The early voting numbers look good for Mitt Romney in Butler County Ohio.
It looks like high turnout in GOP Butler County (outside Cincinnati) where McCain won with 61% and Bush with 66%.
Early voting was also good for Romney at 121% of 2008.
The Journal News reported:

Election day has arrived. Polling locations opened at 6:30 a.m. today and will close at 7:30 p.m.

In Butler County, voters were out at polling spots before the doors opened, said Jocelyn Bucaro, deputy director of the Butler County Board of Elections.

Bucaro said there was a 30-minute line at the board of elections office, located at 1802 Princeton Road.

“We had lines at most polling locations at 6:30 a.m.,” she said. “Lines have quieted down and there’s a steady stream.”

Bucaro said she anticipates a total of 175,000 voters in Butler County casting a ballot this presidential election through absentee and in-person voting. She said a total of 46,387 absentee ballots have been cast in the county.

Erin Allen who was at the polling place at the Board of Elections Tuesday morning said she always votes and she wanted to cast her ballot on election day. She is looking for change.

“I’m certainly not missing it (the election) I knew nothing would keep me away from here,” she said.

In Monroe, voter turnout was so heavy this morning at fire department headquarters, 6262 Hamilton-Middletown Road, that a police officer had to be dispatched around 8 a.m. to handle traffic congestion problems, said Monroe police Lt. Brian Curlis.

Curlis said the parking lot at the fire station was full and voters were parking on the side of Ohio 4, causing traffic obstructions for motorists trying to leave the busy polling spot.

“We may have to address this with the board of elections next year, but it’s a presidential election and you always have more (voters),” Curlis said.




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  1. Obama is preparing to be flushed. The turd is going DOWN

  2. I wouldn’t hold my breath. I hope so, too, but I am waiting until he proclaims defeat and tells people they need to start rioting in this racist country ha ha . I have my shotgun and my glock ready for that.

  3. It might be an early night.

    I’m going to eat dinner at Chik-Fil-A tonight.

    So long Obama, Hillary, czars, Joe, Angry woman. Hope You let Joe down easy.

  4. • “THE WON…IS DONE”
    [Thoughts on our pending rejection of an American Tyrant]

    1. We See His Departure…So Soon!

    He strutted on a worldly stage,
    Believing all within his power,
    But NOW, he finds himself amazed,
    So soon arrives his final hours!
    SOON, “all is done…the WON is done”.

    2. He is Staggered by His Public Rejection!

    His so-called “triumphs” were so slight,
    Thank God, his true dreams never lived!
    This traitor dare not ask God’s Light:
    “Will ANYONE my sins forgive?
    “I am now SHUNNED–and my frauds come undone!

    3. The Betrayer of Benghazi is Brought Low!

    “Will even ‘loved ones’ trust my face?
    “Will any of my goals endure?
    “How hard, I thought, I ran my race!
    “Yet I have learned NO LIE IS SURE!
    “I have NOT won…and every scheme…undone!

    4. We, the People, Praise God HE IS LOSING…TODAY!

    He could have tried to live a life,
    That added to our nation’s grace,
    Instead, with tumult; deadly strife,
    He sought our freedoms to erase!

    We Praise God, “The Won…is Losing TODAY!
    Don’t be a spectator to America’s RENEWAL…PARTICIPATE! VOTE ROMNEY & RYAN TODAY!

  5. I live in Butler County our voting place is a school on Kyles Station which is a few blocks from here. I just went over to look and there is an 1 and1/2 hour to wait to vote, been pretty much that way all day. There was cars waiting just to get in to vote. I voted last Wed at the Princeton road Butler County Board of Elections. The turnout then was huge. Butler County went for McCain by 61%

  6. This is up at Ace of spades, get the word out if you can:

    I’m hearing there are long lines in Ohio and some Republicans are bailing from the lines.

    Do not bail. It’s close.

    Put the word out, if you can.

  7. Headline is incorrect; Number reported is not a 121% gain over last cycle… it’s 121% OF last cycle, or 21% gain. A 100% gain would be a doubling; or 200% OF last cycle.

  8. … which was stated correctly in opening lines of post, “…121% of 2008.”

  9. Take a look at the Columbus (Ohio) Dispatch newspaper presidential current results (4%). The numbers show Romney up 52 to 47. Fox etal. are way behind in reporting this.

  10. Take a look at the Columbus (Ohio) Dispatch newspaper presidential current results (4%). The numbers show Romney up 52 to 47. Fox etal. are way behind in reporting this.

    How did that end up working out for you?


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