Ronald Reagan Never Surrendered in the War For Freedom – Even in Defeat

(The Reagan Record)

Even after the 1964 election loss, Ronald Reagan never gave up in the continuing war for freedom.
Marathon Pundit found this uplifting piece.
Ronald Reagan wrote for the National Review after Barry Goldwater was crushed by Lyndon Johnson in 1964:

Yes, we did; we lost a battle in the continuing war for freedom, but our position is not untenable. First of all, there are 26 million of us and we can’t be explained away as diehard party faithfuls. We cross party lines in our dedication to a philosophy.

There are no plans for retreating from our present positions, but we can’t advance without reinforcements. Are reinforcements available? The answer is an unhesitating — “Yes!” They are to be found in the millions of so-called Republican defectors — those people who didn’t really want LBJ, but who were scared of what they thought we represented. Read that sentence very carefully because in my opinion it tells the story. All of the landslide majority did not vote against the conservative philosophy; they voted against a false image our Liberal opponents successfully mounted. Indeed it was a double false image. Not only did they portray us as advancing a kind of radical departure from the status quo, but they took for themselves a costume of comfortable conservatism.

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Doug Ross reminds us, “The message of liberty and opportunity, well articulated, is one that embraces all races, all religions, all ethnicities, all backgrounds.”

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After the catastrophe on Tuesday several of you have written to offer advice, hope and suggestions.
Reader Mark Gordon sent this list of ideas to expand the conservative base.
He gave me permission to post the list here.

10 Conservative Ideas to Expand the Base

Conservatives were beaten in this election so we must improve to win in 2014 and 2016. We need to add another 6-12 million voters to our side. The reason I am writing is to suggest 10 ideas to expand our base rather without surrendering our principles:

1. Hispanic Blogs – The Conservative blogs (Instapundit, Gateway Pundit, etc.) do a great job for much of America’s online readers but we’re missing 70% of the Hispanic voters who supported Democrats. Our team needs to seed and link to Hispanic blogs of all types: Spanish language, Cuban, Catholic, and even Pro-amnesty but otherwise Conservative (as many Conservatives do support this Bush/Rove stance). Similarly, we could support Portuguese (Brazilian) blogs. Most blogs have a “Favorites” section linking to other blogs but not a “Hispanic Favorites.” I’d suggest going further and listing “Diversity Favorites” to appropriate the language of the left.

2. Cartoons – These are the single best way to influence disconnected voters and to skewer liberals. Many people send cartoon chains via e-mail or post them on Facebook. Occasionally, Powerlineblog publishes a Michael Ramirez cartoon. Hugh Hewitt has cartoons at his Townhall Our blogs should highlight the best cartoon daily by linking to a database of Conservative cartoonists, perhaps Hewitt’s site.

3. Hispanic Talk Radio – Conservatives have a stronghold on AM Talk Radio but Rush and Hannity don’t speak Spanish. As I was finalizing this e-mail, listening to Rush, he said he always thought we should have a Spanish translation of Rush. That’s partly the point but we must incubate a dozen other Conservative Spanish/Portuguese speakers and sponsor Spanish-speaking, Conservative Talk Radio stations. Better yet, sponsor Diversity Talk Radio and include Black and Asian Conservatives. Ronald Reagan further honed ideas on Talk Radio in the 70’s; why not Mia Love or Allen West doing the same?

4. Partisan TV – Fox is derided as Faux News but is really closer to the middle than the other channels. The intent isn’t to abandon Fox but to augment it and have Democrats attack the partisan TV channel while they describe Fox as the more sober alternative. I don’t know anyone at Charter Communications but MSNBC would be an ideal partisan vehicle if they aired 50% Rachel Maddow’s and 50% Glenn Beck’s. Besides, Fox News as a Conservative-leaning station may not last much beyond Murdoch’s death and Roger Ailes’ retirement; let’s not risk it.

