Ronald Reagan Never Surrendered in the War For Freedom – Even in Defeat

(The Reagan Record)

Even after the 1964 election loss, Ronald Reagan never gave up in the continuing war for freedom.
Marathon Pundit found this uplifting piece.
Ronald Reagan wrote for the National Review after Barry Goldwater was crushed by Lyndon Johnson in 1964:

Yes, we did; we lost a battle in the continuing war for freedom, but our position is not untenable. First of all, there are 26 million of us and we can’t be explained away as diehard party faithfuls. We cross party lines in our dedication to a philosophy.

There are no plans for retreating from our present positions, but we can’t advance without reinforcements. Are reinforcements available? The answer is an unhesitating — “Yes!” They are to be found in the millions of so-called Republican defectors — those people who didn’t really want LBJ, but who were scared of what they thought we represented. Read that sentence very carefully because in my opinion it tells the story. All of the landslide majority did not vote against the conservative philosophy; they voted against a false image our Liberal opponents successfully mounted. Indeed it was a double false image. Not only did they portray us as advancing a kind of radical departure from the status quo, but they took for themselves a costume of comfortable conservatism.

Read the rest here.

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Doug Ross reminds us, “The message of liberty and opportunity, well articulated, is one that embraces all races, all religions, all ethnicities, all backgrounds.”

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After the catastrophe on Tuesday several of you have written to offer advice, hope and suggestions.
Reader Mark Gordon sent this list of ideas to expand the conservative base.
He gave me permission to post the list here.

10 Conservative Ideas to Expand the Base

Conservatives were beaten in this election so we must improve to win in 2014 and 2016. We need to add another 6-12 million voters to our side. The reason I am writing is to suggest 10 ideas to expand our base rather without surrendering our principles:

1. Hispanic Blogs – The Conservative blogs (Instapundit, Gateway Pundit, etc.) do a great job for much of America’s online readers but we’re missing 70% of the Hispanic voters who supported Democrats. Our team needs to seed and link to Hispanic blogs of all types: Spanish language, Cuban, Catholic, and even Pro-amnesty but otherwise Conservative (as many Conservatives do support this Bush/Rove stance). Similarly, we could support Portuguese (Brazilian) blogs. Most blogs have a “Favorites” section linking to other blogs but not a “Hispanic Favorites.” I’d suggest going further and listing “Diversity Favorites” to appropriate the language of the left.

2. Cartoons – These are the single best way to influence disconnected voters and to skewer liberals. Many people send cartoon chains via e-mail or post them on Facebook. Occasionally, Powerlineblog publishes a Michael Ramirez cartoon. Hugh Hewitt has cartoons at his Townhall Our blogs should highlight the best cartoon daily by linking to a database of Conservative cartoonists, perhaps Hewitt’s site.

3. Hispanic Talk Radio – Conservatives have a stronghold on AM Talk Radio but Rush and Hannity don’t speak Spanish. As I was finalizing this e-mail, listening to Rush, he said he always thought we should have a Spanish translation of Rush. That’s partly the point but we must incubate a dozen other Conservative Spanish/Portuguese speakers and sponsor Spanish-speaking, Conservative Talk Radio stations. Better yet, sponsor Diversity Talk Radio and include Black and Asian Conservatives. Ronald Reagan further honed ideas on Talk Radio in the 70’s; why not Mia Love or Allen West doing the same?

4. Partisan TV – Fox is derided as Faux News but is really closer to the middle than the other channels. The intent isn’t to abandon Fox but to augment it and have Democrats attack the partisan TV channel while they describe Fox as the more sober alternative. I don’t know anyone at Charter Communications but MSNBC would be an ideal partisan vehicle if they aired 50% Rachel Maddow’s and 50% Glenn Beck’s. Besides, Fox News as a Conservative-leaning station may not last much beyond Murdoch’s death and Roger Ailes’ retirement; let’s not risk it.

5. Facebook – “Best of the Web” is on FB with robust discussions but not Instapundit or Powerlineblog. I joined Facebook to understand how well liberals advocated for Obama in 2008 via social media. There was more pushback from our side on Facebook this time but not enough. Again, a daily cartoon or humorous picture on a Powerlineblog Facebook page could be “shared” by your readers to spread the message.

6. Database/Wiki-type site – We need a Wiki-like database of information on subjects of concern to which only Conservative blogs and trusted readers own the keys. Currently, each blog “tags” stories in their database. I’m suggesting a master database that accumulates in an organized fashion all the best, pertinent posts. It wouldn’t list every burp or sniffle posted, just the best information and blog posts. These are some possible topics:

  • · Reporters/Organizations – this would have tabs on each of the liberal reporters and organizations such as Reuters with explanations of their bias. Every new story we discuss with their byline would include a link to their database where readers can peruse/ridicule/mock them for previous examples of bias.
  • · Democrat leaders – keep a list of their shameful acts sorted by type of vice.
  • · Racism – There are a staggering number of examples of Democratic racism. The reason Democrats prattle incessantly about racism is because their history is indefensibly racist and they are masking that fact while they reach out to minorities. Let’s organize the data and relentlessly explain that the Democratic Party is the party of the KKK, Jim Crow, Slavery, anti-Civil Rights, and racist quotas today whenever they try to tag the Republican Party with that slur. It would include, of course, a List of KKK members and party affiliation throughout history.
  • · List of Minority Republicans – This would include leaders who were/are Black, Female, Hispanic, Asian, Indian, etc. It would be another way to refute the Democrat’s false charge every time they made it. The first minority VP was an American Indian for Republican Hoover; few know it because the left-wing doesn’t advertise it and the right-wing doesn’t care about skin color; however, we need to fight on their turf with these issues.
  • · Anti-Semitism
  • · Misogyny – This includes attacks on Sarah Palin and others
  • · Homophobic behavior – There are plenty of liberal examples plus liberal support of anti-gay states like Palestine that torture and execute homosexuals.
  • · Wasteful spending
  • · Global warming
  • · Examples of anti-science beliefs by liberals
  • · Attacks on Conservatives – Misogyny is just a subset here.
  • · Voting Fraud
  • · Historical explanations of the Democratic Party (Bill Whittle filmed an excellent video on Democratic racism for PJ Media; that is the type of information needed).
  • · Tutorials – Links, videos, reading material on Taxes, Spending, etc.
  • · Sources for Conservative media – Referrals could include online web courses, fiction and non-fiction recommendations for movies, books, music. Also, some effective political ads by subject.)
  • · Lists of the 50 most partisan newspapers – The implicit suggestion would be for our side to cancel their subscriptions
  • · Lists of the most partisan Universities – This would be the top 50 partisans Universities ranked by highest percentage of liberal professors plus the 50 most intellectually-diverse Universities. Blogs could regularly remind their readers not to donate to these liberal institutions even alma maters but to support a local university from the list that is intellectually diverse.
  • · Lists of the most liberal companies – Want to avoid giving your money to liberal institutions? List the worst offenders.

