A holy imam in Tunisia died of wounds this week after attacking police.
Lebanon Now reported, via Religion of Peace:

A Tunisian imam who was wounded when Islamists attacked police this week died of his wounds on Thursday, a security official said, bringing to two the death toll from the clashes.

Khaled Karaoui, imam of the Ennour Mosque in the Tunis suburb of Manouba, died in hospital before dawn, said local national guard commander Nizar Badis.

His funeral is set to be held in on Thursday afternoon.

Karaoui was among militants who attacked two national guard posts in Manouba after police arrested a Salafist suspected of assaulting the head of the area’s public security brigade.

During the clashes, one of the attackers was killed and two policemen wounded.

Since the Tunisian revolution that ousted former president Zine El Abidine Ben Ali in January 2011, radical Islamists have carried out a number of attacks, including against security forces and on cultural events.




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  1. just another rat

    and not so super

  2. Three Cheers. Hip Hip horray! Hip Hip horray! Hip Hip horray! May his soul be taken to the deepest part of hell.

  3. In the immortal words of Mr. Robert E. Hutchins:

    Tain’t enough……… Call later !”

  4. There is nothing holy about being a terrorist. But have to give the deluded man credit for doing what many imams won’t do, murder others in the name of their Moon cult.

  5. So, let me get this straight . . . the “Holy Imam” was not in fact a preacher but a combatant and that holy mosque wasn’t a house of worship but an arsenal . . . is that right?

  6. I don’t get the “holy” part, either.

  7. could not happen to a nicer piece of s***. I hope you get those 70 virgins …….70 gay male camels

  8. One of the feel good stories of the day.

  9. Varmints! Dag nab it!

  10. ++


    Planned Parenthood praises sexual pleasure for kids

    unfortunately, nothing new.. :-(

    mentally deficient ‘nondiscrimination’

    well, FB is not only censoring Bengahzai, but the above and below
    in my next post as well, asked them why they aren’t proud of their
    Presidents causes?? /s/


  11. Why don’t we see Shemp Smith pleading with Obama to send help?

  12. Yeah, this is a real holy time for the medievalists. I wonder how many dozens of worshippers will be trampled to death on the annual cattle-run to Mecca.

  13. Good. Less Mooslime breeding stock. Let them kill each other.

  14. Holy? Really? Holy? We shouldn’t give any credence to this horrendous political cult. Come on Jim!


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