Good News! It Took US Intelligence a Year to Discover Petraeus Was Having Affair… And Benghazi Was a YouTube Protest

How much are we spending on our intelligence operations again?

After David Petraeus resigned today for having an affair we found his affair started while he was serving in Afghanistan over a year ago and that Petraeus broke up with biographer Broadwell after he became CIA Director. Yet, the FBI just put this together this week.

The investigation began last spring, reports Ronald Kessler at conservative magazine Newsmax.

Kessler’s report claims that the FBI intercepted Petraeus’ emails with Broadwell, and they had included sexually explicit references, like “sex under a desk.” The pair reportedly broke up some point after Petraeus become CIA Director, but he continued sending thousands of emails to her over the past few months.

And they put it all together a couple days after the presidential elections. What a coincidence?

This great investigative work followed their recent assessment of the Benghazi 9-11 terrorist attack.
They blamed the attack on a YouTube video.

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  • saveus

    both stories are bogus
    cover ups

  • The NSA reads everything anyway. They knew about his honey from Day 1, probably before he knew it himself.

  • bg
  • Robert

    “thousands of emails to her over the past few months”

    Gee, doesn’t leave much time for CIA directin’ does it?

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  • shadow

    How much are we spending on our intelligence operations again?

    I thought the same thing when we failed to find WMD in Iraq.

  • squeaky

    maybe it’s just obama’s version the castro plan. [My job was to bug their hotel rooms with both cameras and listening devices. … Famous Americans are the priority objectives of Castro’s intelligence. When the celebrity visitors arrived at the Hotels Nacional, Meliá Habana and Meliá Cohiba, we already had their rooms…] there is something in human nature that causes normally decent people to short circuit and there’s always certain people who can read those short circuits and use them for their own agenda. power is corrupting.

  • squeaky

    i’m sure obama [or his handler] wouldn’t be shy about using gathered dirt against those he views as sketchy loyal. i wonder who holds the folder with obama’s dirt.

  • snap boy

    Didn’t Petraeus have to be confirmed as CIA director? And doesn’t the confirmation process require a complete FBI investigation BEFORE the hearings? So was that information suppressed by the Obama administration for later use if needed?

  • Jim Scrummy

    Davey’s little head was thinkin’ for his big head.

  • Timshappywife

    The Petraeus affair had nothing to do with politics. Waiting until after the campaign to resign was the right thing to do. It would have been used as political fodder when his reason for leaving weren’t political.

  • donh
  • Idiocracy!


  • Michael

    Fascinating that if/when Patraeus has an affair, he needs to be removed due to national security interests. However, when a President has an affair, it’s just a personal issue.

    Keep in mind, CNN states that it’s a security interest due to him being blackmailed. So Monica couldn’t have blackmail Billy Bob Clinton?

  • Rainmom

    OH SNAP #9
    Good thinking!

  • Robin Williams rule” God gave man two heads, but only enough blood to run one at a time.”
    From by blog.

    Here is part of it.

    …Well, another good guy goes down in history as just another guy with a blood supply problem. I’m telling you, you want to make billions? Hundreds of billions and save humanity at the same time?? Develop a pill that causes the body to generate enough blood to run a man’s brain AND his little brain at the same time. We’d see a change in the course of humanity. Instead of seeing crashes like Petraeus, we see scenes like this:

    “Oh, baby it’s okay, nobody will find out. Just this time we can do it. How can this go wrong? You know you can trust me, I’ll keep your secret, I LOVE you! See what I wore just for you!”

    “Uh, hmm…. that’s nice, but look at the time. I have to get going, crises to thwart, problems to solve, history to be change, you know the usual. Nice lace by the way, but I really have to go. You better put something on, you’ll catch a chill.”

    But then, the pill would be protested by woman’s groups across the world. They would claim it interfered with their rights. What rights? The right to get what they want.

    Oh, I’m going to get the hate mail now.

  • olm

    And Port St. Lucie County FL had 141% voter turnout.

  • olm

    This story is completely bogus. His affair has been known for a long time.
    I wonder when people start getting Fosterized.

  • anti-bho

    Either the most patriotic guy in the country, the biggest wimp ever to be cuckolded by another guy, or the stinkingest crock of sh*t ever printed in the Weekly Standard.

    Husband Wrote Letter to NYTimes About Wife Having Affair with ‘Government Executive’ | The Weekly Standard

  • anti-bho

    What the hell if he did have a bit of fluff stashed on the side. Jack Kennedy had a harem, LBJ lay them on a couch in the Oval. Even ol’ Ike had his stress reliever handy for most of his war and they elected him to two terms in the White House..
    It’s the timing of this news and keeping Patraeus from testifying about Benghali that smells like a un-emptied chamber pot in the Lincoln bedroom before indoor plumbing was installed.
    But it smells even worse now. The bedroom probably does too.

  • Freddy

    Someone will have to ask if the Obama administration was BLACKMAILING Petreas with this information.

  • kato

    Yeah, and sex offender William Jefferson Clinton supposedly reformed FEMA after the Hurricane Andrew debacle.

    Homeland Security is the crowning legacy of the Compassionate Dope. Tens of billions of taxpayer dollars spent to protect against terrorist attacks that will never occur. A new bureuacracy that predictably became bloated and useless, as all government bureaucracies do.

    We are no safer from the next terrorist attack than we were on September 10, 2011. Those turds at the airport don’t even remember what they’re there for anymore. TSA is just another political patronage job for third-rate affirmative-action types. Anyone who can bear to look at Big Sis has no reason to feel secure. Rather, he should feel disgust.

  • BS61

    Yeah, and suddenly I see that CNN is finally reporting about the fiscal cliff and the hurricane! After the election – I’m sick to my stomach!

  • spike

    Wonder if Sick Willy loaned Davey a cigar.