The intent of a Wiki database would be to provide a clearinghouse for quickly accessible information to combat the Democrats’ smear machine in a Breitbart-type fashion. When a Republican is falsely attacked as racist or misogynist or whatever, respond with a link to scores of Democratic examples of the same issue. Democrats have spent years searing into the culture false or inflated examples of conservatives as hypocrites, Luddites, sexists, racists, etc. We need a quick response database to provide the same and fight on their territory. The intent would not be a balanced or separate view; it would be a partisan database to quickly react to attacks by the left.

7. Jewish Blogs – Link to Conservative sites whether they’re pro-abortion or not (when I speak to staunch Republican women, they often hasten to add that they support a woman’s right to choose. We have to change minds, not ostracize them). We made solid gains in the Jewish vote but must expand. Also, we could support Muslim Blogs as moderate Muslims Conservatives are little different from other Conservatives.

8. Asian Blogs – Asians upped their support of Democrats dramatically. We need to get the Conservative message to the various groups and link to them from our Conservative blogs.

9. Women Blogs – They can be pro-abortion, pro-gay marriage, whatever as long as they primarily advocate Conservative positions. Ann Althouse is an example.

10. Jr. Achievement – This is just an idea for the Youth Vote, which increased its share of voters from 18% to 19%. They’re being indoctrinated by union teachers, liberal culture, and pseudo-news on the Comedy Channel. How do the experienced adults reach out to them and help educate them? Jr. Achievement, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Comedy?

* * * * *

Thanks to everyone for sending in their ideas. This is a long battle and we need everyone engaged.
I salute your patriotism.

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  • onbe

    Good idea how do we get started?

  • Liberty

    How about insisting that the Republican party ONLY nominate Constitutional, fiscally-conservative candidates?

  • Jay Phillips

    Here’s a picture I made earlier today of Reagan.

    We must resist this great evil called socialism.


    Usurpation 2.0: What It Means for Whites –

  • sybilll

    Pandering to any segment of society never got us zilch. Remember when Reagan granted amnesty to millions in 1986? Yeah, nothing changed, and now that we’ve added more bennies for the freeloaders, pandering will be even less effective. My principles don’t bend.

  • Patty

    Well, we must fight back, in with calm and truth. We should have a database with facts so we can be truly believable when we state our beliefs.

    The real problem has been the Bias Media from 2007 until today concerning Obama. I have noticed there are many in the Conservative party who have great values and they are some of the new candidates and those who have already established a position in Congress and the Senate.

    There is a revolution of young people with wonderful values in the Republican party and they should be a huge part in campaigns.

    Example, when youth see good and truth they will come into the Republican/Conservative party. The youth need to have a great direction and a way to reach out to others is to speak about their party and their values.

    Obama reached out on SNL, the View, Fallon, Letterman and Celebrities this was his way to gain the youth vote and his ground game. He repeated his 2008 elections and I actually felt I was reliving it from the start of this campaign.

    We all share a vision and that vision is to be Americans, we are a great nation and to be great we need great people, with values, honesty and integrity.

    All parents must be aware and stop enabling their kids. Listen and ask questions about school and what was taught for the day, each day you must ask what happen in school. You see or hear something that suggest the teacher isn’t teaching academics but indoctrination, stand up and say something.
    The most important part of all is to stop attacking and start presented what the party stands for and it is NOT racism, sending all immigrants back to where they came from, contraception for free, religion being taken for granted and disrespect for our military.

    And the president must never spend money that just is not there. We budget so should Washington. Our taxes must never be raised in hard economic times. This accomplished more hardship on the middle class. There must be a stop, pulling back of the purse strings on every president who has accomplished little for the greater good of this nation.

  • Patty


    Power of Youth

    I expect to see a power struggle between a Republican establishment moving to the center focusing on re-engaging minority voters especially Latinos with individuals like Sen. Marco Rubio and Gov. Chris Christie leading the way, and a Tea Party focused on reorganizing the American right and a push further away from moderation and compromise, lead by the likes of Congressman Paul Ryan and Senator Rand Paul. The presidential election of 2016 will perhaps finally decide between these two different paths for the party, one the return of Rockefeller Republicanism, the other the preservation of Goldwater Republicanism. The 2016 Republican Primaries will in many ways be like that of 1964, but let us hope that the results of it will be very different.

    This is just one site. But we must get the YOUTH involved in the 2016 elections. They have the energy and they are up for the fight.


    The Youth Vote was formed K-12 and perfected at

  • King

    I don’t know Jim. I doubt anything on that list will work. People look at the huge numbers of youth & minorities voting for Obama and assume it’s an information problem. They start with the PR buzz words like outreach, messaging, clarity, inclusion. It’s a foolish view. The black person that voted for Obama probably had the same access to information that Allen West or Kira Davis had.

    Minorities (and a huge chunk of whites) voted for Obama because they wanted more from government. You think the Mexican that sneaks across the border and uses the emergency room doesn’t know he should pay? Of course he knows but he chooses not to. Outreach to minorities sounds nice but history shows it’s not effective. There isn’t a magic subject or magic phrase that will change their minds. They want free stuff. That’s what they voted for. They feel entitled and no marketing campaign will change that. And the Republicans will never be able to offer as much as the Dems.

    We need to stop thinking that Obama voters will suddenly wake up once we enlighten them. The MSM, Hollywood, and public schools have created a socialist voting majority. One that grows larger every year. They won’t wake up until they’ve sold all of their freedoms – and ours – and are living under crushing despotism. The instant freebies and promises of golden utopias are too strong.

    To get them off the government teat you need something radical. More radical than Facebook and the Boy Scouts. If I figure what the heck that is I’ll let you know. Hate to be grim but the progressives had over a century to transform the country. Fixing that cultural rot will take more than outreach to youth and minorities. And we don’t have a lot of time. The best I can offer is go buy a rifle, train to use it, and move your loved ones to red states. And pray. Cause if that radical, quick, effective answer to transforming the giant block of socialist idiots doesn’t appear soon we’re in for bad times.

  • Patricia

    Great idea. And business people need to get out and coach Hispanics on how to start a business or interview for jobs, etc. They will value the free market once they have skin in the game. The Chamber could do it, or retired people, or speakers at churches and club meetings.

  • Jay Phillips

    I am reminded of an election a few years ago in a heavily democrat district in GA which happens to have open primaries. The republicans knowing their party had zero chance of electing someone who represented their interests, all voted in the democrat primary against the candidate they bitterly and for good reason despised. And although the person they voted for was not their first choice they were at least better than the democrat’s first choice.

    The republican party is finished. The main stream media is in the tank for our enemy. So instead of fighting our enemy I say we join them, and choose candidates that will most likely LOSE in the final election, or choose those who would cause the least amount of damage.

    We must resist! Fight them from within! We must become rebels for freedom and democracy. And if all else fails bring down the whole corrupt system and start again from scratch. We must fight for our liberty or we will all die together.

