Hamas Fires Iranian-Built Missiles into Northern Israel – Tel Aviv Hit (Video)

Islamic Jihad took credit for the missile attack.

The rockets reached Tel Aviv today.

The BBC reported:

Palestinian militants have attempted to hit Israel’s largest city, Tel Aviv, with missiles fired from Gaza.

Sirens sounded in the city and residents took cover, but the Israeli military says no rockets struck home.

An Israeli military spokesman said two missiles had been launched towards the Tel Aviv area but neither had hit it.

Three Israelis were killed by rockets from Gaza earlier, while 15 Palestinians have been killed in two days of Israeli attacks on Gaza.

While hundreds of rockets have landed in southern Israel in recent days, any missile landing in Tel Aviv, Israel’s commercial capital and most populous city, would mark a significant escalation of the conflict.

Reports say at least one missile landed in the sea off the city.

The armed wing of Islamic Jihad said it had fired an Iranian-built rocket at the Israeli city of Tel Aviv, AFP news agency reports.

Gates of Vienna has more from the Gaza border.

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  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    The armed wing of Islamic Jihad…

    Seems like they’re angling to share a spot in hell with their Hamas comrades.

  • Patty

    http://img.wpdigital.net/rf/image_358w/2010-2019/WashingtonPost/2012/11/15/Interactivity/Images/515348725.jpg View picture

    15 Palestinians, 3 Israelis dead as intense air assaults and rocket fire continue

    http://www.washingtonpost.com/rf/image_606w/2010-2019/WashingtonPost/2012/11/15/Foreign/Images/APTOPIX%20Mideast%20Israel%20Palestinians.JPEG-0f141.jpg VIEW PICTURE

    White House spokesman Jay Carney, meanwhile, said there is “no justification” for the rocket attacks by Hamas, which has governed Gaza since 2006. He called on those responsible to immediately stop the “cowardly acts.”

    Fifteen Palestinians — eight of them civilians, according to news services — have been killed by the Israeli air strikes, which started Wednesday with the assassination of Hamas military commander Ahmed al-Jabari.

    Israel said the offensive was an attempt to halt rocket fire from inside Gaza, which had escalated last weekend. But the air strikes instead triggered new waves of rocket launches, which rained down on towns and villages in southern Israel Wednesday night and Thursday.

    One struck a direct hit on the top floor of a four-story apartment building in this modest town near Ashkelon. Two men and one woman were killed, Israeli officials said, and an 11-month-old baby was critically injured. Three Israeli soldiers also were wounded in rocket attacks.

    In addition to those killed, more than 120 Palestinians, including many civilians, have been injured in the Israeli offensive, Gaza’s Health Ministry said. Three of the Palestinian militants killed were targeted as they rode a motorbike in the Khan Yunis refu­gee camp, ministry officials said. Jabari was killed when a bomb hit his car.

    Israel’s military said it had targeted more than 200 “terror activity” sites inside Gaza since Wednesday, including weapons depots and rocket-launching squads and locations, and had intercepted more than 80 rockets using the “Iron Dome” missile defense system.

    At the same time, more than 180 rockets have landed across in Israel, Israeli police spokesman Mickey Rosenfeld said. One reached as far north as a field in Rishon Lezion, a southern suburb of Tel Aviv.

    Israeli officials said a ground assault on Gaza is possible if the rocket attacks do not subside, and Rosenfeld said the next 24 to 48 hours will be “critical.”

    The bloodshed has significantly increased tensions in a volatile region that over the last two years has seen extensive political upheaval and realignment.

    http://www.washingtonpost.com/world/middle_east/3-israelis-killed-in-rocket-strike-from-gaza-intensive-israeli-assault-leaves-13-palestinians-dead/2012/11/15/22023084-2f1e-11e2-ac4a-33b8b41fb531_story.html READ MORE

    Where is Obama!!!

  • Linda

    We pray God protect, empower, and guide Israel.

    God Almighty is for Israel!

