohio right now.

  • dwd

    #48, look at the chart posted at Ace:

    Hispanics OVERWHELMINGLY want bigger government and more government services. The longer Hispanics have been in this country the less they want more government services, but even the majority of 3rd generation Hispanics still believe in bigger government.

    Hispanics are liberal

    And assimilation, per the chart at Ace, doesn’t change their liberal inclinations.

    Even a Rubio at the top of the ticket likely wouldn’t win Hispanics over, because he wouldn’t be promising them the free stuff that an Obama or a Hillary would.

    As time passes and generations come and go, people forget the past… they never lived through it. We’re going to have to go down the socialism road again and again, because, so they promise, this time we’ll get socialism right! This time it will work! Ask not what you can do for your country, ask what your country can take from those doing well and give to you to buy your vote. That’s the road we’re on, until there’s no one left to tax.

  • Patty

    #50 November 8, 2012 at 12:16 pm
    Sasja commented:

    People, losing a job today is not the same as during the Great Depression. Today there is no pain for those without work. Today they still have their cars, Obamaphones, big screen TV’s, steak dinners. So who cares if I lose my job. I’ll just go down to the local gibbme guvmint handout skiosk for my free stuff.


    That is majority of Obama voters. Free Stuff on Us.

  • Patty


    Obama Welcomes Young Illegal Immigrants and Hispanic Vote

    Treat for Hispanics. And they were the majority who help bring Obama over the top.

    He is one trick pony.

  • Patty


    When Obama covered his, whatever, he won at that point. He had the black vote and then the Hispanic vote, then it was a win, at that point.

    They were never going to change their vote, no matter what Romney said.

  • Patty


    Many had no idea about Foreign policies or the debt. They cared about what was going to be given to them.

    And now, Obama must keep his promise. Will he, he is now pretty much free to do what he wants but it still has to go through Congress. Or, will he just past Executive Order.

    Republicans have a big job to do before 2016 but it will be a tough nut to crack. We are a Socialized Nation now, at least more then Half the nation is now.

  • Sasja


    Californians just shot themselves in the foot once again by voting to increase taxes on themselves plus electing a super lib dem majority to their austere body politic. It is going to be entertaining to watch when promises made are not forthcoming and their legislatures raise taxes once again.

  • Ray

    I don’t care what jispanics and blacks do. What pisses me off are the whites who voted Obama. As well as the millions who for some reason stayed home.

  • Chalice

    jaxson wrote about CA. WA. OR. NY. NJ. MI. WI. FL.

    I sincerely believe fraud won WI & FL. Good chance it won MI, and not on the list, PA.

  • gracepmc

    How sad for him that he is forced to do this in order to take care of himself and his family. Unfortunately I suspect his troubles might just be beginning. All manner of Obama jackboots will descend upon him. Expect an Executive Order that until further notice all American businesses will be denied the right to fire employees.

  • lynno

    small business owner, laid off 4 today, 4 four more for obama food stamp,3yrs unemployment, housing, monthly payment,medical . It was cheaper for me to stay in business. Nov. 6th changed America. More on the wagon than pullers. Enjoy getting up and going to work for your self and at least three other takers. Keep working hard workers and keep your mouth shut and keep working. Wait until the unions start to bully the average old American worker.

  • Let the good times roll!

    I think they should take all the obama voter Churches and turn them all into abortion clincs..


  • Let the good times roll!

    All red states should recede from the union! Every last blue state let them pay their own taxes, support the welfare loafers! Let obama take care of them. I say let’s not play anymore. We are the true Americans, the military, the true Christians! Not the ones who say it but don’t practice what they preach!. Let the 47% non tax payers, freaks, liberals, the OPEN Society have it (Hollywood will support them).Let them pay for the thousands of social programs with their hard earn money? Yal that’s a laugh. I say red states pull out!! TX, AK, KS, AR, TN, AL, MO, WY, SD, ND, NE, OK, we have the oil, the brains, let them have their party time no morale society! 50% of Americans voted to keep the republic alive! Let’s recede!!!! Let’s fight to get our own true America! Our own congress! They can tax the liberals! Tax themselves if we aren’t there! We have so many states that would be a great Nation without CA, CT, VT (pediphiles), MD, DC, ME…gee just think about it–wouldn’t that be great??

  • All you commentor’s are correct. Just wait until Jan. 1 2013! On that day I want everyone to go outside and listen very carefully. What you will hear is the sound of shock and screaming when liberals find out that their taxes are going up like a skyrocket right along with ours. Wait until they see what THEIR share of the horrendous taxation that will be coming down on our heads when the ObamaCare law begins it’s taxation to pay for it’s implementation come 2014. And then we’ll hear another scream coming from liberals when they find out that all the psychotropic drugs being given to their Alzhiemer mothers or fathers, and maybe grandparents when one of the first things that ObamaCare will do when it goes into affect is to cut off payment for those kinds of drugs for the elderly.

