FAIL… Only 50 Wal-Mart Employees Joined Nation-wide Union Protests Today (Video)

Only 50 Wal-Mart employees joined in on the nation-wide Black Friday union protests.
It was a complete failure – although the media probably won’t report it that way.

And it was a record day for Wal-Mart!

The Examiner reported, via Red Alert Politics:

Wal-Mart claimed today that the much-hyped Black Friday protests at the non-union retail giant fizzled out, with only 50 associates – their term for employees – taking part. The United Food and Commercial Workers union, which organized the protests, disputed that figure though. It said “hundreds and hundreds” joined in at events across the country. The Washington Examiner could not find an independent estimate for the protests.

Even assuming the UFCW figure is correct, that is pretty small given that Wal-Mart is the nation’s largest employer, with 1.4 million people working at its stores. Wal-Mart also claimed at least 10 million transactions since its stores opened late Thursday, which would make 2012 its best Black Friday ever.

The UFCW, whose members mainly work for Wal-Mart’s competitors, has long battled the retail giant.

Related… Ulysses Arn went out to interview the protesters in Rockford, Illinois today.
The protesters were just as ignorant as you would imagine.

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  • CV1

    Liars, all of them.

  • Exile1981

    I’ve seen video on several sites that seems to imply that the vast majority of the people involved in the protests where union members and therefore not Walmart employees. Since the one video the protestors told the reporter they were not allowed to talk to the media only the organizers in the yellow shirts (who were union members and therefore not employees) could talk to the media. So there is really no way to independently know how many were walmart associates. Of course Walmart likely knows how many no-showed for work but that number could be way different from the 50 they quoted.

  • paul52

    I’ve been ‘forced’ into UFCW twice as a term of employment. They are as useless at teats on a boar hog. Parasites… all of ’em. I suggest UFCW open their own chain, put up all the venture capital, take all the risks, and pay their employees a minimum of $25/hour…. oh, and turn a profit.

  • Patty

    Walmart prices are low because they aren’t unionized. And for the 50 who walked out, there are 1,000 of others just waiting for a job.

  • forest

    How’d it go at everyone’s local store?

    We had a lunatic and a college professor drag their depressed son to ours. Kinda pathetic, but hilarious.

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  • Highlander

    Hopefully, Wal-mart fired and replaced each and every one of the losers who didn’t show up for work. Intentionally calling off on the busiest day of the year is completely unforgivable. No employee who does something that they know is going to anger and inconvenience the customers and damage the business’s reputation deserves to keep their job. Plus, leaving the store short-handed like that demonstrates a complete lack of respect for their coworkers.

  • Mad Hatter

    Unions are like payphones, they’re outdated, and have no place in the 21st Century.

  • Buffalobob

    1.4 million Walmart associate or as the union goons would refer to them. 1.4 million rubes we can shake down to support our high salaries and benefits.

  • Sasja

    forest, I’d be depressed too, if I had those for parents. Can’t help but feel sorry for the young man.

  • Patty

    Exclusive: Food Stamp Recipients Outnumber Populations of 24 States Combined


  • Patty

    besides we already have a mob boss running America. We don’t need them running where we work, too.

    jesting, this nation has become communism so it really doesn’t matter.

  • Starvin’ Marvin


    obama’s ‘walking around’ money, better known as “unspent stimulus funds”.

  • bg
  • FurryGuy

    Even if it was hundreds, as the Union Baghdad Bob declaims, it sure won’t hold a candle to all the people actually spending money at WalMart.

    Keep on protesting businesses, losers, you only make them more profitable.

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  • Highlander

    Patty, money isn’t necessary to issue food stamps. They just issue them. There is no budget, and no accountability in government today. This is just one more way that our dollars are being devalued and wealth is being redistributed. As a result, as each day goes by, the price of everything we buy is going up, stripping the wealth out of the hands of the people who actually have real money to spend, and shifting it into the hands of the growing masses of parasitic people who get welfare checks, food stamps, and other government issued benefits …

    What our “leaders” are doing to this country is, to put it bluntly, outrageous.

  • Amalgamated Cliff Divers, Local 157

    O/T sorta. This is why I shop online. Here’s my latest purchase! Please enjoy the rest of the holiday weekend.

