Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi after Friday prayers today:

“Cairo would not leave Gaza alone as I tell them on behalf of the Egyptian people that Egypt today is different from Egypt yesterday and Arabs today are different from the Arabs yesterday.”

An Egyptian boy leads protesters in chanting slogans against the Israeli invasion of Gaza, outside Al-Azhar mosque where President Mohammed Morsi’s Muslim Brotherhood called for demonstrations today. (AP)

YNet reported:

Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi sharpened his tone against Israel on Friday, while Palestinian terrorists continued to fire rockets into southern Israel and Tel Aviv.

After concluding the Friday prayer at a mosque in Cairo, Morsi warned Israel of the consequences of its strikes in Gaza. According to the al- Shorouk newspaper, Morsi tweeted on his Twitter page: “We have the power to uproot the aggressiveness just like it uprooted exploitation.

“I don’t want to take unusual steps,” Morsi added, “but if I see that the homeland is in danger, I won’t hesitate.”

Morsi said earlier that “Gaza will not remain alone as it was,” adding that the aggressors “know they will pay a heavy price is they continue their aggression.”

He further said that the post-Mubarak Egypt was completely different and that all Egyptians were determined to stop the offensive on the Gaza Strip.

According to Morsi, “The blood spilled over there will not get the other side peace and will serve as a curse on them. It will incite all the people of the region against them.”

Here is Morsi’s emotional speech after Friday prayers today.




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  1. I don’t feel sorry for Israel. Half of their country is made up of appeasers. And it goes on and on and on and on.

  2. OT

    You’ve got to watch this short video right to the end. This is how the progressive mind thinks.

  3. “It will incite all the people of the region against them.”

    Didn’t that happen 1400 years ago?

    Israel risks nothing.

  4. OT – sorry again

    Power is with the people. Unite.

    Morsi is a hard-core Islamist just dying to waste the State of Israel, and unfortunately, Obama is of the same mind.

  5. So I guess Morsi means the Palestinians will pay a heavy price. They could ease their so-called pain and suffering if they’d quit launching rockets into Israel. If they continue, they should be driven back to their old countries of Egypt and Jordan. That’s what they were before 1948 and the later wars and they tried to rewrite history.

  6. Dear Bibi,

    O and Morsi are both Muslim appeasers, do what you must, but this time do it right!

  7. Hey muzztards, get ready to be exterminated by the apes and pigs.

  8. Israel will wipe the floor with these pedophile worshipping cave dwellers.What a wonderful world to live in without the scourge of Islam.

  9. Dear Mr. Morsi,

    It is obvious to all thinking, rational and sane people that Hamas is the aggressor.



    Planet Earth

  10. No other country on earth would sit idly by as their neighbor lobbed missles into their population. Israel has been very patient, for years, and no one could blame them for sending the missle throwers to hell.

    Just don’t expect any help or sympathy from obama; he sides with the Muslims. Sorry, Israel about the election, we tried, but the US Jews and Catholics supported obama in large percentages.

  11. Time for Israel to end this crap once and for all….make the mooslimes ancient history

  12. Morsi has already demonstrated his qualification for physical termination, and Israel would do well to take him out immediately

  13. A couple of suggestions for Israel: Push everyone in Gaza into Egypt, then examine and take note of all the underground facilities. Once done, raze everything to the ground and as a symbolic gesture, sow the earth with salt. Lastly, after the Sinai is captured again, DO NOT give it back until some semblance of sanity takes hold in Egypt, whenever that might be.

  14. If the IDF commits to a ground assault against the aggressors in Gaza they had best be prepared to sweep the place end to end, going door to door and closely examining every structure from homes to hospitals to Mosques, especially the Mosques.

    And the nation had best clear the decks and prepare for general war against Syria, Egypt and Hezbolah. Not saying it WILL expand into general war but I don’t see the Hezzies sitting this out. My gut says “prepare for the worst, be pleasantly surprised if it doesn’t happen.”

  15. “Cairo would not leave Gaza alone as I tell them on behalf of the Egyptian people that Egypt today is different from Egypt yesterday and Arabs today are different from the Arabs yesterday.”

    Yeah, they are even more inbred now than they were in the past.

  16. November 15, 2012

    Rockets? What Hamas Rockets?

    ["Demand President Obama take action this time and pressure the Israeli
    government to end their attacks on the people of Gaza and end the illegal
    blockade of Gaza,"
    an AMP release promoting the protests said.

    It does not appear to be working. White House Press Secretary Jay Carney told reporters Thursday that the United States lays the blame for the conflict at Hamas's feet. "Hamas claims to have the best interest of the Palestinian people at heart. Yet it continues to engage in violence that is counterproductive to the Palestinian cause," Carney said. "Attacking Israel on a near daily basis does nothing to help Palestinians in Gaza or to move the Palestinian people closer to achieving self determination."]


    November 16, 2012

    US blames Hamas for Gaza violence

    [The United States is blaming Hamas for the explosion of violence
    in Gaza after salvoes of rockets were fired into Israel in retaliation
    for the killing of the group's military chief.]

    death threats

    Better than a Broadway play

    [Go to any community playhouse and you may be assured of witnessing better acting than that which has been trotted out on stage by the Obama administration with the Petreaus scandal running in tandem with the slaughter in Benghazi. Today, we will play a new type of Jeopardy where responses must come in the form of a question, but unlike the game show you will be given five acceptable questions to analyze each nauseating vignette. Your choices are: A ) What is incompetence; B ) What is massive disorganization; C ) What is a cover-up; D ) What is criminal; E ) What is all of the above]


  17. Not saying it WILL expand into general war but I don’t see the Hezzies sitting this out.

    Kill them en masse as well. No prisoners. If there was any group that needed killing, it would certainly be Hezbollah.

  18. OT–kind of

    Thanks to the poster who put up the twitter information about #HamasBumperStickers. There were some really clever lines. I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time.

  19. Morsi is …….above ground.
    GET HIM!

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