5. Facebook – “Best of the Web” is on FB with robust discussions but not Instapundit or Powerlineblog. I joined Facebook to understand how well liberals advocated for Obama in 2008 via social media. There was more pushback from our side on Facebook this time but not enough. Again, a daily cartoon or humorous picture on a Powerlineblog Facebook page could be “shared” by your readers to spread the message.

6. Database/Wiki-type site – We need a Wiki-like database of information on subjects of concern to which only Conservative blogs and trusted readers own the keys. Currently, each blog “tags” stories in their database. I’m suggesting a master database that accumulates in an organized fashion all the best, pertinent posts. It wouldn’t list every burp or sniffle posted, just the best information and blog posts. These are some possible topics:

  • · Reporters/Organizations – this would have tabs on each of the liberal reporters and organizations such as Reuters with explanations of their bias. Every new story we discuss with their byline would include a link to their database where readers can peruse/ridicule/mock them for previous examples of bias.
  • · Democrat leaders – keep a list of their shameful acts sorted by type of vice.
  • · Racism – There are a staggering number of examples of Democratic racism. The reason Democrats prattle incessantly about racism is because their history is indefensibly racist and they are masking that fact while they reach out to minorities. Let’s organize the data and relentlessly explain that the Democratic Party is the party of the KKK, Jim Crow, Slavery, anti-Civil Rights, and racist quotas today whenever they try to tag the Republican Party with that slur. It would include, of course, a List of KKK members and party affiliation throughout history.
  • · List of Minority Republicans – This would include leaders who were/are Black, Female, Hispanic, Asian, Indian, etc. It would be another way to refute the Democrat’s false charge every time they made it. The first minority VP was an American Indian for Republican Hoover; few know it because the left-wing doesn’t advertise it and the right-wing doesn’t care about skin color; however, we need to fight on their turf with these issues.
  • · Anti-Semitism
  • · Misogyny – This includes attacks on Sarah Palin and others
  • · Homophobic behavior – There are plenty of liberal examples plus liberal support of anti-gay states like Palestine that torture and execute homosexuals.
  • · Wasteful spending
  • · Global warming
  • · Examples of anti-science beliefs by liberals
  • · Attacks on Conservatives – Misogyny is just a subset here.
  • · Voting Fraud
  • · Historical explanations of the Democratic Party (Bill Whittle filmed an excellent video on Democratic racism for PJ Media; that is the type of information needed).
  • · Tutorials – Links, videos, reading material on Taxes, Spending, etc.
  • · Sources for Conservative media – Referrals could include online web courses, fiction and non-fiction recommendations for movies, books, music. Also, some effective political ads by subject.)
  • · Lists of the 50 most partisan newspapers – The implicit suggestion would be for our side to cancel their subscriptions
  • · Lists of the most partisan Universities – This would be the top 50 partisans Universities ranked by highest percentage of liberal professors plus the 50 most intellectually-diverse Universities. Blogs could regularly remind their readers not to donate to these liberal institutions even alma maters but to support a local university from the list that is intellectually diverse.
  • · Lists of the most liberal companies – Want to avoid giving your money to liberal institutions? List the worst offenders.

The intent of a Wiki database would be to provide a clearinghouse for quickly accessible information to combat the Democrats’ smear machine in a Breitbart-type fashion. When a Republican is falsely attacked as racist or misogynist or whatever, respond with a link to scores of Democratic examples of the same issue. Democrats have spent years searing into the culture false or inflated examples of conservatives as hypocrites, Luddites, sexists, racists, etc. We need a quick response database to provide the same and fight on their territory. The intent would not be a balanced or separate view; it would be a partisan database to quickly react to attacks by the left.

7. Jewish Blogs – Link to Conservative sites whether they’re pro-abortion or not (when I speak to staunch Republican women, they often hasten to add that they support a woman’s right to choose. We have to change minds, not ostracize them). We made solid gains in the Jewish vote but must expand. Also, we could support Muslim Blogs as moderate Muslims Conservatives are little different from other Conservatives.

