Former Mayor & Mother of Three Tortured and Assassinated in Mexico

Maria Santos Gorrostieta’s body was dumped on the side of the road.
She had been stabbed, bound, burned and bludgeoned to death.

Brave: Maria Santos Gorrostieta has been found beaten to death at the side of a road. She defied Mexico’s powerful drug gangs and survived two assassination attempts, the first of which claimed the life of her husband. (Daily Mail)

Maria Santos Gorrostieta, the former mayor of Tiquicheo, Mexico, had escaped two previous assassination attempts.
The Daily Mail reported:

The body of a woman once called a ‘heroine of the 21st century’ for fearlessly standing up to Mexico’s brutal drug cartels has been found beaten to death at the side of a road.

Maria Santos Gorrostieta, 36, was the former mayor of Tiquicheo, a rural district in Michoacan, west of Mexico City.

She famously survived two assassination attempts by narcotics gangs who have turned the country into a war zone.

Her brave defiance may have cost the mother-of-three her life. The official cause of death was a blow to the head but she had been stabbed, her legs and hands had been bound and her waist and chest were covered in burns, suggesting she had been tortured.

She was discovered by residents of the community of San Juan Tararameo, Cuitzeo Township, who were heading to work in the fields.

Her family had reported her missing on November 14, and the disappearance was being investigated by the Anti-Kidnapping and Extortion Institution.

A murder investigation has now been launched.

Mrs. Gorrostieta, the mayor of Tiquicheo from 2008 – 2011, was twice ambushed by gunmen. She had the scars to prove it. (Viet Times)

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  • StellaBaskomb

    This is depressing news. The drug thugs finally got her.

    (I would also like to ask, why do we seem to get stories like these first (and sometimes only) from foreign media?)

  • HeavyDee

    And we won’t close off our borders to keep these animals out of the US??

  • Sam Stone

    America is concerned with Syria and Afghanistan yet we have an even larger war just over the southern border. It is a war with more troops than we have anywhere in the world fighting. Mexico has over 40,000 Federal troops engaged in the civil war in Mexico. 40,000+ deaths in 6 or 7 years. Worse than Viet Nam and NOTHING is said by our government. Nothing is done. Borders still not secure. Americans dying every day in this war. Mayors, attorneys, reporters, children, women. the people fleeing north should be treated as REFUGEES not immigrants! They should be in refugee camps not our towns and cities.

    What would the news be if this amount of killing and slaughter was happening north of our border? Would the news be as silent as it is now?

    We have the worst war in decades on our border and it is as if nothing is happening.

  • Here is why they will win and we will lose.

    The drug cartels and the radical Islamists use a technique where once you cross them you are targeted for murder. You can’t get away. You can’t live a normal life, even one filled with fear like those on the border. You are targeted and killed.

    Until that horror show is shut down by the masses of people stuck in this nightmare, this will continue. That is how it works, how it will always work. Mao said years ago a very true and relevant statement “Power comes from the barrel of a gun.”

    Here is a link to some of Mao quotes. Mao was beloved by many of the people who influenced Obama and frankly are floating around inside his administration.

    Take the time to read some. Learn. The fear the people under him, under jihadists, under Hitler, under the cartels is a real fear. It is also a very effective tool.

    We see it here in smaller doses. But here it doesn’t work as good as there because we are armed. Gangs can control neighborhoods, but they cannot control cities or states. They wouldn’t survive in the countryside. Especially if they acted out like the cartels in Mexico.

    But in places where the only people who have guns are in the government and that government is corrupt you’ll see this end result every time. People living in fear. People murdered. People “arrested” and made to vanish.

    Understand how close this is to us. We can stand in our country and literally throw a rock into that country (and probably hit a cartel member in the head). Anyone who thinks this will stay over there is crazy. We are already experiencing it in the SW area of the nation. The police in the US cannot handle an explosion of the type of crime we see in Mexico. We aren’t built for it.

    In Central and South America, “death squads” became popular. Run by the military or police, they were the natural result of a government that was unable to control elements inside its nation through the rule of law. Sadly, they also went after political enemies which made them unpopular.

    But as a tool to control murderous cartels… Well, if you have cartels killing women who stand up to them, and the regular police will not or cannot do the job, then the natural response would be to want to play the game at the cartel level.

    Don’t arrest them, just kill them all.

    I don’t think too many Mexicans would complain right now.

  • Marsh626

    Coming to the neighborhood near you thanks to the Left flooding this country with Mexicans and the Right being too politically correct to stop it.