    Also, ObamaCare does not include paying for the housing of those elderly who are taking those psychotropic drugs either. That means that the nursing homes that are running on Medicare strickly for the care of Alzhiemer’s patients, like my mother-in-law was, will be shut down because ObamaCare does not pay for those facilities anymore, the law says it’s to expensive. My mother-in-law’s care was costing $2,700.00 a month! We bought her house and rolled the money into her bank account in order to keep the state from confiscating it and putting it into Medicaid, and anything else of value they would have stolen from her and all the decades of hard work she did.

    All the liberals are going to find out that what they’ve just done to re-elect Obama was the single most worse thing they have ever done politically in their lives. They didn’t know the law was going to include them to. They didn’t know they were going to have to turn over their entire financial statement in order for the government to see how much your portion of your tax is going to be, they are going to be in shock when they are looking at their tax bill going up 5 to 8 thousand dollars a year on top of their regular taxes which on Jan. 1st will go up thousands of dollars a year when the Bush tax cuts are allowed to expire.

    Don’t think for a second that the Republican’s are going to let Obama have his tax on the Rich. If they do then that will be one more leg of the Communist Manifesto accomplished for Obama.

    Why do you think Obama wants that tax? Don’t you think he knows that increasing that tax on the rich won’t have any affect on the debt? Of course he does. But what it does is open the door to further taxation that without it he couldn’t do. That is what the Communist Manifesto says is the government has to create for itself a way to control the wealthy. And in order to do that it has to be able to take their money away from them if they don’t do what the government wants from them, like sending more of the jobs from the companies they own, overseas, or turning over more of the manufacturing to China because China wants it, or raise the price of something to keep American’s from being able to get more of something, like food for instance. If they don’t then the government just raises their taxes to punish them, take more of their wealth from them. That’s the way the Soviets did it.

  • Sasja

    Ray, about those who stayed home. A guy called Rush today explaining why he didn’t vote, again. In a nutshell, he decided to punish those who gave us another moderate as a candidate who would still take us over that fiscal cliff, only slower. In his warped mind, it’s best to step on the accelerator and take the plunge going 100 mph rather than 60.

    We of course don’t know about the rest who stayed home, but if they felt the same as this putz, I want to thank them for putting their pettiness ahead of the country. Nice going.

  • Sasja

    Now that my husband, I, and our business partner decided retirement was best, we will be laughing ourselves silly when other people are having to deal with higher taxes. We are living a rather downsized lifestyle, but really have all the creature comforts we need at this stage of our lives and it’s no biggy to not dine out more than once or twice a month.

    Enjoy, suckers.

  • DMG

    i wont vacation or spend any money in a blue state either…

    Well then, keeping that in mind, here are some travel suggestions.

  • DMG

    I sincerely believe fraud won WI & FL.

    WI and FL are run by Republicans. If there were any shenanigans perpetrated, they would have worked against Obama, not for him.

  • squeaky

    [MOORHEAD, Minn. — Hundreds of workers in our region are losing their jobs as wind turbine manufacturers cut production.
    The federal tax credit that subsidizes wind energy is set to expire at the end of the year, and political uncertainty is putting the brakes on the wind industry. More than 500 workers are losing their jobs in the Red River Valley..]

  • YourMaster

    please do this on a massive level over the next 4 years
    A) find out whether your co-workers or potential hirings are liberals or voted for 0bama
    and then fire them and let them have to suffer the remaining time in unemployment
    if these are in liberal states those states will potentially collapse and 0bama will get all the blame for not being able to help them.
    B) cut back on any expansion of business… and the only people that should be hired when needed are conservatives. (do it even more if the libs threaten to let the bush tax cuts expire or allow them to)

    the public will see the economy headed into ruin and they will all blame 0bama for it… just like they blamed Bush for everything

    ….make it pure hell to be a liberal for the next 4 yrs straight… and when people ask why no ones hiring say 0bamacare… or your anticipation of 0bama’s higher taxes and costs.
    …I’d like to hire… really but, democrats voted for 0bamacare… sorry!
    I waiting for someone to repeal that bill and lower regulations/taxes

    that should be the policy from now on in the business world… and it should go on for as long as 0bama or the left is in power. 😀

  • Sparky

    Yes, there are consequences for voting for Obama. May there be more!

  • Mark S.

    Lefties are already attacking this guy for pointing out that most of his employees are Hispanic, calling him a bigot now for FIRING PEOPLE HE HIRED!!

  • Franko

    Im sure the 22 were probably gloating about the big OBUMMER Win. Then wammo aww what? Im now unemployed? That hope from the devil always lasts such a short time , don’t it…

  • Loving life

    What a bunch of sore trailer park losers, I mean business owners here. Well in going against the trend, i have a friend who will be hiring 3,875 people thanks to the re election of President Obama. Thank goodness for Obamacare which is much better than the emergency room. Glorious day in america as my Canadian friends are only too quick to point out. Goodbye gop and good riddance. You got more than your share of ignorant losers to vote against their own interests, but no worries because President Obama will save you.

  • 1earthling

    I read a comment from a liberal voter who stated she was voting for Obama, b/c Romney would put her back in the cotton fields. Well if that meant you would be off taxpayers payroll and contributing to society’s economy than maybe you should be back in the cotton fields! GOD knows their arw folks who’d be will

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