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  • Nobody in leadership in either political party has the courage to attack the root causes of the decline of our society, which culminated with a resounding defeat for Republicans in this year’s long awaited election, but “it’s NOT the economy”. Conservatism didn’t lose, it was only on the ballot in a few places, and it won handily in those races. The Democratic Party is lost to Conservatives for all intents and purposes, and the Republican Party is chasing after them trying to be “Democrats Lite”. Both parties are now fighting to see who gets to drive the USS Titanic onto the iceberg.

    The sad state of the economy is just one symptom of a much deeper problem. and the cure is to restore the home and the basic building blocks that created this nation to begin with, the Judeo-Christian ethic. You want to attract minorities and women and immigrants? Give them the CONSERVATIVE message, not “Food Stamps” or some gimmick the way the Leftists do. The people in charge of government and academia and a large segment of the private sector today were not inculcated with values while they were growing up in single parent or two parents working all the time homes, but they were indoctrinated in Socialism and anti-family psychology throughout their school years and double dosed in college.

    Until we emphasize the full spectrum of values and try to change the hearts and minds of people, changing their party affiliation or their temporary economic circumstances won’t work.

    Voters were given two choices: a SMALL step back toward the Light and a GIANT step toward darkness. They chose darkness. Our light is not very bright and not very appealing. It is man’s nature to desire darkness, no responsibility or accountability. We need to prove to them that such is the path to destruction.

    Churches and synagogues have become social centers instead of centers of worship and teaching the love of our fellow man and the fear of God. God’s laws, natural AND spiritual, have not changed. We can no more defy His laws and expect anything but failure than we can defy the law of gravity and expect to flap our arms and fly.

    Pandering won’t work. Showing that our ideas and principles lead to peace and prosperity will.

    You want to end abortion on demand or homosexual marriage or “tax the rich” or whatever flavor of the month your peeve is? You can’t do it by threatening single-issue ideologues that your candidate will “take away their right to that sacred cow-dung”. You have to change the hearts and minds of people to no longer desire those anti-social behaviors and actions.

    This is the theme the Conservatives should pursue, not get into debates about “legitimate rape” or “God’s will”. Those traps are irrelevant to people who think clearly about the root causes of the disintegration of society. Nobody living today will ever see Roe v Wade overturned, but everyone living today and their offspring can change the society so that abortion is obsolete and RARE. The same goes for the other “third rail” issues.

    It took generations to sink to the depths we find ourselves at today, and it will take generations to rise back to the level of greatness we started from. THAT takes visionaries and people willing to sacrifice and leave their “comfort zone” and respectfully debate the merits of issues and stand firm on principle. They also need to be ready to face a meatgrinder media and Leftist opposition and a society already gorging on “the free and good life”.

    Karl Rove and Jeb Bush and all those who think we need to rearrange the chairs on the deck of the GOP Titanic have been soundly beaten twice in two consecutive presidential elections. We will not survive as a nation if we allow that third strike.

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  • Coasta

    JROTC has kept my son from becoming a punk in High School. He gets it now. Not all schools get the money to have it and it does not mean the kids will join the military after. What ever the opinion is on this, it is a “kid saver” in my single parent life. He is a Maker, not a Taker.

    I would like to add JROTC to the Jr Achievement list.

  • King

    Actually I did have one idea: Have states change voting so that each district votes as normal, but whoever gets the most votes in that district gets a point. Each district only gets one point. At the end of the night points are counted up and whoever gets the most points is awarded all of the electoral college votes for that state. This way big cities can’t rule entire states. Romney would have one handily if this was in place. Look at a district map of the USA from the last election. A sea of red. If this passes in a majority of states the Democrats will become a third party “also ran”. The red states could pass it with ease. And we have a good chance of passing it in battleground states in the next off-year election. We did well in 2010 after all. Keeps the red states red and wins us the battlegrounds. All without radical change.

    I’m probably not the first to suggest this. And maybe I’m ignorant of some existing law that would impede the plan. But to me it sounds quick, plausible, and effective.



    Young woman explains in a single word, what is most important to her –

  • i get a kick out of all this talk about outreach to the hispanic people. if the hispanic colonizer believed in free enterprise, private property, a worker’s right to the fruits of their labor, a limited scope of government, the left would never had brought them here. if they believed in these ideals they wouldn’t have had to leave their countries. they didn’t come here to preserve the american ideals they were brought here to destroy them.

    the only thing that has stood between the communist and worldwide domination was the white american. now that we have let them destroy the white majority its look out world here comes the hammer and sickle.

  • CapitalG

    I think the GOP needs to actively fight back against the smears. They have always tried to be ‘above all that’ and it worked in the 60’s and 70’s. In the modern era the idiot youth are only open to a low brow message of hatred.

    We need to point out how 94% of blacks voted for FAUXbama and point out that only RACISM drives numbers like that. Black Republicans are called ‘sell outs to their race’ and are literally bullied into becoming Democrats (Colin Powell for instance).

    The GOP needs to speak out on that racism. They need to speak out on how the Democrats seek to divide by race and put people into categories to pit them against each other. Highlight how small and petty the Democrat tactics are.

    By simply being polite and letting the left insult and define them conservatives are fighting a losing battle.

    Pandering to groups based on race is the absolute lowest emotion you can appeal to and the Democrats have made it their lifeblood. I would hate to see the GOP repeat that mistake. The end result of that kind of politics is racial divisions and alliances that are going to lead to violence between the races – not harmony.

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    GOP = Stupid Party.
    Exhibit #48:

    We’ve begged them for decades to STOP the Invasion and they do nothing.


    Jared Taylor speaks at Towson University on the subject of the right to have a “White Student Union” on campus. This is a MUST SEE! He makes a great presentation and then handles the attendees questions/charges with ease.

    I nominate Jared Taylor for GOP White Outreach Chairman.

  • Fuquay Steve

    Yeah you’re right – let’s link to every pro-abort blog, pro amnesty, high tax, bigger gov’t less freedom blog out there. That will set us apart from the competition and really broaden the base (if your base is invertebrates). Good luck with that. Scott Brown can be the leader of that party.

  • Sasja

    I would add to this discussion that we endeavor to play by the Marquess of Queensbury rules against street fighters and therefore get pummeled. Until we are ready to take off the gloves, it will not change.

  • Sasja
  • Marsh626

    Yes, let’s welcome in voices calling for amnesty and abortion. That will work spectacularly well as you alienate actual conservatives in droves while picking up a comparatively small number of faux-conservatives. The Republican Party is dead because the supposed “conservatives” leading it – including in the blogosphere – are incompetent and delusional morons.

    And just call the Left racists and sexists all the time who hate black people, women and homosexualus. That’ll definitely work…

    The ugly reality is that the Republican Party is increasingly beoming the White Party. Over 80% of non-Whites vote Democrat and will continue to do so loyally for generations despite conservative efforts to pander to them. And since Whites are only about 63% of the American population now, and declining rapidly due to bipartisan support for mass legal immigration, Republicans simply can’t win national elections anymore.

    The Republican Party has dug their own grave by allowing the Left to open the immigration floodgates. The Republican Party will (stupidly) try to win over more “hispanic” voters by supporting amnestry. Which won’t win them over in significant numbers and will only make the anti-Republican non-White demographic problem in America that much worse.

