Hamas Leader Mashaal: We Accept Palestinian State on ’67 Border With Right to Return (Video)

Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal sat down for an interview with Christine Amanpour in Cairo.
After several lies about not targeting innocent civilians, Mashaal told Amanpour that Hamas would accept peace if Israel gave up more land and if Israel allowed all Palestinians to return to Israel.
CNN reported:

The Jerusalem Post reported:

Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal declared a position on Palestinian statehood that is nearly identical to that of his Fatah rival, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, in an interview with CNN aired Wednesday.

“I accept a Palestinian state according [to] the 1967 borders, with Jerusalem as the capital, with the right to return,” the Hamas leader told Christine Amanpour in Cairo.

Pushed about his party’s refusal to recognize Israel, Mashaal said such a declaration could only be made once a Palestinian state has been created.

“After this state is established, it decides its standing toward Israel,” the Hamas leader said.

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  • Granny

    Well . . . that makes it clear. He is essentially saying “get the hell in the lifeboats.”

  • greg

    Well it is a good start. Plus Fox news just reported that the truce has lasted 19 hours. Here is hoping that Clintons peace brokering lasts.

  • Time

    Well there you have it.. No intentions otherwise, will they retreat, call peace. Their intentions are clear, to regain what they feel is an injust world. If only we all could just fight our way out of everything we thought we were wronged in life. Sad, very sad..

  • Granny

    #2 November 22, 2012 at 8:16 am
    greg commented:

    Well it is a good start. Plus Fox news just reported that the truce has lasted 19 hours. Here is hoping that Clintons peace brokering lasts.

    A full dozen rockets hit Israel before the “truce” was a single hour old. Truce? What “truce”? The only “truce” that is holding is that Israel isn’t firing back so that Hamas has a chance to reload!

  • http://rightwingfringe.blogspot.com/ Aggie95

    So pretty much he’s calling for the slow death of Israel rather than the big boom death

  • greg

    Granny, where are you getting your info from? Jerusalem Post and Israel National News hasn’t reported that…

  • squeaky

    i seem to recall a previous ceasefire that had other related groups continuing to fire. having your cake and eating it too.

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  • BuddyG

    F**k Hamas

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  • paul52

    Guess Hamas wants all the Jews to emigrate to Cyprus or somewhere. How generous of Hamass.

  • http://mychal-massie.com/premium/ bg


    one should not only be careful of what they
    wish for, but fearful of what they demand..


  • NeoKong

    You can never trust an Arab negotiating for peace.
    What did Israel get in return for their last land swap….?

  • http://mychal-massie.com/premium/ bg


    NeoKong #13 November 22, 2012 at 10:01 am

    Obama?? /s/


  • YourMaster

    wtf… right of return makes absolutely no sense …if Palestine is created… the palestinians need to forfeit their right of return to israel and reside in… PALESTINE.

    that is the reason why your getting a palestine state… so the palestine’s can live there…
    why create a palestine state if every palestinian is just going to move straight into israel?

    and there is no way in hell they are getting jerusalem as the capital. *lol*

  • http://mychal-massie.com/premium/ bg


    November 21, 2012

    Iran: We’re taking out Israel’s warplanes

    [Fars News Agency, also run by the Revolutionary Guards, on
    Wednesday published a statement by Gen. Massoud Jazayeri,
    a senior commander of Iran’s armed forces, on what he called
    the defeat of the Americans and Israelis.

    “The historical defeat of the Zionists in the current conflict in Gaza
    is the fourth victory for the resistance front, after the 33-day war
    (with Hezbollah), the 22-day war (Gaza) and the conflict in Syria,
    ” he said. “The importance of the conflict in Gaza is significant, to
    the point that the fake perception of the Israeli might has been
    shattered and any military threat by the Zionists will only result
    in a worldwide mockery.”

    Jazayari warned that Israel’s Iron Dome defense system is incapable
    of defending against the missiles of “the resistance” and that not all
    the military capability of the resistance has entered the war scene.
    “The resistance” refers to Iran, Syria and Hezbollah.]


  • Robert

    Land belongs to whomever can hold it.
    This has been the case throughout history.

  • http://mychal-massie.com/premium/ bg


    Imperial History of the Middle East

    Israel – 1967 – The Six-Day War

    September 19, 2002

    The world’s collective amnesia

    [“The fact that there are these refugees is the direct consequence of
    the act of the Arab states in opposing partition and the Jewish state.
    The Arab states agree upon this policy unanimously and they must
    share in the solution of the problem.”

    – Emile Ghoury, secretary of the Palestinian Arab Higher Committee,
    in an interview with the Beirut Telegraph Sept. 6, 1948.

    “The Arab state which had encouraged the Palestine Arabs to leave their
    homes temporarily in order to be out of the way of the Arab invasion
    armies, have failed to keep their promise to help these refugees.”

    – The Jordanian daily newspaper Falastin, Feb. 19, 1949.

    “Who brought the Palestinians to Lebanon as refugees, suffering now
    from the malign attitude of newspapers and communal leaders, who
    have neither honor nor conscience? Who brought them over in dire
    straits and penniless, after they lost their honor? The Arab states,
    and Lebanon amongst them, did it.”

    – The Beirut Muslim weekly Kul-Shay, Aug. 19, 1951.

    “For the flight and fall of the other villages it is our leaders who are
    responsible because of their dissemination of rumors exaggerating
    Jewish crimes and describing them as atrocities in order to inflame
    the Arabs … By spreading rumors of Jewish atrocities, killings of women
    and children etc., they instilled fear and terror in the hearts of the Arabs
    in Palestine, until they fled leaving their homes and properties to the

    – The Jordanian daily newspaper Al Urdun, April 9, 1953.

    “The 15th May, 1948, arrived … On that day the mufti of Jerusalem
    appealed to the Arabs of Palestine to leave the country, because
    theArab armies were about to enter and fight in their stead.”

    – The Cairo daily Akhbar el Yom, Oct. 12, 1963.]

    Obama – move back – flashback

    bit more of much more here..


  • The Triguy

    Sorry, but Arafat created the ‘right of return’ gimmick so that there would never be a peace deal between the Palestinian people and the state of Israel. Quite simply the right to return means that any Palestinian or ancestor of a Palestinian who lived in any part of what is now Israel has the absolute right to move back into any private property that they claim was once theirs and ask the present owners or tenants to leave without any compensation. Being honest about it, would you do this? It is—as another person has said—just another way to win this war through another means rather than through battle because that hasn’t worked out very well for them in the past.

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