  • stuart

    Jim Hoft is fond or saying “it begins”. Perhaps this time, when he did not use the phrase, it would be appropriate. God alone knows where this will end.
    Could this be a diversion? A border war would tie up resources needed for a strike against Iran. The Iranians may be evil but they are not stupid. Watch for arab aggression on the northern front, in Lebanon. That will be the the signal that all out conflict has truly begun.

  • bg


    i wonder how many Soros Jews are celebrating Obama’s reelction??


  • bg


    stuart #4 November 15, 2012 at 12:21 pm

    it began centuries ago..

    ergo, “it continues” would be much more appropriate..

    bit more..


  • donh

    Welcome to the Apocalypse…Brought to you by the 60% morally bankrupt American jew who turned their back on their brothers and sister in Israel, turned their back on the God of Abraham to bow down before the pagan altars of human sacrifice and hedonism . YOU helped push open the Gates of HELL..Enjoy the SHOW !….> http://youtu.be/m530xqPnYes

  • mossomo

    @stuart – A border war would tie up resources needed for a strike against Iran.

    Nope. What we are seeing is the continued shadow war against Iran. Hamas and Hizbullah harassment is fully expected. The strike on Iran will be an air campaign. You can use ground assets to contain Hamas & Hizbullah. Egypt is a wild card (not really, Egypt’s economy is crap and the usual occurence is to find a distraction, so I fully expect escalation).

  • bg


    Obama to Clinton, we have a problem??


  • Patty

    SIREN HEARD IN TEL AVIV, ROCKETS STRIKE CITY SUBURBS. Residents scramble for bomb shelters along Israel’s central coastal cities


    The Hamas leadership in Gaza has also been studying the possibility of assassinating Israeli figures or launching suicide bombings inside Israel, those senior Hamas members said yesterday.

    Also being debating by Hamas is the immediate use of antiaircraft and other advanced missiles to target Israel Air Force operations over the Gaza Strip, the Hamas members said.

    According to the senior Hamas members speaking to KleinOnline, the responses Hamas is currently debating launching against Israel include:

    1) Firing long range rockets aimed at Gedera and Rishon Letzion. Such rocket firing would be considered a strategic game changer.

    2) Launching suicide bombings inside Israel. Any attempted suicide attacks would most likely originate with the Hamas infrastructure within the West Bank. Israeli security sources told KleinOnline that Hamas maintains the capability of attempting suicide bombings from the West Bank.

    3) Assassinating Israeli figures. The Hamas members said the group is already compiling a list of possible targets but would not comment to KleinOnline about whether those targets were political, military or civilian.

    Further, the senior Hamas members said the group is likely to use antiaircraft and other advanced missiles against IAF airplanes operating over the Gaza Strip.


    Again, where is Obama! GIVING ULTIMATUMS TO McCain and Graham

  • Patty

    Oh, there he is ………….. Photo Op with Cuomo and Bloomberg.

  • stuart

    bg #6 I concur, but would up the ante. What is occurring now is just one more chapter in the longest planetary conflict in history. East Vs. West. It has been ongoing for three thousand years now. Gaugamela, Thermopylae, Marathon, Constantinople, the Reconquesta, Vienna. It’s like the extended truce along the Korean DMZ, though covering a much longer time frame, the two sides may cease fighting but the greater war goes on. And I sense that the scent of great war is in the air. Again.

  • bg


    stuart #12 November 15, 2012 at 1:06 pm

    i’m sure you know what you’re talking about, whereas i not so much..

    however, we may think we know what their left hand is up to, my gut
    tells me to watch their right hand much closer, as i fear we will be hit,
    if not simultaneously, first, ergo, rendering US a bit crippled in coming
    to the defense of Israel..

    link via #9 link:

    [Islamist-allied operatives appointed by Obama are undermining U.S. security policy – explains counter-Intelligence expert, Prof. Clare Lopez. Aimed at co-opting Americas foreign policy in the Middle East, a network including well-known American diplomats, congressional representatives, figures from academia and the think tank world – with ties to the clerical regime in Tehran – is directing the Obama Administration’s policy towards the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Middle East.]