    And the only way to appeal to black voters is to support a massive expansion in government handouts. Basically, the Republicans will have to become more Democrat than the Democrats…

    The only racial group we have a chance of winning over is East Asians who don’t want amnesty and are intelligent, self-reliant and have strong family values. And possibly Jews for muc of the same reasons. Although I’m not holding my breath…

    Here’s a crazy idea, let’s try appealing to the largest and most important voting demographic in our own party and the country – White people. And God forbid we also try appealing to Men for once (yes, we exist…) Heresy, I know. But it’s the only realistic chance we have of staying relevent and saving our country from socialist ruin and 3rd worldization.

    Start coming out much more strongly against illegal immigration and mass legal immigration. And call for the end to racial preferences which systematically discriminate against White people in college admissions, job applications, etc. Then you might have the same kind of enthusiastic support from White people for the GOP like you have with non-Whites for the Democrat Party.

    But of course, that will never happen… The so-called “conservatives” in America would simply rather die than ever embrace the obvious fact that they’re the party of White people and Men.

  • people w/o their own blogs can help
    members there have their own blogs and can write too.
    get your voice out there, stop depending on others to speak for you.

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  • Gaius Baltar

    Yes! Let’s pretend that it’s 1964 why don’t we?

    Why don’t we continue to look for salvation in “taking back” Washington instead of our local communities and neighborhoods?

    PEOPLE: It’s NOT about targetting 2014 or 2016 for a Republican “take over” or getting “new/good” people in DC to “save us”. Stop listening to these professional conservatives and save yourselves on the local and state level.

  • Tired Okie

    All of these idea are just talk. Until we rectify the voting booth policies and operators, tighten the absentee ballot procedures, cleanse the voter roles each year, and make voter ID the law of the land no one will beat the socialist again. That is if we are lucky enough to have another presidential election

  • mg4us

    Agree with Reagan. . . Now is the time for those committed to stand up and lead.

    Just for the record, the votes were close. .too close if you ask me. . . Obama got 8MM less than in ’08 and Romney got less than 3MM that Lame McCain got. . . with only 3MM separating the two. . .

    Romney was not Reagan. . . He did not embrace (or welcome) Tea Party Patriots. . . He is a liberal NE Republican not a Reagan Conservative. And though I supported him, I did so mostly out of “not 4 mo years of Obama”. . .
    Remember Romney ran a brutal and bitter primary against Perry and Gingrich and did not welcome Palin and her supporters. (a BIG mistake!!!).
    As a result many conservatives (D’s & R’s) sat it out.

    Jim, While the list you posted may help next time I have a few other thoughts to share:
    First and foremost: WE NEED VOTER ID laws. . .we need to guarantee the integrity of those who voted legally. We have to eliminate fraud. . .

    People have plenty of time to register and get ID. . . Schools, churches and organizations should help so that there is NO EXCUSE for not being who you say you are.

    We need to cross-check voter records and make sure people not registered and voting in more than one place (especially those with two homes like that Congresswoman) or students or even illegal aliens.

    Related to this is making sure ALL OUR MILITARY, no matter where they are stationed, gets to vote and be counted. . . and do this by secure internet like banking transactions.

    We also need to restrict early voting rules. There is only ONE election Day. . . let’s honor it. For those who plan to be out of town, absentee ballots. The longer ealy voting remains open, the more the opportunity for fraud.

    Next, need MORE transparency that only eligible votes vote and votes tallied correctly. Should have observers from both parties as well as two prominent citizens be they school principle, business owner or religious official. Four or five pairs of eyes better than none or looking the other way.

    Any precinct that has more votes than people registered need to show match against records and also be prorated down to historical levels. So if a precinct with 100 people that generally have 50% voting shows 120 people voted, try to match actuals up and difference to total prorated so if only 40 of the 120 found legitimate (40%) the other 80 (120-40) is prorated to 8 (50%-40%=10% and 10% of 80=8).

    Only when voting is secure and safe can the other measures work.

    Next, For Republicans and Conservatives, need primaries to be shorter and more condensed. The way it works now, Iowa and NH have to much sway especially with MSM driving us to choose our weaker candidate.

    By time primary reached NY, NJ, California or other big states, the candidate has already been chosen thus disenfranchising us.

    A shorter more condensed primary with get all to work hard and hopefully the cream will rise to the top. It will also be less expensive and hopefully less negative.

    Finally, whoever wins on the Republican ticket needs to spend time in ALL 50 states wooing voters. .not the 5-7 swing states. . . enough of the consultants like Rove. . . do a Reagan.

    Only when this is done can the measures Jim listed truly have an effect.

  • mg4us

    One more thing, now that we lost this election, time the House Republicans give OBAMA MORE of what he wants. .

    Obama wants to tax the rich and redistribute the wealth, great, push for an excess tax on Movie stars, actors, singers and sports players. . .say 80% tax.

    Push for additional taxes for sports games and movies. . . to pay for better schools and teachers.

    And let’s not forget a sur-tax on those with second homes over $100K or on resorts that charge over $100 per night. . .again money for schools.

    And let’s have a sur-tax on restaurant meals over $25 pp and on wine and Spirits so we can give this money for medicare and medicaid.

    And let’s tax clothes and fashion accessories over $20 with a sur-tax to be used for poor people.

    Time we take the battle to Obama’s base. . .and fight fire with fire


    This is a nice list, but it assumes that the electorate is ready for the message, and that the conservatives can overcome the image placed on them by the propagandists as sexist, racist, homophobes. I don’t see this happening anytime soon.

    We must think in terms of centuries now.

    1. Take back education by breaking the current university and accreditation system. Please visit

    2. We must re imagine k-12 with a focus on reading, math, writing, Constitutional civics, and true history. The teacher unions must be broken.

    3. We must realize that news reporting will always be a biased business. We must replace the current de facto ‘news’ organizations with new media of our own.

    4. We must let America fall for the time being. It hurts, but there are times one must completely retool the team which means the other team completely wins for a period of time.

    The electorate voted for Free Stuff at the cost of their freedom and future of their children. The electorate voted based on hatred focused on race and success. To those that voted for Obama conservatives embody all that is evil. To them we are sexist, racist, homophobes.

    The Free Stuff must be increased each election or the politicians lose that control. Social Security was a small program in the beginning, but it grew each election cycle to buy votes. The same happened with all Free Stuff policies from the government. The problem here is that soon there will be an absolute inability to give and grow the Free Stuff programs. So this will take care of itself.

    So we must really focus on breaking the propaganda cycle showing that it is actually the Dems and their policies that are sexist and racist. This is our only chance.

    For those willing to trade core beliefs for votes really never held the core belief in the first place, and will find that they will never get the votes they pandered to in the first place.

  • Eric Mertz

    Guys, check out KeyWiki by Trevor Loudon for the online database. It is exactly what say we need in terms of an online database.

  • If you are just going to continue giving away the nation bit by bit by supporting amnesty schemes and the Bush progressive wing Hispandeering faction…you may as well give it up now.Not defending your own culture and language is another sell-out tactic. Somebody needs to pull up the party affiliation of the 3m Reagan amnesty recipients…are they voting R?

