Hamas celebrated the Tel Aviv bus bombing today.
The blast injured 21 people.

The announcer on Hamas TV after the Tel Aviv bus bombing said,
“God Willing, We Will Soon See Black Body Bags”

Hamas supporters handed out candy following the Tel Aviv bus bombing today that injured 21 people.
Via Happening Now:




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  1. Hopefully the Iranian proxy Hamas is on it’s way to annihilation, God willing.

  2. What a bunch of callous hateful animals. Later on they’ll cry because Israel is “targeting civilians” which is false.

  3. They pray for more body bags? I suspect their preyers will be answered, but not in the way they would like. SKROOM!

  4. bomb a bus but no one in liberal america or the peace movement is concerned about civilian causalties. barbara boxer, diane feinstein your silence is deafening.

  5. Sinful and hateful, SOB’s

  6. Filthy Dogs!

  7. You are a disgrace to Ethical Values and Morality. Get your Jewish posers on the video that will turn people against Palestinians isn’t so bad for irresponsible bastards.


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