It Figures.
Barack Obama finished off his campaigning today playing basketball with friends… At a gym that was just foreclosed on.

Michelle Malkin reminded us today of Obama’s corrupt b-ball buddy.




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  1. About those Exit Polls –

  2. Yuck it up while you can, Obama.

  3. Last Dance

  4. Poetic justice often lurks in the footnotes.

  5. This is up at Ace of spades, get the word out if you can:

    I’m hearing there are long lines in Ohio and some Republicans are bailing from the lines.

    Do not bail. It’s close.

    Put the word out, if you can.

  6. While America worked…Obama played…

    While Romney works…Obama plays…

  7. he did the same four years ago, election day.

  8. reverse midas touch

  9. stop with all the hugs and the kissing of women. It is not politeand is fairly disgusting. Grow up!
    Stop all the hugs ., you are president of the USA (for now)Show some dignity!


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