  • mg4us

    Here is a good piece from American Thinker. . .

    Reiterates many of the points others have made but best is the end.

    Remember Obama in 2008 WAS the reason for the TEA PARTY being formed and coming out. . . and winning 2010. . .Need Republican State Governors & Legislatures to help too.

    Let’s use OBAMA 2012 to bring more on board. . .and recapture Senate in 2014 and run strong CONSERVATIVE candidates for 2016!

  • retire05

    There is a lot of talk about why we lost this election. I hear the talking heads all saying we (Republicans) must become a bigger tent and be more inclusive to Hispanics. Some of the ones who think they have all the answers are doing a lot of yapping about “amnesty”. Charles Krauthammer, who I am no fan of, said we need amnesty “with enforcement” what ever the heck that is. They are all wrong.

    Hispanics Legalizing millions of people who have entered our nation illegally, with promises of gift baskets called amnesty, is NOT going to make them vote for Republicans. So let me explain why: first, these illegal Hispanics are not interested in becoming citizens. It doesn’t matter to them. They are only interested in jobs, education for their kids, and social welfare programs. Life here, under the radar, is better than it is for them in Mexico or Guatamala. Survey after survey from Pew Hispanic Research shows that citizenship is not a priority for illegals. As long as nations, such as Mexico, encourages its citizens to enter the U.S. illegally, they will come. As long as states, like California, allow them to collect welfare from taxpayer coffers, they will come. As long as there is no real punishment for violating the sovereignty of the U.S., they will come.

    There are a number of reasons that Hispanics vote for Democrats. If you really want to know why, study the tactics of Democrats with the Irish/German immigrants of the 1800’s. The Democrats used class warfare to convince the Irish immigrants that Republicans were evil and only wanted to get richer off the backs of the Irish labor. And although the Irish were religious, industrious and willing to work to become rich, like the family of John F. Kennedy, to this day, the Irish Catholic still votes Democrat. We need to study those tactics and find a way to dispel the myth that Republicans hate the little guy and only want to get richer off semi-slave labor. The history of the Irish Catholic should be a guideline for all of us and we need to develope a way to counter the class warfare tactics. Apply that to the Hispanic vote.

    We must also understand that many Hispanics do not have the same attitude toward government that we do. Many come from socialist/semi-socialist nations where that is all they have known. Socialism is the norm for them, not democracy. It is hard to change the attitude of most Hispanic immigrants when they only know one form of government from the time they are born to the time they migrate here illegally. Understand that. Huga Chavez is a dictator. But even in a free and fair election, he would have won. That is the only kind of government some Hispanics understand.

    But another amnesty is not the answer. It will simply encourage more illegals who believe if they just manage to avoid the man from ICE long enough, they will be allowed to stay and continue reaping the benefits of living in the U.S.

    Education our schools are cess pools of indictrination. No matter how much you influence your children, remember this; teachers have them at least 7 hours a day. Read your children’s history/social studies text books before they do. Know what is in them. I promise you, as conservatives, you will disagree with much that is in those books. Counter the indoctrination of your children by teachers at home. Explain to your children why what is in those books, and being told to them by their teachers, is wrong. Gather like minded parents and attend school board meetings and demand that revisionist history not be taught. If you cannot get satisfaction from the local school district, home school your children. Their future, and yours, along with their freedom, and yours, depends on it. You must get involved in your child’s education if you want to encourage a new generation of conservatives.

    Do not discount the indoctrination your kids will get at college. Research the college you are thinking about sending your kid to. Is it conservative, like Hillsdale or is it a bastion of liberal group think like most state universities? Do you want your kid to be exposed to someone like Robert Jensen, journalism professor at the University of Texas, who is an avowed Marxist? It’s your money paying for that higher education, find out what they are going to learn before you send them off.

    Racism This goes back to education. Children of color are not taught about the heroes of the Revolutionary War that were black, like Crispus Attucks. Hispanic children are not taught about the many, MANY Tejanos that were fighers against the oppressive Mexican government in Texas, like Juan Seguin. Giving those minority children a sense of pride and attachment to our national history does more than any welfare check in making them want to be a part of the Great Experiment. Insist that your school district include their history in the text books. As it is now, the only thing black children are taught is that their history began in the 1860’s with slavery and ended with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Find a black Republican and ask that they be allowed to address the students. It is amazing how it relaxes race tensions when black/Hispanic kids know their ancestors were part of fighting along side their white fellow patriots for freedom for all of us. And white kids will be impressed with the heroism of the those black/Hispanic patriots. Common bond is the answer, not racial divide.

    If you have a black/Hispanic friend or co-worker, invite them to a TEA Party or county GOP meeting. Tell them you just want them to see the other side of the coin and you would be more than proud to introduce them to the group. Tell them you are not trying to change their political mind, and understand they are smart enough to make up their own minds about where they stand policially. Appeal to their intellect. The Democrats have been using that tactic for 100 years.

    Conservatives ARE a big tent. Promote that.

    The Press There is no doubt that the press is decidedly left wing and will refuse to address anything negative about Democrats, and especially this administration. If the truth be known, this election was lost due to the press. Why? Simply because they refuse to report on things like Fast and Furious, Benghazi, Obama’s extreme left wing past (like his support of the socialist Green Party), his associations, the list is endless. But you can counter that.

    Cancel all subscribtions to any publication that practices deciet. Don’t link to their websites as revenue for website is generated by traffic. If they don’t make any money, they will have two choices; start reporting actual facts and stop trying to influence people to their way of thinking, or go out of business. It is just that simple. All of us have the power to hasten their demise. But they don’t want to go out of business so they will have to start informing and stop indoctrinating. It is just that simple.

    Messaging The Republican message sucks. It is just that simple. Our leaders in D.C. run around scared to death that some liberal hack who works for the NYSlimes is going to smear them. That needs to end. John Boehner needs to grow a set. We need to stop playing defense and start playing offense. Our history is on the side of the truth and it is time we quit electing wimps who cave at the first sign of trouble.

  • Dee Dee

    Regarding #3 Hispanic talk radio, there is a woman in Miami who is a conservative and has a talk show. It is only local to South Florida though and I do not know if she has many listeners.

  • Sparky

    How about instituting voter ID laws in those states that don’t already have them.

    Go back to manual voting….no more digital voting. Less chance for fraud.

  • owl

    #31 “Just for the record, the votes were close. .too close if you ask me. . . Obama got 8MM less than in ’08 and Romney got less than 3MM that Lame McCain got. . . with only 3MM separating the two. . .”

    It was too close because Obama did NOT win. Had to think about what I watched for a couple of days to come to that conclusion but do I believe what I am fed or what I actually observed?

    The most important thing we can do to ever win another election is to figure a way to stop Dems from cheating and that includes machines. They have had at least 10 years to work on the machine angle. They started with FL Bush and saw the light. I do not know how to
    stop the machines from cheating. There. Do you?