8. Asian Blogs – Asians upped their support of Democrats dramatically. We need to get the Conservative message to the various groups and link to them from our Conservative blogs.

9. Women Blogs – They can be pro-abortion, pro-gay marriage, whatever as long as they primarily advocate Conservative positions. Ann Althouse is an example.

10. Jr. Achievement – This is just an idea for the Youth Vote, which increased its share of voters from 18% to 19%. They’re being indoctrinated by union teachers, liberal culture, and pseudo-news on the Comedy Channel. How do the experienced adults reach out to them and help educate them? Jr. Achievement, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Comedy?

* * * * *

Thanks to everyone for sending in their ideas. This is a long battle and we need everyone engaged.
I salute your patriotism.

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  • onbe

    Good idea how do we get started?

  • Liberty

    How about insisting that the Republican party ONLY nominate Constitutional, fiscally-conservative candidates?

  • Jay Phillips

    Here’s a picture I made earlier today of Reagan.

    We must resist this great evil called socialism.


    Usurpation 2.0: What It Means for Whites –

  • sybilll

    Pandering to any segment of society never got us zilch. Remember when Reagan granted amnesty to millions in 1986? Yeah, nothing changed, and now that we’ve added more bennies for the freeloaders, pandering will be even less effective. My principles don’t bend.

  • Patty

    Well, we must fight back, in with calm and truth. We should have a database with facts so we can be truly believable when we state our beliefs.

    The real problem has been the Bias Media from 2007 until today concerning Obama. I have noticed there are many in the Conservative party who have great values and they are some of the new candidates and those who have already established a position in Congress and the Senate.

    There is a revolution of young people with wonderful values in the Republican party and they should be a huge part in campaigns.

    Example, when youth see good and truth they will come into the Republican/Conservative party. The youth need to have a great direction and a way to reach out to others is to speak about their party and their values.

    Obama reached out on SNL, the View, Fallon, Letterman and Celebrities this was his way to gain the youth vote and his ground game. He repeated his 2008 elections and I actually felt I was reliving it from the start of this campaign.

    We all share a vision and that vision is to be Americans, we are a great nation and to be great we need great people, with values, honesty and integrity.

    All parents must be aware and stop enabling their kids. Listen and ask questions about school and what was taught for the day, each day you must ask what happen in school. You see or hear something that suggest the teacher isn’t teaching academics but indoctrination, stand up and say something.
    The most important part of all is to stop attacking and start presented what the party stands for and it is NOT racism, sending all immigrants back to where they came from, contraception for free, religion being taken for granted and disrespect for our military.

    And the president must never spend money that just is not there. We budget so should Washington. Our taxes must never be raised in hard economic times. This accomplished more hardship on the middle class. There must be a stop, pulling back of the purse strings on every president who has accomplished little for the greater good of this nation.

  • Patty


    Power of Youth

    I expect to see a power struggle between a Republican establishment moving to the center focusing on re-engaging minority voters especially Latinos with individuals like Sen. Marco Rubio and Gov. Chris Christie leading the way, and a Tea Party focused on reorganizing the American right and a push further away from moderation and compromise, lead by the likes of Congressman Paul Ryan and Senator Rand Paul. The presidential election of 2016 will perhaps finally decide between these two different paths for the party, one the return of Rockefeller Republicanism, the other the preservation of Goldwater Republicanism. The 2016 Republican Primaries will in many ways be like that of 1964, but let us hope that the results of it will be very different.

    This is just one site. But we must get the YOUTH involved in the 2016 elections. They have the energy and they are up for the fight.


    The Youth Vote was formed K-12 and perfected at

  • King

    I don’t know Jim. I doubt anything on that list will work. People look at the huge numbers of youth & minorities voting for Obama and assume it’s an information problem. They start with the PR buzz words like outreach, messaging, clarity, inclusion. It’s a foolish view. The black person that voted for Obama probably had the same access to information that Allen West or Kira Davis had.