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  • bg


    Senate Democrats Say They’re Not Going
    To Pass A Budget In 2012 Either 2/4/12

    August 27, 2012 in Letters, Opinion

    Obama never passed a budget

    President Barack Obama will be the first president in this great country
    who will not have passed a budget in his first term of office. He submitted
    a budget that was defeated by a vote of 97-0. Not a single Democrat or
    Republican voted for it.

    In his first two years in office, instead of focusing on the economy,
    he passed the stimulus bill (which did not work because he pushed
    for clean energy), and the Affordable Healthcare Act (which had to
    go to the U.S. Supreme Court because it was so controversial). In
    fact, we had to wait until it was passed before we saw what was
    in it.

    In 2010, the Republicans won a majority in the House, and they have
    submitted 33 budget bills that have been shelved by the Democrat-
    controlled Senate. The bills were not allowed for discussion or for a
    vote. The president refuses to negotiate with the Republicans.

    I would like to say that all voters need to ask any person running
    for public office how the candidates plan on breaking this deadlock
    in Washington, D.C. If they can’t answer that question, they don’t
    deserve our vote.

    Mike Brunson


  • Good to see the protest fizzled! Penn & Teller did an episode on Wal-Mart bashing not long ago. (NSFW, language, nudity)

  • dwdude

    i was in the musicians union and they didn’t do squat but collect dues and harass non union musicians…only major city unions help their members. chicago symphony musicians make 187 k under their new contract plus bennies. the rich nice, huh. why do you think only the rich can afford the tickets?

  • bg
  • Patty
  • Patty

    Occupy 2.0 : Destroy U.S. Economy with Lawlessness

    Where is the Occupy Wall Street movement headed? It’s not back to long term camping in the parks. Their explicit goal for the next step of the movement is the destruction of the United States financial system.

    Anyone doubting this isn’t listening, because not only have leading leftist thinkers like Francis Fox Piven laid out this strategy, but the Occupy Wall Street movement has even written the instruction manual.

    First, the theory. In the last section of the Stephen K. Bannon film Occupy Unmasked, viewers are warned that the Occupy movement is just beginning. One of the left’s most revered figures agrees. On the anniversary of the Occupy Wall Street movement on September 17th in The Guardian, Francis Fox Piven wrote a piece entitled “Occupy’s protest is not over. It has barely begun,” where she lays out the movement’s achievements and its future. She correctly points out the impact went far beyond the campouts.

    It is far more important that we can see the influence of the movement’s main issue – extreme inequality – on the speeches at the Democratic convention, for example, or on the ongoing strike of 29,000 school teachers in Chicago who have been joined by students and parents in their demands not only for salary increases, but for a roster of improvements in the public schools. So far, good.

    READ ON:

  • Doreen B Cobb

    What did the STUPID UNIONS think? They reminded me of spoiled kids or should I say crying babies, they not getting their way so let’s ruin life for the people on the busiest travel and shopping days. WALMART EMPLOYEES SHOULD B PROUD OF THEMSEVES. Also to everyone involve with Walmart. George Soros go back to your own flipping country and get out of ours. You CAN’T ALWAYS GET WHAT U WANT words from the Rolling Stones song.

  • Orages

    It’s obvious to everyone the only reason the unions want to unionize Walmart, because they’re chomping at the bit to get those millions of DUES paying members. That means MILLIONS of $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ every year. That means more POWER. Anyone notice they don’t have any interest in the smaller retailers?!

  • squeaky

    i was approached by one and when i declined the leaflet he was passing out he asked me if i cared about the workers. when i looked at a chart of the expenditures of union dues from the unit i belonged too [had no choice] it was quite noticeable where the lions share of dues went. representation of member issues was miniscule in comparison. a union may claim to represent you but in reality it’s just a job like a car salesman or any other job where sales is the bottom line. just lure them in and if you have to use a little guilt……

  • Unions and union ‘bosses’ are abusing their members and the ‘walkout’ was a sham. Union members were probably paid and I know they were bused in to protest. They were protesting the fact that the workers were getting along just fine without them.

  • CommieJuice

    50 new jobs for people who actually want to work. I bet out of these 50, most look like they could be the son of the president. Only the weak fall for that mess, but who is weaker than his supporters?

  • yat

    Why the hell are you so happy people have to work on Thanksgiving?

  • Highlander

    Yat, I’d rather have a job and work on Thanksgiving than be unemployed, hang out all weekend with my family, and then go pick up my gubmint check and my Obamaphone on Monday.

    I wonder … which option would YOU prefer?

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