Oh My… Only 2,800 Turn Out to See Obama at Ohio Rally (Video) …Update: Mitt’s Overflow Crowd Forced to Stand Outside!

FOX News is reporting that only 2,800 came out to see Barack Obama this morning, the Friday before the election, in Hilliard, Ohio.

More… ShawnP added:

“Like a fading Rock Star playing at a half empty Casino.”

Meanwhile… The Romney campaign just informed me that four thousand supporters flocked to see Mitt Romney at the Wisconsin State Fair Park today… And another thousand supporters were FORCED TO STAND OUTSIDE!

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  • DMG

    This election will NOT be close, folks. Romney will crush in the biggest electoral win since 1984.

    If you only give Obama the states that he is ahead in the polls by double digits, he would be only one EC vote behind McCain’s 2008 tally. Seems like your prediction is more like wishful thinking.

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  • Kate

    Jim, we are NOT overconfident, we are looking at the facts and living in reality. You sir, are a concern troll. I’ve seen you trolling your pessimistic crap on other sites. Enjoy your check from the Obama campaign for it’s surely coming to a close very soon. We are not buying your crap Jim, so go away.

  • jvarden

    Hilliard Ohio is not a small populated area… since, it a mere stone’s throw from the state capital: Columbus.

  • DMG

    We have 3 state supreme court justices who need to be dispatched and we have an opportunity this election to do just that.

    And who would those be?

  • Practical Jane

    All those empty seats behind O are full of dead voters.
    Make no assumptions. VOTE.

  • obamas watergate!

    All gas for demorats should remain the same $3.50 gallon and all their electricity bills go sky high, all their insurance premiums sky high, their SS and pensions and medicare plummet–they get to keep everything they voted for!!!
    but republicans will pay $1 gallon gas, cheaper everything, and so so many jobs that we have to import people! Technology inventions galore! College kid find good intern jobs! Move outof the basements! Market shares booming! food is cheaper because gas is cheaper, vacations costs are cut in half because airfare due to fuel is cheaper! We can pray openly in schools, Xmas parties with huge sugar cookies! Our children lunch boxes are no longer inspected! Personal savings are growing-because we have less taxes, and DODD/Frank repealed and more more small business are thriving! Banks giving loans. Illegals are on path to legal citizenship, english is the language and we trade with other countries! Fresh vegtables are thriving & water to farmers turned back on!Grain prices are 4x times cheaper! We are independent of OPEC! Our military is booming new ships, they get a raise, top technolgy and our military is put on a pedestal! High high respectment all over. And we get rid of the islamist terroists in the w hite house and shut down all their training camps! And all traitors are put on the deportation ship to Russia!

    The democrats still have all their Obama dreams –him and all atheists, liberal professors, MEDIA, Hollywood traitors, panthers, racists, perverts are deported to russia and the kremlin has them sign up for food, and gives them a form to apply for a car. No voting is allow. They are told all of their assigned government jobs pay checks will be divided evenly-they will share their wealth. Gays are beaten publically in Russia. They seem very happy. American citizenship has been revoked. They are now true patriots of the CPUSA. Congrats!

  • Bob

    This event was well supported by the union slugs of SEIU and the parasites who want more. This is the base of Obama. Either clueless liberals or those that want something they did not work for.

  • Liberty

    That’s 2,000 too many! They must have been paid to be there.

  • StandUpChuck

    Obama would have had larger crowds but all his peeps are…..working…. /sarc off

  • http://freedomoutpost.com Tim Brown

    meanwhile, while the two sides of the same coin are wrangling over 1200 person difference, Ron Paul continues to easily draw more than both candidates combined at speaking engagements. Even as one that the RNC set themselves against to cheat him out of delegates Paul brought in more than 11K peeps to a rally just outside the RNC this year and was the one who overwhelmingly drew far bigger crowds than Romney or Obama. Incredible! I suppose you have to deal with what little you get.

  • Daisy

    Romney’s rally – doors opened at 7:30, rally began at 9:30. At 9:00, when I arrived, there were so many people leaving that I thought I’d mistaken the time. They were turning people away and folks were headed home.

    I asked around and found that you could “listen” to the rally at the Pavilion. There were several hundred people there so I found a spot. Then the Secret Service started discussions on stage, and a few cries of “We Want Mitt” went up. Inside the rally, we could hear them singing “Happy Birthday” to Scott Walker.

    About 1/2 thru the rally, they interrupted the piped in sound to tell us that the first 4 rows would be checked by SS as “the governor” would come out briefly. The crowd surged, politely, to the stage (we’d been pretty spread out prior to that) and the MPD did a good job of checking purses, wanding people etc. At the end of the rally, they checked the sound guy and then the Walkers and Mitt Romney came out on our little stage. Mr. Romney truly seemed touched that we’d waited for him (“in some states, they’d call this weather ‘cold’ “).

    Jim, do I just email you the video?

  • http://www.chipbennett.net/ Chip Bennett

    I just accepted a job offer in West Chester, OH. I was just there yesterday and today to find a house. Wish I could have stuck around for Romney’s rally.

  • Westerner

    What kind of free stuff was dispensed for those 2800 “attendees” of Mr. Benghazi Obama??

  • Paula

    Can’t wait to see the biased news when Romney/Ryan win the electoral votes and the popular vote also wblmao watching them weep

  • Barbara

    I think the Romney win will be even larger than expected. People do place alot of faith in polls but I really wonder about them. Many of us have caller ID and rarely answer the phone if we don’t recognize the caller’s #???

  • Fionnagh

    That’s 2800 lemmings too many. May they be the first to lose their job/house/pension/fill-in-the-blank if this guy is re-elected.

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