    Minorities (and a huge chunk of whites) voted for Obama because they wanted more from government. You think the Mexican that sneaks across the border and uses the emergency room doesn’t know he should pay? Of course he knows but he chooses not to. Outreach to minorities sounds nice but history shows it’s not effective. There isn’t a magic subject or magic phrase that will change their minds. They want free stuff. That’s what they voted for. They feel entitled and no marketing campaign will change that. And the Republicans will never be able to offer as much as the Dems.

    We need to stop thinking that Obama voters will suddenly wake up once we enlighten them. The MSM, Hollywood, and public schools have created a socialist voting majority. One that grows larger every year. They won’t wake up until they’ve sold all of their freedoms – and ours – and are living under crushing despotism. The instant freebies and promises of golden utopias are too strong.

    To get them off the government teat you need something radical. More radical than Facebook and the Boy Scouts. If I figure what the heck that is I’ll let you know. Hate to be grim but the progressives had over a century to transform the country. Fixing that cultural rot will take more than outreach to youth and minorities. And we don’t have a lot of time. The best I can offer is go buy a rifle, train to use it, and move your loved ones to red states. And pray. Cause if that radical, quick, effective answer to transforming the giant block of socialist idiots doesn’t appear soon we’re in for bad times.

  • Patricia

    Great idea. And business people need to get out and coach Hispanics on how to start a business or interview for jobs, etc. They will value the free market once they have skin in the game. The Chamber could do it, or retired people, or speakers at churches and club meetings.

  • Jay Phillips

    I am reminded of an election a few years ago in a heavily democrat district in GA which happens to have open primaries. The republicans knowing their party had zero chance of electing someone who represented their interests, all voted in the democrat primary against the candidate they bitterly and for good reason despised. And although the person they voted for was not their first choice they were at least better than the democrat’s first choice.

    The republican party is finished. The main stream media is in the tank for our enemy. So instead of fighting our enemy I say we join them, and choose candidates that will most likely LOSE in the final election, or choose those who would cause the least amount of damage.

    We must resist! Fight them from within! We must become rebels for freedom and democracy. And if all else fails bring down the whole corrupt system and start again from scratch. We must fight for our liberty or we will all die together.

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  • Opaobie

    Nobody in leadership in either political party has the courage to attack the root causes of the decline of our society, which culminated with a resounding defeat for Republicans in this year’s long awaited election, but “it’s NOT the economy”. Conservatism didn’t lose, it was only on the ballot in a few places, and it won handily in those races. The Democratic Party is lost to Conservatives for all intents and purposes, and the Republican Party is chasing after them trying to be “Democrats Lite”. Both parties are now fighting to see who gets to drive the USS Titanic onto the iceberg.

    The sad state of the economy is just one symptom of a much deeper problem. and the cure is to restore the home and the basic building blocks that created this nation to begin with, the Judeo-Christian ethic. You want to attract minorities and women and immigrants? Give them the CONSERVATIVE message, not “Food Stamps” or some gimmick the way the Leftists do. The people in charge of government and academia and a large segment of the private sector today were not inculcated with values while they were growing up in single parent or two parents working all the time homes, but they were indoctrinated in Socialism and anti-family psychology throughout their school years and double dosed in college.

    Until we emphasize the full spectrum of values and try to change the hearts and minds of people, changing their party affiliation or their temporary economic circumstances won’t work.

    Voters were given two choices: a SMALL step back toward the Light and a GIANT step toward darkness. They chose darkness. Our light is not very bright and not very appealing. It is man’s nature to desire darkness, no responsibility or accountability. We need to prove to them that such is the path to destruction.

    Churches and synagogues have become social centers instead of centers of worship and teaching the love of our fellow man and the fear of God. God’s laws, natural AND spiritual, have not changed. We can no more defy His laws and expect anything but failure than we can defy the law of gravity and expect to flap our arms and fly.

