Florida Election Watch is running a live updates on the race.
Mitt Romney is catching up to Obama after the Panhandle started counting.

UPDATE: At 9:15 EST:
Romney just took the lead…
Romney / Ryan REP 3,404,929 49.58%
Obama / Biden DEM 3,404,694 49.58%

This is too close to call.

More… NBC’s Chuck Todd: Sources On Both Sides Expect Romney To Win Florida By Under 100k.

UPDATE: At 9:23 PM EST- Romney just jumped ahead by 22,000 votes.

UPDATE: At 22:00 PM EST: Romney / Ryan REP 3,892,512 49.34%
Obama / Biden DEM 3,928,507 49.8%




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  1. Sad to say, but I think Hussein will win this one…doesn’t look like OH and PA are gonna go red. :(

  2. Senate races are tied at 41 each

  3. Disappointed that Michigan went for Obama.

  4. Paz you are sad. F you pos troll. We are right where we planned on being. Ohio, VA and Fla are going to put us over the top.

  5. Gary Johnson has received 35K in votes in Florida. Are we going to lose the Presidency because of the Libertarian Party?!

  6. Michigan was an easy call, those auto workers and ghetto rats like free stuff.

  7. ++

    heard some 60% of FLA’s Jewish population voted for OBAMA..

    simply speechless..


  8. ++

    LFH #5 November 6, 2012 at 8:15 pm

    if nothing else, they sure have the propensity to
    contribute, and they call Obama voters idiots, go


  9. #5 November 6, 2012 at 8:15 pm
    LFH commented:

    Gary Johnson has received 35K in votes in Florida. Are we going to lose the Presidency because of the Libertarian Party?!

    Maybe so – the Libertarians on my Facebook vowed to do exactly that

  10. Did I hear PA went to Obama?

  11. Our nation is lost.

  12. Lots of Republicans in the panhandle. Obama had the early lead with the eastern time zone votes. The central time zone panhandle will put Romney over the top.

  13. Stupidity is terminal. Another four years of Obama? God help America.

  14. Ohio does not look good. 33% reporting and O is ahead by 10%. If we hang onto the south (FL, VA, and NC) then what is our path to victory? I think we had to have Ohio or PA plus Colorado and one or two others. I fear O is on the path to another four years of American destruction.

  15. Republicans RETAIN control of House — we’ve got that = and may pick up seats.

    But PA has been projected to go Obama…

  16. Lou Dobbs saying Pennsylvania is a big welfare state, so they voted to stay on the government teat. No surprise he said.

    Is it gonna be the 53% of hard working America against the 47% of dead beats?

    That’s fine, we’ll start kicking their butts back to work tomorrow.

  17. #13 – George, I don’t think so. The central part of the US looks impressive in terms of size and the red color everwhere, but remember that night will finish with the lunatic west delivering enormous electoral votes to Obama. We MUST win Florida, Virginia, North Carolina and others to win. That’s just the math re: the swing states. Wisconsin and PA are lost. Ohio does not look good. I’m not sure a path exists even if we hold the south.

  18. Ed Rollins says there’s another pathway to a win -=== southeast corridor(?)

    But I think we’re all really sobered by how things are going. Pray. God help us. We can’t lose America. Life will be forever altered.

  19. I cannot believe what is unfolding before my eyes…

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