Greek protesters stormed a meeting Thessalonki with German officials. The protesters pelted the officials with water bottles and coffee.
Russia Today reported:

Dozens of Greek activists protesting austerity policies broke into a conference and clashed with police in a protest against a German government official.

­Law enforcement officers used truncheons and teargas to disperse some 250 activists in the northern city of Thessaloniki, where a meeting of Greek and German mayors was taking place.

Riot police formed a shield around German Consul Wolfgang Hoelscher-Obermaier, who was attending the event, after some of the protesters stormed into the conference center complex. The intruders were trying to pelt the diplomat with bottles of water and coffee.

The protestors changed “Nazis out” and “This will not pass”, while holding mock gravestones and banners proclaiming “Fight until the end!”

Germany is the biggest contributor to Greece’s bailout loans and is demanding strict budgetary restrictions from Athens in return. This made German Chancellor Angela Merkel and other officials common targets for Greek anti-austerity protesters. Last month, around 50,000 people demonstrated in the Greek capital, when the chancellor paid a visit to the country.

The rally in Thessaloniki was hyped up by the words of Merkel’s envoy Hans Joachim Fuchtel, who told Greek journalists on Wednesday that “3,000 municipality workers are needed in Greece to do the work carried out by 1,000 Germans.”

The municipal workers, who took part in the protest, wanted to voice their anger to Fuchtel, who was also present at the Thursday event.




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  1. Just cut them all off. Germany is a villain by subsidizing this mess, same if they stop propping up the moochers.

  2. “The intruders were trying to pelt the diplomat with bottles of water and coffee.”

    The OWS mob sure do get around don’t it?

  3. This is remarkable. The Greeks demanding to suckle at the German teat.

  4. The White House has announced that it suspects this is related to an anti-Islam video.

  5. More like it takes 3,000 Greek workers to do what 10 Germans do.

  6. Yep, Germany needs to turn off the free money. The only way to keep strays from coming to your door is to stop feeding them.

  7. Biting the hand that feeds you, not a good thing.

  8. In hindsight, adopting the Euro was like opening a joint checking account with a Nigerian prince.

  9. When you’ve got 26 percent unemployment, with almost 50 percent for people under 25, you’ve got a lot of idle people with nothing better to do than throw tantrums in the street.

    Kinda like the U.S., where there’s a surfeit of 20-year-old nitwits mooching off mom, dad, and the state, with plenty of time to worship a subprime sugar daddy.

    When the bill comes due, these young nitwits aren’t going to know what hit them. Especially the dopes going tens of thousands into debt in order to get a degree in sociology.

  10. @#10 The Germans

    I am stealing that line because it is true and funny.

    Yet another shining example of Marxism in reality. No wonder all of our academics are in love with this philosophy…it sounds great on paper, but fails miserably in practice.

  11. How dare those Germans be efficient, frugal and serious? hummph

  12. #10, absolutely perfect comment. When we go thru this in a short while, it will be with 500 million guns and Obama stoked racial hatred. Greece is a damn cakewalk compared to what’s coming our way.

  13. Laß Griechenland brennen!

  14. My, what ingrates.


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