Massachusetts Democrats held an endorsement rally today for Elizabeth Warren.
Besides the speakers, almost no one showed up.
Except for Legal Insurrection:




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  1. This is not looking good for the Dems….. GOOD!

  2. Watching the low-life DemocRats crash and burn right in front of our eyes, is just so rich in so many ways! They have been asking for this for so long, harming our nation, while thinking they would never fall on their own swords, yet here it is happening!

    I am going to buy some champagne, pop some popcorn, and enjoy the hell out of November 6th!

  3. Considering how often she lies, people probably thought that she was lying about the time and place of the rally.

  4. I see these articles and pix and yet the polls (even the reliable unskewed ones) are not looking great.

    I don’t get it.

    Hoping for a Romney Miracle.

  5. Nobody saw the smoke signals because of the weather.

  6. All the indians were out gathering food for the winter

  7. Pay no attention to the polls. Just vote.

  8. Bill Clinton just lost his voice in Virginia! ;) GO R&R GO!

  9. Everybody was on the other side of town at a Brown rally.

  10. The Press will photograph the sign holders and talk about the “enthusiastic” crowd.

  11. #8 Sasja: I wish I could vote. I’m not an American citizen and I don’t live in the US. I’m just someone who recognizes that the US is the last true beacon of freedom in the world.

  12. Brutal. That’s a pow-wow with no pow.

  13. #4-No miracle needed. This thing is ours.

  14. Who is Elizabeth Warren?

  15. Oliver, forgive me. I do remember your name from another thread. If I say you are the one from Australia, would I be correct?

    This is for anyone who has not seen this video.

  16. #17 – nope, not Australia. Former resident of Canada, now retired & living in Mexico. (TIP: don’t believe everything the media tells you about Mexico either!)

  17. Taking it to da street!

    But I’m sure that city bus was just full of Warren supporters for the rally. They were just late – all being tenured or in union jobs or on public assistance, they have no incentive to show up on time.

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