It Begins… Sandy Survivors Report Crapping in Hallways – Rape In Stairwell (Video)

Seven days after Hurricane Sandy slammed the East Coast survivors are reporting chaos and crapping in the hallways. Brooklyn survivors told FOX News of a rape in the stairwell. The people of Brooklyn still have no electricity or water.

They can’t flush the toilet and are heating their apartments with the oven.
It’s hell.
David Lee Miller at FOX News reported:

Meanwhile, Barack Obama is out campaigning and demanding revenge on Republicans.

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  • talkgirl

    How did the 3rd World messiah let this happen?
    10 Bucks says the news channels won’t touch this…too bad. I’m sure Colbert and Stewart could get a great laugh out of this madness.

  • Granny

    What I want to know is this: the outcry of the media over Katrina started less than 24 hours after the fact and ALL of the blame was placed squarely on President Bush – never mind that FEMA was a disaster before he took office and remains so under Obama.

    WHERE is the outcry over a President who made what was essentially a campaign stop dressed up in a flight jacket costume who then went back to campaigning?

  • Adirondack Patriot

    The biggest city government in the country, the biggest state government in the country and a President who has ballooned the federal government to a liberal Big Government model.

    I guess “Big Government” isn’t the answer after all.

  • vonvervengarten

    Kinda looks like Russia.

  • Write2Inspire

    I am so sad for these people. The citizens w/o $ are the ones that suffer. No friends in ‘high places.’ I will pray that someone will come to your aid and offer beyond the minimum.

  • SeniorD

    NYC and New Orleans – cities led by the Clueless Gang Stuck on Stupid.

  • Tom

    Bush’s fault AGAIN!

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  • Iron Maiden

    As long as Obama has a blanket of cash on him to keep the cold chill of a Vegas night away – and Eva Longoria and the other 1% to keep him warm, that’s all that matters.

  • paul52

    Nerobama fiddles while NY and NJ freeze. Can’t let this interfere with the campaign, ya know! Wish Barry had made the ‘revenge’ comment about 10 days ago.

  • Tom Kubiak, Colonel, USAF (Ret)

    Sounds like the Democratic National Convention — the gathering of morons. These mental giants wouldn’t be living in government sponsored settlement building if they had gotten an education

  • SeniorD

    This disaster is tailor made for a stolen election. Watch Election Night, somehow, New Yoirk City and New Jersey will suddenly find the time to vote early (and often). Polling numbers for the hardest hit areas will be the highest in recorded history and nearly 99.9% of the votes will be for Obama. Further, when the results are questioned, several pallets of ‘missed’ ballots will be found to further cement the Inept Clown’s theft.

  • snap boy

    There was talk last year with Irene of the devastation a hurricane could unleash on the east coast. Maybe if Bloomberg had paid more attention to emergency preparedness rather than soda size over the past year ….

  • Sasja

    NY and NJ will go to Barry anyway. People up there are not only stupid but must be masochists to continue voting for the corrupt and inept.

  • Tired Okie

    WHERE’S THE WITCH ANN CURRY? You know NBC’s best female reporter screaming at the camera about how terrible Bush was!!! Oh yeah Matt Lier got her fired because she was prettier than him. Where’s the stories of rape, murder, mayham, and looting? You know it’s going on!! Forgot damn it, stuff like that doesn’t happen when dems are in charge.

  • democraps suck

    Looks like an occupy movement same results…how did obummer let this happen…..

  • Liz V

    I am a lifelong Bronxite and Republican. Not everyone here is “blue”. There are many many holdouts so please don’t lump us all in!
    That being said, no human being should have to endure what these people are going through.

  • Patty

    And where is Sean Penn and Brad Pitt. Seriously.

    Even Bill Clinton. Oh, he is campaigning with Obama. This is like Third World and don’t they step up for other nations?

    If, God forbid there was a Disaster beyond this, are we ready. Because I cannot imagine.

    Many of us know were to help but here are two legitimate place where we can help.

  • Liz V

    I gotta agree with #18.

  • Granny

    #18 Patty –

    I really wish that you had left the Red Cross off that list. They take more than 70% of the donations off the top and have been “present” in this crisis and most other mostly by being MIA while talking big.

    Send your money to the Salvation Army. THEY had people throughout NYC handing out meals, water and emergency kits almost immediately after the storm ended. The Red Cross took days to reach some areas and then passed out only hot chocolate and cookies.

  • #15…in the same place as the stories about the grieving families of soldiers killed in the wars and stories of homeless people for the last four years. but don’t worry if romney gets elected they’ll be front page news again.

  • Patty

    Look at how much stronger the American military is because it is less racist, less sexist and less homophobic and we’re just looking for people who can do the job.”

    This is what Clinton is doing. Denigration of human life on the east coast and now he is denigrating the Military too.

  • Patty

    #20 November 5, 2012 at 11:20 am
    Granny commented:

    Then give to whom ever you see fit. Something is better then nothing at all. Right?

