Fired Up! Ready to Go!… Obama Rocks to Half-Empty Arena – While Only 800 Waste Their Time to Hear Biden

Fired Up! Ready to Go!
Despite the his big media support and his free traveling rock star entourage, Barack Obama could only half-fill the arena in Columbus, Ohio today.

(Caleb Bonham)

The media said 15,000 supporters attended the event.
The media was being generous.

Meanwhile in Virginia…
Joe Biden continued to impress.

800 supporters actually turned out to hear Joe Biden rant his endless nonsense. Once again, the chattering Democrat could not get over that 1,000 supporter hump at a rally.
Nice campaign, Donks.

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  • Patty

    Sorry, OT

    Russian Sub Skirts Coast
    Russian attack sub detected near East Coast

    A Russian nuclear-powered attack submarine cruised within 200 miles of the East Coast recently in the latest sign Russia is continuing to flex its naval and aerial power against the United States, defense officials said.

    The submarine was identified by its NATO designation as a Russian Seirra-2 class submarine believed to be based with Russia’s Northern Fleet. It was the first time that class of Russian submarine had been detected near a U.S. coast, said officials who spoke on condition of anonymity because of the sensitive nature of anti-submarine warfare efforts.[……………………….]

  • Patty

    This is a concession speech.

    Video. All I can say is – this is a concession speech. Seriously – I’m not being political about this. The is a goodbye talk by Michele introducing her husband (10 minutes.) Listen to her verbs. Look at her face. All of the references to the future can be translated into “we lost the election, but our job is not over, it’s now in your hands.”

  • I’m just gonna be a nervous wreck until late tomorrow night

  • forest

    Loudon County is considered to be the decider in VA. Very nice place, by the way. Lots of horses and stuff.

    I don’t think the class warfare is going to pay off for Obama in Virginia.

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  • Patty
  • Patty

    Obama 11 picks and Romney 8 on the site I just posted above.

  • Patty

    The Hill predictions:

    Prediction: Romney 325, Obama 213

    The predictions are all over the map.

  • That photo of Biden…look behind him and you’ll see Tim Kaine. Looks like all he needs is a dunce cap while sitting on that stool.

  • shadow

    So Romney draws 11,000 and it’s a “MASSIVE CROWD,” that is “unreal.” Yet Obama’s crowd of 15,000 is somehow disappointing?

  • Mad Hatter


    Obama drew 60,000 in Columbus Ohio on November 2nd, 2008.

    This time around he could only draw 15,000 and he had Springsteen with him this time. How can that not be disappointing?

  • Ace


  • bg


    God Bless Romney & Ryan!!

    G-Damn Obama & the preacher he rode in on..


  • Fionnagh

    #13 LOL:)

  • Sasja

    Springsteen was the big draw, not Barry.

    Romney pulls them in because of Romney.

  • shadow

    So what are you saying? Since Romney never drew a crowd of 60,000, he would’t find 11,000 disappointing?

  • shadow

    Springsteen was the big draw, not Barry.

    And yet in South Florida, Obama drew 23,000 without Springsteen or any other entertainment.

  • Patty above is right – the Obama event in Iowa tonight was like a wake, first Michelle & then Obama. Some time into CNN switches from Mitt & Ann in the corner before thousands in NH, it was jarring – thousands of folks screaming, etc. – it was PRIME point in Romney stump speech – then – after good portion + hearing & editing (amazing!) they went back to Obama – he was moaning about negative advertising … it was near silent, like death there. They came to bury the legend of Barack Hussein Obama! Eventually one guesses CNN got depressed (I was already looking for the live Romney feed) and CNN eventually switched back to Romney’s closing – inspirational + optimistic & all – even the CNN anchors had to close saying, “two different tones, two different visions”. GO R&R GO!

  • Skinner

    And Gateway Pundit was dumping on Mitt not so long ago…


  • Diamnond Girl

    This nation better get ready to learn to say two words after tomorrow night ~ President Romney!