    Mg4us#32 That is one interesting list and I love most of it. Let’s call for that Entertainment/Music/Sports Tax.

  • Freddy

    This author has totally missed the point of ‘spanish language and culture’. The vast majority of the people that have come from these countries are being tought that even the use of english is foolish.

    This is a culture war and the deliberate refusal to even learn the language of the country being invaded is a major part of that war!

    Ultimatly, trying to reach out to people that have REJECTED your language is a fools errend. At the end of the day, they will simply tell you they are glad you succommed to their demands and they will gladly tell you to LOSE your own culture!

  • owl

    We need to send a list to Boehner so he will know how to get more revenues.

    EPA funds cut in half.

  • I was watching Fox Sunday. They said Republicans lost big on:




    I turned to my friend and said this

    We lost because women are emotional, Hispanics voted for Immigration, youth are stupid.

    You can’t beat that.

    She looked at me and said, “In one simple sentence you pretty much summed it up.”

    Listen, before you start throwing tomatoes at me, let me explain.

    1- Woman are emotional voters. Here is what I mean. They “feel” before they think all they way through an issue. For example, the Dems claim Republicans are going to take away “woman’s rights”- whatever that means to a woman who hears it. To some it was free condoms. Some it was free abortions. Now you know and I know that will never happen. The woman’s right to kill their unborn and partially born child appears to be legal, and as been for a long time. Condoms? Really? An issue to vote on for a presidential race? But believe me, more than one did just that.

    However, women also complain about high gas prices, can’t find work, their kids can’t find work, yet they voted for a man who has regulated high gas prices intentionally, limited the growth of business and provided the framework of a healthcare system that will really take away their “woman’s rights” to get good healthcare. I know that, you know that, everybody knows that…but they voted for free condoms.

    You can’t fight that.

    2. Hispanics. They want to come here with no restrictions and take jobs from citizens and access free programs, often without paying into the system at a full rate.

    Should immigrant be allowed greater access? Sure, you’d be surprised how I feel about it. But tax the sh*t out of them for it. You play, you pay just like the rest of us. You want to cross the border back and forth like a NAFTA approved truck, sure- but pay the taxes. Out west there are a large number of Hispanics who really believe they are simply retaking land stolen from them by us centuries ago. If they continue at the pace they are going, they will succeed.

    How do you fight that? And keep some kind of American identity?

    3. Youth-

    Jeezz, don’t get me started. Youth don’t pay taxes, don’t get fired from a job after 20 yrs because the company is going under, or downsizing or having to implement Obamacare. They can’t link, mentally or logically, the fact that the job they should be getting as their FIRST job- a low paying clerk or cleaner or counter-person- is being taken by a fifty-five year old guy or gal who had to take two of them just to get enough money to cover the bills because their 20yr high paying job just got cut.

    Youth wanted to legalize dope, have free condoms and birth control so they can screw while high on legalized dope and want you to pay for it. We have medical marijuana- paid for by the state and insurances in some states. How silly have we become?

    How in the living H.E. double L do we fight that?

    And more, how do we keep any semblance of our America if we cater to those I point out above?

    To sum it up:

    Women voters voted for Obama because he; understands them (yeah right), cares about what they care about (my point above), protects their rights (long established and safe.. but whatever), he’s cute in a bad boy sort of way (gag), he cares about our future (as he openly screws it up, but hey- who am I to point out the obvious), and he is going to make “them” pay for their condoms. (again…wow…)

    Hispanics want access to what everybody is feeding on- without the downside of responsibility. Many want a free market that allows them a chance to succeed. And those people we can get to. Many more will fall into the “give me the free stuff” mindset because they are humans and humans are basically lazy and greedy.

    Youth- well they don’t know any better and won’t for a long time.

    Obama and his people are brilliant, but their empty promises will fall apart someday. Women will never get ahead at work, their doctors won’t treat them well, and the taxes will prevent them from living the life they once had. If they dare act stunned and wonder what happened, I’m going to stroke. Hispanics will find they have traded one country with bad policy, high taxes and corruption for another one they helped create. Youth, well they’ll stop being young one day and lament their younger more foolish days.

    Then we can make our case. Starting with “I told ya’.”

    My buddy said I had to stop calling 52% of the nation F-ing idiots because they all can’t be stupid.

    I respectfully disagree.

  • owl

    “There are no plans for retreating from our present positions, but we can’t advance without reinforcements.” Reagan

    Loved this guy and loved W who was actually working on those reinforcements.

    Everyone can keep up the Bush/Rove bashing forever, but I consider it the most stupid thing I have ever observed this party do and I have seen them do some really stupid things over the years.

    Our medical system has holes in it that need fixing. Bush fixed one that was CRYING to be fixed. Yeah, that compassionate refused to let old people die. Younger people still stood a chance of survival but those old people did not. Did it have to cover everyone? I doubt it but that is for someone else to crunch the numbers.

    We need revenue? Take 75% of the ss from the top 25% back into ss. Do not tax the people who have money to invest.

    Take money from the schools. Yep. They are no good anyway and it might get rid of a few liberal problems. Get rid of the money for all put community colleges. Yep. Love that one.

  • The Elector of Saxony

    Good luck with minority voters. You understand that Texas is going blue in EXACT proportion with the rising tide of brown and black? The number of black and hispanic conservatives is a tiny outlier. You can believe in equality all day long but it won’t change DNA, it won’t change natural average IQ, it won’t imbue non-Whites with a future time orientation, it won’t change anything. As long as one guy hands out unlimited food, housing, medicine, and cash without work requirements, and that man promises to soak the “rich White guy” for it, it won’t matter what the other side is offering.

    In many respects, the youth vote and many of the mostly White self-interest groups like Gays, Abortion Fanatics, Eco-Idiots, have in fact turned themselves non-White, in that they can’t listen to reason at all. The Sierra Club moron doesn’t care if the grocery store shelves are empty, so long as all the oil and gas drilling is shut down and gas prices go to 8 dollars a gallon. Doesn’t care at all that people will starve, that the lights will go off all over the country. Nothing matters to that person but destroying the energy infrastructure of America. Barack Obama constituency, right there. Not so different from the 97% of black voters who don’t care about the debt, deficit, QE, trade deficits, revenues, scarcity, in fact they likely have no understanding of how the real world works AT ALL, yet they proudly cast their vote for Obama because he is the big juju man, who will give them everything they want for free. All they want is what they want.

    I’ll clue you in. The Hispanics who sneak across the border want to get citizenship because they want that Social Security check when they retire from living on welfare. They want to bring as many of their family members with them so they can grab up those free benes, then retire in Mexico on the beach while the US taxpayer obligingly deposits money in his account every month. Think they will ever consider voting for the guy who thinks our borders should be secure, and that we should stop displacing American workers, and that we should reduce entitlements? If you think so, you’re lying to yourself or you’re a fool.

