Islamic Spring: Egyptian Mob Strips & Sexually Assaults Three Girls in Tahrir Square

Protests continued today in Tahrir Square after President Mohammed Morsi issued decrees to assume sweeping new powers.

Here we go again
A crowd of 300 sexually assaulted three Egptian girls today in Tahrir Square.
Bloomberg reported:

A mob of about 300 Egyptian youths ripped the clothes off three young women in Cairo’s Tahrir Square today, forcing them to take refuge in a government building, the state-run Ahram Gate reported.

The youths attempted to force their way into the building, known locally as the Mugamma, after assaulting the women near a downtown Cairo mosque, the website reported.

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  • ★FALCON★

    Obama owns this war on women.

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  • More liberty

    I wonder what Akins has to say about this.

  • YourMaster

    was 0bama there chanting “death to americans!”, and “jihad to America!”?

  • These girls should know better than to leave the house without an armed male escort and a veterinary microchip implant.

  • bobdog

    Update: The three women in question have been stoned to death for not resisting enough and for appearing unchaperoned in public.

  • bg


    hmmm, 300 huh?? wonder how many
    workers it took to block them out.. /s/


  • bg


    More liberty #3 November 25, 2012 at 8:13 pm

    if true..

    “legitimate rape”


  • Carbon Pootprint

    Send in code pink in their giant vagina suits.

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  • bg


    ★FALCON★ #1 November 25, 2012 at 7:42 pm

    yes he does own this war against women, and much more, lest also not
    forget that there is the Egyptian equivalent of Occupy Wall Street style
    thugs doing there thing over there as well.. fact is, the two sides that
    fought each other while Mubarak was still President, have joined forces
    against the Muslim Brotherhood, ergo, here we go again..

    [Numerous protesters seen scaling the walls of the U.S. Embassy in
    Cairo, Egypt were wearing Guy Fawkes masks, the signature symbol
    of the hacktivist collective Anonymous.

    The mask, a symbol of dissidence and the rejection of tyranny, is also
    worn by protesters associated with the Occupy Wall Street movement
    and by many protesters associated with the Arab Spring.

    Anonymous claims credit for the early support of operations during
    the Arab Spring in Tunisia by hacking government websites.

    but i have faith that the democracy and freedom movement will
    yet survive, believe they’ve been active since 04 so they aren’t
    about to give up yet..

    [In 2003, Egyptians watched in awe as American military might toppled
    Saddam Hussein. They heard speeches from U.S. President George W.
    Bush, who in his state of the Union Address in January 2005 declared:
    “America will stand with the allies of freedom to support democratic
    movements in the Middle East and beyond, with the ultimate goal of
    ending tyranny in our world.”

    In late 2004, a small coalition of Egyptian intellectuals and political activists,
    calling themselves “The Egyptian Movement for Change,” coined a phrase
    that resonated across the political spectrum stretching from old school
    Marxists to the Islamists: “Kifaya,” Arabic for “Enough.” It was a catch-all
    colloquialism that said it all: Enough of corruption, stagnation oppression,
    torture, and nepotism.

  • JDR

    Lara Logan, of course, knows. Changed her outlook on Islam.

  • JDR

    Amazing the similarities of barbarity and scale when thinking of “Beat Whitey Night” at the WI State Fair, or of any of the other two thousand or so flash-beatings and flash-robberies and flash-rapes and other assorted versions of flash-tribal-barbarism we’ve seen in the USA in the last four years.

    It’s almost as if Muslims and ~90% of American Blacks are worshipping the same god?

  • JDR

    The silence of the American MSM is deafening.

    And damning. Pamela Geller is right — the MSM is the Enemedia.

    They are doing the bidding of evil.

  • Mike Oh


    You remember any of those charts and tables that appear every four years during presidential elections which show how foreigners would vote if they were Americans?

    This last one, Kenyans performed best for Republicans, go figure, at approximately 20%, followed closely by the Poles.

    My point being, most people in other countries do the invest the care in American freedoms and liberty unlike what some of us conservatives show for them. I don’t know what sort of high moral ground you are trying to establish, but in this day and age, it does not pay off.

    Myself, I could give a rat’s ass what Egyptians do to themselves, they can enjoy their empire of dirt.

  • bg


    JDR #12 November 25, 2012 at 9:07 pm

    Lara Logan was NOT RAPED..

    not only that, but she wasn’t even in
    Egypt the night Honsi Mubarak fell..