    Btw…can’t wait until I watch the talking heads on many networks heads explode…especially msDNC!

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  • Monkey Wrench

    I see Nate Silver just gave his final prediction. He gives Obama a 92% chance of winning. He estimates Obama will get 315 electorial college votes.

    Apparently there has been a late movement in the polls towards Obama, possibly due to his handling of Sandy.

  • bg
  • JustMe

    Man, I seriously can’t wait ’til this stupid bastage is out of office. Talk about ruining our country and driving it off a cliff. Got dmn community organizer needs to back to the ‘hood from which he came. Oh, wait a minute, he’s been looking at $35 million dollar houses in Hawaii, why would he do that if he was staying in DC or even going back to Chicago? lol.

  • Only the most diehard Obots can bear his monotonous, self-serving tripe anymore


  • squeaky

    “He gives Obama a 92% chance of winning. He estimates Obama will get 315 electorial college..”
    if we have that many dumb people…… i hear a lot of people selling off their so-called moral standards for 30 pieces of silver. one is contemplating voting for o so his 21 years old son can remain on his health insurance while still trying to claim the moral high ground that is counter obama’s policies and beliefs. i would’ve thought it better if obama concentrated more on getting the economy on track so maybe the kid would have a better chance for employment.

  • NC Mountain Girl

    It’s not the absolute size of the crowd it’s the expectations. It’s axiomatic that you book a space slighter smaller than the best estimate of the crowd you expect to draw so the story is about SRO or overflow speakers outside, not empty seats. Also a packed crowd helps generates excitement and a sense of belonging.

    This campaign Obama’s staff has consistently over estimated the size of the crowd he can draw this election cycle. They did it at the kickoff in May. They did it at the convention with the cavernous Bank of America Stadium and they did it in Columbus.

    Does this matter? You betcha. In 2008 Obama wasn’t a politician. He was the secular messiah. Celebrities wanted to be on stage with him to borrow some of his magic and voters wanted to be part of a historic campaign. In 2012, Obama’s just another pol. He needs the celebrities to enhance his image.

  • Look-Out

    The only way BHO will win. Fraud. No one does it better:

    …in Nevada to help re-elect President Obama.

    Culinary Workers Union Local 226 appears to be committing voter registration fraud by hoodwinking noncitizen immigrants into registering to vote and then threatening them if they fail to cast their ill-gotten ballots illegally. People who have been lawfully admitted to permanent residence in the United States, that is, permanent residents or green card holders, do not have the right to vote in elections.

    Glenn Cook of the Las Vegas Review-Journal reports that union members who barely speak English were made to sign voter registration forms without understanding what they were signing.

    Union goons then visited those members to press them to vote. When they failed to vote, union officials kept visiting and ramping up the pressure.

    “One of the immigrants was visited at home by a Culinary representative and said the operative made threats of deportation if no ballot was cast,” according to Cook.

    Read more:

    Doncha just want him for another 4 years? A peach of a guy. Chooses terrific friends. His word is GOLDEN. Wouldn’t dream of breaking a PROMISE. OR A LAW.

    If this kind of thing makes you PUKE (obviously it doesn’t bother BHO one bit)…then get out and VOTE THE ($&#)s OUT.

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  • squeaky

    “He needs the celebrities to enhance his image.” i would say he and other politicos have more in common with these folks. all that’s missing is probably a membership in SAG.

  • Thom99

    Here is a simple explanation of who Barack Hussein Obama is and what he’s really up to:

    Barack Hussein Obama is a Marxist socialist revolutionary, and his goal is to transform the Unites States of America into a socialist state.

    It really is that simple.

    Oh, he certainly has secondary goals. He believes that America is too powerful and must be brought down economically and militarily, hence the multi-trillion-dollar debt, trillion-dollar annual deficits, the debilitating attacks on the military, and the dismantling of our industrial and energy sectors. He believes that America is an oppressor nation that should be made to pay restitution to oppressed minorities, inside the USA and elsewhere. He has other, equally destructive goals and ambitions.

