Glenn Beck Sees Romney Landslide: “Another Chik-fil-A Style Moment” (Video)

Glenn Beck weighed in on the election today and predicted a Romney landslide.

“There’s about ten of us who do not believe this is going to be a close call… I keep getting reassured. I keep feeling we are fine. We were out in Iowa this weekend. We were out in Ohio and Chicago. And the report I have to bring you is I think, I really think we are going to see a Chik-fil-A style moment tomorrow. It all depends on whether you go out and vote. But if you go out and vote I really believe it is going to be a landslide.”

Let’s pray he’s right.

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  • dwd


  • RealMc

    “Let’s pray he’s right.”

    Knee-mail enroute!!!!!!!

  • RealMc


    VOTE tomorrow!!

    Nothing to chance!!

    R&R 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • NeoKong

    Millions of people have been waiting….waiting.
    Waiting for one thing.
    We will make our presence known.

  • Ghost

    Report from Northern Virginia (the center of the battle for the battleground)

    MASSIVE! Turnout in Fairfax, George Mason University basketball arena
    there were more OUTSIDE! the arena than inside

    Team Romney (and Secret Service) were caught unprepared, they quickly readied a microphone (and appropriate bunting) so Mitt and Ann could address the outdoors audience who waited for 5+ hours in a line that went on and on for 2+ miles

    presume pictures will be forthcoming, there were plenty of cameras

  • ponderon
  • Ghost

    Fairfax, Northern Virginia crowd was EASILY! 30,000- I would say 50,000+
    I’ve seen enough sellout baseball and football games to compare.

  • bigkahuna

    I agree you cant piss off as many people as Obama has and keep your leads. Catholics, jews, youth, seniors, soccer moms, black christians and moderates, reagan Democrats, white men etc etc etc.

    I also believe many rural voters dont get polled or dont answer polls when they see caller ID. I also see all the polls weighted to Dummycrats 5-10% and thats not realistic. Black president is so yesterdays news and he sucks…. He was never qualified to run a lemonade stand. and Benghazi, Oil spill response, High gas prices, food prices, insurance prices and small businesses hurting will simply wipe him out. He loves playing president but hates being president. Lazy Phucking turd needs flushed

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  • Truman North

    I already delivered my Obama cock punch absentee. I will be working the Romney war room in Boston tomorrow to make sure I do everything in my power to throw out the Jug-Eared F…ailure!

  • CV1

    If Romney wins by 4 or 5%, that ought to be enough to shut them up! If he wins by more than that, then they should have nothing to say.

  • Ohio Paul

    Friends went today to go early vote and there was a 3 hour wait to vote in Hamilton Ohio. When my wife and I went there last Wednesday, there was at least 2 hundred voting or in-line and even more when we left. Son voted the next day, same thing. This is Butler county, and it went for over 40 thousand for John McCain in 2008, it will go for a lot more, a hell of a lot more.

  • Ace

    Rasmussen’s October party ID poll of 15,000 likely voters sees the electorate as…


    That means 2010 part two.

  • Ace

    If this is true, it’s going to be a shocking wipeout…

  • TeachX3

    Ghost… your words are music to my ears!

    RealMc… “kneeMail” HAHAHA love it!!

  • Monkey Wrench


    Rasmussen projects 237 electorial college votes for Obama and 206 for Romney. They have 8 states as too close to call.

  • The Conservative wall

    If the Democratic PPP polls were not in the RealClearPolicts averages the race would also be a lot tighter.

    Simply amazing that all their latest polls are almost double the averages of all the other polls in the state averages.

    One would almost come to the conclusion that the Democrats are playing politics with their pollsters to try and influence the voters.

    RCP needs to remove them from their poll averages because of their blatant bias.

  • TeachX3

    Just heard on fox that NJ and NY are allowing voting by eMail… how is that gonna work out? :/

  • Ace

    #16 I know, he’s still polling in favorite of Ds, as if he doesn’t believe his own polling on party ID. Like 1980.

  • Ace

    “Obama” is now instructing the Obots not to panic when the first exit polls emerge…