    Lara and others were sent home via
    military escort
    and told not to return..

    February 4, 2011

    [Lara, Don and Max were released from Egyptian military custody
    early this morning and are now enroute back to Washington via
    London. They are scheduled to arrive at Dulles this evening.

    On Thursday, Logan was reportedly marched back to her hotel at
    gunpoint when she and a crew were taking pictures of protests.
    They were eventually detained by Egyptian police outside Cairo’s
    Israeli embassy.

    CBS said late Thursday that “for security reasons CBS will not be
    commenting on, or revealing in any way, CBS personnel activity,
    movement or location.”

    more at link and connecting links..


  • JDR


    Damn near. Near enough, and by enough filthy hands that her outlook has changed.

  • Economan

    “A time is coming when men will go mad, and when they see someone who is not mad, they will attack him saying, “you are mad, you are not like us”.”

    – St. Anthony the Great 4th century A.D.

  • Freddy

    I wonder why BG is now moving to the ‘rape-rape’ argument that Whoopie Goldberg uses to defend her perverted friend Roman (I like em 11 and from way behind) Polanski?

    Meanwhile, like the perverted Polanski, these guys are not going to face any legal action of consequence.

    I wonder which ‘side’ of the protest they were representing?

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  • bg


    Freddy #19 November 25, 2012 at 10:03 pm


    twist again like you did last summer, but that
    dog can’t hunt, or something like that.. 🙄


  • Savages going about molesting women as though its their divine right.

  • Patty


    During the uprising against Mubarak last year, women said they briefly experienced a “new Egypt”. Women participated as activists, protesters, medics and frontline fighters against the security forces. They have continued to play a leading role over the past 15 months. However, assaults on women protesters have been common, mainly perpetrated by men opposed to their presence and the security forces. Lara Logan, a US correspondent for CBS television, was sexually assaulted by a mob in Tahrir Square on the day Mubarak stepped down, as hundreds of thousands of Egyptians celebrated.

    In a defining image of state violence against women, soldiers dispersing a protest in December were captured on video stripping a woman’s top off and stomping on her chest, as other troops pulled her by the arms across the ground. That incident prompted a march by 10,000 women through Cairo.

    In contrast, the small size of Friday’s march could reflect the fear felt by women in the square.

    Sexual harassment of women, including against those who wear the hijab, is common in Cairo. A 2008 report by the Egyptian Centre for Women’s Rights said two-thirds of women in the country experienced sexual harassment on a daily basis. A string of mass assaults on women in 2006 during Eid, the feast following Ramadan, prompted police to increase patrols.

    “Women activists are at the core of the revolution,” said Ahmed Hawary, who attended Friday’s protest. “They are the courage of this movement. If you break them, you break the spirit of the revolution.”

  • bg


    Patty #23 November 25, 2012 at 11:02 pm

    February 4, 2011


  • bg


    Patty #23 November 25, 2012 at 11:02 pm

    i know assaults happen frequently in Egypt, heck, they happen
    frequently here in the USA, and just about anywhere else MEN

    that said, there’s quite a difference
    between facts and assumptions..


  • Patty

    It would be difficult and take a great amount of courage but the women must march and they must keep taking classes in self defense. They must become strong and powerful because I see no other way.

    Sounds naive but I do believe their are women who will rise up against the inhumanity savagery, brutality, brutishness.
    Most likely the majority of the new government will be men, which is something to shift away from, however the women will not be absent. It is not fair or even justifiable that women should have no credit or overt recognition of their power. The fact is though that women play a huge part in the politics of Egypt, and today’s march was a demonstration of this. Even though their individual names are not in the papers, the news, on Twitter or Facebook like those of prominent male political key figures, we should all keep in mind their collective power, and the fact that the women of Egypt are standing strong.

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  • Sandy

    Do these Muslims ever work? They seem to have so much time to protest, behead, throw bombs and rape. What’s the Muslim version of the 10 commandments — IF IT FEELS GOOD DO IT?

  • Patty

    Sept. 2012
    Harassment of women may be getting more violent, but activists are fighting back

    It is a sordid tale: A 16-year-old girl is groped while walking along the street. She responds by spitting in her attacker’s face, vowing to take back her rights. He, in turn, guns her down with an automatic weapon.

