It’s an Obama Thanksgiving… Food Pantry Sees 400% Increase in Demand

Via Drudge:
Record Number of Americans Will Use Food Stamps For Thanksgiving…


The Obama Administration and their toadies in the media hid the record food stamp numbers from the American public until after the election.

47.1 million Americans were on food stamps last month – an all-time record. This report that usually comes out early in the month was delayed until after the election. (IBD Chart)

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  • flicka47

    So…. who’s left to donate?

  • Morgan

    Food pantries are a self-fulfilling prophecy. Giving away free food to people and non-citizens ALREADY receiving free food.

    Tens of millions on food stamps…talking on cell phones and smoking cigarettes at the Metro station. That’s free, too. (The “honor” system.)

    When it all goes down, they’ll come for YOUR food. They are unable to take care of themselves and prone to violence. Buy lead, not gold.

  • Jet Jaguar

    With a critical mass of mooching looters and children-in-adult-bodies now voting, the Liberal destruction of These United States is complete. There are no limits left to check the ever more rapid Federal usurpation of State and individual rights.

  • myohmy

    The Won’s legacy more than half of americans poorer than ever. Big government agenda is to get everybody in the poor house. Sad day for america.

  • Paz

    This is what libs get. I’m not lifting a finger anymore. Citizens of Obamaville must learn to be self-sufficient as I have. I hope Obama voters STARVE!

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  • Patty
  • bg


    heh, might as well pass this on..

    hey, ya not only never know, but that is most likely
    than not truer today than it was when first uttered..

    oh btw, Student expelled for refusing spychip


  • kato

    We need to distinguish between those truly in need and the far larger number who are just opportunistic freeloaders.

    There’s enormous overlap between 1) the parasites and 2) Subprime voters. It’s a great time to be a parasite in America.

  • Joe

    Let the whole state of MA starve. They should have been careful of what they wished for.

    Now that they have Obama, they can live with the consequences.

  • bg


    too many ‘poor’ are being shuffled
    around like lost pieces of puzzles..


  • Patty


    Report: Chris Christie surprised to find people not happy that he lavished Obama with praise before election

    I keep thinking, “Christie can’t possibly come back from this.” And then I think, “Wait, did we actually just nominate John McCain and the guy responsible for RomneyCare?”

    Never underestimate the Republican capacity to forgive, my friends.

    But behind the scenes, the intensity of the reaction from those in Mr. Christie’s party caught him by surprise, interviews show, requiring a rising Republican star to try to contain a tempest that left him feeling deeply misunderstood and wounded…

    The tensions followed Mr. Christie to the annual meeting of the Republican Governors Association in Las Vegas last week. At a gathering where he had expected to be celebrated, Mr. Christie was repeatedly reminded of how deeply he had offended fellow Republicans.

    “I will not apologize for doing my job,” he emphatically told one of them in a hotel hallway at the ornate Wynn Resort…

    Inside the Romney campaign, there is little doubt that Mr. Christie’s expressions of admiration for the president, coupled with ubiquitous news coverage of the hurricane’s aftermath, raised Mr. Obama’s standing at a crucial moment…

    “Christie,” a Romney adviser said, “allowed Obama to be president, not a politician.”[…………………..]

  • Patty


    Liberal Litmus Tests

    My sons are getting about the age where they’ve started asking me about the differences between liberals and conservatives, so I guess I should start a list…

    – If you’re committed to women’s rights, but unconcerned about the females that are aborted every day, you’re probably a liberal.

    – If you think the world needs better solutions to problems like hunger and disease, but you think capitalist companies should be raped and pillaged, you’re probably a liberal.

    – If you despise bullies who use intimidation and threats to get their way, but support the Palestinians, you’re probably a liberal.

    – If you think dunking a crucifix in pee is art that should be protected as free speech, but conservative talk shows need to be pulled off the air, you’re probably a liberal.

    – If you’re deeply committed to nonviolence, but think (insert Republican name here)’s a scumsucking pig who should be shot like a dog in the streets, you’re probably a liberal.

    – If you think it’s wrong that companies are sending jobs overseas, but you fully support unions, you’re probably a liberal.

    – If you’re concerned about fundamentalist Christians imposing their religion on you, but unconcerned about fundamentalist Muslims imposing their religion on you, you’re probably a liberal.

    – If you think George W. Bush was a worse President than George H.W. Bush, you’re probably a liberal.

  • Patty


    OH,Oh, My, my!!

    U.S. Dept. of Labor Observes ‘Transgender Day of Remembrance’

    Department of Labor is officially observing Nov. 20 as “The Transgender Day of Remembrance.”

    “The Transgender Day of Remembrance [TDOR] will be commemorated in cities and countries around the world today, reflecting on those who have died as a result of fear, hate and transphobia,” Labor Secretary Hilda Solis said in a statement on Tuesday.

    “I stand proudly today–and every day–as an ally to the transgender community and to every person and family impacted by anti-transgender bullying and violence,” she said. “Transgender people are part of the diversity that America celebrates today and they, like every American, deserve to live without fear of prejudice or violence.”

    “I hope that this year’s commemoration will serve as an opportunity to shine a brighter light on both progress made and the challenges ahead,” Solis said.

    The Department issued a similar statement last year, in which Solis said she’s “proud to stand and be counted as an ally to the transgender community.”


  • bg


    Patty #12 November 20, 2012 at 10:54 pm

    BS is BS is BS..

    November 20, 2012

    GOP legally barred from fighting vote fraud

    [Voting machines suspiciously defaulting to Barack Obama? Buses
    loaded with strangers appearing at polling stations? Even ballots
    turning out 100 percent for one candidate in precinct reports?

    In short, suspicions of vote fraud?

    That’s too bad, because a race-based consent decree negotiated by
    Democrats against the Republican National Committee a generation
    ago still has tied the RNC’s hands, and GOP officials could be cited for
    contempt – or worse – if they try to make sure American elections are


    No. Fact.]


  • Kelly

    Good Lord! I’m shocked!! People cannot find a job, and all the children of this nation elected this Santa Claus for all the free stuff he gives them!! Of course more are demanding food from the shelf! In a nation of welfare and people who don’t pay taxes, of course they are asking for free food too! People who work hard, pay taxes and pay for their OWN food like our family does, seem to be in short supply! America these days disgusts me!!

  • squeaky

    the unproductives are now having to share resources with those who formally contributed. cheering the war on the rich comes with consequences that they in their infinite wisdom never stopped to consider. this will end up cutting into what the professional takers consider their turf as they get less benefits as the system “redistributes” scarce resourses to cover the newly destitute.

  • squeaky

    formally = formerly

  • radioone

    I live in a State with 3.8% unemployment and in my city(3.6%) the Salvation Army ran out of turkeys in 40 minutes. I’m convinced the “professional free-stuff crowd” is gaming the system.

    “Salvation Army officials say when they opened their doors at 12:00, the lines for people to get food had extended all the way around the building. Just forty minutes later, they were forced to turn people away. They say it’s because they’ve seen a jump in demand and a drop in donations since last Thanksgiving.”

  • democraps suck

    BUCK FOBAMA……destroying America and making sure there are more dumb A$$ES to keep voting for the demo-turds in years to come

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  • Lightwave

    We’re on track to see 21% of Americans on food stamps by 2016…one in five Americans. That’s of course if the coming financial crash is only as bad as 2008. All indications are it will be significantly worse.

    I fully expect to hit 25%…one out of 4 Americans on OBAMEESTAMPS…by 2016.

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