More fun in Texas.
Several far left kooks were pepper sprayed and arrested after they obstructed construction of the Keystone Pipeline in Texas today. | Lufkin and Nacogdoches, Texas

The protesters don’t want Canadian oil to be exported for use in the United States.
They want Middle East oil and Chinese windmills.
What idiots.

KTRE reported:

Deputies from the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office pepper-sprayed four TransCanada Keystone pipeline protesters that had stuck their arms into land-clearing machinery at a site near Wells Monday morning. They were later arrested and charged with criminal mischief and criminal trespass.

Another group of three protesters set up “tree blockades” at another site off County Road 1911 near the site of the former Goodman Bridge over Angelina River. A press release stated that the Monday’s events were designed to show “solidarity with local land owners struggling to protect their water and land from TransCanada’s toxic tar sands pipeline.”

The three tree-sitters were arrested later Monday afternoon after they were brought down from their perches. No details were available in regard to what their charges were.

“Tar Sands Blockade stands with all communities affected by the Canadian tar sands,” Ron Seifert, a Tar Sands Blockade spokesperson, said in a press release. “From indigenous nations in Alberta, Canada to the besieged refinery neighborhoods of the American Gulf Coast where the tar sands will be refined, there’s a groundswell of resistance demanding an end to toxic tar sands exploitation. Today’s events simply mark the latest in our sustained, community-based civil disobedience campaign, and many more communities are destined to rise up to defend their homes from TransCanada’s fraud, bullying, and reckless endangerment of their lives and fresh water.”

A group of at least 40 people from the Tar Sands Blockade group, including the four that allegedly chained themselves to heavy machinery used along the pipeline construction route, descended on a site off Wells’ Park Cemetery Road and between the town’s 6th and 7th Streets. Monday’s protests are part of an ongoing effort to halt construction on the proposed pipeline from Cushing, Okla. to Nederland.



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  1. in effect they want Arab oil, but in their dreams they’re pursuing NO oil! (or coal, or gas…)
    they want everyone back in caves, or better yet, dead- return the earth to its natural state.

  2. “return earth to its natural state”
    -watch what they do now along the the New Jersey coastline

  3. Idiots.


    or Texans.

    Oh, by the way, criminal trespass in Texas is a MAJOR big deal. Texas has some of the strictest trespassing laws in the nation. This ain’t gonna be “catch and release” if they get a Republican judge.

  5. Typical liberals … living in a fantasy land, and thinking that they’re brighter and better than everyone else. I hope they enjoyed the pepper spray. Personally, I’m of the opinion that if they won’t get out of the way, they should just be bulldozed right along with the dirt and the trees. This world would be better off without people who are stupid enough or selfish enough to stand in front of moving heavy equipment …

  6. Liberalism is, indeed, a mental disorder.

  7. I’m with you #5. Time to cleanse the gene pool a bit. Darwinism has been deferred for too long.

  8. This week they chained themselves to backhoes. Last week they were cleansing impurities from their bodies with a meditation circle. The week before that, two of them paid a “guru” a thousand dollars each to wave burning weeds and mumble at them to help with their weight loss needs. Next week is wide open but a few of them really care about frogs and are sure someone is violating their rights somewhere.

  9. +++

    go home,

    leave her alone,

    see how fast it lasts.. :D


  10. How about Tar and Feathers!!!!! All natural and effective.

  11. why would you cheer people being pepper-sprayed?

  12. Jim, there isn’t “tar” in the Alberta Fort McMurray area where the +/- 2 trillion (that’s a “T”) barrels of oil is laying in sand.
    We do have oil in the sand though, we call it “oil sands”. All those opposed to it call it “tar sands”.

    How do these folks warm their houses in winter? Are those folks in the photo wearing fleece jackets? Do they know where fleece comes from? Not from the fleece mines…

  13. Don’t mess with Texas. :mrgreen:

  14. Loons? I could think of worse.

  15. OT

    Unbelievable. And there are a lot of Hispanics and Blacks who need insurance in Florida.
    Everyone wants free health care. WOW, TURNCOAT.

    Gov. Rick Scott, Other Florida Officials Re-Thinking Opposition to ‘Obamacare’

    What a difference an election can make. Just a week after the re-election of Barack Obama ended all Republican hopes of overturning the new health care law known as ” Obamacare,” Gov. Rick Scott and other Florida leaders who have steadfastly rejected the idea are now willing to at least talk about implementing it for the state’s 3.8 million uninsured. ” Mitt Romney did not win the election,” Scott told reporters Friday in Washington D.C., hours before he released a letter to Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius asking for a meeting to discuss implementing the law. “So it’s…

    Though the feds will pay 100 percent of the cost of the new enrollees, that will drop to 90 percent by 2020. Scott has said the state can’t afford the expansion of Medicaid, which state analysts have pegged at about $1 billion but which Scott insists is likely to be higher.

    Scott also is seeking federal approval to put the state’s existing Medicaid patients into managed care — like HMOs — under a cost-cutting proposal passed by the 2011 Legislature. “Statewide Medicaid managed care is one way we can act immediately to encourage more competition

    Read more:

  16. Bubba, fire up the dredger and let’s get started.

    But Leroy, there’s some fools who chained themselves to the…

    Bubba, fire up the dredger and let’s get started!…drop it down into “granny gear” if the drag gets too strong.

  17. #13 “why would you cheer people being pepper-sprayed?”

    Because they’re a bunch of selfish zealots, and their foolishness is interfering with a project that’s vital to this country’s energy needs, that’s why. Not only should they be pepper sprayed, they should be arrested and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Period. They don’t own the land, and they have no business interfering with a lawful construction project. If they were camped out on YOUR land, interfering with the construction of your new home, would you not want them removed using any means necessary?

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