Judge Napolitano was not pleased with the FBI’s behavior in regards to the Petraeus Scandal.

“These emails did not indicate criminal activity. These did not implicate national security. They were not a threat to David Petraeus the person or David Petraeus the Director of the CIA. Those are the FBI’s words. So the question is, what the heck were you doing listening to his emails? How did you get the right to listen to them? Did you have a search warrant and what did you tell the judge in order to sign the search warrant? And why did you disclose this publicly in order to dislodge this otherwise superb public servant?… I think they ran amok with General Petraeus’ life, his liberties and for that he’s out of a job and it’s wrong.”

Via Happening Now:




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  1. @American Woman:

    Don’t forget his initial appearance in front of the congressional committee where he blamed the video for Benghazi when he knew damned well that wasn’t the cause. He also attempted to suppress our free speech when he called on Terry Jones to refrain from burning a koran on 9/11/11.

  2. Excellent points judge.
    I don’t know the answers, but it seems the FBI was collecting dirt on Patreaus, then the White House blackmailed Patreaus to lie to Congress about Benghazi then to keep him from exposing the lie, outed him a week before he was to testify again – to shut him up and anyone else. If they can do this to Patreaus, they can do it to anyone.
    Enough speculation, that’s my theory and I’m sticking to it until I get more facts.

  3. Not impressed with this liberaltarian’s take on Petraeus. The general was a champion of the politically correct, social engineering military. He then foolishly accepted a policy position in the most Leftist administration in US history. Now he will be made the fall guy and sideshow. I’m not shedding any tears.

  4. Petraeus is responsible for the rules of engagement in Afghanistan that risk the lives of our troops.

    Read about it:

  5. Judge Napolitano on FBI: “They Ran Amok With General Petraeus’ Life & His Liberties”

    The whole Obie administration is running amok with our lives and liberties, and the end (of his administration) is still some time away.

  6. LOL life and liberties….Does he think this is still the America of the 80’s or something?

    There is no law or protection here.

  7. You have to cover up Bengazi some kind of way.

  8. If Petraues and Broadwell were clear of any wrong doing, time to prosecute the FBI agent of misuse of government resources for his own personal use.

  9. OMG, I read the headline as Janet Napolitano not Judge Napolitano and thought the old gal had a stroke.

  10. If Petraues and Broadwell were clear of any wrong doing, time to prosecute the FBI agent of…

    You’re joking, right?

  11. If they can do this to Patreaus, they can do it to anyone.

    If you don’t have any dirty secrets, there’s nothing they can blackmail you with.

  12. Benghazi cover up, gun running operation and 4 dead americans became a side show. Sex under the desk, lies and 30K emails become front and center. Sad.

  13. Petraues was the one who told Congress that he takes orders from the U.N., right? So screw him. If you lie in bed (no pun intended) with snakes, prepare to get bitten. And by snakes, I mean the serpant that was in the Garden of Eden. ;)

  14. The FBI has been doing this to the kind of people that conservatives don’t like for as long as there has been an FBI, and the only conservatives who ever objected were people like Ron Paul.

  15. Hey bg, did you see this?

    U.S. general demoted over ‘extravagant trips’
    Gen. William “Kip” Ward will lose one star and retire as a three-star lieutenant general

    Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/general-demoted-extravagant-trips-article-1.1201284#ixzz2C8Jcnq6u

    Did you see this via CBS?


    Judge is right… they’re all in his business. All of this proves mucho distraction on why were they there in the first place running guns to the enemy. Also while the suck ROE have been made worse by leading sacrifices to Obama’s moon god in war. Has anyone checked on the death count in AfPak and Iraq lately? Can anyone imagine this many SEALS being killed in all the administrations prior to this one?

    I believe Obama got that piece of crap movie made and is not working in the interests of this country… to say the least. My youngest could have made a better movie; to took a muslim mind. No one with an American knowledge of any movie or tv show would make such a crappy movie. Nevermind it being factually true, it doesn’t have our mindset, period.

    This is a purge.

    I was waiting on Adm. Stavridis to be next… check these stories out:


  16. #37 November 13, 2012 at 1:42 pm
    Adam Robert Ryan commented:

    cites? Please, be specific.

  17. #37 November 13, 2012 at 1:42 pm
    Adam Robert Ryan commented:

    Just to get you started, we are all already aware that Richard Nixon used to order this kind of cr@p, and that Al Haig would simply ignore him.

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