    But hey. We wanted to turn ourselves into a multicultural, multiracial pig sty of a country. Well, here it is, and Barack Obama “rules” it. If it isn’t what you wanted you should have spent the last 40 years fighting to end non-White immigration, opposing integrated schools which are now just very expensive failure factories, you should have fought for voter qualifications at the same time Johnson was ramming through the Great Society Welfare State, you should have stood up to the filth-mongers in Hollywood and New York City. But you wanted to be liked, and you wanted to go to the good cocktail parties, and you wanted people to think you were a “good” person.

    This isn’t about ideas, friends. If you think it is, good luck next year when Obama grants citizenship and voting rights to the 20 million illegals that are here and their family members. You won’t even have to look at the voting results next Presidential election. You can just look at what Obama got this time, and add the number of voting Amnestia! voters, and you’ll have the Democrat total. Meanwhile the next Republican will get the same number of votes as Romney did, minus the number of members of the Greatest Generation who have by then passed on. Too bad, so sad. The Party is finished. All we can look forward to is disintegration out of which may arise a new “America”, or all out Civil War in which some part of the country will be allowed to secede and start over.

  • NC Mountain Girl

    Forget the Girl Scouts. They were taken over by the left a long time ago.

  • owl

    archer#43 Yep, yep & yep.

    It is the abortion issue that kills the female vote. When you say no to mother’s life exception, I think you are nuts. Who votes to die? When you say no to rape? Who votes to punish a victim more? When you say no to incest? Why would a female want to endure more? Democrats have set this one in concrete.

    A twenty year old votes to deliberately do this to herself? Oh yeah……..and the other side is giving me condons? Hmmm…..that is a hard choice. Maybe I need Santorum to come preach to me longer………

  • Joanne

    What a load of crap. The GOP doesn’t need 10 ideas to expand the conservative base, they need to get some ‘thatchers’ and demand fair elections. They should demand recounts, insist on photo I.D. and no voting machines that can be programmed to change every third vote for Romney to go to Obama for ie. Voting machines can be programmed to do whatever the programmer wants them to do. Only paper ballots, so there can be a physical recount. And the GOP needs someone to run for President who isn’t a fall guy without the guts to demand recounts. Romney is a good businessman, but he cares what people think. The GOP needs a man or woman who stand for the truth and doesn’t give a rat’s ass what others think. Romney couldn’t concede fast enough. Romney can go back to his millions, but he didn’t fight for all those Americans who are suffering and have gone through their savings and are trying to exist on government aid. Romney was America’s hope….now all will go to sheite.

  • owl

    #45 Most of what you say is true.

    “The Sierra Club moron doesn’t care if the grocery store shelves are empty, so long as all the oil and gas drilling is shut down and gas prices go to 8 dollars a gallon. Doesn’t care at all that people will starve, that the lights will go off all over the country.”

    That sums up their position.

    “The Hispanics who sneak across the border want to get citizenship because they want that Social Security check when they retire from living on welfare.”

    That is mostly true. Except for the ‘living on welfare’. They will take every benefit (welfare, not dumb) they can get but they also WORK. They have been the grunt workers for years. You put a white, a black, and a Mexican doing the same job and watch who actually bends their back and works. Racist? No way, just stating a fact that makes 2 of the 3 livid. Not talking about the small business owner (any race) that works harder and longer than all his workers together. I am talking about the person on the shovel working for low wages. That is a FACT that anyone on the ground has observed for years. If it had not been TRUE, they would not have found jobs.

    That is the past. Their young do not work the same but more like the other two. Yep. They are taking Texas, inch by inch and have been since Reagan made his mistake. That is the past. What to do about FACTS as they are now……….

  • #5 November 10, 2012 at 11:40 pm sybilll AND

    #9 November 10, 2012 at 11:55 pm King AND

    #26 November 11, 2012 at 7:05 am Marsh626 AND

    #29 November 11, 2012 at 7:38 am Gaius Baltar AND

    #33 November 11, 2012 at 8:23 am ALL_IS_LOST AND

    #37 November 11, 2012 at 9:05 am retire05

    … I AGREE 100% with these posters, and will add:

    The only way to ‘save this Nation’ is to have a Biblical foundation. Individual Salvation in Christ Jesus, and everything else follows suit.

    The children must be educated in true history, love of country, Exceptionalism, pride in nation, etc… starting from the beginning of their schooling.

    The current voting block must expire, there is no way to ‘reeducate’ the deep seeded philosophies they already have… waiting game.

    There is no way I will ever go against my core Biblical principles. So, if the republican party becomes more luke warm / grey, if they become more democrat, whatever, I will not vote. I will remove myself completely from the political process and try to live within the evil world around me, for God… government is NOT my God and a party is NOT my savior.

  • retire05

    #45, you are wrong about Texas. Texas is NOT going blue. As a matter of fact, of the 28 counties in Texas that Obama took in 2008, he only took 26 counties this time. He lost in two “blue” counties that have a high percentage of Hispanics.

    In Harris County (Houston) Obama had an easy win in 2008 with a healthy 52%. In 2012, the vote results were almost tied with Obama taking a mere one half of one percent more than Romney. There was a decided Republican shift in Harris County, with Romney taking 15,000 more votes than McCain and Obama not gaining any ground.

    In Travis County (Austin) Obama lost ground. Consistantly the bluest of blue counties in Texas, in Travis County Obama saw the loss of 23,000 votes over 2008, while the Republican Party picked up 3,000 votes. Travis County went from deep red to simply red.

    All across Texas, in all but a couple of counties, Republicans did better than they did in 2008. Texas is not going blue, it is getting a deeper shade of red.

    Now, to Hispanics sneaking across the border so they can become citizens in order to draw Social Security benefits. That is not necessary. They can draw those benefits without citizenship as long as they pay into the system for forty quarters, to be fully vested, or fewer quarters for reduced benefits.

    Can a candidate who promotes security borders and is against amnesty win? I present to you Texas’ newest offering to the U.S. Senate, Senator Ted Cruz.

  • retire05

    Sorry, Travis County (Austin) went from deep blue to simply blue. Not red, yet. But the trend is there.

  • RE #50 … and since I made my post, there are others after #37 that I agree with as well. Seems even within ‘conservative’ circles, there is division.

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  • madnessofjack

    I am sooooo ready to fight fire with fire.
    I agree with this ENTIRE article……….we have been subject to the “progressive” arsenal of dirty tricks and I’ve BEEN DONE with it for YEARS.
    This is WAR, has been for a long time, we are way too long past in reacting to it.

  • microcosme

    My idea is for conservative blogs to focus not only on current affairs but invite guests to contribute history articles to counteract leftist brainwashing and give people ammo to refute leftist revisionist history when they hear it.

    One example of a blog that has something like this is, “Dissecting Leftism” by an Australian blogger who is very knowledgeable:

    Also, the National Association of Scholars:

  • mg4us

    On the issue of immigration reform and illegal aliens

    I think we need to call our Congressman and ask them to give serious thought as to what the requirements ought to be for the “path to citizenship” for those that broke our laws in the first place.

    While I am in favor of letting illegals reside in the country, work and pay taxes, I have serious reservations about whether and when they should be allowed to vote as well as they should be forbidden to receive government payouts and welfare until after waiting 5 years or more.

