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  • Mac in NM


  • Bigkahuna

    1 turd flushed

  • ★FALCON★

    That strike was a massive loss for Iran.

    Kudos Israel. Get hittin’ em’ and hittin’ ’em hard.

  • Paula

    We as a nation need to stand by Israels side and do everything in our power to help them they have every right to exist as much as anyone else and if Dumbo doesnt there will be he’ll to pay I believe .I’m sorry to say that I do not feel sorry for the other side all they want is everything and will not even try to compromise even a little and I believe that Israel is the only friend/ally that we have in that part of the country and we should help them militarily in ant way possible


    … powerful

  • Economan

    Because of his rank maybe he’ll end up with a virgin camel instead of a virgin goat.

  • Jack

    Great work Israel.

  • Will

    Under “Eliminated” the Israelis should have written, “Next?”

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  • donh

    Gee where have I seen that graphic before ?…….>

  • bg


    time to pus some shrimp on the bar-b,
    oh wait.. any legitimately raped virgins
    handy?? /s/


  • Navy seal

    Thank you Israel for doin what you do for your country & ours

  • bg


    donh #10 November 14, 2012 at 9:28 pm

    good catch..

    yep.. it’s more like the real 1984 today
    than it was in faux 1984 of yesterday..


  • Earthmover

    I’d like to know what the biggest piece of him they found or does it turn into vapor?

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  • Economan

    Awwwww… The UN is upset ’cause a terrorist is dead…
    Meanwhile Islamists are on a rampage killing Christians and Jews wherever they find them and they say nothing. Crazy.

  • Buffalobob

    Why is it tat every-time one of these jihadists gets blown to hell there are hundreds of young males jocking for a front row seat of the carnage?

  • Skinner


  • Rose

    I think the Hamas agent will end up with 72 virgin DEMONS who will use him to buff puff the floors of his dungeon cell.

    Book of Obadiah is 21 verses long. The Living God our Creator has long planned the reward of those who spit in the Apple of His Eye. Zechariah 2.

  • Tom

    My only complaint is that I think Obama paid for the car he was driving with our dollars.

  • Patty

    Israeli Embassy calls out CBS News for ignoring rocket strikes

    Embassy of Israel ✔ @IsraelinUSA @ScottPelley @CBSEveningNews today’s show ignored the 150+ rockets fired at Israel this week. No other state would accept a similar reality. 14 Nov 12 Reply Retweet Favorite Conservatives arenÂ’t shy about calling out American news networks for overlooking stories that doesnÂ’t fit the liberal narrative, but the Embassy of Israel took to Twitter today to call out Scott Pelley and the CBS Evening News for not reporting on the rocket attacks on Israel this week. CBSÂ’s Mark Knoller notes that the rare occasion of a presidential news conference dominated the news cycle today.

  • Patty

    There Will Be War In The Middle East

    The military action that we are watching in the Middle East right now is just a preview of coming attractions. Tensions in the region are rising with each passing day, and all sides have been anticipating future conflicts and preparing for war for decades. It would be wonderful if everyone could sit down, forgive each other and agree to quit fighting, but that is not going to happen. Most of us that live in the western world have a very difficult time understanding the mindset of those immersed in these conflicts. In the Middle East, there are vendettas and grudges…


    Once again, hopefully all of this will settle down in a few days.

    But it is never easy to predict what is going to happen next in the Middle East. There is so much hate and anger and things could literally explode over there at any time.

    In the months and years to come, I expect the Middle East to become a major issue for the global economy and a major political issue inside the United States.

    When war does erupt in the Middle East, it is going to dramatically affect the price of oil, and there will also be a tremendous amount of debate about whether the U.S. military should intervene or not.

    Let us hope for peace, but let us also be very realistic about the situation over there. Our world is becoming more unstable with each passing day, and the times that are coming are going to be very challenging.

  • Pat262

    Obama won. The gloves are off. Israel knows he is irrelevant so it can do what it needs to do: eliminate threats.

  • jony101

    it is a good day when the good guys win one. Even obama would not have been able to revive him with mouth to snout resuscitation but he would have tried anyway.

  • They could have saved themselves a lot of trouble and expense by renting him a Fisker Karma and then spraying water on it…about a dozen of them blew up and caught fire when the storm surge hit them along the New Jersey shore during Hurricane Sandy.

  • Patty


    Bloomberg editors: We expect Obama to approve Keystone any day now

    Aren’t they cute? The editors at Bloomberg believe that with the election over and Barack Obama’s stated objections to the Keystone XL pipeline resolved, we should see approval coming forthwith:

    When Obama denied a permit for Keystone XL in January, it was because the builder,TransCanada Corp. (TRP), needed to revise the route to avoid Nebraska’s Sandhills region overlying the Ogallala Aquifer. Rather than wait for this essential revision, Republicans in Congress forced the president to make a quick decision on TransCanada’s entire application, in the hope his rejecting it would hurt him in the election.

