Franklin Graham: Re-Electing Obama Put the Nation Further Along on a “Path of Destruction” (Video)

Franklin Graham told NewsMax last week that by re-electing Obama we put the nation further along on a “path of destruction.”
And, here we thought the first four years were bad.

Newsmax reported:

The Rev. Franklin Graham charged in an exclusive Newsmax TV interview that America is in a deep economic quagmire because “we have turned our backs on God.”

“The more we turn our backs on God, the bigger our problem becomes,” Graham, the son of world-renowned evangelist Billy Graham, tells Newsmax in a wide-ranging interview. “I didn’t hear any of the candidates say that we needed to call our nation to prayer. I didn’t hear any of the candidates say that we needed to ask God for help.

Last week’s election results, which sent President Barack Obama back to the White House for another four years, put the nation further along a “path of destruction,” Graham said.

Read the rest here.

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  • bg


    OT.. related:

    November 24, 2012

    Ugandan president repents of personal, national sins

    [“We want to dedicate this nation to you so that you will be our God
    and guide. We want Uganda to be known as a nation that fears God
    and as a nation whose foundations are firmly rooted in righteousness
    and justice to fulfill what the Bible says in Psalm 33:12: Blessed is the
    nation whose God is the Lord. A people you have chosen as your own,”
    Museveni prayed.]


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  • Buzzy

    Wouldn’t it be nice if the Catholic Bishops would get the heck off the government redistributionist polices, not only requiring that the US not only take from the “rich” and give it to the poor in this country, but that we should take care of the poor worldwide because we are such a “rich” nation. Did they really think the Obama govt. would respect their religious views about birth control and abortion when they screamed it from the roof tops even before the Obamacare legislation. What part of Pelosi and Biden’s policies did they miss?

  • GregInSeattle

    It’s gonna be the 4 toughest years since the depression I’m thinking.

  • ★FALCON★

    By March of 2013 the country will be in massive recession. But Obama told everyone that the tax code was not to grow the economy – it was about fairness and revenge. I never thought I would live to see an anti-American POS like Obama elected and then selected.

    If Boehner caves, and I suspect he will – I encourage all of you to help speed up the collapse of the country. Keep voting Democrat until the country is in ruin or we get the UnCivil WAR.

    That’s all we have to restore the formerly great land.

  • Lady Mondegreen

    Ol’ Billy has got to be disappointed in Franklin. He seems incapable of opening his mouth without saying something stupid and is destroying the Graham brand as fast as he can. He’s a spiritual nonentity and his political statements have have been laughable. As soon as his father dies, nobody will pay him any attention.

  • Patty

    What a brilliant loving and giving man. His father must be so proud. And without God we are nothing. And we must pray that God will guide our every step.

    I curse and it does nothing but make me feel worse. I am so upset by America, voters, that I could scream but that won’t help my (our) situation here and now.

    I hope, that those who decide to get into politics or are already are, will PLEASE go out and help in your state, literally, go out and not just talk to the people but do for the people and get a real handle on what the state is facing, the people, shared interest, charities and DO WHAT YOU SAY YOU WILL WITH HOPE.

    The years will go by until the next election and you will have learn a treasure trove of information and quantity of life will be quality. YOU WILL WIN, we ALL WILL WIN.

  • Indiana

    The nation must have already been pretty “destructed” to put Obama back in the White House. One Nation “Under” God is no more. Too many people now think their rights come from government.

  • JDR

    Please to remove my last comment from the spam filter, as it was quite On-Topic.


  • donh

    Signs are everywhere that Americans are LOSING the saving grace of GOD in our lives, and DEATH will hasten its grip over this land. . May those who remain faithful be spared the shadow of darkness passing over the threshold of every home .. and when the muslims succeed in a terror mass kill upon one of our cities , do not come out of your home to bury the bodies…Leave them to be food for the buzzards and rodents to whom they lived their lives accordingly.

    Jeremiah 7:9 ” “‘Will you steal and murder, commit adultery and perjury,[a] burn incense to Baal and follow other gods you have not known, 10 and then come and stand before me in this house, which bears my Name, and say, “We are safe”—safe to do all these detestable things? 11 Has this house, which bears my Name, become a den of robbers to you? But I have been watching! declares the Lord

  • Militant Conservative

    #6 November 24, 2012 at 8:22 pm
    Lady Mondegreen commented:

    Madaam, you aretruely ignorant of what is getting ready to happen.

    live in your idiotic world, Franklin, Billy and I know the time is nigh.

    Shut up and listen closley and you will hear the lords words.

    Chatter like a monkey and get hit by a bus.

  • JDR

    #11 MC


    What I posted and what got lost in the spam filter:

    “I Will Wait” by Mumford & Sons, youtube link

    AZLyrics link:

    I don’t know if these guys are Christian, but like Emeli Sande they speak God’s words, whether they know it or not.

  • JDR

    Then find their live Bonnaroo 2011 rendition of “Amazing Grace”, and watch as a largely-Godless crowd, stoned tripping and otherwise hedonistic, is moved to tears by all four verses.

    God is working through folks and in venues and down avenues you wouldn’t expect, and through people you also wouldn’t expect. But that happened a lot in the Bible, too. And in the works of Tolkein, for that matter.

    He is good, and all will shortly see.

  • Patty

    #8 November 24, 2012 at 8:42 pm
    Indiana commented:


  • Joanne

    Well it makes sense doesn’t it. Is America a nation, in repentance, turning to God? No, so she’s got a heathen muslim usurper running her right into the ground with her morally corrupt and evil people doing nothing to stop him, and all the rest are just giving lip-service with their voices. The writing is on the wall; there is nowhere to hide from the truth. And America is not alone – all her allies are in the same boat of decline and denial.

  • Lady Mondegreen

    Militant Conservative (#11): Do you, sir, pretend to know the mind of God? That’s one of the best ways I know to get hit by a bus.

  • Militant Conservative

    #16 November 24, 2012 at 9:17 pm
    Lady Mondegreen commented:

    I’m sorry you cannot read and listen.

    Heathens usually can’t.

    I pray for my country and those that defend her daily.

    I know people like you find this “silly”.

    Knowing the word of GOD is easy when you shut up and listen.

  • JDR


    God showed us what’s going on in his mind:

    Wow, and chapter 2 even goes into Gaza, and what is to happen soon.

    Nobody is “pretending”, L.M. We really do know, and more clearly each day.

    Far more clearly than those who don’t even want to know, or who say knowledge is impossible, or illusory, or subjective.

    Complete opacity on your windshield is not a safe way to drive.

    “Ah, who needs see-through windshields? There’s nothing beyond it!”

    At least we have like 80% window tint, and not 100%.

    Sometimes it’s fun knowing… and maddening at the same time. Like Plato’s cave and shadows.

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  • Linda

    Rev. Graham is so right people have turned their backs to God…we know people don’t want God or hear about Him when it is HIM WE NEED THE MOST!

    #1 bg Thank You again that was AWESOME!