    As for citizenship and right to vote, I think they should be made to wait 20 years as well as be required to go through history and cultural assimilation, including the mandating that they speak English, and all voting done in English.

    Then you will know those who are truly committed to wanting to assimilate and be part of the American dream.

    And it is through the history and cultural training that they need to understand HOW America was made great, the values and ideals including OUR Constitution, self-reliance and abiding to laws.

  • mg4us

    #40 owl

    Thanks. . . Let’s also have a surtax on Ben & Jerry’s ice cream and maple syrup (will teach liberal Vermont folks a thing or two). . .

    And see my note on illegals. . .

    My biggest issue with illegals is that most illegals come from next door (Mexico and Guatemala).

    The best way to counter this is to secure border and to reform LEGAL immigration so that we bring in lots of folk who WANT to do it the right way and willing to assimilate. I have friends from Philippines with nursing skills and worked hard to contribute to American way and yes, VOTES CONSERVATIVE. . .

    Need them, more Asians, Eastern Europeans (since they know what Communism looks like), and even Western Europeans with skills who are willing to work and invest. We just need to do it the right way or else become like UK with Muslims everywhere in London tearing at their historical traditions and English culture.

  • lizaveta

    Why don’t we have publications like National Review in Spanish? What about a Spanish conservative talk show host? Why don’t PACs run negative ads against the president and vice president starting now, instead of waiting for the next election cycle? The Dems always derided and take out our VPs well before they have a chance of running for president. Why don’t we return like with like? Why don’t PACs start targeting swing states with ads on TV, newspapers, and local radio criticizing the president and his policies NOW. We also need to reach out to various minority communities and share our ideas of economic freedom. We have allowed the left to brand us as a party of red neck racists, and frankly, I am sick and tired of the lies. It’s time we fight back for once, and not let them get away with their lies, smears, and negative branding anymore. We need to take our brand back, and let the people know just who is responsible for the economy – i.e., Barney Frank, Freddie Fannie CEOs, Dodd, etc.. Let’s stop messing around and get busy!

  • My family emigrated to Texas from Spain, in the 1700`s.
    Most of us that are Americans of Hispanic descent were here long before American white settlers arrived..
    My ancestors fought with Houston at San Jacinto. ( we were the guys with the cards in our hats, according to the movie.) More ancestors fought against the Yankee occupation in Texas.
    Even more fought in WW2, Korea, Vietnam and then there`s me. (my CiC was Pres. Reagan)

    Saying all of this , I can tell you what I think this perceived Hispanic problem is.

    Most of us were raised with conservative values by our parents. Heck, some are hardcore in their values.
    Most of us are strictly against illegal immigration and despise those that bring Mexico to US.
    We don`t want things translated or broadcast in Spanish , as most of us speak English.
    When we see that , we see it as pandering to illegals.

    We don`t want free stuff, we want to support our families ourselves.
    We love babies and hate the fact that they are being killed for “convenience” sake”

    A lot of the younger generation doesn`t want to work, and they embrace the hip-hop culture, and the message that white people are the cause of their problems.

    The problem is that they vote Democrat because of the fact they are Hispanic.
    Nothing else matters. If you are Hispanic, you vote democrat, that`s it.
    That`s what my mom told me after I voted for Pres. Reagan.

    The problem has been instilled in them since Pres. JFK was in office. They think the democrat party is as it was when he was Pres.
    They don`t know what Socialism really is, they don`t think that the democrat party has been hijacked by Marxists, communists, and socialists. The Message is missing.

    Its been awful seeing some in my family fall for the Obama curse. It`s heartbreaking to hear them say, “The wachos (illegals) are everywhere, taking our jobs, causing nothing but problems” yet vote democrat.
    “The taxes are too high!” yet vote democrat.
    “They are taking God out of schools!” yet vote democrat.
    “Why are they always messing with the military?” yet vote democrat.
    “They better not take our guns!” yet vote democrat.
    “These people need to get off welfare and get jobs!” yet vote democrat.
    “Why aren`t we drilling our own oil?” yet vote democrat.

    It goes on and on.

    Keep the GOP conservative.

    The message of socialism must get out, I showed my kids the pictures and stories from the Soviet Union, the bread lines, the gulags. And they are horrified at the thought of living in such a country.

    I think this message has to be shown to our youngsters.

    If its too late and the govt becomes more radically socialist hopefully they will finally see and wake up to the fact that we as Americans are not socialists.

    Well, thats all for now.


  • I’ve been thinking about this quite a bit, and I’d like to share something from experience. We’ve seen the results that 92% of Germans would have supported Obama, and, having lived for years in Germany, I’m sure that is the case. However, when you actually talk to Germans one-on-one in German, 1) you get a much better picture of where they are coming from and 2) even if you don’t completely convince them of your own opinion, if you can give them an idea of your thoughts in their own language, if nothing else, it starts the conversation. I’ve heard a lot of talk for years about “the Hispanic vote”, etc., but how about helping people who could write in Spanish with material to write about? I don’t think we need to pander to separate groups, but each Hispanic group has a different experience, and hearing from people who share those experiences is an incredibly powerful thing. (For example, GP, you have a lot of things that are more of interest to a St. Louis / Missouri / and midwest reader, but the thing is the point of the blog demonstrates a greater truth.)

    Just my two cents.

  • owl

    So very many mistakes we have made but to go forward we must WIN the election.

    The biggest mistake I have witnessed Repubs make was to allow George W Bush to become the villian. Not only allow, but participate in this insanity. We do not agree from abortion to illegals but we vote together. I disliked voting for McCain but you could not have kept me from the poll.

    Many that sat silently and disagreed finally just got tired and gave up. So I ask you what is so different about Repub Bushbashing and Dem Bushbashing? We NEEDED to not let that happen. We NEEDED for the public to understand that NO, Bush did not create this economy. The Scoopers and our side have done such a damn fine job that almost all the young people believe this. BS.

    Second mistake was not doing something under Bush about immigration. It did not even matter what it looked like as long as it looked extremely compassionate.

    Our side of the aisle does not understand that. You can NOT sell anti-abortion without exception. You can NOT sell to illegals without something. Those illegals had kids and they are as American as you and I. They will vote. Like it or lump it, it is a fact and they will not vote to send mama/papa back. Repubs make it so darn hard and just GIVE it to the Dems. GIVE it away. I do not get it.

    You win and you can work on some of the things you find important. Like killing socialism before it kills us.

    I agree with Jim’s list. Outreach. Outreach that talks to the people rather like #62 said. Love the idea of radio like Rush & Hannity in other languages.

    mg4us#59 I agree with some of what you wrote but that 20 years is too long. Yes, we need the smart ones in the hospitals and the hard workers. We do not need just the grunt workers. I just do not know how to make it happen now that Dems have co-opted the issue. We had our shot under Bush and screwed it. So much harder now if not impossible. Obama will make all 20 million+ legal and we will never get their vote. So who do I blame? Well, it’s not W.

  • owl

    I love mg4us list. We should take it and add. I like cutting EPA funding in half.

    Let’s help Boehner find revenue.