It gets worse…
The FBI reportedly happened upon former CIA Director David Petraeus’s extramarital affair while investigating a complaint from a woman close to Petraeus who had received harassing emails from the general’s alleged mistress. Senator Feinstein weighs in on FOX News Sunday.
Paula Broadwell was threatening another woman to stay away from her Petraeus.

Today Senator Dianne Feinstein weighed in on the scandal on FOX News Sunday.
“I can’t believe it. But, that’s what it is.”



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  1. Who is this other woman? Big Sis?

  2. So Petraeus has a habit of extramarital affairs – and the FBI didn’t know before confirmation?

    Did anyone drive cross country wearing a diaper?

  3. #1 Ohme

    I am still laughing at your comment. You made my day. Thank you!!

  4. Petraeus “got some” didn’t he? That chick was a hottie, damn Army guys can’t keep it in their pants. But I thought Slick Willie showed us all it was “just about sex” and it’s all cool?

  5. ah, here come the rats back out of there holes after the election

  6. Rather than spending $55 million investigating these people’s sex lives just book them on Jerry Springer.

  7. Chris Wallace honiing his tabloid skills …

  8. We all knew this would get the attention of the MSM. Sex sells. Apparentlly duty, honor, and country, not so much. We still do not know all we need to know about this and somewhere in all of this mess there must be a pony.

  9. Notice is hereby given…… Enough is enough.

    Syrian Army continues to lob shells into Israel.

    Israel opens fire on Syria.

    Attention sane Jewish Americans: Don’t go anywhere unarmed.

    Attention Jewish Democrats: Please ignore that last sentence above.

  10. Now Senator Dianne Feinstein…what have you heard about Benghazi?

  11. Today is Veterans Day. If some of you live near a VA hospital a visit to our war wounded would be much appreciated by them. Know a veteran? Give him, or her, a call.

  12. He got it at the Pentagon,
    He got it at the Mall.
    He got it under his/her desk
    and she didn’t mind at all.

    He said don’t tell the president
    cause he might not approve of hos ,
    She said what the hell you talkin’ ’bout,

  13. Who? Sorry, I refuse to listen to anymore of their lies!

  14. PLEASE REPOST EVERYWHERE : Petraeus was thrown under the ObozoX bus because he will not support the Obozo lies on Benghazi= Obozo TREASON…. The affair is just misdirection crap to keep everyone from Obozo’s Benghazi treason and Obozo Election Fraud.. Very hard to do

    Election Fraud – Programmer Testifies About writing software for Rigging Elections in Vote Counting Machine in Numerous States; Ohio/Florida/etc

    Clearly 5.5M Republican Votes and the military votes were not counted nationwide

    Electron Fraud and Benghazi TREASON – Impeach ObozoX

  15. Is there anything in the Obama administration that doesn’t smell like stench?

  16. Will Paula mat be the next spokesperson for depends?

  17. This is what they’re expecting us to believe. A woman who was close to Petraeus received threatening emails from Broadwell. This woman felt so threatened she went to the FBI to file a complaint and thus began the investigation. That makes no sense. Whose first instinct when the receive a threatening email is to call the FBI? And why the special attention so quickly to this woman. One civilian threatens another civilian and the FBI begins investigation? This is hogwash.

    If you’re that close to Petreaus that Paula B. felt threatened wouldn’t you go to him and tell him his ex-mistress is threatening you? I certainly wouldn’t keep it a secret from him and just let the FBI handle it. I’d want him to know, especially since he’s the head of the CIA. And we all know the two agencies don’t exactly share a lot of love between them.

    And further, why hasn’t Paula Broadwell been arrested if these emails were so threatening they warranted a federal investigation? Sending e-mail threats are a federal crime. Yet, she hasn’t been arrested. Federal agents swiftly moved to apprehend on a YouTube videographer shortly after the Benghazi attack and he’s been sentenced to a year in jail. Supposedly for a parole violation?

    The FBI spent only a few hours in Benghazi after the attack leaving many papers and evidence behind for anyone to pick up and use. Yet they spent months on this and kept it from Congress and the President until AFTER the election. Obama’s CIA director is suspected of telling his former lover classified info and you DON”T alert the President as a precautionary measure? Stuff and nonsense.

    And now Petraeus is not testifying before Congress. Hillary Clinton wont either because she’ll be on a foreign trip to Australia to take the Australian government to task for cutting their defense spending? What a joke. She’s also going to Myanamar a country she already visited earlier this year and she tag along with Obama to Thailand. Good to know our leaders are using their time so well.

    As for Obama, he’ll hold press conference on Wednesday to provide answers I’m sure. I’m not holding my breath on that. They’ll focus on when he knew about Petraeus and that’s important but we’ll never know what he was doing during the 7 hours our Benghazi consulate was attacked. The White House Press tools will play along just so that if he has another appearance they won’t get to sit in the nose bleed section of the arena.

    And if the heat gets too hot and they feel like they need to respond with more force. Obama will call upon Bill Clinton who’ll go before Congress and when asked about the events, he’ll smile and say, “That all depend on your definition of “stand down”

  18. All of this news is to take our eyes off of Benghazi. What is really important is why Petraeus supported the White House’s lies re the video being the reason our Ambassador and three Americans were killed in Benghazi and no American troops were sent to rescue them. Instead, the Administration was happy to watch the live videos as the 7-hour batted unfolded. What does this tell our troops serving overseas? How can they believe our politicians will make sure their back is covered?

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