Elizabeth Warren Holds a Rally – Nobody Shows Up (Video)

Massachusetts Democrats held an endorsement rally today for Elizabeth Warren.
Besides the speakers, almost no one showed up.
Except for Legal Insurrection:

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  • This is not looking good for the Dems….. GOOD!

  • dittogirl

    Watching the low-life DemocRats crash and burn right in front of our eyes, is just so rich in so many ways! They have been asking for this for so long, harming our nation, while thinking they would never fall on their own swords, yet here it is happening!

    I am going to buy some champagne, pop some popcorn, and enjoy the hell out of November 6th!

  • JeffWRidge

    Considering how often she lies, people probably thought that she was lying about the time and place of the rally.

  • Oliver

    I see these articles and pix and yet the polls (even the reliable unskewed ones) are not looking great.

    I don’t get it.

    Hoping for a Romney Miracle.

  • Nobody saw the smoke signals because of the weather.

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  • bigkahuna

    All the indians were out gathering food for the winter

  • Sasja

    Pay no attention to the polls. Just vote.

  • Bill Clinton just lost his voice in Virginia! 😉 GO R&R GO!

  • Everybody was on the other side of town at a Brown rally.

  • The Press will photograph the sign holders and talk about the “enthusiastic” crowd.

  • Oliver

    #8 Sasja: I wish I could vote. I’m not an American citizen and I don’t live in the US. I’m just someone who recognizes that the US is the last true beacon of freedom in the world.

  • George

    Brutal. That’s a pow-wow with no pow.

  • Big Red

    #4-No miracle needed. This thing is ours.

  • Frank

    Who is Elizabeth Warren?

  • Sasja

    Oliver, forgive me. I do remember your name from another thread. If I say you are the one from Australia, would I be correct?

    This is for anyone who has not seen this video.


  • Oliver

    #17 – nope, not Australia. Former resident of Canada, now retired & living in Mexico. (TIP: don’t believe everything the media tells you about Mexico either!)


  • Estragon

    Taking it to da street!

    But I’m sure that city bus was just full of Warren supporters for the rally. They were just late – all being tenured or in union jobs or on public assistance, they have no incentive to show up on time.

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  • bigkahuna

    Im not sure the people there werent just bwaiting for a bus

  • donh

    General Custer had a Sioux indian scout named ” Chief white man runs him ” AKA ” Chief white buffalo that turns around ” …> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/White_Man_Runs_Him

  • Look-Out


    Let the word go out: AMERICA HAS HAD IT WITH THE LIARS!

    CHARACTER counts. Warren showed us it’s a DEM DEFICIENCY.

    But there are plenty of others. VOTE THEM ALL OUT.

  • Mary

    On a bright, beautiful Saturday, no less. That tells you something.

  • Big Red

    They wanted to have it at Burger King but decided that was too big.

  • Look-Out

    RE #16 Sasja’s link…The video is a GREAT ONE. The American Dream Realized. With a warning from —

    An immigrant and a man who knows too well the dangerous direction this administration has taken us:

    Peterffy said he supports Republican candidates because he sees the rhetoric of social justice and fairness from Democrats, including President Barack Obama, as a slippery slope. He also said Romney’s 47 percent comment reflected his own fears about the future of the country and was taken out of context.

    “My understanding was that he said he had no ability to influence the 47 percent,” Peterffy said. “That’s the very logic I’m based on. I’m worried about when that 47 percent goes to 60 percent.”

  • luanne

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

  • Robbins Mitchell

    Or like my grandmother used to say, “Too many Chiefs…not enough Indians”

  • Glenn and Katy Koons

    It would be great if Mass. actually voted for a Pub like Mitt and Brown and told the thugs to stop keeping people from the polls all over the East Coast as the Times even reported on. It is sad that even black pastors in Blue states were threatened if they voted Obama. I would love to see Maine give one electoral vote for Mitt in that district and after all, he is 7pts behind there but could pick up one electoral vote as Maine does its elections. It would be great to see NH go Mitt. And what is weird , is that NY and NJ are going to get till Nov. 19 for their ballots. a great chance for even more Dem vote fraud. Yikes. A one day walk on a NJ beach is supposed to doom the Pubs. So everyone forgets 4 yrs of domestic failure from Obamacare to Benghazi. Yikes again.

  • #Forward! lol

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  • John Errante

    I’m no Fauxcahontas apologist, but this looks like an endorsement presser, not a rally. It basically was designed so the media can show up, take footage, ask questions, and get on with the day. This story seems to be in the framing, not the content.

  • If it was an endorsement presser, where were the media? There appears to be little to no presence of any journalists either…?

  • Tabby

    Boy those Dhimmis are battin’ a thousand huh? Man this is encouraging!! ;-D

  • Sasja


    About a week ago, I saw this video on another site. I could only get through the first three comments which went something like this.

    ‘This guy doesn’t know what socialism is. Maybe he should go back and learn it again.’

    Sometimes people are just stupid.

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  • Dlew

    That’s my home town of Worcester, MA. The guy speaking is our former mayor joe O’Brien whom we called joe o’bama. As mayor, one of his biggest efforts was to allow people in our inner city the right to own and raise chickens.

  • US Navy Corpseman

    I heard a clip on radio of Clinton’s raspy voice “..I have given my voice in support of my President …” what a lying PLAGIARIST. George Washington spoke to his officers who were gathered to give him their resignation at Valley Forge. He reached into his coat and withdrew a pair of spectacles — his men had never seen him wear glasses. He fumbled with some notes he had written and then looked at the men. ” My eyesight is failing .. I have given it in service to my country ……”

    Typical Clinton — surprised a tear didn’t roll down his jowl. Phony! Phony!