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  • Patty
  • Patty

    Sandy Victims Beg For Help

  • Hera

    I wonder how many of the people in this housing project voted for Obama in 2008?I remember after the election a lady talking about “Obama money” and how he was going to pay for her house and electricity. Four years later the Obama lead FEMA cannot even get bottled water to desperate people who have had no electricity for a week in Nov. That’s change you can believe in.

  • bg


    wonder what it’s like living in the Sudan, or in
    the outer skirts of say, China, or any number
    of other such undeveloped places where gov
    rules the roost so to speak.. /s/


  • Patty

    FEMA Forced to Solicit Water Bids for Sandy Victims

    The Obama administration’s strategy of prepositioning supplies for quick distribution in disasters apparently has fallen short on meeting the demand for drinking water in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

    “The agency [FEMA} appears to have been unprepared to distribute bottled water to Hurricane Sandy victims when the storm hit [last Monday],” Breitbart News reported over the weekend.

  • Oldpuppymax

    Rape in a hallway? Well that’s CERTAINLY better than carrying a gun for self defense, isn’t it! Just ask Bloomy!

  • JenBee

    #20 Granny, yes yes yes, the Salvation Army is tops when you’re looking for someplace to give a donation. For the forced evacuation of New Orleans during Katrina, I spent five weeks kept from my home – though I had only fled with about three days worth of clothes and supplies (which was normal; every previous evacuation for all my 40 years we were gone no more than three days)… living in hotels and eating out for five straight weeks left me broke, and if it wasn’t for the Salvation Army, I don’t know what I would have done. They gave me a voucher for clothes in their store and boxes of health and bath supplies. Godsent.

  • Rachelle

    Crapping in the hallways?

    It’s public housing.

    That’s where they often crap.

    Even when all of the toilets haven’t been stolen or broken yet.

  • Patty TOO FUNNY

    How Does Obama Maintain The Hypnotic Control Over The Media?

    Like Katrina, Hurricane Sandy Asks “Where Is FEMA?”

    In New York City, lines can be miles long waiting for gasoline – at up to $6.00 a gallon.. Fights, muggings, and store lootings have risen dramatically as the racehorse complexed inhabitants in The City So Nice They Named It Twice are already rumbling. The muted response of Obama’s Federal Emergency Management Agency is yet another problem plaguing those citizens, because of a seeming slowness to manage the many post hurricane problems, like power outages, flooded homes, water born diseases, raw sewage, industrial chemicals and only God-knows-what else. In the meantime, little Napoleon, NY Mayor Bloomberg, is diverting rehab resources toward setting up the New York Marathon. New Yorkers normally are in a constant state of anger, but now its evolved into a Mad Max madness.

    Here is a sampling of just a few of the problems New Yorkers are encountering according to the Drudge Report:

    Gas Shortages May Not End for Another Week…
    Mile-long lines, price hits $6…
    Fistfights, Guns Drawn…
    ‘I’m pretty p*ssed’…
    Two massive generators power NY media, not masses…
    NYC Official: Red Cross ‘Absolute Disgrace’…
    Looters Dress Like Con Edison Workers to Gain Access to Houses…

    Staten Islanders Plead for Help: ‘We Need Food’…
    ‘Please don’t leave us’…

    Read on here:

    Granny for you, NYC Official: Red Cross ‘Absolute Disgrace’…

  • Multitude

    I wonder if, when Michelle Obama said in 2008 that people would have to make sacrifices for her husband, that they’d have to “get out of their comfort zones,” they understood that meant living in feces, suffering in the cold, being subjected to rapes, and ultimately… dying.

    The Progressive Geist is a hungry spirit, one that requires constant feeding of ambitions, dreams and souls. From Marx through Lenin, Stalin, Hitler and Mao, it is unsettled when it is not nourished by crushed hope, lost innocence and blood.

  • lizzy84

    FEMA Is Out of Water Redux ~
    Anybody Ask the Army Corps of Engineers for Help?

    If they had, they might very well have water right now in an uninterrupted flow, instead of an embarrassing lurch and search for a bottling contractor with citizens suffering:

    THIS NOTE: The Army Corps of Engineers maintains a registry of pre-awarded contracts (as part of their Advanced Contracting Initiative) for resources that are ready to move in to a disaster in real time. Their Commodities Planning and Response Teams, staged all over the country, are the mechanism by which those resources ~ specifically FRESH WATER and ICE in the first stages of the disaster ~ are implemented and delivered to the disaster site. This is ALL, by mission statement, REQUESTED and CO-ORDINATED BY FEMA after a Presidential Disaster Declaration. In a miserable display of incompetency, FEMA and this administration have failed to activate those very lifesaving assets, while scrabbling for “contracts” the USACE ALREADY has in place, READY TO GO. They merely put have 2 of these teams “on alert”. The explanation and the facts are below:

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  • maynardb61

    “They can’t flush the toilet and are heating their apartments with the oven.
    It’s hell.”
    Having a working oven is a good thing. I guess that means they have natural gas for the oven. If I have gas fired appliances (which I do) , I can cook anything. And with all the pigeons flying around, I bet I could make a good breakfast. With a little flour, shortening,
    and water, a good tortilla. Of course it helps to have knowledge. People, be prepared for disasters. I keep at least a months supply of food on hand (think Spam, canned beans, canned tuna, etc. etc.).