    Pandering won’t work. Showing that our ideas and principles lead to peace and prosperity will.

    You want to end abortion on demand or homosexual marriage or “tax the rich” or whatever flavor of the month your peeve is? You can’t do it by threatening single-issue ideologues that your candidate will “take away their right to that sacred cow-dung”. You have to change the hearts and minds of people to no longer desire those anti-social behaviors and actions.

    This is the theme the Conservatives should pursue, not get into debates about “legitimate rape” or “God’s will”. Those traps are irrelevant to people who think clearly about the root causes of the disintegration of society. Nobody living today will ever see Roe v Wade overturned, but everyone living today and their offspring can change the society so that abortion is obsolete and RARE. The same goes for the other “third rail” issues.

    It took generations to sink to the depths we find ourselves at today, and it will take generations to rise back to the level of greatness we started from. THAT takes visionaries and people willing to sacrifice and leave their “comfort zone” and respectfully debate the merits of issues and stand firm on principle. They also need to be ready to face a meatgrinder media and Leftist opposition and a society already gorging on “the free and good life”.

    Karl Rove and Jeb Bush and all those who think we need to rearrange the chairs on the deck of the GOP Titanic have been soundly beaten twice in two consecutive presidential elections. We will not survive as a nation if we allow that third strike.

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  • Coasta

    JROTC has kept my son from becoming a punk in High School. He gets it now. Not all schools get the money to have it and it does not mean the kids will join the military after. What ever the opinion is on this, it is a “kid saver” in my single parent life. He is a Maker, not a Taker.

    I would like to add JROTC to the Jr Achievement list.

  • King

    Actually I did have one idea: Have states change voting so that each district votes as normal, but whoever gets the most votes in that district gets a point. Each district only gets one point. At the end of the night points are counted up and whoever gets the most points is awarded all of the electoral college votes for that state. This way big cities can’t rule entire states. Romney would have one handily if this was in place. Look at a district map of the USA from the last election. A sea of red. If this passes in a majority of states the Democrats will become a third party “also ran”. The red states could pass it with ease. And we have a good chance of passing it in battleground states in the next off-year election. We did well in 2010 after all. Keeps the red states red and wins us the battlegrounds. All without radical change.

    I’m probably not the first to suggest this. And maybe I’m ignorant of some existing law that would impede the plan. But to me it sounds quick, plausible, and effective.



    Young woman explains in a single word, what is most important to her –

  • http://none tommy mc donnell

    i get a kick out of all this talk about outreach to the hispanic people. if the hispanic colonizer believed in free enterprise, private property, a worker’s right to the fruits of their labor, a limited scope of government, the left would never had brought them here. if they believed in these ideals they wouldn’t have had to leave their countries. they didn’t come here to preserve the american ideals they were brought here to destroy them.

    the only thing that has stood between the communist and worldwide domination was the white american. now that we have let them destroy the white majority its look out world here comes the hammer and sickle.

  • CapitalG

    I think the GOP needs to actively fight back against the smears. They have always tried to be ‘above all that’ and it worked in the 60’s and 70’s. In the modern era the idiot youth are only open to a low brow message of hatred.

    We need to point out how 94% of blacks voted for FAUXbama and point out that only RACISM drives numbers like that. Black Republicans are called ‘sell outs to their race’ and are literally bullied into becoming Democrats (Colin Powell for instance).

    The GOP needs to speak out on that racism. They need to speak out on how the Democrats seek to divide by race and put people into categories to pit them against each other. Highlight how small and petty the Democrat tactics are.

    By simply being polite and letting the left insult and define them conservatives are fighting a losing battle.

    Pandering to groups based on race is the absolute lowest emotion you can appeal to and the Democrats have made it their lifeblood. I would hate to see the GOP repeat that mistake. The end result of that kind of politics is racial divisions and alliances that are going to lead to violence between the races – not harmony.

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