  • kimmyincali


  • jorgen

    Racism against squaws!

  • Winston Smith

    I think she beat out Fluke by a couple. But most of them looked like they were bored and just killing time and were just curious about the hubbub.

  • Hedgehog

    No one seems to be in the market for snake oil.

  • It doesn’t matter if only one person showed up for Warren’s rally. Just like Obama, this election is in the bag for Brown. Thank God Americans will overwhelmingly re-elect Obama who has done a miraculous job getting us out of 8 years of Bush’ destroying of the middle class , murder of 5,000 American troops on baseless stupid wars he kept off his budget, and quickly erasing the budget surplus Clinton handed to him. Obama will continue to get America back on track promoting equality, restoring the middle class, and will do so despite the Republican do-nothing congress that will go down in history as treasonous!!! The saddened look on Republicans faces Tuesday night after they call it for Obama….PRICELESS baby!

  • squeaky

    my memory can be off but didn’t she tell us that she was told of her heritage? now she has plenty of photos. probably developing them as we speak….those souvenir cut-outs where you place your head and arms out and a picture is taken to immortalize your visit to west world or some other theme park.

  • #12 Oliver……You can vote after all,good news huh? All you need to do is get a library card in Memphis and they’ll allow you to vote. Such a cool idea!

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  • Eden12345

    #43 I’ll have what you’re having…while I celebrate Tues. night as Romney kicks your lying pussy boy’s ass.

  • Limousine Barry

    Why won’t you vote for Lizzy “1/32nd Indian” Warren?

    Do you think she is a liar?

    OK, she is a liar. So, what? Most of my party is!

    Vote for Barky and Biden.

    Don’t vote for the Honest Guy!

  • maynardb61

    I may force myself to watch MSNBC Wednesday just to hear them cry!

  • Carol Instaba

    It was an endorsement rally, she was not slated to show up. You did not report all the pertinent information.

  • deepindaheart

    was that bus that pulled up at the end of the video full of supporters?

  • donh

    Love the guy chewing gum ~ ! A visual punch line to this Warren joke.

  • Fauxcahantas

    Lizzie pull wool over eyes.

    Voters no so heap big scam.

  • Chief_Speakingbull

    Chief Lizzie make big fire with her affirmative action records.

    Keep us warm…. all this smoke makes it…hard to see real facts.

    …cough…cough… … must… not… believe…eyes….

    Why she look like rich white person?…

  • MichMike

    She pokes affirmative action in the eye with her lies. The left has NO morals or ethics and only those in their protected groups support her. Will any of them ever again vote as Americans instead of voting for their selfish greed (as they accuse conservatives). What a bunch of scum.

  • Rich

    What kind of crowds are usually present for endorsement announcements?

  • Jim Denney

    Awww … all chiefs, NO indians!

  • senah

    Looked like a OWS protest. LMFAO

  • Backinthesaddle

    The unions wanted double time pay to show up on a Sunday.

  • Backinthesaddle

    She speakem with forked tongue.

  • Pattieb

    Now, come on, the same thing happened at a Stevie Wonder rally for Obama where only 200 folk showed up, but it’s not their fault, the publicity just didn’t get out there in time. That or the people of Massachusetts have actually figured out that this dame is a bigger fraud than Obama.

  • yshaw1

    I so hope that Brown wins, he will mostlly likely help the fishermen who have been treated so badly by Nooa. Boats taken, fishermen fined for some lame reason. It is a difficult enough life!
    GO Senatior Brown!

  • yshaw1

    Fisherman should vote for Senator Brown! He will try to end the Noaa corruption against honest fisherman having thir boats confiscated. He is a lone voice in the corrupt wind.


  • Lars

    I was going to attend, but my better half said “there was a possibility of being scalped” so I stayed home with Fox News instead.

  • Seymour del-Uziens

    Pow wow with cash cow, not now.

  • S.S. Lietanic

    She has a recipe for deceit served cold.

  • Don Hoyt

    I would be embarrassed if she was my Squaw.

  • revereridesagain

    Fauxa-haunt-us threw a party and nobody came? That is wicked good news. Hi Dlew, I’m from Chelsea and I don’t think she’d get enough of the tribe to show up for a pow-wow there either, unless they imported them from Wellesley and Cambridge.

    (Hey, “Scott”, isn’t that kind of a funny name for a Muslim? And since when did the Left care about the “middle class” when you’re mostly limosine libtards chattering about your love of “the poor” as you add their names to the welfare rolls. Have a good cry for us on Tuesday night, clown.)

  • mmilesll

    More idiots in front of the “crowd” than “attendees”. They are fools.

  • Those that were there were just waiting on the bus!

  • FresnoJoe


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  • matt miller

    zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz elizabeth “whitemoons” warren. aka lieawatha of the morngasket tribe of massachussetts.

  • 57nomad

    They feared being scalped.

  • blackrock

    Ah. So that’s why she won the seat, her people were too busy winning the election to attend. Buh-bye, Brown. What can Brown do for you? Lose!

  • armynod

    Ha Ha. Look who has the last laugh. Suck it haters.

  • republicants=LOSERS

    and yet, she won. By a lot. Yes, you gus are losers…LOOOOOSSSEEEERRRRS.