The Iranian regime confirmed reports about its attack on a US drone on November 1, 2012.
The Fars News reported:

Iranian Defense Minister Brigadier General Ahmad Vahidi on Friday confirmed reports about Iran’s confrontation with an enemy aircraft in the airspace over the Persian Gulf, saying that the aircraft was shooed away by Iranian fighter jets.

“Last week an unidentified aircraft entered the airspace over Iran’s territorial waters in the Persian Gulf, which was forced to flee due to the prompt, smart and decisive action of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s Armed forces,” Vahidi said in a statement released by the Iranian Defense Ministry on Friday.

He stressed that the incident and similar events in the past all indicate that “the Islamic Republic of Iran is vigilantly and precisely monitoring all moves and provides decisive, necessary and prompt response with efficient power” to any hostile move.

The Iranian defense minister further stated that Iran is pursuing the case at relevant international bodies using all available capacities.

On Thursday the Pentagon reported that Iranian fighter jets had opened fire on a US drone over the Persian Gulf on November 1, but did not hit the aircraft.

According to the timeline provided by the Pentagon, two Iranian SU-25 “Frogfoot” aircraft intercepted the American drone at about 4:50 a.m. EST (0850 GMT) as it conducted a classified mission over Persian Gulf waters about 16 nautical miles off the Iranian coast.

In response, Deputy Chief of Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces for Cultural Affairs and Defense Publicity Brigadier General Massoud Jazayeri told FNA that the Iranian Armed Forces repel any aggression against the country.



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  1. Wouldn’t it be great to hear that we have retaliated and shot down two of the sh*t-birds fighters?

  2. Anyone wonder why those who hate the United States cheered Obama, the prophet of the Anti-Christ, for winning the election? They know they now have nothing to fear. The feckless President and Secretary of State will do nothing to them. I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that China invades Taiwan and takes it back as their possession. What’s the United States going to do? Encourage more gays to join the military so they can throw flowers at the Chinese troops? Cut funding to bare subsistence levels? That will show them.

    Hang on! The downward slide is accelerating faster and faster. Moral depravity hasn’t reached bottom yet but it’s getting close.

  3. This only proves the much vaunted Iranian military is about as competent as the elite republican guard of Iraq.
    These guys couldnt shoot down an unmanned unarmed plane traveling at 150mph and their jets fly at up to 500mph.
    I don’t think the US has much to worry about here folks.

  4. Media gatekeeper of news. Nothing to see it here.

  5. The media kept a lid on this until after the election.

  6. I wonder what the US response would be if a foreign country were flying drones 16 nautical miles off the coast of NY or NJ?

  7. Prophesy of 23rd Oct.2012. You may check on

  8. “the aircraft was shooed away”

    Sure wasn’t “shooted away” – the Iranians missed

  9. #6 November 9, 2012 at 10:35 am
    Ripped commented:

    Why worry about foreign nations using drones outside the borders when state and local governments are using drones to spy on us, the people government REALLY fears, its own citizens.

  10. The Iranians are using the soviet version of an A-10 as interceptors.

  11. #4. Correct. The media is deciding what the people should be allowed to know until the time is right . . . not harming Obama. So, how can we stop this? A huge percentage of people in this country have zero idea of anything that happened in Benghazi. Why? The media, with few exceptions, failed to even MENTION the word. Fast and Furious is the same. We MUST find a way to break this blockade of truth.

  12. Shhhhh…but you know, just don’t tell the people until after the election. The Media is the New Evil.


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