  • Adirondack Patriot

    Those little turds in public housing hallways are officially being called “Bloombergs”.

    Please revise your comments to reflect this update.

  • Well, I think the NY elite media are going to revisit their opinion on just how easy it is to fix a disaster. Maybe next time they’ll bide their tongue.

    Also, WHERE IS MAUREEN DOWN?? She is always the first to haul rear out of the way of trouble.

    And, then the Archer52 mantra -Only two kinds of people left after a disaster- zombies and zombie food. New Yorkers will need to learn to band together. Lucky for them, they are surrounded by 39,000 police that can get to them. So it won’t be as bad as it would be. However, I predict in the projects they’ll find more shot than drowned.

    And then there is the Drudge report pointing out even after the marathon was cancelled, runners decided to run anyway forcing a delay in the movement of the generators. New York is a city of two classes, the elites and those in the dark.

    Amazing somebody hasn’t beaten Bloomberg about his head and shoulders yet for being such an out of touch arrogant elitist when he stumbles around down there on his “I feel your pain. Wait I think its a piece of caviar and crackers stuck in my teeth. There got it.” tour.

    I guess that security detail is really working hard.

  • jorgen

    On a more positive note: the Mayor prioritized and ensured that New Yorkers don’t die from too big sodas!

  • tj

    Welcome to Obamerika!

  • My mantra.

    After there is a disaster, there are only two types of people left, zombies and zombie food.

    Thankfully, these people are near 39,000 cops so it won’t be too bad. But I’ll bet inside the projects there will be more dead from gunfire and stabbings than drowning.

    As for Bloomberg, as I said in a post that didn’t make it, I’m am surprised he hasn’t been thumped about his head and elitist shoulders by a crowd.

    His “I feel your pain” tour is a joke. If he’s smart he’ll start using a helicopter and a loud speaker.

    This shows that there are two classes of people in New York, elites and those still in the dark.

  • #39…the ny media is waiting to see if romney gets elected, then they’ll blame everything on him. “president elect does nothing to help hurricane victims” will be splashed all over the front pages and will be the lead stories on the six and eleven o’ clock news shows.

  • sandy

    Good grief! These folks were warned a big blow was coming. 85 mph winds are nothing here on the Oregon Coast. Why did they not prepare for it. Just imagine what will happen when an EMP goes off unexpectedly over the East Coast. What the heck do those folks think is going to happen to them when FEMA is comatose? All they need to do is hunker down, get their cars filled up before the storm hits, walk uptown to public library for toileting. Geez, what must be their IQ?

  • Kandee

    Personal responsibility is dead. It’s not “I should have prepared better” but “Where is everyone to take care of this?”

    Big government isn’t the answer.

  • flyover

    Biloxi, Mississippi was also devastated by Katrina. Never heard a word about them after the storm hit. New Orleans, on the other hand, heard about their strife for days, weeks, months and still to this day. New York, New Jersey, New Orleans…………what’s the common thread??? Could it be democrats are helpless?

  • Um. . .

    “It Begins… Sandy Survivors Report Crapping in Hallways – Rape In Stairwell”

    Um. . . it’s NYC. I think you mean “it continues.”

  • DomesticGoddess

    They are in public housing, which is supposed to be nirvana for those who vote Dem. Talk about exposing the hypocrisy. Will they finally “get it “that politicians lie and don’t give a rat’s arse about them??????? What does it take to make these people wake up?

  • Sparky

    Shouldn’t have voted for Bloomie and Cuomo. Everyone knows that the Democrats are anti-life unless of course they can somehow make money off the victims.

    Guess Messiah Obama couldn’t stem the tides after all.

  • Look-Out

    They’re begging for help from BHO’s administration…

    They haven’t been paying attention. Or they’d know…Pleas go unanswered from that despicable crowd. Ask the shocked, outraged and grieving families of the HEROES in LIBYA who were betrayed by them. YOU WILL BE IGNORED.

    What they don’t understand, either, is that many in that crowd probably consider it better they be dead. That’s right. There are too many people populating the earth. See Ted Turner’s ideas on that. And then there’s Ezekiel Emanuel (Rahm Emanuel’s brother) —

  • Adirondack Patriot

    Hey, where is Al Sharpton in all of this? Is he raising money for New York and New Jersey?

    Is he helping the poor and downtrodden?

    For a man of the people, the guy IS NOWHERE TO BE SEEN?

    How is his mansion in New Jersey? Nice and dry and cozy?

  • “the people are heating their apartments with their ovens.” thats what i did for four days. what would we have done for gas if the enviromentalists had their way?

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  • Winston Wolfe

    Where’s Shepard Smith screaming about cannibalism?

    Oh, wait. Bush can’t be blamed. My bad.

  • Marissa

    I think some on the outside are finally getting a look at Bloomberg’s New York. He pretends to be a merciful Lib, but the reality is that he just warehouses the less desirable people from “beautiful NYC” into vertical ghettoes and forgets about them. I also think that some on the inside are realizing this too.

  • josetoyou