    We have a President, a major political party, and mainstream news media that see America as the enemy. Obama’s goals are transparent, and there are many of us who do not want him to succeed. The real question is: what are Americans going to do about Obama and his socialist fellow travelers? It is not possible to make a composition with them. Their aim is to destroy us.

    Are we going to fight them with every resource at our disposal? Or are we going to let them win?

    Whatever the outcome of November 6, each of us has a personal decision to make. And then we must take action.

  • Hedgehog

    If the two people who are sitting on stools behind Biden were wearing Dunce Caps, the picture would be complete.

  • Steve

    Know someone who is undecided? Send them this video:

  • lizzy84

    Seriously…it’s here…let’s roll!

  • squeaky

    a reminder from the past…..ballots replacing bullets

  • squeaky
  • Earthmover

    29 Thanks, now I can put Vegas on the list of things NOT to do. Screw those
    union bastards! I quit watching movies in the 90s because of Hollywood,
    quit golfing in Palm Springs twice a year (just cannot support liberal Ca)
    I dont shop in my own hometown since they put up red light cameras! Hit em where it
    hurts! Oh, and here in Washington, we voted to privatize the liquor stores and the
    liberal legislature added taxes that cost more than their bloated monopoly cost, so I
    don’t buy booze anymore here either. Example, a 1/2 gal Crown Royal is like $55.
    Sorry, so off topic.

  • whocaresanymore.

    Taking advantage. This woman doesn’t what’s going on, but the Dems will pick her up for her vote.

  • squeaky

    [So, according to Pastor Lowery, Obama’s lack of character and lack of leadership are irrelevant. I, being a n—-, as Pastor Lowery refers to black Americans, must vote for Obama or join all the white people in hell. Pastor Lowery is a racist. Racism is evil.] i believe the pastor tried to back off his statement – just a joke. he of course was the same one could only come up with “whites do what’s right” in his riming at the 2009 inaugration. this classless display that foretold what the next 4 would be like and what would be missing. fired up to fire him up and out of the w.h.

  • Brivar Houtex

    My election prediction is that it comes down to Ohio with Romney ahead by a very narrow margin. The lawyers get involved claim suppression and the people threaten riots. The votes are recounted and the balance tips to Obama. In typical Republican appeasement fashion Romney will concede for the good of the country to avoid chaos and riots tearing this country apart. Every conservative will cry piss and moan about how Obama didn’t win and he isn’t their president. A whole lot of blog traffic but no action and no results. I hope I’m wrong and I’m willing to wait in line all day go vote for Romney to try and stop it but I think every one under estimated Axlerod and the liberals desire to win.

  • Thom99

    This time tomorrow comrade Obama will be curled up in the fetal position sucking his thumb!

  • They really look sad and pathetic. I can’t wait for this nightmare to end.

  • Indiana

    The best word to describe Obama’s performance in the last five days or so would be FLAILING!

  • squeaky

    ight now.
    [Barack Obama✔
    President Obama ordered the raid on Osama bin Laden’s compound, eliminating the man responsible for the 9/11 attacks:]
    remember this boast when you vote. i originally saw it at twitchy. for a guy who has others do his dirty work……he’ll take credit for that but not so for the loose lips. in trying to enhance his campaign by making him appear more gutsy was the unintended consequences lives lost?

  • Granny

    Just back from voting here in Vermont. We were there just as the polls opened – us three and a couple hundred other people. The lady supervising the big bins where you insert your marked ballots looked around at the crowd and said “this is scary” – apparently this big a turn out is highly unusual. Go R&R!

  • Gary

    What we’re really seeing is the invisible hand at work.

    People worry about what will happen when the majority of the country are net takers, and what will stop them once they realize they can vote money away from the makers.

    But now we see that there’s a reason they’re net takers. They’re lazy. Sure they got fired up in 2008, but look at the unusual circumstances. They totally rolled over in 2010, and they’re still in lazy mode even now. Obama was counting on getting 51% of the country hooked on crack with himself as the dealer.