    Since then, the company has rerouted and, in May, submitted a new application with the U.S. State Department. (The State Department is involved because the pipeline would cross the U.S.-Canada border.) Environmental studies have been updated accordingly, on what was already one of the most-researched infrastructure projects in U.S. history. And now Obama has won re-election, removing any need to pretend the pipeline’s surpassing value to U.S. energy security is undermined by its environmental risks. …

    The bitumen is coming out of the ground one way or another. Obama should ensure it goes to the U.S. and not the Far East. The administration has long said it would make a decision by the first quarter of 2013. We see no reason it shouldn’t do so before the end of the year.

    Well, neither do I — except for Obama’s hostility toward oil and other hydrocarbon-based forms of energy. If Obama was going to approve the pipeline, he’d have done so before the election, when it could have won him some blue-collar votes in the Midwest and the Rust Belt. Now, though, Obama will talk about an all-of-the-above energy policy, but he won’t go out of his way to reduce roadblocks to oil and coal production.

    I hope I’m wrong, and I’ll cheer if I am … but I’m not holding my breath in case I need to do so.

    why now, because imo middle east is on fire. hate and anger, no with this strike, it is getting more dangerous and that is an understatement.

  • Jim

    Stupid Hamas leaders always drive by when a street blows up. Will they ever learn?

  • YourMaster

    my only complaint is 0bama and Biden/pelosi weren’t in the car with ahmed jabari at the time of Israeli’s precise rocket strike. …that would make this better.

    0bama is having an emergency meeting because… he just found out one of his gay lovers ahmed was killed and now 0bama is in mourning. …I bet he’s crying in that meeting… on the shoulder of Biden. *lol*

  • Stan

    Subtly mocking Obama’s Osama victory laps?

  • Patty

    A MILLION ISRAELIS HAVE 15 SECONDS TO FIND SHELTER: Any other country would have turned Gaza into the Bonneville Salt Flats

    If Hillary Clinton weren’t ducking the growing Benghazi scandal enjoying “wine-tastings” in Australia, I’d ask her, Hey, Hill, how’s that Arab Spring thingamabob workin’ out?”

    “If an alarm is sounded, people in southern Israel—1 million people—have 15 seconds to find shelter. I don’t know if any of your governments will accept this reality. I cannot accept this.” — PM Netanyahu

    Watch the videos. It’s like the Battle of Britain being reenacted in Israel.

    If I were commanding the IDF, my calculus would be very simple: we will level block by block, town by town, city by city, until the attacks stop.

    No other country on Earth would tolerate a million citizens fleeing for bomb shelters dozens of times per day.

    It’s time to draw a line in the sand. And if that line happens to be as wide as Gaza, so be it.

  • Patty

    What are we doing. WELL, ASK OBAMA WHAT HE IS FIRST.

    “Come after me” he says to his opposition. When the War of Wars and Wrath of Hell hits in the Middle East, will Obama run for cover. Just asking.

  • Patty
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  • JT

    Should of taken the bus.

  • American Woman

    There is a picture that you might want to see. It is of a surface-to-air missile fired by Iran’s army in an undisclosed location.

    See it here:

    Iran has reported that it successfully tested a new air defense system modeled after the US Hawk system during a drill in the country’s east.

    An Iranian official called the six-day air defense drill over the eastern half of the country “a slap to America and Israel” .

  • Hy Feiber

    God Bless Israel, do it again, and again, and Again!!!!

  • bg


    Patty #26 November 14, 2012 at 11:04 pm

    DEPOPULATION by any means necessary, that includes genocide,
    infanticide euthanasia, sterilization, abortion, and of course, war,
    the more confined the better..

    just a sample:

    Man jailed after discovering African ‘mass killing site’

    South African police massacre striking miners

    ‘Mass slaughter of civilians, children in DR Congo’

    shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! 🙁


  • maria

    I feel sorry for the car…..

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    I’m thinking Hassan Nasrallah would make an excellent next target…

  • usamopatriot

    You meant snout to snout….Right?

  • Dr Dude

    Good for Israel. I hope they take out the entire middle east. Obama doesn’t have the will or the guts to protect the US from Terrorists. Israel is doing what needs to be done. I only hope they
    don’t apologize.

  • The Underground Conservative

    Another jihadist sent to meet his 72 virgins.

  • Adirondack Patriot

    It’s amazing. The “genocidal” Israelis blow up a car and hundreds of Palestinians gather around.

    Why would they gather around some place that they know the Israelis have the ability to strike?

    Could it be that they know the Israelis only fire at terrorists and feel safe knowing the Israelis are not out to kill Palestinians, but only terrorists?

  • H8Unions

    Here’s to hoping Netenyahu continues to give O’Blamer the finger.

  • lol

    gotta love it! if only we had a leader like bibi when our ambassador and 3 other americans were assasinated. take a note zero, a leader who actually protects their citizens and loves his country.

  • Beau Ryker