    That is what is alleged to have happened to Eman Mostafa two weeks ago in a small village in Upper Egypt’s Assiut Governorate. While details of the incident have only slowly trickled out, the monstrosity of the alleged crime suggests a frightening increase in gendered violence following a spate of well-publicized cases of harassment and assault in recent months.

    The suspect, Ramadan Nasser Salem, is now in police custody after having fled for more than a week. In an interview on Al-Hayat TV channel Saturday, he denied the version of events offered by witnesses.

    “I was riding my motorbike and I saw her,” he said. “I said hello, and she thought I was harassing her and started cursing at me and spat in my face. I mistakenly fired my gun, and a passer-by told me the bullet hit a wall. We thought the girl was afraid and fell on the ground, but then people told us that the bullet hit her. I never meant to kill her.”

    Salem’s denial notwithstanding, Dalia Abd El-Hameed, a researcher at the Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights, warns that the reported circumstances surrounding Mostafa’s death reflect a disturbing trend in sexual abuse against women.

    “It’s becoming more violent, and this Assiut incident is a very vivid example of this,” she says. “He killed her. He killed her just because she defended herself. The mere fact was that she just didn’t accept what’s very accepted in society. When you don’t accept the norm, society punishes you. And he punished her.”

    A 2010 survey by the Egyptian Center for Women’s Rights found that 83 percent of Egyptian women have experienced harassment. In response, advocacy groups have pressed the government to tackle the issue.[…………..]


  • Patty

    #28 November 25, 2012 at 11:19 pm
    Sandy commented:

    Really. wondered the same thing.

  • Patty

    “I was riding my motorbike and I saw her,” he said. “I said hello, and she thought I was harassing her and started cursing at me and spat in my face. I mistakenly fired my gun, and a passer-by told me the bullet hit a wall. We thought the girl was afraid and fell on the ground, but then people told us that the bullet hit her. I never meant to kill her.”

  • MarkJ

    My cunning plan:

    1. Air drop several million copies of “Hustler” and “Penthouse” over Egypt.
    2. Stand by for ensuing hilarity.

  • bg
  • bg


    this is headed our way,

    June 15, 2010

    Iraq’s child brides

    October 17, 2010

    Child Marriage in Egypt

    Radical Clerics Seek to Legalise Child Brides

    November 14 2012

    [An ultraconservative Salafi cleric recently sparked outrage among
    Egypt’s liberal circles when he attempted to justify his opposition to
    a proposed constitutional article that would outlaw the trafficking
    of women for sex.


    He went on to protest proposed laws protecting women from
    violence, warning that if allowed to pass husbands could be
    prosecuted for beating their child brides or forcing themselves
    upon them.]

    as is bacha bazi :aka: pedophilia


  • this is coming to the united states and women can thank the National Organization of Women. they support every politican that is importing the muslims colonizers into america. its because they care about “women’s rights.”

  • CT

    Standard behavior for male Egyptian Muslims isn’t it?

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  • Melissa

    this is sheer disgusting…where is the security services to protest young women???? this is not the first time!!!!egypt has now a break-down of all moral codes…………….

  • Melissa

    what do you expect???the muslim brotherhood are in power!!!!no security, no justice, but corruption and religious extremists on the loose…………

  • Ron

    Protestors continue to be savagely attacked, beaten and shot by seciurity throughout the streets of Cairo. are currently campaigning for democracy, freedom and equality in Tahrir – Cairo. Egypt continues to burn to the ground from the chaos created by Salafis and the Muslim Brotherhood all throughout the country. Their Religious Clerics are preaching war & hatred against christians. Extremists, who were previously imprisoned and are now at large, continue to abduct, rape and murder innocent christian girls and women. Churches and properties of Coptic properties have been attacked, fire- bombed and destroyed. Coptic christians including Priests have been murdered and injured in numerous terrorist attacks by extremists. Recently, muslim girls have also been victims from armed gangs of criminals.

    Daily, bodies of innocent victims are being un-covered throughout egypt, including that of priests and coptic girls. Very sadly, criminals are abducting innocent egyptians for large amounts of ransom. The military recently massacred over 26 coptic christians. Innocent civilians were murdered by live fire and mowed down by army tanks in Maspero – Cairo. Many of the victims have suffered loss of limbs, brain damage, blindness and many other injuries.