Israeli soldiers stationed near Gaza dance and sing as they await their orders.

From the Video: Golani soldiers in the South – dancing and singing “We are believers
the sons of the believers and we have no one to rely on except for our
Father in Heaven” (credit: Bamachaneh)




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  1. Amen! God be with them.

  2. Send those rat bastard terrorists straight to hell

  3. ZULU …..” They’ve a very good base section…mate….but no top tenors…that’s for sure”…>

  4. Amen, be God with you and protect your life and send the Muslims right to hell.

  5. Happy Warriors. God Bless them.

  6. Horray! Oh, to dance with them! I love you guys! Go IDF, Love you Israel!

  7. God Bless and keep you safe in your fight.
    Israel for ever!

  8. Golani = very bad azz.

  9. God Speed! God has blessed Israel and she will prevail against her enemies.

  10. Note they don’t curse or wish death on every single Gazan resident as the Gazans do to every single Jew living in Israel whenever they have a pep rally/Friday prayers.

  11. The Golani Brigade are an elite group of soldiers in the IDF. Shame they have to do a ground invasion to clear-out the terrorists & the rockets, hidden in private family homes, hospitals, Mosques & nursery schools, instead of just carpet bombing from above & sparing the lives of these special soldiers.

    Only Israel drops pamphlets & issues warning phone calls on the Hamas-supporting Palestinian Arab residents before they attack, hence losing the element of surprise. This further endangers their own lives just to be PC & appease bias world opinion/media. (Kinda like what we are doing in Afghanistan, as well…either fight to victory, no more hands-behind-the-back-compassionate-war-type of rules of engagement, or leave…just a US patriots two sense.)

  12. Amazing. Thanks, Jim.

    God be with us all. And thank God for the children of Jacob.

    May we all sing and dance and praise God before battle.

    And we should. We are lovers of the light, and of life, and of God.

  13. ++

    great spirit,

    G-dspeed Israelis!!


  14. ++




    just for the heck of it..


  15. My son was Golani – they are a tough bunch. they were the first in during the last Gaza initiative. God protect them.

  16. Hardened by battle and cool under fire must be irritating the Hell out of Hamas with their Ad designed to terrify the Israelis YOU GOING TO DIE IN YOUR SLEEP.

  17. Take them out once and for all. Don’t let Hamas live to fight another day. If they’re not afraid to die for their cause, don’t be afraid to kill them for your cause.

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