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  • Sad. May she rest in peace.

  • ★FALCON★

    If anyone is interesting in the real drug war – go to borderlandbeatdotcom – but mask your identity with anonymouse or another subnet browser.

    It has the real story of the drug war.

  • NeoKong

    #3 Sam Stone is correct.

    The war just across the border is more deadly and more of a threat to our national security than any other hotspot in the world and yet it is virtually ignored by all media.
    The worst part is that we armed some of those drug cartels.

  • Alvin

    Praise be to the Republic

  • CheriBeri

    What will it take to wake the American people up? Maybe one of these terrorists bringing a dirty bomb across the border and wiping out an American city? Then watch all of the politicians start pointing fingers at each other.

    What happened to the Fast & Furious investigation? This brave women dies after her husband is murdered and we are arming the cartels?

    God bless her now orphaned children.

  • Thats sad she was tough as they come. Id like to know when the Mexican ppl are going to rise up and take their country back? Yes the cartels are armed but there are more people than cartel members and frankly one can kill a lot more people behind the wheel of a car/ truck than with a gun… Im just saying.

  • BridgetGB

    Yeah, let’s throw open the borders even wider to this unholy mess.
    Democrats want to grow their voting bloc and apparently clueless
    GOPers want to help them. While the rest of us have the guts to
    stand up and say no way in hell.
    That’s US land. Take your racist ‘cry wolf’ label and shove it, libs.

  • Mahdi Al-Dajjal

    This stuff will continue until the gov’t orders the Mexican Military to take back their country. Too many people on the Cartel’s payroll so it’ll never happen.

  • Sam Stone

    #14, it may get worse since the new President in Mexico is not fighting the cartels like Calderone did.

  • Raisa


  • PimpAllah

    The Mexican “Aztec decedent” Savages (aka the Nazis tormentors of Mesoamerica) are not that different from the Islamic Savages. They thrive in violence, massacres and impunity. The only difference is that Islamic savages believe that they are doing “Allah’s” work and the anthropophagous Aztecs narco-decedents do it for greed, vengeance and treason. (Note that their founding fathers were authoritarian vicious ruthless emperors like Moctesuma, Cuauhtemoc, etc – sort of like Mohomad without the Koran)

    Before the so called “Evil Spaniards” arrived in Mexico (Herman Cortez and crew) — “Aztecs” terrorized other tribes in the region, avidly practiced human sacrifice and feasted on human flesh (a mayor part of their protein consumption) – Mexica-Aztec Cannibalism is clearly stated by research done by the anthropology department of Mexico’s most prestigious University (UNAM) … And like Mohammedans, modern Aztec decedents claim (are taught) that their civilization was highly advance and peaceful and of course deny their barbarism (Everything bad in Mexico was the Europeans fault)

  • Joanne

    Stop doing drugs. All people who do drugs are financing these animals. A bunch of murdered bodies should be used in ads to stop people from starting to use drugs and to quit using drugs.

  • NOT our fault. Not America’s fault. Not the fault of American drug users, either. Third world people are different. Mexicans are third world people and always will be unless their culture changes and they get some control over their birth rate. They are more violent. I don’t like Americans choosing to dope themselves either, but the Mexican drug violence is an inherently Mexican phenomenon. And I don’t have pity for them. Their popular culture glorifies the drug trade. They are proud to make and sell crap that turns Americans – and Mexicans and Canadians – into addicts. Mexicans are at war with us.

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  • Jess

    Who cares?
    Just another beaner
    i get my ganja from the blacks

  • bg


    God Bless,

    RIP Maria..


  • bg


    International Terrorist and Drug Cartel
    Money in the Nations Mortgage System

    [Despite recommended attempts to “strengthen anti-money-laundering
    controls to combat money laundering, drug trafficking, terrorist financing,”
    and other Patriot Act Violations, the United States has not been unable to
    stem the tide. Indeed, the United States Senate concluded that “the money
    laundering risks associated with correspondent banking have not been
    eliminated. Correspondent accounts continue to provide a gateway into the
    U.S. financial system, and wrongdoers continue to abuse that entryway.”



  • Linda

    Men were suppose to be the protectors of women…

    Man is behaving worst than animals because most animals will protect their family!

    Just with the great rise in violence alone it is obvious The LORD WILL BE RETURNING SOON AS HE SAID HE WOULD!

    I pray daily our Troops be brought back soon…their families need them more!

    God have mercy upon Maria Gorrostieta’s children.