No more rockets from you…
The IDF tweeted this out earlier today.

Jabari’s car was targeted today by Israel.

He didn’t make it.



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  1. Bravo!

  2. 1 turd flushed

  3. That strike was a massive loss for Iran.

    Kudos Israel. Get hittin’ em’ and hittin’ ‘em hard.

  4. We as a nation need to stand by Israels side and do everything in our power to help them they have every right to exist as much as anyone else and if Dumbo doesnt there will be he’ll to pay I believe .I’m sorry to say that I do not feel sorry for the other side all they want is everything and will not even try to compromise even a little and I believe that Israel is the only friend/ally that we have in that part of the country and we should help them militarily in ant way possible


    … powerful

  6. Because of his rank maybe he’ll end up with a virgin camel instead of a virgin goat.

  7. Great work Israel.

  8. Under “Eliminated” the Israelis should have written, “Next?”

  9. Gee where have I seen that graphic before ?…….>

  10. ++

    time to pus some shrimp on the bar-b,
    oh wait.. any legitimately raped virgins
    handy?? /s/


  11. Thank you Israel for doin what you do for your country & ours

  12. ++

    donh #10 November 14, 2012 at 9:28 pm

    good catch..

    yep.. it’s more like the real 1984 today
    than it was in faux 1984 of yesterday..


  13. I’d like to know what the biggest piece of him they found or does it turn into vapor?

  14. Awwwww… The UN is upset ’cause a terrorist is dead…
    Meanwhile Islamists are on a rampage killing Christians and Jews wherever they find them and they say nothing. Crazy.

  15. Why is it tat every-time one of these jihadists gets blown to hell there are hundreds of young males jocking for a front row seat of the carnage?

  16. Mazel!

  17. I think the Hamas agent will end up with 72 virgin DEMONS who will use him to buff puff the floors of his dungeon cell.

    Book of Obadiah is 21 verses long. The Living God our Creator has long planned the reward of those who spit in the Apple of His Eye. Zechariah 2.

  18. My only complaint is that I think Obama paid for the car he was driving with our dollars.

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