  • bg


    as an aside,

    there are times i think the only reason we beat Hitler is because
    we were all “AMERICANS”.. now we’re just clusterf*cks of ethnic
    revolutionaries trying to make US their own by taking the US
    away from Americans. yeah i know, but that’s how prog-dem-libs
    are, they want what they want even if it means the consequences
    bring about the death of the very thing they were seeking.. ie:

    same sex marriage, once that is the law of the land, the original intent
    of marriage will not only be be rendered obsolete, but paving the way
    for others to climb on-board.. 🙁

    okay, having trouble explaining, maybe the
    following will help, maybe not, but here i go
    anyways (consider it my bd present to me.. 😆 )

    “what the fascist left have been aiming for is to “equate” good with evil..
    that’s the only way they can appease their conscience in the face of the
    harsh reality they are trying to escape from because it does not fit in with
    their ideological utopian matrix.. if there is no good vs evil, then all is good
    even if [the] all is evil..” – bg

    “for whatever reason people leave their homeland & come to America..
    they need to leave their homeland behind & embrace America as their
    homeland.. not bring their homeland from which they fled for whatever
    reason with them to America & try to reestablish their homeland here..
    this is America, not (fill in whatever homeland here)!! or go back from
    whence they came if they were so happy there as to want to duplicate
    it here.. go fight for your own homeland in your own country, i will fight
    for my homeland in mine, namely America.. God Bless America, land of
    the free, not the wanna be (fill in whatever country here)..” – bg


  • American Woman

    This is a setup to make Israel look like the aggressor, so that the Muslim Brotherhood and other Jihadists that now control most of of the Middle East (thanks to Obama) can claim their actions are a response to provocation.

    God save the Israelis, who have been abandoned and sacrificed by those Progressives who claim Jewish roots but are merely JINOS.

    Obama knew this was coming.

    His “Arab Spring” nonsense and his Islamic fascist appeasement in the UN helped set it up.

    His “policies”, backward ideology, and evil intentions have created it. and his name is all over it.

  • democraps suck

    Get ready for WWIII. The mooslimes will stop at nothing to destroy anyone who doesn’t believe in their twisted so call peaceful religion….. watch odumb$hit side with his brothers on this

  • JKB

    Let us put this in context. If Washington, DC had fired missiles at Baltimore, would Marylanders not take action to defend themselves? Same relative positions Northern Gaza-Tel Aviv, Washington, DC-Baltimore

    Israel mapped over the Washington Baltimore corridor

  • where is code pink and the rest of the world-wide peace movement?

  • The Pinkos will be coming out soon-when hamas releases more fake videos!

    Sic’ em BIBI, and this time do it right!

  • bg
  • bg


    November 15, 2012

    Rockets? What Hamas Rockets?

    [“Demand President Obama take action this time and pressure the Israeli government to end their attacks on the people of Gaza and end the illegal blockade of Gaza,”>/i> an AMP release promoting the protests said.

    It does not appear to be working. White House Press Secretary Jay Carney told reporters Thursday that the United States lays the blame for the conflict at Hamas’s feet. “Hamas claims to have the best interest of the Palestinian people at heart. Yet it continues to engage in violence that is counterproductive to the Palestinian cause,” Carney said. “Attacking Israel on a near daily basis does nothing to help Palestinians in Gaza or to move the Palestinian people closer to achieving self determination.”]



  • bg


    November 16, 2012

    US blames Hamas for Gaza violence

    [The United States is blaming Hamas for the explosion of violence
    in Gaza after salvoes of rockets were fired into Israel in retaliation
    for the killing of the group’s military chief.]


  • I hope Israel invades Gaza and drives them all into Egypt and takes the West Bank and pushes back into Jordan where they came from. The UN and Obama be damned.

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  • taquee idris

    Israel is world teorrist country………..God never forgive Israel people and their Army ,they kill inocents people of the ISLAMIC country .

  • Timothy

    Praise God, may he give Israel the strength to defeat the bastards once and for all. Wipe the arabs off the face of the earth, it is the only way to deal with their lies.