    Now he needs a bunch of crackheads to keep him in power, but they’re sleeping in.

    Funny how things take care of themselves.

  • Thom99

    Thank you for braving the cold and getting out to vote!!

  • squeaky

    via bad blue… inspectors being bounced from Philly polling places. we’ll see but it’s heartening to know that eric holder will get to the bottom of this. earlier there was a post at fr [?]
    about a bi-partisan [not] group that was shredding voter registrations for republicans [maybe philly]….

  • myohmy

    Nobody were attracted to attend Biden’s rallies even in 2008…and not now. Biden was only chosen as VP because he makes look Obama like a genius.

  • Limousine Barry

    I will admit that Joe Biden blows! He is an idiot. But he is my Idiot! Nobody likes him including me!

    Whoa, I just got this message via Davy Axelrod which is now being tickered across the bottom of CNN.

    It says:

    “0bama finds 305,666 new absentee ballots in New Hampshire. 0bama takes early lead. No need for Republicans to vote.”

    See! I am ahead! There is no need for the Republicans to even vote. I have probably won New Hampshire…

    Ah, crap. My East to West Time Zone trick is not working! New exit polls are coming in and I am losing!

    But, that is why you should vote for me. I am a consistent liar.

    If reelected, I promise higher unemployment, higher gas prices and free taxes! Bill Clinton will have a nose candy party.

    I am so excited by my early lead that I can’t even read the teleprompter – my loins are hurting.

    If you like my grossly dishonest TV interviews Teleprompted by David Axelrod and his multimillion dollar company – then vote for me!

    Send me $3,666.00 before mid-noon Eastern Standard Time! This is you last chance to send me money – before the election is over. Send me more money now!

  • squeaky

    [The Victoria’s Secret show must go on — even if it means kicking out hardworking men and women in uniform.
    Dozens of National Guardsmen, and Army and Air Force personnel who have been sleeping at Manhattan’s Lexington Armory in between hurricane-relief shifts are being booted — to make room for Victoria’s Secret models in anticipation of Wednesday’s runway show.] priorities prioritie and it’s getting cold. another night in a seriously cold house….probably like all the empty obama promises taking a back seat to the better connected.

  • Jane

    I believe Romney wins Pennsylvania.

  • Bigkahuna

    That arena holds about 18000 and there was nowhere near 15000. Same has happened for months with the media bumping his numbers.

    Bye bye Barry

  • squeaky

    [Breaking: Republican Inspectors Being Tossed From Polling Stations in Philadelphia] the justice brothers some place else and the naacp another…having to cheat to win is no sign of a better outcome.

  • Jim

    We pay way too much attention to crowd sizes. I remember Walter Mondale drawing crowds of 20,000 people at rallys. We saw what happened to Mondale.

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  • Westerner

    …I wonder if he was operating on both brain cells??

  • Nick

    F*ck Romney that lying creep. And Ryan, another creepo. Obama wins in a landslide. 8 million more latino registered voters than in 2008. Obama leads by 45 points over Romney in latino voters.

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  • Mr Barack Obama

    Hahaha…..’get u ready for two words tomorrow’ and comments like ‘go back to the hood’….really shows how romney supporters feel. Sad. Anyway back to the ‘White House’ I go ….another 4 years people and more basketball I might add! Hahaha…..pick your tongues off the floor please! lmao

  • Thomas greene

    Fired up , ready to go:
    Who dat talking bout beatin Obama. 332 electoral voted!!!!

  • Soulsearchin

    “Obama Rocks to Half-Empty Arena – While Only 800 Waste Their Time to Hear Biden”…. and he still WON. LMFAO

    Obama/Biden Forward

  • joy

    The reason you guy lost is that you had to lie about everything, there were 15,000 people at this rally. A very silly thing to lie about but for some strange reason you needed it to feel better. How do you feel now that America has spoken? Are you ready to leave this nonsense behind and help us restore our nation?